Murder on St. Mark's Place (2020)

Murder on St. Mark's Place Victoria Thompson Murder on St Mark s Place As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City Sarah Brandt has seen suffering and joy birth and death and even murder And the crime ridden streets of the teeming city offer litt
  • Title: Murder on St. Mark's Place
  • Author: Victoria Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780425173619
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Murder on St. Mark's Place Victoria Thompson As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen suffering and joy, birth and death and even murder And the crime ridden streets of the teeming city offer little relief from either.Thinking she has been summoned by German immigrant Agnes Otto to usher a new life into the world, Sarah Brandt is greeted by the news of an untimely deaAs a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen suffering and joy, birth and death and even murder And the crime ridden streets of the teeming city offer little relief from either.Thinking she has been summoned by German immigrant Agnes Otto to usher a new life into the world, Sarah Brandt is greeted by the news of an untimely death instead It seems that Agnes s beautiful younger sister, Gerda, had fallen into the life of a Charity Girl Caught up in the false glamour of the city s nightlife, she would trade her company and her favors not for money, but for lavish gifts and an evenings entertainment And now she was dead victim, no doubt, of one of her gentlemen friends No one cares much about the fate of girls like Gerda, but Sarah does And she vows to find her killer To do so, she turns to Sergeant Frank Malloy As the two pursue an investigation that leads from the bright lights of Coney Island to the stately homes of Fifth Avenue, they find that their shared passion for justice may cost them dearly
Murder on St. Mark's Place Victoria Thompson

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    463 Victoria Thompson
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One thought on “Murder on St. Mark's Place

  1. Phrynne

    The second book in this series and it was every bit as good as the first There was some great historical detail about Coney Island which was really fun to read.It was very pleasant to watch the character development of the two main characters, Sarah and Frank I like the way they are developing a relationship and I really hope they do eventually get together especially for little Brian s sake The story was good although there was very little mystery I did wonder why the author made things so obvi [...]

  2. Jonetta

    Midwife Sarah Brandt is summoned to see her patient Agnes Otto, thinking it s time to deliver her baby but finds her dangerously overwhelmed by grief after learning of the brutal murder of her 16 year old sister, Gerda As Sarah delves deeper, she discovers that Gerda was a Charity Girl, the name given to the young girls who frequent dance halls and accept gifts and give favors in return Despite the horrendous crime, no one is inclined to investigate as the common attitude is that the victim brou [...]

  3. Linda

    This is a story you want to have on hand when you finish the first book in the Gaslight Mystery series, MURDER ON ASTOR PLACE Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy have returned to the seamy side of late nineteenth century New York City with all its grime, decay and corruption This time around Sarah was in search of the killer of the sister of one her patients whom frequented dance halls She headed underground where, in the dark of night, drinks flourished and gifts were given to working girls It was a [...]

  4. Robin

    Midwife Sarah Brandt is called to the home of Agnes Otto The heavily pregnant woman is in distress after learning that her sixteen year old sister, Gerda, has been murdered Gerda and her friends are known as Charity Girls , young women who like the city s nightlife and accept gifts from men in exchange for favors It looks like one of these men may have killed Gerda Since many people believe that Gerda got what she deserved, and the Otto family can t afford to pay the police to investigate, Sarah [...]

  5. Lauren

    Murder on St Mark s Place4 StarsAttending to a routine delivery, midwife Sarah Brandt learns that the pregnant woman s younger sister has been murdered The victim, Gerda Reinhard, had been supplementing her seamstress salary by working as a charity girl a young woman who exchanges her company for trinkets and an evening s entertainment With little police interest in the case, Sarah enlists the aid of Detective Frank Malloy and the two uncover a trail of death that leads from Coney Island to the [...]

  6. Melisa

    This author excels at writing about Victorian New York City a very well researched series I especially enjoyed the details about Coney Island The mystery is predictable, but the development of the relationship between the two main characters will keep me reading this series.3.5 stars

  7. Dagny

    Even better than the first book in the series A lovely twist near the end with the elderly, nosy neighbor.

  8. Laura

    What did I think Even though I figured out who the killers were about half way through the story, I very much enjoyed seeing how Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy worked together to establish who the real culprits were.Besides the setting of these stories which is the 1890 s in New York City and the fact that I enjoy novels set in this time frame The author spends some time descriptively describing the various environs of Gaslight Era NYC and tackles some of the problems facing women of that era The [...]

  9. Tammie

    As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen suffering and joy, birth and death and even murder And the crime ridden streets of the teeming city offer little relief from either Murder on St Mark s Place was a satisfying second book in the Gaslight Series I m enjoying this series almost as much as Anne Perry s books There are many similar elements to her Pitt series and her Monk series I especially liked the progress of the relationship between Malloy [...]

  10. Piyangie

    This is the second in the series and I did enjoy it as much as I did the first The two characters becomes close and they are at better understanding There is also a developing chemistry between Sarah and Malloy which was very sweet.The story line is a little disturbing I was really shocked reading how the poor and helpless girls had to reduce to charity girls to taste a bit of luxuries in life I wonder this was the real case at that time period It is pathetic Author, through the character Sarah [...]

  11. Jonathan

    Wonderfully written I d say this one was better than the first, though some parts of it were still not quite cozy Recommend

  12. Jennifer

    The second mystery in the Gaslight Mystery Series.Sarah is called over to Little Germany and expects to deliver a baby when she gets there instead she finds the police and neighbors at the expectant mother s house Agnes Otto and is told that Agnes sister has been beaten to death Agnes sister Gerda just arrived from Germany and fell in with the wrong crowd becoming a charity girl which sounds like a mild form of prostitution Meaning I don t think she sells herself for sex but is kind of close to [...]

  13. Elizabeth

    This is the 2nd book in Victoria Thompson s Gaslight Mystery series It is set in turn of the century New York City, where Sarah Brandt, a widowed midwife, and Frank Malloy, a widowed Irish cop, end up , one way or another, being involved in solving murder cases I like the details given about everyday life in turn of the century NYC, where all 4 of my grandparents lived, as well as the details about obstetrical practice at that time This story, which involves a serial murderer of working class gi [...]

  14. Zoe

    I feel there s something very basic about the writing style here, but for some reason, Thompson writes easy to read page turners that contain lots of turn of the century New York atmosphere The star of this mystery Coney Island, it s early rides and the Elephant Hotel The relationship between the two main characters has plenty of story and is very well told, offering fascinating details about life and social concepts.

  15. Joanne Moyer

    I am really liking this series about turn of the century midwife Sarah Brandt and New York City police sargeant Frank Malloy I like reading about early New York in general and Ms Thompson paints a very clear picture of what life was like for the not so privileged people of the time I maybe guessed the killer before the end of the book but that didn t take away any of the pleasure of reading the story.

  16. Margaret

    A fun fast read, predictable with moments of social awareness of the plight of women and children of the time I wished that there was depth to the story but all in all, a fun read.

  17. Rebekah

    Finishing my second of the Gaslight mysteries, I ve decided that other than the promise of the over arching relationship building between our protagonists, and some promising sub plots, the individual mysteries have little to offer me The writing is too simplistic and basic It s all action and dialogue, with the occasional foray into a minor history lesson There is nothing thought provoking There is no wit or humor It reads like it s written for a pre teen except for the adult themes Here is an [...]

  18. Sue

    Sarah Brandt responds to a summons to a German immigrant family believing that Agnes has gone in to labor When she arrives, many of the neighbors are standing around weeping, and Agnes is herself distraught Sarah learns that Agnes sister has been found murdered The family has no money to pay for a police investigation and believes they ll never know who killed her Sarah says that her police detective friend might be able to do something Sarah convinces Malloy to look in to it and they find that [...]

  19. Amy Martin

    I like the way this series uses a female lead to comment on the state of women s lives during the era and the way class and gender issues have so far been key to the plot Thinking I d guessed the murderer somewhat early on, I was surprised by a twist isn t there always a twist in the end Bravo.

  20. Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life!

    Setting New York, turn of the century Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, SuspenseAdult themes and contentPlus es Insight into main characters background fascinating historical detailsMinus es I thought the pacing of this book was a bit slow and redundant.Brandt and Malloy are back in this second installment of the Gaslight Mystery series Someone is murdering charity girls girls that exchange favors for lavish gifts , and it becomes evident how everyone, including Malloy, feels about these you [...]

  21. Barbara Rogers

    I wasn t sure whether I d like this book or not because it sounded like a pretty depressing setting Tenements at the turn of the century not a joyous place Truthfully, it was depressing to think about how they lived in those tenements and to know, even at the beginning of the twentieth century, how very limited a woman s options were Although women worked slaved really in factories, they didn t make enough to support themselves and they were totally dependent on their families and the men they m [...]

  22. Olivermagnus

    In the second book of the Gaslight Mystery series, Sarah Brandt, the estranged daughter of a wealthy Knickerbocker family and now a midwife, and New York Police Detective Frank Malloy team up once again to investigate the brutal murder of Gerda, a young German immigrant When the story opens Sarah is on her way over to St Mark s Place to deliver another baby into the Otto family She arrives to find police and neighbors assembled outside Agnes Otto s door listening to the awful news that Agnes six [...]

  23. Cathy DuPont

    Set in New York in the late 1800 s, this is the second book of the series I ve read I wouldn t buy the book myself but a friend started reading the series and loans them to me knowing I love mysteries.Talk about mysteries, it s a mystery to me why and how this book was nominated for the Edgar Award The cover says it was, anyway It wasn t was the most solid mystery I ve ever read I ve already admitted, than one time, that I m not the best at discovering the mystery of books I read, however, I fi [...]

  24. Debbie Maskus

    Thompson writes of New York in the 1890 s with a midwife, Sarah Brandt, as the main character of this mystery series, Gaslight Mystery Thompson shows the plight of young, unmarried immigrants women who desire than the hard life of a married woman These unmarried pleasure seeking women are called Charity Girls due to the fact that they give sexual favors for trinkets instead of money Sarah Brandt jumps into the investigation of the murder of four of these girls when she learns the police will no [...]

  25. Bonnie

    Fun read This is book 2 in the Victoria Thompson Gaslight Mysteries I am really enjoying the series Read the books in order because one follows the other The characters are developed in this book and you learn about the main characters, Sarah Bandt and Detective Frank Malloy thier motives and their past The setting is the same NYC at the turn of the century There is a murder on St Mark s Place an area that was largely German at the time Dance halls were very popular and where the name Charity [...]

  26. Kim

    I m really enjoying the atmosphere and period detail of these books They re well written and the characters are well rounded and enjoyable I m also liking the slow development of the relationship between the heroine, Sarah Brandt, and the police detective, Malloy However, the mystery in this book is quite disappointing There s really only one or two suspects from the beginning, leaving the reader in little doubt of who done it Luckily, the book is enjoyable enough to read that the total lack of [...]

  27. BJ Rose

    I m really enjoying this series about life in turn of the century New York We mainly see it through the eyes of Sarah Brandt, a widowed midwife, so we see a lot of the woes and worries and often sad lives of the non privileged Even though Sarah grew up as one of the Knickerbockers, she left that life when she decided to marry someone of whom her parents didn t approve I m warming up to Sgt Frank Malloy as we learn about his sad history, and see him finally realizing he can have a relationship [...]

  28. Rebekah

    Good mystery with just the right suspenseThis is the 2nd one I ve read I got the recommendation in a Murder Mystery bookstore in Delray Beach, FL I love a good mystery and I m grateful for an entertaining puzzle and the tension between Malloy and Brandt as their friendship develops adds another level of suspense and interest A very pleasant read these Gaslight Mysteries have to offer.

  29. Lynne Tull

    I wasn t sure I was going to like this series with a midwife as a main character, but I do However, the occupation for the most part takes second place to the mystery I like both Frank and Sarah I am not sure how they could ever become that partners We shall see how it works out In this story we did get a tour of Coney Island, insight in wife beating, and education available for a deaf child The only irritation is the neighbor and all of her omens.

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