Purgatory Ridge (2020)

Purgatory Ridge William Kent Krueger Purgatory Ridge Fresh from his escapades in the popular Boundary Waters Cork O Connor finds himself mierd once again in the mysteries of small town Minnesota in this shocking new thriller from the award
  • Title: Purgatory Ridge
  • Author: William Kent Krueger
  • ISBN: 9781439157787
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
Purgatory Ridge William Kent Krueger Fresh from his escapades in the popular Boundary Waters 0671016997 , Cork O Connor finds himself mierd once again in the mysteries of small town Minnesota in this shocking new thriller from the award winning author of Iron Lake 0671016970 Not far from Cork O Connor s small hometown of Aurora, Minnesota, lies an ancient 200 acre expanse of great white pines, sacred to tFresh from his escapades in the popular Boundary Waters 0671016997 , Cork O Connor finds himself mierd once again in the mysteries of small town Minnesota in this shocking new thriller from the award winning author of Iron Lake 0671016970 Not far from Cork O Connor s small hometown of Aurora, Minnesota, lies an ancient 200 acre expanse of great white pines, sacred to the Anishinaabe tribe and known to them as Minishoomisag Our Grandfathers And just a stone s throw from these prized trees, too close for comfort for many members of the Anishinaabe, lies the lumber mill of Karl Lindstrom, a wealthy industrialist hardly known for his sensitive environmentalism So when an explosion at Lindstrom s mill results in the death of one of his night watchmen, it s obvious that suspicion will fall upon the tribe members When Cork is called in to help with the investigation, he has mixed feelings about the whole affair, to say the least For one thing, he is part Anishinaabe himself For another, his lawyer wife, Jo, represents the tribe Now, Cork must grapple with his public duty and his private concerns as never before.
Purgatory Ridge William Kent Krueger

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    205 William Kent Krueger
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One thought on “Purgatory Ridge

  1. Phrynne

    The third book in this excellent series and every bit as good as the first two Again we are treated to lots of lovely information about the local Native Indians and their customs and beliefs There is also lots and lots of beautiful description of the local area.Cork O Connor is one of those book characters who quickly becomes special to the reader He is honest, likable and trust worthy He tends to always do the right thing and he is certainly smarter than the average bad guy In this book though [...]

  2. Jonetta

    There s tension brewing between the owner of the town s lumber mill and the local Anishinabee tribe He wants to clear some great white pines in Our Grandfathers, sacred land for the tribe When outside ecological activists get involved and an explosion at the mill kills a tribal member, those tensions reach new heights Concurrently, a shipwreck survivor and his friend are planning to wreak havoc in the midst of this mayhem This was an intriguing story primarily because there were several stories [...]

  3. Marita

    Corcoran Liam O Connor was forty seven years old Part Irish, part Ojibwe Anishinaabe, he stood five feet eleven inches tall, weighed one hundred seventy five pounds, and had brown eyes, thinning red brown hair, and slightly crooked teeth In book 3 of the Cork O Connor series Cork is no longer sheriff, but he cannot help himself he is a lawman at heart This means that when a crime is committed he cannot step aside and let things be So when a bomb explodes at a local mill, Cork wants to know what [...]

  4. William

    I ve not done this before, but after I had rejected it, a friend here in GR convinced me to continue this book in skimming mode view spoiler The wonderful, heartfelt reconciliation of Cork and Jo was the bait, and well worth the long winded other pages hide spoiler So, I continue to continue Honestly, this book reads as if a completely different person wrote it, compared to the first two books Half of each of those was brilliant.38% the abuse of both families by Krueger is unforgivable The dredg [...]

  5. Veronica

    This was another great addition to the series It was my bedtime when I hit those last 75 100 pageswhich only meant that I had to stay up late to finish it As with the previous books the author starts out slowly, like a Sunday afternoon pleasure ride, only to increase the speed so subtly you almost don t notice ituntil you find yourself racing towards the end, holding on for dear life I m growing quite attached to Cork O Connor, his family, and Aurora, Minnesota so I m looking forward to of this [...]

  6. Christine

    5 of 5 starsThis is another outstanding read by the author who is fast becoming my all time favorite William Kent Krueger s Cork O Connor series is nothing short of superb True, part of the appeal to this Minnesotan reader may be the fact that the setting is northern Minnesota, but this is definitely not the only reason Mr Krueger is a master of atmospheric prose I always feel pulled into the scene, appreciating it with all my senses His characters are extremely well developed, and the lives of [...]

  7. Emma

    Really enjoyable series Cork and his family always seem central but so in this one I love the setting and how the Native American culture rubs along and doesn t with the whites of the community The case itself was an interesting one.

  8. Nicole~

    Literature, if it didn t enlighten, at least entertained But history History was simply a study in futility Because people never learned.Sole Survivor Nov, 1986 The Teasdale, an old ore freighter on its last mission, sank in the Great Lakes during one of the worst gales in history John LePere was the only survivor Among the perished was John s beloved younger brother, Billy John would never recover from Billy s death, at whose hands he would blame The Fitzgerald Shipping Company Over a decade la [...]

  9. Una Tiers

    This book has stronger character development than the earlier one I read The plot has strength in collecting different story lines and weaving them together with the family issues too.

  10. Kris - My Novelesque Life

    RATING Not far from the small town of Aurora population 3,752 lies an ancient two hundred acre expanse of great white pines, sacred to the Anishinaabe and known to them as Minishoomisag Our Grandfathers.Wealthy industrialist Karl Lindstrom does not have a reputation as a sensitive environmentalist, and some members of the Anishinaabe tribe are concerned about the proximity of the trees to his lumber mill So when an explosion at the mill results in the death of a night watchman, it s obvious whom [...]

  11. Dick Reynolds

    John LePere and Wesley Bridger are far out on Lake Superior They are deep water diving, searching a sunken wreck for artifacts, but encounter suspicious circumstances of snagged lines, a severed air hose, and another boat taking an unusual interest in their activity Meanwhile, back in the Minnesota town of Aurora, an explosion at Karl Lindstrom s nearby lumber mill kills the nightwatchman What could these separate activities have to do with the larger story In a word plenty Author William Kreuge [...]

  12. Brenda

    I really enjoyed this book It started out kind of slow, and then the pace picked up, like revealing the lives of the main characters and then throwing them off Purgatory Ridge.I did learn a couple new words I had to look up popple and talus I like that popple is a Midwestern term for what I ve always known as poplar.I think maybe the underlying theme in this book is redemption For me and one of the characters, there s also forgiveness, but I will still remember Let s see what happens in the next [...]

  13. Harry

    William Kent Krueger s Cork O OConnor series comprise a series of stories set in Aurora Minnesota, an area of the country of which I m blatantly ignorant Frankly, in reading the reviews of this setting I managed to barely stifle a yawn Small town mysteries set in a frozen wasteland With boring backgrounds that involve Indian supernatural folklore I don t stomach mysteries that resort to such subterfuge, avoid beyond this world explanations when the genre is detective mystery, decry irrational ex [...]

  14. Mark

    A solid mystery from Krueger, who is becoming one of my favorite writers in the genre I love the North Woods setting, and a strong cast of reoccurring characters makes for a compelling series There is a lot going here, though, and perhaps the overall plot suffers just a little bit There are two plot lines that converge Karl Lindstrom, a lumber magnate, is targeted by opponents of the logging industry and its destruction of old growth forests Eco terrorists are suspected, as well as local Native [...]

  15. Jim

    This is the third of the series His writing continues to get better, and less junk and side issues You could skip the first two and start here even.I figured it out not long before the book began to resolve Everything coalesced meaning all the information was there, no surprise information in the last chapter as some books do I prefer this.After the ending the ending seemed to drag out a bit, then peak, and then resolve much emotionally than the ending was at.Although you knew what had to happe [...]

  16. Lynn

    Very good thriller in this series I thought it started slow careful to show both sides of the logging issues in northern Minnesota , but I could hardly put it down by the halfway point.

  17. Jo

    I thought the quality would go down with each one, but this one stayed strong I am so happy there are many books to go and still being added to.

  18. Glenna Pritchett

    Another great book in the Cork O Connor series I am so enjoying my journey with these characters and the lovely Minnesota setting.

  19. Dana Stabenow

    Kreuger writes in the voice of his hero, ex sheriff Cork O ConnorHistorywas a useless discipline, an assemblage of accounts and memories, often flawed, that in the end did the world no service Math and science could be applied in concrete ways Literature, if it didn t enlighten, at least entertained But history History was simply a study in futility Because people never learned Century after century, they committed the same atrocities against one another or against the earth, and the only thing [...]

  20. Olivermagnus

    Purgatory Ridge is the third book in the Cork O Connor series Following events in the last book, Cork is no longer sheriff of Aurora, Minnesota He s inherited a friend s burger joint and seems fairly content He s married Jo, an attorney who works for the Ojibwe tribe and is part Anishinaabe himself Their marriage has been in turmoil but they are working hard to stay together Meanwhile a logging company has gained the rights to harvest a stand of white pine trees known as the Old Grandfathers, sa [...]

  21. Linda Branich

    OHMYGOODNESS Often when a writer gets a few books under his belt, he begins to run out of ideas, a predictable pattern develops in his books, and the continuing storyline fizzles out NOT SO with William Kent Krueger s Cork O Connor series.Each successive book adds layers to the characters of Cork, his family, and others in the community who are repetitive supporting characters Each book takes the reader on an adventure to a different part of the Northern Minnesot wilderness, or a different aspe [...]

  22. Carol

    I was going to give this one a 4, but since I was actually crying as I read the final pages, it has to be a 5 William Kent Krueger can really tell a story This one partially concerned a kidnapping of some favorite characters, but it is the venue in Minnesota, the Anishinaabe Ojibwe tribal lore, and the details of small town life that make it un put downable That said, the suspense is prolonged until the very end, and the end surprise to the reader is authenic I don t know how the author did it C [...]

  23. Judy

    In this third book of the series about Cork O Conner, Krueger takes a true story of a survivor of a freighter s wreak on Lake Superior In the book, this survivor lost his brother in the wreak, and vows revenge on the owner of the company I ve seen Lake Superior, but only on sunny summer days, and in the book we come to realize that not only is it a huge body of water, but with such cold temperatures that one cannot live long in it without some diving protection I really like how O Connor turns t [...]

  24. Nancy (NE)

    At the recommendation of a relative, I ve started reading William Kent Krueger s Cork O Connor mystery series These are all somewhere between a 3 and 4 for me For this type of writing, he admittedly does a good job He is a Minnesotan whose stories take place in Aurora, not too far from the North Shore and Lake Superior He truly shapes the locale and people Its beautiful country and Krueger not only describes it well, but weaves Native American spirituality into his characters and plots Contrary [...]

  25. Samantha

    Definitely not my cuppa Not what I would consider a mystery, maybe a thriller As in book 1, the drawn out resolution happens only because Corcoran does something stupid Annoying, as is the author s leaving a plot line hanging, obviously to help sell the next book.

  26. Jim Angstadt

    This is number 3 in the Cork O Connor series.Like 2, it stretched belief and left one wishing for Ojibwe and white perspectives.When there are other books to read, Krueger will be low on my stack.

  27. Sheila

    Revenge, years in the making comes to the Boundary Waters and Cork and his family get caught up in the middle of it Good book in a great series.

  28. Rick Fisher

    Another great mystery in this series by W K Krueger They just keep getting better with each one I read What makes these novels work, is the family Love the family in this series.

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