Live to Tell (2020)

Live to Tell Lisa Gardner Live to Tell A savage crime has rocked a working class neighbourhood of Boston four members of a family have been brutally murdered The father is lying in an intensive care unit his survival in doubt He is the pr
  • Title: Live to Tell
  • Author: Lisa Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780553807240
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
Live to Tell Lisa Gardner A savage crime has rocked a working class neighbourhood of Boston four members of a family have been brutally murdered The father is lying in an intensive care unit, his survival in doubt He is the principal suspect Female police detective D.D Warren, however, is not one to take things at face value At the same time, Danielle Burton is about to have her life thrown iA savage crime has rocked a working class neighbourhood of Boston four members of a family have been brutally murdered The father is lying in an intensive care unit, his survival in doubt He is the principal suspect Female police detective D.D Warren, however, is not one to take things at face value At the same time, Danielle Burton is about to have her life thrown into turmoil a nurse whose life is at the service of her profession, she has tentatively recovered from a devastating family tragedy of decades before and the investigation by Warren and her partner is about to throw Danielle s life into chaos once again There is one angle to the triangle the devotion of a mother, Victoria Oliver, to her disturbed son is about to be tested to the limit.
Live to Tell Lisa Gardner

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    106 Lisa Gardner
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One thought on “Live to Tell

  1. Tina

    Ok, so, DD did not annoy me as much as she did in the previous book The Neighbor, but she still somehow manages to remain my least favorite character in her own series At least this time she doesn t focus on one suspect and try to make that person the killer no matter what However she still doesn t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer Her technique for finding a killer seems to be That guy did it No, wait, she did it I had to shake my head at the fact that she seemed convinced early on [...]

  2. Suzanne

    Whoo hoo I finally got to learn about the elusive Detective D.D Warren, or D.D as she is known I started this series at number 3, and tracked back to read in order The books in this series by Lisa Gardner are an awesome set, but funnily enough so far in this series, I feel D.D does take the back seat But she showed herself here, and I really enjoy her character She s a highly committed Detective Sergeant, a hard boss, a hard woman who really does have a soft centre, and this book is where me me [...]

  3. ♥Rachel♥

    This was a pretty horrific case an entire family is murdered Pretty cut and dry at first, but of course things are never as they appear in a Lisa Gardner mystery This is where the Alex and D.D meet up for the first time, an immediate attraction brewing D.D is smitten once she finds out Alex can cook Good Italian food and wine is a sure way to D.D s heart The audio version as a re read was fantastic

  4. Jean

    Oh Danny girl My pretty, pretty Danny girl What a haunting melody this proves to be I listened to Live to Tell, Lisa Gardner s fourth D.D Warren police procedural during a seven and a half hour round trip and got than halfway through the audio version before switching to the print version upon returning home Danielle Burton is a 34 year old pediatric psychiatric nurse who is tormented by the memory of her father singing her name the night he shot and killed her mother and siblings then turned t [...]

  5. Jenni Boyd

    Live to Tell, begins with Danielle Burton having a flashback when she was only nine years old, her father murdered her mother and two siblings, before turning the gun on himself, for nearly twenty five years she could not remember all the events of what happened that fateful night, but was haunted with why she was allowed to live, why did he kill them and not me As the anniversary of the slaughter of her family approaches, two very different families, from different neighbourhoods are murdered, [...]

  6. Faye

    Read February 2018Rating 5 5 stars best of 2018 The plot Gardner tells this story from three different perspectives our main character D.D Warren, and two secondary female characters Danielle was the sole survivor of the massacre of her family when she was nine years old and Victoria is a single mother living with her extremely psychologically disturbed eight year old son.I loved this book and I read it at exactly the right time, as I ve recently been reading with interest the news story of a yo [...]

  7. Raevyn Oswald

    Too dark and gritty I like a bit of hardship in books, but this was too much even for me And the frequent profanity and references to sex annoyed me.Plot was good It kept me guessing Note I only read this book because my beloved stepmother wanted me to I respect her, but we have very different reading tastes, lol.

  8. Jim

    The story opens with Danielle Burton having a flashback to when she was nine years old and her father killed her mother, sister, and brother before turning the gun on himself in front of her Now as the twenty fifth anniversary of that horrific event approaches Danielle is a 34 year old pediatric psychiatric nurse and her life is about to be thrown into turmoil Danielle has always had an especially difficult time around this time but now two different families have been murdered Both families had [...]

  9. Tonya Breck

    While I did start to like D.D Warren in the last book, this is the first one where I didn t feel she jumped to the wrong conclusion right off the bat and refused to budge from it This book actually shows her taking in new facts and evidence and letting that shape her suspect list Basically, it showed her being a good detective I liked the small bits we got about her personal life, but also like that it didn t take too much away from the actual story.Speaking of, I had one person in mind for the [...]

  10. Carolyn

    This is the 4th novel in Lisa Gardner s D.D Warren series and focuses on family murders and psychologically disturbed children Danielle Burton, the central character, is a survivor of a family murder where her mother, brother and sister were murdered by her father before he shot himself Danielle suffers from survivor guilt and 25y on now works as a pediatric psychiatry nurse in a special ward for disturbed children When D.D Warren, investigating the recent murders of two unrelated families, disc [...]

  11. Larry Bassett

    Meet our heroine Detective Sergeant D D Warren of the Boston Police Department She was not getting married She was not having children She was not going to have sex in her office So she might as well read the fucking case reports, because this was her life This was what she had left Five dead in Dorchester and no one alive to tell the tale While this is not the last book in the Detective D.D Warren Series series 41697 , I anticipate that it will be the last book in the series that I will read Ab [...]

  12. Brandie

    Live To Tell is a book I could NOT put down Hook, line and sinker from the moment I read the prologue I needed to keep reading This is a book with several twists and turns Just when you think you know who did it, another twist Another clue pops up that makes you rethink, wonder, and try to figure out who really did it Gardner is a talented author who clearly knows her audience She keeps your hooked, she adds twists, the characters draw you in and you want to see what happens.Detective D.D Warren [...]

  13. Karen

    Three women They don t know each other, yet One is a dedicated pediatric psych nurse, dreading the 25th anniversary of the day that made her a lone survivor The second is an exhausted single mother, coping with the full time care of her mentally ill 8 year old son The third is a tough cop, married to her job in Boston s homicide unit Five days in August bring these women together Their connection murder.From the red and black cover all the way to the final plot twist, Live to Tell is a gripping, [...]

  14. L.M. Krier

    I really need a half star function For me this was than a 3 but not yet a 4, so three and a half stars.It features Detective DD Warren I ve not met her before, I was reading the series out of order because of what the library had available I frankly couldn t care if I never met her again I found her a very under developed character who still managed to be not very likeable She appears to like eating like a bear, preferably rare beef, and spends a lot of time trying to get laid Perhaps she will [...]

  15. Marleen

    I literally stayed up all night to finish this book Luckily, I had the next day off to sleep in Lisa Gardner penned an original thriller with this 4th D.D Warren book The subject matter of mentally challenged children, who act out violently piqued my interest and it was delivered in a pretty well written mystery story For one, as a reader I appreciated that we weren t reading it from the bad guy s perspective This story was told mainly by two female protagonists Danielle Burton, who lived throug [...]

  16. Cathy

    Another easy 4 star book that turns into a 3 at the very end Seriously, I could have done with a better explanation Meh Also, 4 books in I am still not D.D s biggest fan Just for once I d wish Lisa Gardner would allow her main character to solve the crime instead of the crime just sort of resolving itself towards the end when everything comes to a close That would be a good thing Because so far all we know about D.D is how blonde and sexy she is and how much she likes to eat and needs to get lai [...]

  17. Sheri

    I won this on Good Reads give a ways, and since the book will not be released until July 2010, I do not want to give too much away.Lisa Gardner brings back D.D Warren in a psychological suspense thriller A family is brutally murdered with the father as suspect, and one sole survivor, their daughter The back story blends perfectly and left me second guessing Just when I thought I had it all figure out, new twists and turns arose Perfect ending, and definitely an all night read

  18. Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    This book was a full out roller coaster ride I think it s my favorite Lisa Gardner book ever

  19. Varshasri

    4As always, this story starts with murder and not one but a whole family is lying down dead And now comes our savior D.D.Warren who is appalled by such an act of violence and gets down to duty The father being the prime suspect is in ICU and there is no chance of survival.Then D.D stumbles upon consequent horrific murders and there is a link connecting them.The link is a psychiatric ward for mentally unstable children where our heroine Danielle Burton works and D.D now suspects her as the killer [...]

  20. Teresa

    I m loving the format of this series, with two POVs outside of D.D s, and waiting to see how everything connects Though I had figured out some parts of this book, it still kept me flipping the pages to get to the end Though this book was sad and all to realistic, there was a sense of hope at the end that I loved And D.D continues to be one of my fave female detectives.

  21. Mary JL

    I like almost everything of Lisa Gardner s work so I was hoping I d enjoy this I was NOT disappointed Telling the story from three alternation points of view and keep it all straight was a great achievement The plot is good and the characterization was good Lots of twists and turns.One warning a lot of the action takes place in a locked pediatric psych ward for acutely disturbed children So definitely not for under 18 I did find the descriptions of child abuse disturbing but I know from real wor [...]

  22. Denise

    3.0 out of 5 stars More a psychological treatise than a suspense thriller March 18, 2011Although the book was a fast read for me, and despite the fact that it attempted to cover a lot of ground educating the reader about children with severe psychiatric issues, this fourth novel in the D.D Warren series simply wasn t that compelling The author uses her various characters shamelessly in attempts to lecture us about explosive and violent children as well as about the collaborative problem solving [...]

  23. Monica

    I won this on this book as a Firstreads give away Wow, what a good book Detective D.D Warren has a promising Thursday evening interrupted by her pager An entire family nearly wiped out with only the father surviving with what might be a self inflicted gunshot to the head This opening scenario leads to a complex story told from several different views There s the view of Warren who leads the investigation and is saddled by a tag along former detective Alex Wilson, Danielle, a psychiatric nurse in [...]

  24. Emily

    I m finding it really hard to arrange my thoughts about this book so I ll make a few key points From the moment I picked this book up I could not put it down I finished it after 1am last night, walking around in a zombiefied state today It s definitely got a huge shock factor from the first page and I had to keep reading to find out what would happen to the characters, who I really cared about I had a few theories about who the killer was Greg, Andrew, hell at one point I even though Danielle mi [...]

  25. Mark Soone

    I am kind of surprised to give a Gradner novel a 3 star rating She has fast become one of my favorite suspense authors, so perhaps this rating is a reflection that I have read to much of her stuff recently, or perhaps it just was not quite as entertaining personally as I have found the previous 3 D.D Warren novels.I still find D.D one of my least enjoyable characters, which is surprising since I enjoy this series so much inspite of it Once again she has of a supporting co starring type of role [...]

  26. Sonia Cristina

    4,5 estrelas.J h muito tempo que n o lia um livro de Lisa Gardner na verdade nem esperava gostar deste O C rculo de Leitores demora tanto, mas tanto tempo a publicar os seus livros que pensava que D.D Warren era, quem depois confirmei, ser Bobby Dodge, deste personagem que n o gosto muito e de D.D nem me lembrava dela.Adorei este livro Desde o in cio prendeu me a aten o, estive completamente embrenhada na leitura e intrigada sobre os assass nios das fam lias e como se relacionavam com a unidade [...]

  27. Jill Manske

    Another terrific psychological thriller from Lisa Gardner In Live to Tell , she explores the heart breaking problem of young children with severe psychiatric illness and the limited options open to professionals to treat them The kids and their violent tendencies are at the heart of the plot, with parents at their wit s end and inpatient psychiatric staff struggling to help the kids respond appropriately Throw in the mass murders of two families, a nurse scarred by her own family tragedy, and a [...]

  28. Strawberry Fields

    Ms Gardner is quickly becoming an author I can t get enough of Truly compelling story that tackles the tough issue of broken kids Broken in every sense the point of violence even It is hard for us to think of the innocence of a child and see the reality of kids who are capable of vile acts It is handled very well and with care as I have worked with children such as these before She certainly got her research done.I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because of the whole woo woo thing That character [...]

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