Missing Lynx (2020)

Missing Lynx Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou Missing Lynx When a sadistic killer known as the Headhunter resurfaces a government blunder forces the Elite Operatives Organization into action Operation Mask falls to Lynx She has the determination skills and
  • Title: Missing Lynx
  • Author: Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou
  • ISBN: 9781602821378
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
Missing Lynx Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou When a sadistic killer known as the Headhunter resurfaces, a government blunder forces the Elite Operatives Organization into action Operation Mask falls to Lynx She has the determination, skills, and most importantly, the right profile, but her youth and lack of experience in the field could put than the mission in jeopardy.
Missing Lynx Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou

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    289 Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou
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One thought on “Missing Lynx

  1. Penny

    I can t think of a better way to spend my sunday afternoon than indulging in a lesbian thriller with brooding, smooth, sexy ladies chasing a sicko villain

  2. susan

    My favorite.I know this is only book three, but this one is my favorite so far When Jack was introduced I kept thinking I know her You have to read the book to find to find out I love this series but so far this is the one Off to read book 4 Dying to Live I definitely recommend this book.

  3. Hud-c

    DATE READ FINISHED Jan 25 PH Time 3.75 starsWARNING Spoilers for Series 1 3 may pop out For me, this is the most intriguing among the first three books of the Elite Operatives Series by Kim Baldwin Xenia Alexiou Although the premise is still the same an undercover EO codename Lynx is sent to a high danger mission the agenda of the mission is quite different In here, EOO is after a narcissistic serial killer whose been terrorizing women for decades The mad man, the SOB is definitely a freak in he [...]

  4. Erin

    Fantastic installment to the Elite Operatives series This is my second favorite after Dying To Live The story is exciting and transporting to a place I d never been before The plot of hunting down a serial killer across the globe was terrific and a facets of the story were satisfying Baldwin and Alexiou are firing on all cylinders in this book.I love the heroines in this and the change of formula in having them both be baddass operatives works beautifully Lynx is a great character who I was behi [...]

  5. Justina

    This third book in the Elite Operatives series is heartwrenching, brutal, and yet a soaring success I initially read the sixth book The Gemini Deception and was captivated by the secondary pair, Jack and Cass, who are now the primary couple The story runs the gamut of love rekindled for Jack and a fiery love given birth for Cass peppered with door slammings, frigid cold shoulders, laughing with and at each other, and hot between the sheets activity I was a bit confused by the deceptively slow pa [...]

  6. Lindsey Stock

    This one is the best in the series so far The story is especially gripping in this one, because the operative is tracking down a seriously creepy and believable serial killer and the obligatory love interest this time is also a kick ass fighter instead of a somewhat helpless civilian as in the previous two books And once again, the book is readable even if you haven t read the other two although at this point the authors have stopped fully explaining who all of the characters are that have alrea [...]

  7. Regina

    Can someone license this for the big screen please, this will make one hell of a movie D The entire EOO series is super fun but I think Cass and Jess are my favourite couple amongst all the seven gorgeous pairings, just because it was so sweet at the end, like they came full circle from when they first met to where they ended up so tender and so sweet.

  8. Margaret L. Hedman

    I loved this book.Missing Lynx is an excellent continuation of the series This series is getting better as it goes along Lots of action, intrigue and romance Great read This series would be an excellent Audio book series.

  9. Megzz

    This is the first EOO book I ve read and I liked it very much Despite a very slow beginning Lynx and Jack don t interact for almost 1 3 of the book , I thought the storyline was great who doesn t like a serial killer who cuts women s faces off to wear them as masks , and I loved the characters Lynx is sexy and sweet as hell, and Jack has a heartbreaking story which I think makes her even likeable than Lynx She s a perfect mix of strength and vulnerability.This is not the thriller of the year, o [...]

  10. D.

    This was a good book, I agree to this The suspense was it s greatest strength, the romance was great, the characters were interesting and it was good to hear about the other protagonists The problem was the action, it just didn t felt like it had that much in my opinion It was a good story and I do want to read the other series I just hope that it is a little bit better than this one.

  11. Artemis

    Gah, the series keeps on getting better and better view spoiler WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THE CLIFFHANGER hide spoiler Don t you know I have exams to cram for Why are you roping me into the deep end wail

  12. Kath

    This is my kinda book, I had a hard time putting it down The bad guy was portrayed so well it gave me goosebumps, the two main characters were simply awesome, looking forward to read the whole series.

  13. Sarah Byrnes

    A fast paced, sexy as all get out read, that keeps you on edge Can t wait to start the next book.

  14. Tara

    I m kind of torn on how to rate this one The romance is my favourite of the series, but the serial killer stuff was too graphic for me, so I had to keep putting the book down and walking away.

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