No Graves As Yet (2020)

No Graves As Yet Anne Perry No Graves As Yet Through Anne Perry s magnificent Victorian novels millions of readers have enjoyed the pleasures and intrigue of a bygone age Now with the debut of an extraordinary new series this New York Times b
  • Title: No Graves As Yet
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780345484239
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
No Graves As Yet Anne Perry Through Anne Perry s magnificent Victorian novels, millions of readers have enjoyed the pleasures and intrigue of a bygone age Now, with the debut of an extraordinary new series, this New York Times bestselling author sweeps us into the golden summer of 1914, a time of brief enchantment when English men and women basked in the security of wealth and power, even as the lasThrough Anne Perry s magnificent Victorian novels, millions of readers have enjoyed the pleasures and intrigue of a bygone age Now, with the debut of an extraordinary new series, this New York Times bestselling author sweeps us into the golden summer of 1914, a time of brief enchantment when English men and women basked in the security of wealth and power, even as the last weeks of their privileged world were swiftly passing Theirs was a peace that led to war.On a sunny afternoon in late June, Cambridge professor Joseph Reavley is summoned from a student cricket match to learn that his parents have died in an automobile crash Joseph s brother, Matthew, as officer in the Intelligence Service, reveals that their father had been en route to London to turn over to him a mysterious secret document allegedly with the power to disgrace England forever and destroy the civilized world A paper so damning that Joseph and Matthew dared mention it only to their restless younger sister Now it has vanished.What has happened to this explosive document, if indeed it ever existed How had it fallen into the hands of their father, a quiet countryman Not even Matthew, with his Intelligence connections, can answer these questions And Joseph is soon burdened with a second tragedy the shocking murder of his most gifted student, beautiful Sebastian Allard, loved and admired by everyone Or so it appeared.Meanwhile, England s seamless peace is cracking as the distance between the murder of an Austrian archduke by a Serbian anarchist and the death of a brilliant university student by a bullet to the head of grows shorter by the day.Anne Perry is a sublime master of suspense In No Graves As Yet, her latest haunting masterpiece, she reminds us that love and hate, cowardice and courage, good and evil are always a part of life, in our own time as well as on the eve of the greatest war the world has ever known.From the Hardcover edition.
No Graves As Yet Anne Perry

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    Anne Perry

One thought on “No Graves As Yet

  1. Johnny

    No Graves As Yet, the initial volume in Anne Perry s WWI series, begins with a cricket match Somehow that is appropriate because this book took me longer to finish than a long, drawn out cricket match The pace is slow and leisurely and the handling of the characters is ever so much personal than I sense in her treatment of William Monk or Thomas and Charlotte in her two series of Victorian mysteries In those mysteries, I see a deft presentation of human rights as almost an agenda the treatment [...]

  2. Roman Clodia

    There are things we have to fight for If you are familiar with Anne Perry s Victorian murder mystery series then it s worth knowing that this book is in quite a different category of fiction, a quantum leap in terms of writing and thought There s nothing light about this, and it is one of the most profound and rich evocations of the thought world of a certain class in England, 1914.Set on the brink of war, this is a dense and very detailed read some might call it slow in which every psychologica [...]

  3. Steph (loves water)

    Excellent, loved what she did with this book It s dedicated to her grandfather, who is the main character I loved how she evoked the entire time period Very, very well done, I m looking forward to reading the sequel.

  4. Sarah

    I listened to the audio book, which was very well read, but I found I wasn t enjoying it as much as I wanted to I struggled to the end to find out whodunnit but, quite honestly, there was much too much introspection for my taste The two main charcters kept on and on asking themselves questions Perhaps as this is the first of a series, Anne Perry wanted to place the characters and settings very firmly in our minds It was interesting to read about the events leading up to the beginning of WWI I m [...]

  5. Mary JL

    Anne Perry, best known for her mysteries, here combines a historical fiction saga with an underlying mystery Set in the summer before the beginning of World War I, Joseph Reavley is advised his parents have died in an auto accident His brother, who works in Military Intelligence, tells Joesph his father had come into possession of a document which would be political dynamite if the contents became known.Still reeling from this tragedy, Joseph is faced with the news that his most gifted student h [...]

  6. JayeL

    I have enjoyed the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Victorian murder mysteries in the past, but it has been awhile since I read any of Anne Perry s novels I picked this one up in a sale on Audible and both enjoyed it and didn t enjoy it Partway through the novel I decided that I would really like to know the resolution of the murders in the beginning and then had the author work backwards towards the solution After finishing it, I am not sure On one hand I didn t have the time to mull over the resoluti [...]

  7. D.G.

    This book was boring with a capital Z.The audiobook felt as if it was 24 hrs long instead of 12 not the fault of the narrator which was pretty good but because the way the book was structured There were only 15 chapters going from 35 min to 1 hr in length and a good chunk of them were dedicated to long, repetitive monologues from almost every imaginable character about the horribleness of War We hear about it from one of the victims, the students, the teachers, the police, the barmaids, even the [...]

  8. LJ

    NO GRAVES AS YET Amateur Sleuth England 1914 G Perry, Anne 1st in WWI seriesBallantine Books, 2003 HardcoverJospeh Reavley, a Cambridge professor, and his family have their world shattered when their parents are killed in a motor crash Jospeh s bother, Matthew, a member of the British secret service, had received a call from their father saying he was coming to London with a document which outlined a plot that would change the future of England and the world The brothers find that the crash was [...]

  9. Beth

    It starts out well enough, with a car accident that kills two people, a missing document outlining a devastating conspiracy theory and two brothers who suspect that their parents death was not an accident I was actually looking forward to Joseph and Matthew teaming up to solve the murder of their parents Instead, once the funeral is over they both go back to their respective jobs Matthew to London and the Secret Service, and Joseph to his teaching job at Cambridge, where he is distracted by the [...]

  10. Rayni

    I kept dragging my feet on starting this series Even though I love Perry s William Monk series, World War I has never held a fascination for me Anne Perry is one of my all time favorite authors, one I would dearly love to meet So, when I had a chance to fill a large brown grocery bag with books, hard bound, paperback, you name it, for a measly 5, I took every Anne Perry book I could find, along with Mary Higgins Clark, Elizabeth Peters No Graves As Yet was one of those books a beautiful hardboun [...]

  11. Gail

    In one golden season, the enchantment of England is plunged from complacency to the brink of war It s 1914 and the parents of Matthew and Joseph are killed in a motor accident And there begins a complex story of relationship, betrayal, murder, and revenge The micro becomes the macro Small things create large consequences The book ends on the brink of war We know that the characters are about to move deeper into loss and the horrors of war.Superbly done

  12. Gregory

    I gave up on page 125, which was longer than I should ve gone, really Great WWI setting and premise, but then you get 1 Why were my parents killed, why, why, why 2 The Balkan conflict is irrelevant to England 3 Random person you don t care about is killed4 Repeat 1 and 2 until you get annoyedI highly don t recommend.

  13. Alice

    Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Avant la Tourmente Ayant lu, mon grand d sespoir, toute la saga des Pitt d Anne Perry, il me reste d couvrir ses deux autres sagas J ai d cid de commencer par celle des fr res Reavley, qui non seulement est la plus courte, mais dont la p riode historique me pla t moins aussi, gardant le meilleur pour la fin Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire Juin 1914, les quatre fr res et soeurs Reavley apprennent subitement la mort de leurs par [...]

  14. Chris

    I liked this book right up until the end, which was extremely unsatisfying The story is a slow but interesting mystery that takes place at the same time, and appears to be connected to, the outbreak of World War I On the same day that Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo, John Reavley and his wife are killed in a car crash near their home in England Reavley was on his way to meet with his son Matthew, who works in British Intelligence, and deliver a letter that he believed would [...]

  15. Becky

    Two deaths a mother and father Their two sons will be searching for answers to their death in an auto mishap Then another a student.Then another a professor.And in between a couple .All deaths are connected and it is the job of the two sons to piece together everything.Don t choose this book because of the mystery Choose it because it s the mystery thread that the author uses to weave a dense and thorough story of the months jus immediately prior to the onset of WWI The book begins on the day of [...]

  16. Sarah

    I picked this up for the setting Cambridge pre WWI, how terribly British and period y and also because I thought I might finally go ahead and try something by Anne Perry, who I ve always put off reading even though all her stuff is terribly British and period y, so by all accounts I really should be into her I m suprised by how much I really liked this, I guess because I m not into mysteries at least I thought I wasn t which is what I guess you would call this The only negative I can say and I d [...]

  17. Diane

    Usually the most important factor in evaluating a book is good writing I like to record my favorite passages.This describes a method of opening an aged bottle of port that I had never heard before Matthew smiled It was obviously a ritual that mattered to Corcoran, and he was happy to observe as Corcoran led them to the kitchen, heated the tongs in the kitchen stove, then grasped the bottle with them, closing them around its neck Truscott handed him a goose feather and held out a dish of ice Corc [...]

  18. Jann

    An excellent book set in Cambridge and London in 1914 just prior to WWI It opens with Joseph, a teacher at Cambridge being told by his younger brother Matthew that their parents have been killed in a car accident They eventually view the scene of the crash and come to the conclusion that this was probably deliberately caused and therefore murder I can t say much else without spoiling it for anyone who wants to read it except that the two brothers and their younger sister follow up on what they [...]

  19. Shubha Sarma

    If you don t mind slow, meandering tales about human nature and its foibles, this could be a perfect book for you The book started with considerable promise, a double murder couched as an accident and a family in deep mourning, trying to come to terms with its loss as well as to unfold a dark secret From there, it was all downhill and a disappointment all the way.The author writes elegantly and her observations about society and human nature are terrific The cover was eye catching and the blurb [...]

  20. Jeanne

    Obviously I picked the wrong Anne Perry series to start on Many people listed this as comparable to the Charles Todd series but frankly I found none of the interesting characters or history here In trying to find out whodunit I was held hostage to tons of introspective moralizing with touches of elitist class viewpoint Considered going on to read the second book in this series just to see if it would grow on me But with the main character going off to join up as an army chaplain I don t think I [...]

  21. Gc

    Blech I ve been ambivalent about Anne Perry but thought I d try out the new series, carried along as I was by Downton Abbey fever Mistake.The characters suffer the worst problem of historical fiction They know too much These prescient characters are shallow and stereotyped and the stereotypes aren t even historically correct, and that takes all the fun out of the read.I know the author is setting up a whole new series and has to introduce lots of characters and plotlines, but the story dragged a [...]

  22. Anne

    I pushed myself to continue reading this mystery, despite it being fairly and repetitive and boring After 50% I put it down Not much mystery unravelling here, at least not as far as I read I never became interested in the characters, as I did with the Monk series, for instance Perry was primarily focused on the exaggerated expression of emotion of the detective and others Just not for me.

  23. James

    A mystery just before the days of the beginning of the War To End All Wars A look into the social life of Cambridge A peek into the Irish situation The disbelief that war could actually involve most of the European continent Got bogged down with too much of the main character s thought process but it was a good story Made me want to read The Guns of August 1962 by Barbara Tuchman.

  24. Doll

    I ve read other Anne Perry books and enjoyed them While the story of this one could have been interesting, I was bored with reading it The time period was good 1914 and the hint of espionage was good her writing was tooooooo long winded There is very little action and to heavy a concentration on how the characters felt Boring

  25. Judy

    What An Anne Perry book that doesn t take place in Victorian times I was a little skeptical I must admit but I really enjoyed this book and I m looking forward to this new series that takes place during World War I.

  26. Alisha

    Interesting thing about Anne Perry books is that most of her characters have a certain introspective, poetic profoundness to their speech, which takes away from the realism occasionally, but, on the bright side, it does provide some genuinely good use of language.

  27. Chris

    Elegant book and historical mystery about the beginnings of World War I I enjoyed the descriptions of Cambridge and almost felt as if I were there.

  28. Gina Mullen

    Not quite as good as her other books, but I still enjoyed reading it A good mystery book 3.5 stars would feel accurate.

  29. Sharyn

    I listened to the audio book, which was very well read This book was very different from her other Victorian mysteries, very philosophical, and so much a time and place, pre WWI England I have recently read The summer before the war which takes place in the same time frame People could not believe there would be a war, and as a reader knowing what was going to happen, it was quite heartbreaking In addition, this was a murder mystery, that in typical Perry fashion, was not solved until the last f [...]

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