Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3 (2020)

Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3 Svetlana Chmakova Nightschool The Weirn Books Vol Betrayed by one of their own the Hunters have become the hunted as their hideaway is invaded by a pack of ravenous werewolves But it ll take than a few mongrels to get the better of these kids Meanwh
  • Title: Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3
  • Author: Svetlana Chmakova
  • ISBN: 9780759528611
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3 Svetlana Chmakova Betrayed by one of their own, the Hunters have become the hunted as their hideaway is invaded by a pack of ravenous werewolves But it ll take than a few mongrels to get the better of these kids Meanwhile, Alex begins advanced training with Mr Roi Will he be able to help her find a clue to her sister s disappearance Or is the home schooled Alex in way over her headBetrayed by one of their own, the Hunters have become the hunted as their hideaway is invaded by a pack of ravenous werewolves But it ll take than a few mongrels to get the better of these kids Meanwhile, Alex begins advanced training with Mr Roi Will he be able to help her find a clue to her sister s disappearance Or is the home schooled Alex in way over her head
Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3 Svetlana Chmakova

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    235 Svetlana Chmakova
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One thought on “Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3

  1. Sarah Maddaford

    Now, I m starting to see how things are connected and why I should care about some of these characters For one thing, I finally figured out that some of the characters that I thought were the same character aren t That helped a lot with understanding what was going on I like the diversity the author shows in her character designs, but there were a couple that were very similar As for the story, this book spent time explaining things, but it also had quite a bit of action The first scenes are fa [...]

  2. Sami

    Svetlana Chmakova is an OEL Original English Language manga creator that I have been aware of and reading since she started publishing her comics online through Wirepop and Girlamatic I loved both Chasing Rainbows, a story about a girl whose future is foretold, and Nightsilver, a story about a young witch Unfortunately both stories have been on hiatus for years now since Svet had to turn her attention to publishing her first professional manga series, Dramacon.Complete Review twistedquill 2010

  3. Joy

    Three volumes in, the cast is really beginning to gel Before I wasn t sure why I was expected to care about the huge cast of characters now I m really interested in seeing what happens when Alex finally meets up with the hunters again Chmakova s art continues to be a treat.The wait between volumes is becoming killer I think I will have to track down the magazines at the library.

  4. quinnster

    Only one book to go, right Can she really wrap everything up in just one book I m on the edge of my seat

  5. Anna

    Twas a good book Not as good and volume 1 and 2, but it s no biggie because it was still NOICE Luv this series, and just got in the 4 volume its so fresh and BEAUTIFUL I m ready to go

  6. Andre

    Oh boy did it start to go down from here The start with the hunters and the werewolves were just so incredibly clich I guess it was supposed to be suspenseful with them fighting all these werewolves but everything considered maybe it works for other people, but I have seen this clich portrayal and usage of werewolves so often that I consider it a sign of really lazy or unimaginative writing Plus the werewolves were so incompetent that it is nothing but clich , plain old werewolf clich , and it m [...]

  7. Courtney

    This review is from my blog, Studies in Storytelling To see the complete version, please visit studiesinstorytellingNightschool is an American published manga by Russian Canadian mangaka Svetlana Chmakova, most famous for Dramacon.A normal school by day, The Nightschool teaches vampires, weirns, mermaids, etc The coarse, homeschooled Alex Treveney tries to track down her sister, Sarah, a teacher at the Nightschool She also has a slight tendency to black out and leave slow, brutal death in her wa [...]

  8. Cornerofmadness

    I had read the first two of this series for a magazine but didn t get any of it until now as the library started carrying it and I think that sort of sums up my feelings about this manga It s not bad but nothing I d run out and buy It s not that the story is uninteresting It s that the characters do not pop for me In fact, I can not review this without manga in hand because I can t remember their names That is never a good sign.The beginning half of this volume deal with the Hunters, whose abi [...]

  9. Mel

    Diese Serie im Manga Format, hat nichts mit den B chern Night School von C.J Daugherty zu tun Es geht um Hexen, Vampire, Gestaltenwandler und Weirn eine st rkere Form der Hexe Alex ist ein junges M dchen, die durch einen Vorfall, Zuhause unterrichtet wird Ihre gro e Schwester Sarah ist Nachtw chterin an der Nightschool, die speziell f r die Gesch pfe der Dunkelheit besucht wird Ok, Hexen sind ja nicht per se Gesch pfe der Dunkelheit, aber ich denke ihr wisst schon was ich meine Eines Tages versc [...]

  10. Soobie can't sleep at night

    Maybe this one is the best volume of all because finally I started to understand what was going on in the story and how the two main plots were connecting to each other Too weird that this happened on the third our of four volume.I don t know, maybe four volume in not enough to tell the story the author had in mind This is something I often read about makova she always seems to rush the ending of her stories Maybe this is her weak point Who knows.Too bad that the people at school doen t have ti [...]

  11. Megan M

    Awesome volume with tons of action and so much of the backstory that I ve been wanting from this series I can t wait to learn about Mr Roi, who I might have some hot for teacher feeling for The Sorhem are incredibly creepy, especially because Chmakova does a great job of giving us just enough information that we re scared of them, but not so much that our imagination can t go wild trying to figure out what is going on I definitely recommend these books for fans of series like Vampire Academy.

  12. Miss Ryoko

    Oh man What a cliff hanger I really hope she s able to start working on of this series soon I fear that after I read the 4th volume, I will be full of rage for having to wait because I ll be dying to know what happens next.I blame Jillian XD Haha It should also be noted that I m even entertained that Teresa character, not me p has the same nickname I did when I was in high school Reese Though some people called me Reesa Character Teresa and I have a lot in common same name, same nickname, and [...]

  13. Nicole

    Still loving this series, though I think I liked the story progression in the first two volumes a bit better Seemed like Chmakova was trying to pack in a lot of detail in this one, which gave me less time to just enjoy the characters On a side note, I m very said that Yen Plus Magazine is ending its print subscription serviceswhere I ve been keeping up with my Nightschool chapters I think they ll still have an online subscription available, but I ll probably now just wait for volume releases to [...]

  14. Dani - Perspective of a Writer

    I really liked volume 1 and 2 but I realized I was considering them as one volume rather than the 2 that they really were Manga is very multi layered and developed, we get a packed punch in one volume While this has a compelling central storyline, it is a tad one dimensional I like the turn of events with Alex and find her a compelling protagonist even if she s turning into a kind of antagonist for the hunters and night school kidsTTOM LINE A decent American manga.

  15. Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥

    EXTREMELY AWESOME CAN T WAIT FOR THE FORTH BOOK For those that haven t read this yet, what the heck are you waiting for Pick up one and two todayokie I m not trying to sale the book lol just saying, you would love it It is packed with action, comedy and adventure Personally, I think this is a book that would be great as a normal book and also a movie providing the right director

  16. Storm

    Whoaaa The others are appearing There s Three of them now I can t wait to find out who all the other cloaked kids are, and how they ll handle Mr Roi and the other Teachers and Adults they have histories with, and there s still the matter of rescuing Sarah and the hunters who had time stolen from them Must see what happens next, must must

  17. Jessie Radford

    Absolutely wonderful series I even follow the artist on twitter seriously not a twitter person I dearly hope will be added to this series So much action, one girl alone in the world desperately trying to find her sister in a world where only her and another can remember her to begin with.

  18. Shyanne Kelly

    It was really good, Love the artwork in this NightSchool comic Svetlana did a great job too with the story and creating the characters Love how she made Alex Tweeny, I mean Traveny lol This book you guys should read hopefully it will be in a movie.

  19. Ricki

    Things really begin coming to a head in this installment and we learn some important background information I really liked the parts about the search for Sarah, but the ones involving Mr Roi s students left me a little confused But no matter what, Chmakova s artwork is amazing.

  20. Coral

    Not as cute as the first two books This issue gets serious and tries to answer a few questions about the past and bring the characters together It left a lot questions for the future I hope the next volume gives answers and has going on.

  21. Kathleen

    Finally the plot begins to develop a little We learn where and how Sarah was taken, if not why or by whom, and we have a good idea of who the chosen ones are and why they are a danger This continues to be a fairly entertaining series.

  22. Selena

    As always, amazing art, well integrated funny parts to brake up the action, and THE ASTRAL IS ADORABLE I WANT ONE SO BAD ahem If you liked the first two, you ll definitely like this one Enjoy

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