Vera or the Nihilists (2020)

Vera or the Nihilists Oscar Wilde Vera or the Nihilists A melodramatic tragedy set in Russia Vera or the Nihilists is loosely based on the story of Vera Zasulich It was the first play that Wilde wrote It features Russian revolutionaries who seek to assas
  • Title: Vera or the Nihilists
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: 9781419192463
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
Vera or the Nihilists Oscar Wilde A melodramatic tragedy set in Russia, Vera, or the Nihilists is loosely based on the story of Vera Zasulich It was the first play that Wilde wrote It features Russian revolutionaries who seek to assassinate a reform minded Emperor Though Wilde s fictional Emperor differs from the actual Alexander, contemporary events in Russia as published in the British press of theA melodramatic tragedy set in Russia, Vera, or the Nihilists is loosely based on the story of Vera Zasulich It was the first play that Wilde wrote It features Russian revolutionaries who seek to assassinate a reform minded Emperor Though Wilde s fictional Emperor differs from the actual Alexander, contemporary events in Russia as published in the British press of the time clearly influenced Wilde.
Vera or the Nihilists Oscar Wilde

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    289 Oscar Wilde
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One thought on “Vera or the Nihilists

  1. Bettie☯

    Brother Willie Never mind, Oscar other great men have had their dramatic failures 1883 cartoon by Alfred Bryan after the failure of Oscar Wilde s play Vera or, The Nihilists in AmericaOpening Scene A Russian Inn Large door opening on snowy landscape at back of stage Peter Sabouroff and Michael.Peter warming his hands at a stove Has Vera not come back yet, Michael Mich No, Father Peter, not yet tis a good three miles to the post office, and she has to milk the cows besides, and that dun one is a [...]

  2. Vane J.

    3.5 out of 5 starsWho knew Oscar Wilde would write a tragedy This one involves war, conspiracies and loss The plot is set in 18th century Russia, and it revolves around a group the Nihilists trying to assassinate the Czar It had some comments that I couldn t help but think they were meant to deliver a message But of course, it s not a work by Oscar Wilde if it doesn t have witty comments So yes, this is a tragedy that gets satirical at points Truly recommended.

  3. إلهام مزيود

    1Debout, les damn s de la terreDebout, les for ats de la faimLa raison tonne en son crat reC est l ruption de la finDu pass faisons table raseFoules, esclaves, debout, deboutLe monde va changer de baseNous ne sommes rien, soyons tout C est la lutte finale Groupons nous, et demain L Internationale Sera le genre humain.

  4. Ana Rînceanu

    Though this plot makes little sense, I liked the cynical humour and plenty of witty epigrams If there were a little less melodrama I would have liked Oscar Wilde s first play .

  5. Alex

    A Fun Little Melodrama, Comedy, and RevolutionSet in 19th Century Russia, there is a smell of revolution in the air The Nihilists plot to assassinate the Czar, with top assassin Vera feared above all by the Empire But who can they trust Where do loyalties lie Who are the spies and double agents lurking amongst the palace and the Nihilists There are some nice little twists in the plot with echoes of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth I would classify the play as a tragicomedy The plot is quite simple a [...]

  6. leynes

    Oscar Wilde and Russia Two things I really love but throw them together and you get something that resembles neither, and thus, in the end, fell flat for me I love my little trash child, but I especially adore his pettiness when it comes to his society plays The way he makes fun of the London high society is just golden Vera, or The Nihilists 1880 , however, is quite the different play It is a melodramatic tragedy set in Russia and is loosely based on the life of Vera Zasulich, who was a 19th ce [...]

  7. Jim Dooley

    My assumption is that this was written because the writer believed passionately in the central point of the dangers of ideologies causing people to lose their humanity It is demonstrated in the Czar who is paralyzed by advisors who convince him of plotting by literally everyone to political groups who deny evidence because it goes against what they want to believe.The really curious aspect about this is that it was written by Oscar Wilde, and it is devoid of the wit and creativity usually found [...]

  8. Salam Almahi

    The revolutionThe brain washingThe slyness and conspiracyThe romanceThe feminismThe sacrificeThe oathThe bloodThe humanityIt was a new light to see Wilde under, yet he excelled A pleasant surprise The ending a genius.The play was very well structured Each act delivered exactly what it was supposed to, and all of them put together flowed beautifully You did it again, Oscar

  9. Shriya

    It s a tragedy that one of the best Wildean Tragedy, Vera, or the Nihilists , isn t a we known play at all We go about praising other plays by him and know that he can write comedies like The Importance of Being Earnest and social satires like A Woman of No Importance but Wilde is the last person a reader can associate with tragedies, which is a shame indeed because Vera, or the Nihilists happens to be one of the finest tragedies that I have ever come across In fact, in my opinion, it is even be [...]

  10. Mariam Abood

    I was really pleasantly surprised by this play Due to the themes of a girl trying to save Russia from a totalitarian government, you might be forgiven for mistaking this book as a dystopian But it is actually inspired by events from the past.I thought this play was actually incredibly ahead of its time considering this play involves a strong female protagonist that all the other male protagonists seem to fear But to be honest I didn t really expect anything less of the brilliant Mr Wilde I would [...]

  11. Sandi

    Wilde, I m glad you made the switch to comedy, because this tragedy is not one of your best works It s readable, but the ending is agonizingly inevitable, and for being an assassin at the center of the action, Vera s character is flat and predictable Some of Wilde s irony and wit lurks around corners here and there, but it s mostly from Prince Paul and the minor characters of the royal party, making those characters that we are meant to revile, the most entertaining to watch.

  12. T.J.

    Wilde s first play is almost universally panned.While nowhere near as accomplished as his masterworks like Earnest, there is a satisfying mix of clever comedy, prince or czarevich and the pauper plot, and melodrama.You want witty epigrams He s got witty epigrams When you are as old as I am, Prince, you will understand that there are few things easier than to live badly and to die well To make a good salad is to be a brilliant diplomatist the problem is so entirely the same in both cases To know [...]

  13. Amy

    There is no limit, it seems, to the tyranny of one man but there shall be a limit to the suffering of a whole people Experience, the name men give to their mistakes Indifference is the revenge the world takes on mediocrities If my nature had been made to suit your comprehension rather than my own requirements, I am afraid I would have made a very poor figure in the world To have friends, you know, one need only to be good natured but when a man has no enemy left there must be something mean abou [...]

  14. Torunn

    Vera was the first play I read by Oscar Wilde, and also the first play he wrote I loved it The story had me loosing my mind, and all the plottwists took me utterly by surprise He writes the dialogues in a rich, vivid and beautiful manner, which makes for a very emotional reading I strongly recommend it.

  15. Kailey

    This is the first book I have read by Oscar Wilde, and I have to say that it was fantastic Over the top dramatic and satirical.

  16. Neil

    Readable The poetry in the play are very good and overall story is exiting to read but if you have read classics than you can predict the ending in just Act III only.

  17. Sarah

    I never thought that an Oscar Wilde play could ever be disappointing to me in the slightest, but I actually did not enjoy this play as much as I thought that I would Vera, or the Nihilists is a play about a 19th century Russia dealing with a group opposed to the Czarist government, which apparently was a real problem at the time A woman named Vera is an assassin for this group because the goverment of the Czar was responsible for killing her brother Additionally, a man named Alexis is a member o [...]

  18. Megan Anderson

    A group of conspirators the nihilists in 19th century Russia plots to overthrow the throne and create a republic One of them, however, is Alexis, the czarovich, the heir to the throne, but who is also sympathetic to their cause The eponymous Vera is the shining star of the nihilists, and she and the czarovich have fallen for one another When one of the conspirators kills the czar and Alexis takes over, his own life is put in danger as the nihilists insist that any man who wears a crown must be k [...]

  19. Mai

    Not sure how to think about this one The writing is appreciable as always, but the content leaves me wondering whether real life would be better or worse had it turned out as it did in the play if what happened in the play would at all have a long lasting impact, that is As a victim of Communism, I find little sympathy for the nihilists approach, and it s hard to enjoy a story while finding massive faults with its characters and wishing for their demise With that said, I like the way Wilde chang [...]

  20. Marialyce

    Not my most favorite of the Wilde plays I have read as it deals with the political times of Russia in the nineteen hundreds What Wilde says is true though and offers the reader the ability to know that through all tyrannies there are people who refuse to be repressed no matter what the consequences will be Freedom comes with lots of bloodshed, heartbreak, and a willingness to give up one s life for an ideal Certainly, our forefathers here in America have ingrained that into the American spirit W [...]

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