The Courage Tree (2020)

The Courage Tree Diane Chamberlain The Courage Tree Eight year old Sophie Donohue just wanted to be like every other little girl Which is why her mother Janine reluctantly agreed to let her go on the weekend camping trip with her Brownie troop But wh
  • Title: The Courage Tree
  • Author: Diane Chamberlain
  • ISBN: 9781551668697
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
The Courage Tree Diane Chamberlain Eight year old Sophie Donohue just wanted to be like every other little girl Which is why her mother, Janine, reluctantly agreed to let her go on the weekend camping trip with her Brownie troop But when Janine arrives to pick up Sophie after the trip, her daughter is not among the others Somehow, along the forested route from West Virginia, Sophie has disappeared.SophieEight year old Sophie Donohue just wanted to be like every other little girl Which is why her mother, Janine, reluctantly agreed to let her go on the weekend camping trip with her Brownie troop But when Janine arrives to pick up Sophie after the trip, her daughter is not among the others Somehow, along the forested route from West Virginia, Sophie has disappeared.Sophie is no ordinary 8 year old She suffers from a rare disease, and Janine has recently enrolled her in an experimental treatment as a last effort to save her life despite the vehement objections of her ex husband, Joe, who believes conventional medicine is the only route to take The only person to support Janine in her decision is Lucas Trowell, someone familiar with the herbs used in the treatment Lucas has been encouraging Janine to keep Sophie in the program, and, indeed, the little girl has been showing remarkable improvement All her mother s instincts tell Janine that Sophie is alive, but time is running out Without her treatment, it s only a matter of days before Sophie s illness will claim her life As Janine, Joe and Lucas embark on a desperate search to find Sophie, envy and suspicion grow between the two men, casting doubts on each other s true motives for helping Janine.Deep in the forest, another drama unfolds Sophie has found refuge in a remote cabin inhabited by a woman who wants nothing to do with the little girl She s desperate to help her own daughter, who has been wrongly imprisoned for murder and who, after escaping, is on her way to join her mother Sophie s arrival puts in jeopardy her daughter s future, but the mysterious woman is as determined to save her daughter as Janine is to save Sophie.Only one of them can succeed.
The Courage Tree Diane Chamberlain

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One thought on “The Courage Tree

  1. Bodosika Bodosika

    Starting Words She would have no music where she is going.Ending Words And she vowed to reach deep enough inside herself to find the courage that had been there all the time.This is an interesting read,the characters are vivid and loveable, the plot and settings awesome.Though my first book by Diane Chamberlain it won t be the last.I give this book 4 stars.

  2. Mandy

    More like 3.5 stars.This is the story of Janine, mother to 8 year old Sophie, who has been diagnosed with end stage renal disease Sophie has been taking part in a treatment called Herbalina, and she has made real progress on the treatment So much so that Janine has let her go to camp for a few days But then Sophie vanishes, and Janine finds herself in the middle of a nightmare.I thought this was an okay read, but I liked it less as the book went on None of the characters apart from Sophie were p [...]

  3. Erin

    I will confess, I do love a Diane Chamberlain novel She certainly knows how to tell a good story and gets to the very root of the human heart In The Courage Tree , Chamberlain introduces us to Janine, a young mother and her eight year old daughter, Sophie Sophie is wise beyond her years but when a child has spent most years in hospitals battling kidney disease, that will happen Janine wants desperately to be a good mother and provide normality in her little girl s life So, when an overnight camp [...]

  4. TamElaine

    Wow, another fantastic novel by Diane Chamberlain this book was particularly masterful at creating suspense, hope and belief around every corner I felt such hatred toward Janine s mother throughout most of the book, and almost as much for her fatherI was up and down about how I felt about Joe, Janine s ex husband, but mostly I understood him, even when I was upset by his actions or words, I understood where he was coming from.I was able to feel his pain and his love and his angerd Joe always red [...]

  5. Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆

    I hated this book I hated pretty much the whole thing, start to finish There are two plot threads both too weak to stand on their own but they re both desperate enough to not belong together The result is this bizarre plot The main plot is this sick girl named Sophie The second plot is of this woman who springs her murderous child from jail because she believes she s innocent And that all goes the way you d think.It was predictable and stupid.The thing that made me hate this is the characters I [...]

  6. E

    The Courage Tree is the story of two mothers, each trying in their own ways to protect their daughters, and realising that the protection they re trying to give maybe not what is needed Diane Chamberlain intertwines two main stories, with lots of sub plots that are all neatly tied together at the end.It was okay.Don t get me wrong this isn t a BAD book It s relatively well constructed, and the characters are likeable and mostly believable There s a certain amount of suspense, particularly throug [...]

  7. Jodi

    Possibly a 4.5I typically enjoy most novels by this author This one was no exception It was a bit over the top, which is why I didn t go with a full 5 stars It left me hoping, wondering.I was intrigued over a few things, such as the Gardner, Lukas You think you have it possibly figured out, then Plot twist.

  8. Megan

    Meh The book seemed way too long to me I constantly felt like, how can we be to page 200 and only this has happened So drawn out I didn t feel that the characters were very well developed in general, especially Lucas In short, an awful lot of book and not an awful lot of anything happening I d skip it.

  9. Cardmaker

    This is the first book of Diane Chamberlain s that I ve had to say I did not like, hence, the two star rating I did finish reading it but I was doing major skimming near the end I d lost all interest in the story because I knew from early on how it was going to end Okay, there was one twist that I didn t guess but it was just plain stupid as far as I was concerned I figured out Lucas secret long before the author spilled the beans Not only that, but the main character, Janine the mother of the l [...]

  10. Michelle Sibley

    I honestly love a Diane Chamberlain book and this was no exception I was really drawn into all the characters and found it hard to put the book down I didn t particularly like Janine but I think that made the story intense.

  11. Judy

    Eight year old Sophie should not have to deal with an illness like kidney disease Her mother, Janine, grasps at straws when an experimental treatment is presented Over the protests of her ex husband and her parents, Janine enrolls Sophie in the program at the suggestion of the mysterious gardener at her parents mansion Because Sophie improves, her mother allows her to attend a weekend Girl Scout camp This decision upsets her parents and Sophie s dad, Joe When Sophie doesn t return with the other [...]

  12. Lauralee

    This novel is deserving of far than the five stars I gave in this review What a fantastic and gripping novel Diane Chamberlain, again came through with a real gem in The Courage Tree.The author always has a way of making me either love, or hate the characters, but I always feel a connection, feel as if I know them Long after the novel is finished, I find myself thinking of the characters and this novel is no different The Courage Tree, is one that is full of suspense, drama, twists and secrets [...]

  13. Sara

    I really enjoy Diane Chamberlain s books They are engrossing, interesting, and quick reads That being said, this was not my favorite of her books that I ve read thus far Without giving too much away, there were parts of this book that were just beyond unrealistic The entire movie star escaped convict daughter was just ridiculous not to mention everything having to do with one of the main characters Putting all that aside, the book was enjoyable, just not my favorite as it strayed slightly too mu [...]

  14. Jan

    Diane Chamberlain s writing has definitely improved since she first started writing novels I ve enjoyed the most recent ones very much Earlier ones though, like this one, feel like a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie A bit too schmaltzy and syrupy for me That s not to say they aren t readable, as the author is very good at writing opening scenes and chapters that grab my interest and pull me in right away Hmmah, okay, so maybe I do like a bit of schmaltz and syrup Maybe just a bit I don t know Let s [...]

  15. Jeanne Adamek

    The writing was good, I was never bored or frustrated I liked the characters even Joe, and Janines parents I felt that they were very realistic drawn and although I didn t like their negative thinking and blaming, they were real The story I felt was a bit clich d I knew what was coming There were for me no surprises And because of this I felt that this story should only receive 3 stars.

  16. Nessa

    This was my fourth Diane Chamberlain book that I ve now read and again I was not disappointed It was a truly wonderful insightful read and it really pulled at my heartstrings Such beautiful writing and wonderful throughout characters If it wasn t for work I would gave read this in a day for sure.

  17. Giedre

    oh god I love Diane Chamberlain but this book was just too freakin boring main character is an annoying whimp and the mystery of the missing child is overburden with unnecessary crap like annoying parents and ex husband putting this book down after making myself read about 65% of it.

  18. Laurie

    Just another one to prove I love this author I was in a reading rut and this helped me get out A fast paced suspense read is what I needed This author mixes surprises along the way to keep you guessing I would recommend this

  19. Me

    This was not my favorite book by Diane Chamberlain It took me a while to get into it as the search for Sophie, missing in the wilderness, goes on for most of the book I did get into the mystery surrounding Lucas, another main character Some of the other characters, such as Janine s parents, felt like they constructed out of cardboard and unlike some of the others, they do not really develop I did like the medical research that she obviously undertook to write this and there are some nice twists [...]

  20. Jeannette

    I decided to read this book because it mentioned WV in the description Glad I chose it It s a moving story that reminded me to always keep the faith.

  21. Alexa Greening

    I liked The Courage Tree a lot I liked the suspense and the thrill throughout the book I liked Janines determination to find her daughter too Even though everyone went against her, she stuck with what she thought, and went to find her daughter by herself in the deep, thick, forest I think that Zoe saved Sophies live Sophie also knew a lot about her condition so that helped Zoe out a lot Zoe had a very tough decision to make, and I feel that she made the right decision It was either this little g [...]

  22. Korey

    A swing and miss for Chamberlain, an author I typically love This book lacked the things I typically look for in her work She usually excels at character development but these characters well flat, dull and mostly obnoxious in an implausible way Character motivation remained painfully underdeveloped I just can t take a book seriously where a major character character, not plot spoiler ahead view spoiler one would rather be perceived as a lazy pedophile rather than a sick man who is still skilled [...]

  23. Darby

    I have been on a Diane Chamberlain kick This one out of all the books I have read of hers was my least favorite but it still was a good story Janine is the mother who courageously admits her child into the clinical trial of a new medicine against the advice of her ex husband, Joe and her cynical parents Because Sophie is doing so well on the clinical trail Janine her mother allows Sophie to go to a summer camp On the way home there is a car accident and Sophie gets lost in the woods This book st [...]

  24. Shelagh Rice

    This was an enjoyable read by Diane Chamberlain, although not my favourite by this author It is a story of two mothers who in very different ways and very different circumstances want to save their daughters lives Their stories connect in strange and dangerous ways The characters are well written and rounded and there are quite a few twists and turns to keep you turning the pages There is also an element of mystery surrounding some of the characters which slowly unwind through the book This woul [...]

  25. Dale Harcombe

    While I found this compelling, wanting to find out what happened with the Sophie, the 8 year old girl lost for days after a camp and needing treatment I ended up staying up one night to read finish it, I still didn t find it as satisfying a read as some other Diane Chamberlain books.This was mainly due to the characters I found the characters of the mother, Janine and Joe, the father of the child and Janine s ex annoying in their bickering and behaviour and the Janine s parents and the grandpare [...]

  26. Ginger

    Loved this Totally reminded me why I fell in love with this author s books a long time ago I wish I had as much courage as the little girl Sophie does What am amazing 8 year old I enjoyed all the characters except for Janine s parents I felt they were too controlling and downright hateful most of the time.

  27. Diana

    I genuinely love this author She weaves such an intricate tale I love how you have multiple characters about whom you learn My qualm with this particular book was it seemed a bit farfetched It does make you think about what decision you might make when faced with a dilemma of dealing with a wrong family member and a right non family member in crisis 4.5 stars

  28. Kirstie

    I do love a DCbook she weaves a great story I don t usually want to pick faults but with this one I felt frustrated when Janine left the search for her daughter to go with Lucas when she didn t know why he wanted to leave the search campApart from that I enjoyed it

  29. Chrissi

    I absolutely loved this book I ve read several of Diane Chamberlain s books and this one is one of my favourites Gripping story with some characters you really feel for I wasn t expecting the ending at all I loved that it wasn t what I predicted Can t wait to read of Diane s books

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