Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy (2020)

Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy Jay Williams Raymond Abrashkin Danny Dunn Invisible Boy By accidentally short circuiting Professor Bullfinch s new crystalline material Danny Dunn enables the professor to create a new machine that makes Danny invisible
  • Title: Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy
  • Author: Jay Williams Raymond Abrashkin
  • ISBN: 9780671299842
  • Page: 173
  • Format: None
Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy Jay Williams Raymond Abrashkin By accidentally short circuiting Professor Bullfinch s new crystalline material, Danny Dunn enables the professor to create a new machine that makes Danny invisible.
Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy Jay Williams Raymond Abrashkin

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    173 Jay Williams Raymond Abrashkin
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One thought on “Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy

  1. Shawn

    With only two installments in the series to go as I said, I m reading final copies for their e book release and reviewing them, as I enjoyed this series as a kid this may be the BEST Danny Dunn book yet Despite the title, the book does not involve actual invisibility in the bending of light sense and Prof Bullfinch even explains why that s highly unlikely to work , but what s surprising is that the book actually deals with virtual reality videogame technology, military drones, surveillance priv [...]

  2. Mike

    A nice revisit to one of the Danny Dunn series that I had read in my youth It s 3.5 stars for me, because I have fond memories of this from my youth As an adult, the situations lack a modern maturity, and the technology is _way_ out of dateAn interesting occurrence in the Danny Dunn series is that Danny, Joe and Irene do seem to age as the series progresses based on changing seasons within books, and the fact they seem to have spent several books with a single teacher, as in elementary school or [...]

  3. Rindis

    Good lord, I d forgotten all about this series.This particular one is the first one I came across, and probably the best one of the series not that I ever read them all.The general idea is that Danny is a boy very much interested in science who lives with his widowed mother and Professor Bulfinch, who employs Danny s mother as housekeeper The Professor, of course, serves as a mentor father figure as well as the source of all the super tech devices the books are built around.It is a credit to the [...]

  4. Seth

    A good book from a set I read in my childhood The writing may not be brilliant, but the story still gives the reader a chance to set their imagination free What if technology allowed us to do the impossible To defy gravity, hear aliens on other planets, or spy on others and speak to them without being seen I suggest this as a good book for children still in grade school.

  5. Jim Razinha

    Seems about this time each year I go in search of a couple of books from my youth I have little to go on, and yes, have tried What s The Name of That Book and have yet to find, but I throw a little to the Google images wind and see what comes up This is one of the ones that did and a quick check over at Open Library got me a borrowable PDF The scan was dark, but readable I d read all of the Danny Dunns from our tiny town library when I was 8 10, but this one was published when I was 13 and I had [...]

  6. Darryl Lee

    This article reminded me of how great this book was How a 1974 sci fi novel for teens eerily predicted the rise of personal drones medium message the politiI checked it out from openlibrary, but one of the pages was water damaged, and only one person can borrow it at a time, so I ve ordered a copy of the paperback from.Some really important lessons about being responsible with new technology, government usurping private research for reasons of national security , and personal civil liberties all [...]

  7. Bill Meeks

    I was kind of shocked with how well this book holds up It s not just a fun boy s adventure either It could have been written today in fact The basic story involves Danny s professor friend building a tiny drone that s controlled by the equivalent of an Oculus Rift When the government finds out about the Isit they take Danny and the Professor prisoner in their own home.The book is clever, fun, quick, and technically spot on The world of Danny Dunn looks familiar 50 years on due to the author s kn [...]

  8. Kevin

    An enjoyable book found at a thrift store The story of a young boy named Danny Dunn and the eccentric professor who lives with his family, as well as his two friends Irene and Joe This is one of a series of Danny Dunn books from the 70s I have only read this one It s reminiscent of Tom Swift stories.In this novel, the professor creates a machine controlling an electronic dragonfly This gives its user a type of invisibility.

  9. Ed

    Read this as a kid and vividly remember marveling at the concept of telepresence, though it s not to referred to as such, depicted with the helmet gauntlet controlled remote sensing robot dragonfly.Recently re read this with my own child, age five, and we both loved it This was written in the early 1970s as sci fi, but has some striking relevance to modern day issues namely drones, privacy, and government surveillance.

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