Snowflakes on the Sea (2020)

Snowflakes on the Sea Linda Lael Miller Snowflakes on the Sea Christmas Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage But their love story is far from over It s a story they tell each other o
  • Title: Snowflakes on the Sea
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9781551664286
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Snowflakes on the Sea Linda Lael Miller Christmas 2014 Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage But their love story is far from over It s a story they tell each other often especially at Christmas Winter 1984 International singing sensation Nathan McKendrick had it all the looks, the talent, the charisma It s not surprising that half tChristmas 2014 Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage But their love story is far from over It s a story they tell each other often especially at Christmas Winter 1984 International singing sensation Nathan McKendrick had it all the looks, the talent, the charisma It s not surprising that half the world was infatuated with him No one so than his wife, Mallory The success of their marriage had always defied the odds and the rumors Then, suddenly, the bond between them was damaged, and Nathan and Mallory had to choose fight for the love they still shared or let circumstances destroy it In the end, there was only one choice They had to save their marriage And now, every year that goes by, every Christmas they spend together, reminds them that their love is everlasting
Snowflakes on the Sea Linda Lael Miller

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    394 Linda Lael Miller
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One thought on “Snowflakes on the Sea

  1. Dani C. (Paulette's Papers)

    I actually wasn t sure how I would feel about this book when I realized it was a reprint I am not a huge fan of reprinted books I used to see a book with a bright, shiny and pretty cover that I didn t recognize and of course I would buy it and bring it home only to be frustrated when I found a copy of it already on my shelf Thankfully I have the app so I could check and see if I already have the book before I buy it.Now I had not previously read Snowflakes on the Sea It was first published when [...]

  2. Jonel Boyko

    With this novel Miller doesn t look at the beginnings of a romance, but rather at a love that has stood the test of time She puts pen to paper with her usual, impeccably well written style and tells a great story That said, I almost felt as if Miller was trivializing certain aspects of this romance that I felt would have been important with emphasizing others that I found of little import Perhaps it is our differing views on events such as these that made it hard for me to completely immerse mys [...]

  3. Janet Robel

    A beautiful holiday romance There are plenty of ups and downs for this wedded couple as we follow Nathan and Mallory s story to present day.

  4. Clare O'Beara

    This is a romance and character study of two people living in Seattle The lady acts in a daytime drama and her husband is a musician the demands of their work mean that they have been separated at Christmas for the first time He was in Australia and reportedly had an enjoyable time The lady is worried that their marriage is in danger She then suffers a collapse from stress at work, and the husband rushes home but what does that prove Winter in Seattle is certainly bitter, but the story mainly ta [...]

  5. Debbie Lester

    Snowflakes on the Sea is a Christmas time reprint from Linda Lael Miller s backlist Readers looking for some vintage writing from an author they know and love will find this book enchanting This one isn t the typical Miller western romance, it involves two high profile people whose marriage is feeling the strain of their tough schedules and finite time for each other Ever wondered what it would be like to be married to a rock star It might be a little harder than you think What I liked I probabl [...]

  6. Shauni

    Originally reviewed for Tea and BookSnowflakes on the Sea is Linda Lael Miller at her romantic best For an author best known for her cowboy romance Ms Miller totally blows it out of the water on this one Instead of finding us falling in love with some hunky cowboy Ms Miller shares with us a romance that has lasted That has been through trials, tribulations and time Two people who have loved, almost lost and chose to remain together A beautiful story The theme song for this book has already been [...]

  7. Romancing the Book

    Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThis was so different from anything I ve ever read before by Miller, one of my favorite authors There were no ranchers, ranches, horses, cowboys or close families anywhere in sight and it left me wanting to go back to those stories she s written The book starts in the present day, Christmas 2014, and returns to it in the epilogue but the bulk of the story is told thirty years before When the book jumped from then [...]

  8. Estelle

    This is a re released book from the 80s with a new prologue and epilogue On one hand I liked the premise of this book because instead of having a couple fall in love for the first time, the couple featured has already been married for a few years and things are rocky.Unfortunately, the rest of the story could have used a little updating From pulsing pillar to the secret of her womanhood terminology used throughout and the back and forth issues between Nathan and Mallory I was not hooked I was to [...]

  9. Michele

    Actual Rating 3.5 Stars I know we ve got a long way to go before we get this marriage back on its feet, but please don t leave me Never in the six years she d been married to Nathan had she seen him reveal so much open vulnerability.Linda Lael Miller s reissue of this 1984 classic holiday romance is so chock full of drama and passion, you ll think you died and went to soap opera heaven as you read it.I really liked the idea of taking a tried and true story and putting a little bit of a new spin [...]

  10. Morpheus Reads

    Snowflakes on the Sea by Linda Lael Miller2 1 2 Low rating due to high angst Story of a married couple of 40 years looking back on their life Nathan McKendrick is a famous singer and his wife, Mallory, earned her own fame as a soap opera star before finding what she really wanted was to be a schoolteacher and mother The story replays the beginning of their marriage and all the fighting and whining they went through before figuring out what was important we aren t really told what that was, but I [...]

  11. Juliewheatcox.Net

    This was a couple who had no problems communicating in the bedroom and every other room in the house, but getting along and trusting each other was not working I found myself constantly wanting to recommend marriage counseling to them Mallory finally realized what the underlying problem was, but it took the whole book to get there It would have been nice to have of the story where they actually got along I also felt that in lieu of marriage counseling, a trip abroad to get away from negative in [...]

  12. Patricia Solla

    From the back of the book Nathan and Mallory McKendrick remember the troubles and triumphs they faced in the early days of their marriage But their love story is far from over It s a story they tell each other often.cially at Christmas I liked the story told in 1984, but wasn t really a Christmas story The most Christmassy thing was the Epilogue at the end of the book The trials and tribulations, as well as the lies and innuendoes of being famous, of their romance shows that love will prevail if [...]

  13. Lindsey

    This book was a bit of a roller coaster and while it isn t one of my favorite Linda Lael Miller books it was still a good one The whole story was so up and down at times it was confusing Mallory and Nathan would fight then be OK, then fight then be OK There wasn t much making up though, which was the confusing part Overall what I got out of this book was that the most important thing in a relationship is communication Without it too many things go unsaid and situations that would be understood w [...]

  14. Natalya

    Some details of daily life travelling to and fro an island were interesting and so was the hysterical PMS reminiscent way the heroine has acted towards the end, which made it real however, the way the supposedly ego maniac rock star acted like a washcloth pining for his wife was just not consistent with his Jagger style image he suddenly got a backbone in his final speech, but all the moping around for 300 pages if he was a real jerk like you see on E Celebrity, it would have made a better stor [...]

  15. Patty Champion

    Mallory and Nathan have a very rocky beginning, Nathan a big music star and Mallory an actress I loved this book, I stayed up all night reading it, Linda Lael Miller does a fantastic job of bringing her characters to life This book has it all, one minute you hate Nathan the next it s Mallory, I cried and I laughed, and at the end I celebrated with them when everything ended happily I would highly recommended this book to all my customer s.

  16. Livia

    This is a story I initially read when it first came out in 1984 It was updated this year to show the hero and heroine rock star Nathan McKendrick and his wife Mallory as grandparents awaiting their clan s visit for Christmas and reflecting on the earlier years when their marriage was in jeopardy due to two successful careers his as a famous singer, hers as a favorite star of daytime television They now have four adult children, all married with kids.

  17. Ann

    This is a nice Christmas story with a long married couple reminiscing about their courtship and the early years of their marriage Nathan and Mallory were both famous in their own area He a famous rock music star and she a soap opera star While waiting for their children and grandchildren on Christmas Eve they narrate their love story, the ups and downs the good and bad.

  18. Kame

    I was a little disappointed when I realized this was a reprint I was already familiar with the story However I did like the new updated parts.A story of two people who love each other totally fight to keep their marriage at Christmas.I love books by this author and will definitely read but newer titles.I received this from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review.

  19. Mum

    I am sick of whining characters who have the same fight four times in fifty pages with all issues failing to be resolved so they can have sex Ms Miller is a much better writer now I will no longer search for older novels The improvements are significantly better writing, character development and smoother transitions.

  20. Marcia

    Not one of my favorites from this author The initial diagnosis and symptoms for Mallory s illness at the beginning of the book was never revealed and those symptoms had nothing to do with her condition If nothing else, her doctor was incompetent, and her attitude did not exactly make her endearing to the reader.

  21. Laura

    Underneath it all was a good story, but it was overlaid by Mallory crying hysterically every five pages Every Five Pages Totally 80s in an I hate you, I love you, I hate you, let s have sex, I hate you, I don t trust you, I trust you, I hate you, I love you kind of way.

  22. Bookabulary

    I think this is one of my favorites by LLM There was enough high drama for me to get frustrated I don t think I have re read this book enough but I can distinctly remember being happy with how to story went when I first read it.

  23. Jodi

    Kind of fun to see how the author s writing has changed over the past 20 years There was way too much drama in the story line though It was one fight after another and I just felt annoyed with the main characters.

  24. sarah frances powers

    Great this book was riveting once again she draws you into the plot you know it s gonna get worse before it gets better the plot is so exciting you can t put it down you have to know what happens next would recommend to anyone.

  25. Stacey

    oh, it kills me to rate this book so, linda is my fave author, but this book just did not do it for me the last few pages were great, but all the stuff in between, the miscommunication, the insecurities, the fighting, was way overkill, makes me really sad.

  26. Karen Geurts

    This was a good story I liked how it started in future but went back to tall the story of the ups and downs of the marriage of Mallory Nathan I laughed I cried and I was pulling for them both to get it together Thank you Linda Lael Miller.

  27. Suzy

    fortunately, this was not my first book by Linda Lael Miller If it had been, it would probably be my last It is readable but no where near the excellence she usually produces.

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