The Life History of a Star (2020)

The Life History of a Star Kelly Easton The Life History of a Star Fourteen year old Kristin uses her diary to record her confused thoughts about the physical changes brought on by adolescence and the emotional strain on her family of living with the ghost of her old
  • Title: The Life History of a Star
  • Author: Kelly Easton
  • ISBN: 9780689871160
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
The Life History of a Star Kelly Easton Fourteen year old Kristin uses her diary to record her confused thoughts about the physical changes brought on by adolescence and the emotional strain on her family of living with the ghost of her older brother who was physically and mentally destroyed while serving in Vietnam.
The Life History of a Star Kelly Easton

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    448 Kelly Easton
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One thought on “The Life History of a Star

  1. Marisa

    The Life History of a Star is written in diary form It s the diary of Kristen who is 14 at the beginning of the story The ghost of her brother lives in the attic He was injured in the Vietnam War Most of the book is about day to day life and while some of it was interesting I thought there would be mention of the brother in the attic It was a cute book, but not what I was expecting.

  2. Patty

    The genre of The Life History of a Star by Kelly Easton is fiction I read the back of this novel and I could tell by the back alone that I have a lot in common with the main character Kristen Folger This contributed to me choosing to read The Life History of a Star When I was Kristins age my mom tried to make me dress girly, which Kristin experienced too I had a lot of changes in my life similar to hers, her brother David had been in the Vietnam war My cousin A.J who is like my brother, went to [...]

  3. Newport Librarians

    It s the early 1970s, the Vietnam War is raging, Nixon is in the last phases of his troubled presidency, and fourteen year old Kristin Folger is living the life of an average southern California teen, surrounded by her friends, her annoying brother Bobby, her flaky parents, and a grandmother who lives nearby in senior housing But there is one thing, one very important thing, that makes Kristin s life anything but average it is the person who occupies a bedroom in the family attic, the person who [...]

  4. Hui Lin

    I got attracted by this book s cover and title, and that s the reason why I started to read this book It turned out this book is really different from what I think it will be about The protagonist is Kristin Folger, 14 years old and the whole book are diaries that she wrote The book talks about the problems that Kristin are facing from school and home I found this book connect to myself and probably every teenage girl Because this book also talks about how Kristin got her first period and how he [...]

  5. Sue Wargo

    A little editorializing first I still can t get used to reading about the Vietnam War as history, but I digress from a great story Kristin comes of age in high school when her brother has returned from Vietnam with a severe case of PTSD She calls him the ghost and her brother lives in the attic with all of his mental, psychological, and health issues This has monumental effects on all the familiy members throughout the story She still manages to be a good kid and the story of her relationship wi [...]

  6. Florencia Mendoza

    The story, The Life Histor of a Star is about a girl named Kristin folger Kristin lives with her Mom and brother she sometimes goes and spends time with her dad she had a brother but he had died a while she is always talking about how close they used to be Kristin is always thinking she is on another planet She is gorwing so her body is developing and say how she hates everyting about her is changing Her mom is always tring to make her wear dress so turn girly but Kristin never liked being girly [...]

  7. Allison

    The protagonist is Kristin Folger, who is fourteen years old It talks about the problems that she is facing in school and at home I think this book can connect to every teenage girl Since it talks about how Kristin gets her first period and how her body is changing I strongly think that the author is doing great on hooking the readers First of all, she creates an interesting cover to attract readers attention Secondly, she makes readers to wonder a lot in the book by bringing curious situations [...]

  8. Jennifer

    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori But what happens when your ghost lingers Easton s story, set during the Vietnam war, addresses the aftermath of combat faced by one family and after two wars is far relevant today than when she first published in 2001 Heart wrenching, funny, and occasionally lovely, Easton reminds us that out of the scraps and debris and beautiful things, we build our lives I d amend that to Scraps, debris, beautiful things, and stories like these.

  9. Andrea Gratton

    The diary of a fourteen year old during the Vietnam war, this book shows the effects the war, politics and pop culture have on an individual While I was able to follow most of the numerous 70s references, I feel that today s adolescents would struggle with this I also feel like the main character is difficult to relate to in some ways, and for these reasons I would probably not recommend this book.

  10. Hua

    At first i thought this is going to be a really boring book but i read it anyways because it has a interesting cover page But then it turned out to be interesting than i thought This book is about a girl who got her period She found out that her body changed and she became like a woman And how she deal with her problems in school and at home I recommand this book to any teenagers because i think it shows the inner part of teenagers Its a really good book for me, you and us.

  11. Hector Medina

    What can i say about this book This book was one of the worst books I read,it was basically about a girl from the 1970 s and this book was just boring me to death and it wasnt that interseting when i first read it I actually thought it was a pretty good book when i saw the cover Well you can t really judge a book by it s cover.

  12. Anny B.

    I read it some time ago so the details are fuzzy However this book, was very good The writing was emotional and beautiful It also has some historical relevance, as it is a brutal depiction the detrimental and horrific effect of the Vietnam War on US families and returning soldiers The ending was absolutely amazing, I cried harder than I have ever cried.

  13. Leann Henderson

    This book was so bad, I couldn t even finish it It s written in the style of a journal or diary and is just so pointless I rarely give up on a book entirely and just abandon it.I usually finish even the worst of books Never Let Me Go for example , but I just couldn t waste my time with this one Blech

  14. Annebella

    This book could be about right now It s the journal of a girl whose brother was in a useless war Very funny, sharp and poignant.

  15. Susan

    Oh oh oh Funny and sad, as a book about surviving the loss war brings should be Beautiful character, and heartbreaking Important read, and not just for young adults.

  16. Samantha Barbery

    I really liked this book I thought Marie would hate it, which is why I suggested it So, my plan worked and it continues to work MUAHAHAHAHA sorry, marie.

  17. Biscuits

    Plain story, besides that lame ghost for disfigured brother word play Growing pains Alcoholic worthless parents sex drug curious friends diary we get it.

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