A Journal of the Plague Year (2020)

A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe Catherine Henze A Journal of the Plague Year Being observations or memorials of the most remarkable occurrences as well public as private which happened in london during the last great visitation in written by a citizen who continuedall the
  • Title: A Journal of the Plague Year
  • Author: Daniel Defoe Catherine Henze
  • ISBN: 9780760752371
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe Catherine Henze Being observations or memorials of the most remarkable occurrences as well public as private which happened in london during the last great visitation in 1665 written by a citizen who continuedall the while in london never made public before
A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe Catherine Henze

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    Daniel Defoe Catherine Henze

One thought on “A Journal of the Plague Year

  1. BillKerwin

    Who would have thought, in The Year of Our Lord 2014, that Ebola with its controversial questions about voluntary and involuntary quarantine would suddenly make this 350 year old classic seem strangely relevant once Since writing is an expression of human character, what is true of one s character is true of one s writing as well A person s strengths and weaknesses are often two sides of the same coin the sympathetic character is often permissive, the assertive unreasonable, the ardent rash and [...]

  2. Henry Avila

    In the crowded , unhealthy, unclean, foul, pest dominated, filthy city of London, the Bubonic Plague breaks out, in 1665, no surprise, it has occurred before, in fact just a few years, previously, but this escalates, felling some say, 100,000 people, who never rise again Daniel Defoe, the inventor of the English language novel Robinson Crusoe, 1719 , yet because of his earlier employment, was a journalist than a novelist, writes a memoir of this catastrophe, almost sixty years later The author [...]

  3. Jason Pettus

    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally The CCLaP 100 In which I read for the first time a hundred so called classics, then write reports on whether or not they deserve the labelEssay 62 A Journal of the Plague Year 1722 , by Daniel DefoeThe story in a nutshell Although not actually written until sixty years later but on that in a bit , Daniel Defoe s 17 [...]

  4. F.R.

    One of the problems with reviewing the earliest authors of fiction is that they were writing at a time before the rules had been properly worked out Novels took on the form we know and love because of these writer s successes and because of their failures It was up to them to forge the templates, and if a certain template didn t work then they could try a new one with the next book A Journal of the Plague year is a case in point Although Defoe was alive at the time of plague, this is actually a [...]

  5. Philippe Malzieu

    It was the most Serge Gainsbourg s preferred book.Daniel defoe is not a only one book man Robinson Crusoe.It is an aesthete book which one exchanges the name between friends What is extraordinary, it is the realism of story All descriptions are extraordinary They agree elsewhere with what was described As of the appearance of the signs, death occurred in a few hours.The plague is well known since the Middle Ages as an apocalyps Ren Girard in the scapegoat says that people did not even dare to pr [...]

  6. Alan

    I taught this a couple times Soph Eng Lit survey , instead of Moll or Robinson or, indeed, Pamela or pt of Tristram Of course it s a historical reconstruction Defoe was 5 in the Plague Year, a year before the Great Fire, and two before the Dutch sailed to Chatham, on the Bay of Thames, and captured the Royal Charles, its transom still featured in Rijksmuseum.I think those semesters AIDS featured in news Also useful for teaching Freshman Oedipus R, which begins in citywide mortality to be cured b [...]

  7. Kim

    A Journal of the Plague Year is a novel by Daniel Defoe, telling the story of the Great Plague in London in the year 1665 The book was first published in March 1722, 57 years after the event A Journal of the Plague Year is an account, a journal , of one man s experiences in the year 1665, in which the Great Plague struck the city of London The book is told mostly in the order things happened, as far as I can tell anyway, though there are no chapters, it s just all one big story, which come to th [...]

  8. Anca

    Historical fiction about the plague of London in 1665 Defoe was just a 5 year old child when it happened but documented about it in exhaustive details so it will sound like a real life journal It is first person narrative but it does not focus on the person of H.F, a saddler that stayed to protect his business presumed to be based on Defoe s uncle, Henry Foe that lived through it , but on general means.There are many details about parishes affected, official decisions, the frauds deceiving peopl [...]

  9. Rachel

    This is one of the stranger conglomerations I have ever encountered under the name, novel We ve got a 1722 fictionalized memoir of London s 1665 bubonic plague epidemic, how to survive plagues advice and 17th century public health info, and, my favorite part, philosophical speculation about the outbreak s causes It s pretty safe to say that Defoe has an agenda in this book beyond telling tragic, bubo filled plague stories, though he tells them very movingly indeed Like other pre 19th century thi [...]

  10. J.G. Keely

    And so it was that the plague came into London, by the mercy of God, and I thought I would remain in the city despite the plague, for since God made it, I could not escape it if he meant me to perish from it, viz when that brick fell off the chimney and onto my foot, which I was loathe to move, for since God sent the brick, it would do me no good to move my foot and so avoid his will.But I would say the best way to avoid the plague and to survive would be to leave the city, as many did, when the [...]

  11. Bruce

    This is a fictionalized account, through the eyes and voice of the narrator, H.R of the last great Plague in London, in 1665 Defoe published it in 1722 Using charts and graphs from the time of the plague, Defoe adds to his account s verisimilitude H.R may be a reference to his uncle who lived in the city at the time of the plague and kept a record of events that were occurring This novel is one of the best accounts of the temper of the times and complements the journal kept by Samuel Pepys This [...]

  12. gabrielle

    Another one from the _Peeps_ list Written in the early 1700s a first person narrative of the London plague of 1665 The account is incredibly detailed, although its accuracy has been called into question lately There s no longer any way to verify Defoe s statistics because the church records tracking burials etc were lost in the Great Fire I LOVE PLAGUE STORIES Doom Death Destruction I think it would be really cool to set up a living history tour of London visit the locations mentioned in the boo [...]

  13. Andrea

    This is grim but strangely gripping, almost in spite of its author First I had to try and remember that this is so early, among the earliest of the many claims of earliest novels that s hard enough Written decades after the events it is describing, it s still quetsioned how much of it is based on Daniel Defoe s uncle s diary he himself was 5 at the time he describes in such detail , how much is historical research, how much is novel It s strangely removed yet at the same time close enough to be [...]

  14. Kilian Metcalf

    I think this must be the ur text for all futuristic dystopian post apocalyptic novels I thought it was non fiction until I learned about Daniel Defoe He was five when the plague struck London in 1665, and his book was published in 1722 That makes it technically historical fiction Much of the book is based on the experiences of Defoe s uncle Early critics were also unclear how to classify it Some considered it nonfiction, with Defoe as the editor of his uncle s memoirs Some put it definitely in [...]

  15. Genia Lukin

    I understand that this is a book written before the conventions of a novel or a memoir or any other thing of that sort actually existed So when Defoe was writing this book, he was just well, writing Because of that, the basic structure of the book contains only two set points one the plague begins two the plague ends.Between these points chaos reigns supreme Stories are written together and connected in an entirely associative manner, stories trail off and reappear several pages later, stories g [...]

  16. Ruthie Jones

    I readily admit that it can be quite difficult to tease out the remarkable stories that lurk within these older works The authors of yore Defoe included are often long winded and repetitious If you have patience and fortitude, you will be rewarded While A Journal of the Plague Year is a work of fiction Defoe was only 5 years old in 1665 , it does present an historical account of a truly horrific year in London s history, made even horrific when the fire of 1666 swept through and claimed even l [...]

  17. Charles

    Daniel Defoe s A Journal of the Plague Year is a curious piece of fiction It is both a historical account, with an emphasis on the veracity of all the details, and an imaginative reconstruction of the Plague Year 1665 Although Defoe himself was only five years old when the plague spread across London in 1665, and he was probably evacuated as well, the Journal was written like a sort of historical memorial, meant to be read by posterity as a survival guide in the eventuality of another outbreak w [...]

  18. Bettie☯

    Not for the faint hearted as this was solid text on a gruelling subject Seeing as this was written some decades after the events I wonder why the great fire was not mentioned maybe the answer lies in the fact that DeFoe and his contempories did not know that the fire cleansed the area shrug What do you think

  19. Rick Skwiot

    Thanks to 20th century medical and public health advances, we now know how to prevent, stem, and treat most infectious diseases Though a few folks may still recall the flu epidemic of 1918, which cost 20 millions lives worldwide and a half million in the United States alone, for most of us living outside the Third World, fear of epidemic has become largely a thing of the past.But if you wish to glimpse daily life under the threat of impending death by disease without actually being threatened by [...]

  20. Catalin Negru

    Target audience common people, anyone who wants to find information about the plague, the beliefs and the lifestyle of the Londoners of the year 1666.About the author Daniel Defoe was an English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy, most famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe Defoe is noted for being one of the earliest proponents of the novel, as he helped to popularise the form in Britain with others such as Samuel Richardson, and is among the founders of the English novel He was a p [...]

  21. Sacherina

    I am impressed by this book because of its matter of fact approach towards the plague Defoe manages to write a book about a disasterous disease that basically paused the whole country until it was over withouth becoming emotional I say that the narrator doesn t become emotional, what emotions are stirred in the reader is a whole different matter.It is gloomy and depressing as a whole but Defoe manages to occasionally lift the reader s spirits by telling him about the incredible acts of kindness [...]

  22. LobsterQuadrille

    When I started reading A Journal of the Plague Year, it seemed pretty dry and scholarly, but I decided to give it a chance, and surprisingly I actually found it an enjoyable if slow book As something of a history buff, I thought it was interesting to see how the bubonic plague affected the individuals and economy of England centuries ago, and even to see how the English language was written and used back then The prose became progressively less dry, though it can still be tough to slog through I [...]

  23. Libros Prestados

    Mi videorese a youtube watch v MNCr0Me ha encantado y no me sorprende la buena fama que tiene.Es un relato fascinante e inmersivo que va dibujando el horror de lo que viene siendo una pandemia la epidemia de peste que asol londres en 1665 mediante la opini n de un supuesto testigo de los acontecimientos y decenas de peque as an cdotas que van conformando la narraci n Es increible la capacidad de Defoe de hacerte creer que l estuvo all , cuando es todo un producto de su imaginaci n, nutrido con e [...]

  24. Justin Evans

    Yep Defoe s returns continue to diminish This reminds me of Dostoevsky s House of the Dead, since both books are absolutely riveting for the first 100 pages or so you get an immediate impression of what it s like to live in a plague ridden London or Russian prison you get drawn in by the odd life is stranger than fiction moment, but then, before you know it, you re reading exactly the same thing two or even three times for no particular reason other than the narrator s inability to revise his ow [...]

  25. Katharyn

    The fictional journal of a man living out the Black Plague in London, written in old English slang appropriate to the working author s social status including spelling errors More true to journal form than most fictional journals, the entries are a mix of personal experience, personal observation reflection and medication, second hand stories, and general statistic documentation as such, I found my interest fluctuated greatly from entry to entry, having personally very little interest in statist [...]

  26. Jeff

    This is a fictionalized first hand account of the London plague of 1665 written in 1722 I m fascinated by plague literature for some reason, probably compounded lately by the hoo ha over the H1N1 virus, which so far does not measure up This book is considered to be one of the grand daddies of plague literature, and i wasn t disappointed It s a compelling portrait of daily life in the midst of a horrific plague filled in with lots of information from contemporary writings, weekly bills of mortali [...]

  27. Daniela

    FINALLY DONE Now, you may be wondering why I m giving this book 4 stars if reading it was as painful as I made it seem, but it s really quite simple context.The archaic language was not archaic then and the exceedingly poetic prose was to be expected in a work as old as this, along with all the praise Him and spare me, God that are present in every single page of the book Context.Getting back to present times, that which makes it a weirdly beautifuly written book has now become boring and repeti [...]

  28. Samantha

    This book is about the last plague in London in 1665 Though it is fiction, it reads like non fiction really boring non fiction There are lists of numbers of deaths in various parishes which may not have been nearly so painful to get through if I wasn t listening to this as an audiobook , discussions of fortune tellers exploiting people s fears, and the hopelessness of those not able to leave the city It is all done in a very cold, detached tone with no personal stories told There are really no c [...]

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