Cure (2020)

Cure Robin Cook Cure The New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical thriller returns with another heart pounding story of medical intrigue With her young son s potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete
  • Title: Cure
  • Author: Robin Cook
  • ISBN: 9780399156625
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
Cure Robin Cook The New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical thriller returns with another heart pounding story of medical intrigue With her young son s potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete remission, New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work, only to face the case of her career The investigation into the death of CIA agent Kevin MarkhamThe New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical thriller returns with another heart pounding story of medical intrigue With her young son s potentially fatal neuroblastoma in complete remission, New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work, only to face the case of her career The investigation into the death of CIA agent Kevin Markham is a professional challenge and has Laurie s colleagues wondering if she still has what it takes after so much time away Markham s autopsy results are inconclusive, and though it appears he s been poisoned, toxicology fails to corroborate Laurie s suspicions While her coworkers doubt her assassination theory, her determination wins over her husband, fellow medical examiner Jack Stapleton, and together they discover associations to a large pharmaceutical company and several biomedical start ups dealing with stem cell research Laurie and Jack race to connect the dots before they are consumed in a dangerous game of biotech espionage.
Cure Robin Cook

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    Robin Cook

One thought on “Cure

  1. Jatasya

    I m a little disappointed that this is going to be my first ever review on GodReads When I first began Cure by Robin Cook I was incredibly eager As usual the blurb gave away very little of the actual plot, making the storyline seem artificial and overused The first few chapters of this novel were quite a hassel to get through I felt as if there were so many characters and points that were being brought forward almost too fast for me to keep up In particular, the Japanese names of characters thre [...]

  2. Sandie

    The first six chapters of Robin Cook s latest offering CURE were a real chore to get through but I thought I would stick with it and finish the book because I had enjoyed some of the author s earlier works That decision turned out to be a glaring error on my part Between the unpronounceable names of the Japanese characters, the interaction between the two competing Japanese mobs plus the involvement of the American mafia who, it appears, all launder their ill gotten money by investing in up and [...]

  3. Emily S.

    I ve been a big fan of Robin Cook since I discovered his books about 15 years ago As I continue reading, I m having a harder and harder time with him It s not that his books are boring, by any means It s that they re so bogged down in unnecessary details and medical jargon that they re almost textbook like They re so predictable that it takes all the fun out of the read The characters don t speak in any recognizable syntax and that drives me nuts Honestly, would you expect a low level Mafia enfo [...]

  4. D.K. Cherian

    So Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are back in this thrilling novel I ll admit that even though I love Robin Cook s novels, there tends to be a severe time lag between me reading his novel Even so, by now, the characters were familiar, including Lou, Vinnie, Paulie Warren Having said that, someone new to Robin Cook can still pick up this novel and enjoy the story without having to worry about the backstory of these characters What you need to know about them is told to you, unfolding in the [...]

  5. Elyse

    SPOILER ALERT Always a worry when the names and associations are so convoluted that the book starts with a three page Key Players list, rather than with plot.While this was generally an enjoyable read, I found the narrative jumps irksome First it s about the Japanese and American organized crime counterparts then it s about a biotech exec then it s about a medical examiner Then it s about the police doing a smashing job of resolving a kidnapping but that plot is sidelined by the introduction of [...]

  6. Willow

    The author actually gave this book to my husband after he printed the author s screenplay for the same book I was excited initially, because I love the film Outbreak and wasn t aware it had been a book first Now, I m not sure if my experience is isolated that Cook s other books are wonderful but Cure was anything but All the characters were wooden, emotionless, and completely lacked development They were written such that they all spoke in the same voice Cook s limited vocabulary may have someth [...]

  7. Rossana

    Maybe it s because this is my first time reading the author, but I felt really lost with so many characters Even with the help of the list in the beginning of the book, I felt I had to start over the paragraph and sometimes the whole chapter to be sure who was the narrator in that point I was reading I also had a hard time to understand the medical scientific vocabulary I m sure giving him another chance, cause the book is very well written and the plot rich.Good reading

  8. Henri Moreaux

    A vast improvement compared to the prior book in the series This time around Laurie Jack are up against an organised crime conspiracy attempting to corner the patents on a specific type of stem cell therapy Starts off a little slow but builds nicely and has a decent ending.

  9. Shane

    Coma was the first Robin Cook book I read when I was in my pre teens, and I remember being obsessed with that book and rereading it into tatters.I have read several Robin Cook books since then, none of which were as memorable or riveting as Coma As I got older I noticed that Mr Cook is not really the world s greatest writer of dialogue, and his characters are fairly one dimensional or less than one dimensional, though he does get bonus points for usually featuring a strong and smart female chara [...]

  10. Kristin

    I ve enjoyed Cook s Jack Stapleton Laurie Montgomery series for a while now, and while this wasn t my favorite, it was still a good read Early on, I was concerned because it was focusing a lot on the Japanese Mafia and members in both Japan and NYC and their efforts to keep scientific secrets from being stolen by the United States, and I wasn t sure how it would tie in to the Stapleton Montgomery series However, as the book went on, I felt the stem cell company and the possibility of the secrets [...]

  11. Rohan Kamath

    It was my first book of Robin cook It started of beautifully elaborating on the patent business of pluripotent stem cells along with the details of the Japanese crime organization called Yakuza The portrayal of Laurie Montgomery as a forsenic expert was adept and her dubious state of mind was beautifully articulated managing both her work and her longing to be with her son.The book gains momentum when Satoshi Machita gets murdered and the case is handed to Laurie who expertly detects that someth [...]

  12. Syl

    I am a great fan of Robin Cook and this may bias my review I started reading his books in my late teens and have practically grown up with his medical thrillers I am a close follower of the lives of Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton forensic pathologists and Lou Saldanho their detective friend Its as if they exist in a parallel universe Many people have criticized Robin Cook for taking up one hotspot issue and weaving a story around it Many have also said that he is anti government and anti a [...]

  13. Anne Hawn Smith

    This is not my favorite kind of book I love the forensics and the medical mystery but I do not like anything to do with Mafia or other crime organizations, spies or anything of that sort First, they are always callously bumping people off , and second, they are all such unpleasant people who are usually only two dimensional Unfortunately, this not only has New York crime organizations, but two rival organizations from Japan It seems as if the Mafia has turned over a new leaf, at least in New Yor [...]

  14. Julie

    I m sad to say that Cure was another disappointing Robin Cook novel I think I will stop reading them because the newer ones are tainting the positive memories I have of reading many of his earlier novels Among my complaints about this one 1 There really isn t a plot2 The dialogue is beyond atrocious There s no way the dialogue in his earlier novels could have been this awful.3 Is it necessary to remind readers a that Laurie and Lou used to date or b that Laurie doesn t like Jack riding his bike [...]

  15. Bob

    New York City medical examiner Laurie Montgomery returns to work after the birth of her son with trepidation but determined to get back into the job Her first case is looking like a natural cause death of an unidentified oriental man in the subway station Laurie has some doubts and decides to dig further Meanwhile a collaboration between a Japanese Yakuza gang and a NY Mafia gang in collusion with a startup biomedical firm for which they have been providing funds a afraid that if the dead body i [...]

  16. Rose Marcie

    I couldn t believe Robin Cook s books have fallen this low, unless I didn t realize that issues existed in his writing when I first used to read his books I saw a straight out editing error, unrealistic characterization Jack is considering playing basketball to take his mind off his kidnapped son at times, Laurie is embarrassed for missing something which led to her son s kidnapping instead of feeling downright terrified , head hopping, though I felt this was done in a way that wasn t disruptive [...]

  17. Tom Mueller

    Robin Cook has been one of my favorites for than 30 years, since The Year of the Intern.I placed a request on his newest work at our wonderful library I promptly devoured the book within a couple of days, becoming rivited as usual by Cook s wonderful character development and engaging plots This one had several sub plots going on simultaneously, all well developed and presented in a clear way I can imagine Dr Laurie Montgomery, Jack and Detective Lou being made into a TV series, much as Gerrits [...]

  18. Chad

    This was my first novel by Robin Cook, and I was pretty well impressed I don t read much of the medical thriller genre, so I didn t know what to expect But the characters, settings, and actions were all very fully realized This one was structured differently than most novels I ve read, and the suspense is mostly weighted towards the end of the book But there was enough interest spread throughout to make it a good read The only thing that stuck out to me was that Cook has a weird impression of wh [...]

  19. Matt Gorski

    I didn t finish it Normally I like Robin Cooks books I didn t like his writing about the Japanese or US Mafia s Those parts just didn t ring true The ME parts were bogged down in the characters ambivalence about work family balance I wanted to rate this a no star, but then it looks like I didn t rate it So, one star is the worst.

  20. Christine

    Didn t like this book I think it was told from too many viewpoints, and it was hard to get through I liked his good old medical thrillers, where there wasn t quite so much other stuff going on I think I m done with Robin Cook.

  21. Estrella

    Really I expected so much Perhaps the plot was great and complex, but Cook did not show it in the best way We as readers basically knew everything from the start so where was the thriller

  22. Teresa Little

    I ve always liked Robin Cook His books have always been a great blend of science, fun, and excitement Books you settle in with to relax and enjoy Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton were new to me and honestly I thought it was a standalone when I got it However it was easy to enter the Montgomery Stapleton world knowing nothing about them from previous novels There is where the fun stops I knew I was in trouble when I saw the cast of characters listed in the beginning It is a large story, one I [...]

  23. Judy

    I was concerned how convoluted this tale was going to be since it started with a 3 page list of characters usually that s a bad sign but as I read the book it was pretty easy to remember who were the good guys and who were the bad guys I thought it was different that the medical mystery wasn t the usual style of some contagion but instead patents and knowledge of a procedure, which I think there are getting to be and medical novels of that ilk That s not really what I was looking for in this r [...]

  24. Renato

    Laurie Montgomery strikes again, doesn t step back from a case, and has her son and her nanny in huge trouble no spoilers, but it is really bad But besides that, this is not my type of Robin Cook book, as I prefer the ones with science in it, and those weird things like comatose patients, living dead human specimen and such But it was a good summer read, during my 1 week vacation It had some mafia involved, even some Yakuza which could have been a bit explored, but it was clear that the author [...]

  25. Sally

    This was a good book It starts with a woman a NY City Medical Examiner comes back to work after maternity leave Her co workers all love and respect her They give her the easiest case that has come it it is a John Doe But Laurie can t just do a routine autopsy, she tries to identify the victim and goes beyond to determine it was a murder and then all breaks loose, including her child being kidnapped and her nanny killed Read and see how exciting her return to work became.

  26. Steve Pillinger

    Basically a good plot with lots of twists turns and an exciting climax However from the least important up 1 I m not keen on Mafia type stories 2 the main characters are not centrally involved in the climax 3 the plotlines were a little too miscellaneous, and some were rather summarily brought to a close in the last few pages Hence the 3 stars But I did enjoy reading it.

  27. Venla

    In my opinion, this book was really interesting and written well There were, of course, some parts of the story which were little of and didn t make that much sense but after all, it was a good read and I enjoyed it a lot.

  28. Jill

    so many things unsatisfactory with this book clich dialogue one dimensional characters unrelated book title overuse of the words african american not sure why author had to point this out so often stereotyping people annoying main characters to name a few.

  29. Ananya Madhusoodanan

    Robin Cook knows how to keep his readers on tiptoes and make them feel like they are also playing a role in his story Reading his story is like being there and witnessing it and I loved this book, just as I did the others.

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