Running Anatomy (2020)

Running Anatomy Joe Puleo Patrick Milroy Running Anatomy See what it takes to maximize running strength speed and endurance Running Anatomy will show you how to improve your performance by increasing muscular strength optimizing the efficiency of your ru
  • Title: Running Anatomy
  • Author: Joe Puleo Patrick Milroy
  • ISBN: 9780736082303
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
Running Anatomy Joe Puleo Patrick Milroy See what it takes to maximize running strength, speed, and endurance Running Anatomy will show you how to improve your performance by increasing muscular strength, optimizing the efficiency of your running motion, and minimizing your risk for injury.Running Anatomy features 50 of the most effective strength exercises for runners, each with clear, step by step descriptionsSee what it takes to maximize running strength, speed, and endurance Running Anatomy will show you how to improve your performance by increasing muscular strength, optimizing the efficiency of your running motion, and minimizing your risk for injury.Running Anatomy features 50 of the most effective strength exercises for runners, each with clear, step by step descriptions and full color anatomical illustrations highlighting the muscles in action But you ll find much than exercises you ll also see their results.Running Anatomy places you in the action, fundamentally linking each exercise to running performance You ll see how to strengthen muscles, reduce injury, and improve gait efficiency for faster times and fluid runs.Running Anatomy will prepare you for any challenge that comes your way You ll find exercises for varying terrains and speeds, from hill running to off road running and from sprints to marathons Plus you ll learn how to evaluate and rehabilitate the most common injuries that runners face, including lower back pain, knee aches and strains, and torn muscles and tendons.Whether you re a fitness runner looking to conquer hills with speed or strength or a competitive runner looking for that extra bit of performance and a finishing kick, Running Anatomy will ensure that you re ready to deliver your personal best.
Running Anatomy Joe Puleo Patrick Milroy

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    475 Joe Puleo Patrick Milroy
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One thought on “Running Anatomy

  1. Mark

    Running anatomy Your illustrated guide to running strength, speed, and endurance Joe Puleo and Dr Patrick Milroy Champaign, IL Human Kinetics, c2010Disclosure I got a copy of this book for free via the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.My qualifications to review this book Back in the day I was an Army Master Fitness Trainer and was also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM as a fitness trainer I have been an on again, off again distance runner for over 35 years.Review Si [...]

  2. Blake Fraina

    I was super excited to get this one I ve been a somewhat serious runner since 1994, running moderate distances anywhere from three to seven miles at a clip and have recently returned to a regular running schedule after a six month hiatus I figured a technical text would give me the edge to improve my speed and distances Unfortunately, this one is a bit too technical for my taste While it does include a lot of weight training routines designed to build the muscles needed for strength, speed and [...]

  3. KR

    The strengths of Running Anatomy are in its illustrations, not in its text The book is full of gorgeous, detailed, realistic diagrams of human anatomy that offer runners deeper insights into the biomechanics of the sport of running What Dorling Kindersley DK does for general illustrated references, the publisher Human Kinetics does for the human anatomy of sport return return While there are many types of runners, it is worth noting the book emphasizes return return The muscular system than oth [...]

  4. Carmen Albisteanu

    An anatomical approach on running The authors explain how training different muscle groups helps runners improve performance and prevent injuries They offer workout examples with great illustrations and details about proper techniqueprogression Weaker points If you ve been running and exercising for a while you might feel that you already know much of the information But how much of it do you really apply It s worthwhile remembering what you should consider in your training plan, the importance [...]

  5. Rebecca

    This is a great book for understanding the mechanics behind each step a runner takes What s even better, is this text contains detailed weight resistance training to benefit the specific muscle groups used by runners After an overview of the runner s body and the proper approach to any training program, the text divides the body into muscle groups upper torso, core, upper legs, lower legs, ankles, arms and shows many exercises that can be used to strengthen and condition those areas There are al [...]

  6. Raphael

    I m not qualified to judge the validity of the content, but to me it seemed alright Lots of great information, very nice and easy to understand drawings of the body There are definitely moments where it s all gibberish, but all in all the content is easy enough to digest.The highlight of the book is the different exercises it proposes It separates the exercises for different sections of the body upper torso, arms and shoulders, core, upper legs, lower legs and feet Each exercise has a blurb expl [...]

  7. Jen Potter

    There are many things I liked about this book drawings of the muscles, bones, and ligaments explanations of which muscles are used in the exercise and their importance for running discussion of common running injuries Since the book covers all types of running sprinting, endurance, trail , and not all exercises benefit each type of running, it would have been nice to have a chart or at least a few lists breaking down the exercises by type of running.

  8. Andreas Michaelides

    Hands on practical guide of how the body works and what muscles are utilised by running I found this book amazing and helped me understand the importance of the upper body muscles, learned how to strengthen those muscles and now I am injury free for a lot of time now.A must have and must read for anyone that runs either professionally or as a hobby.It is a life saver for me I always has it next to me when I am scheduling or creating my running training programs.

  9. Brian

    A good descent read on running workouts I really like the anatomy illustrations and breakdown for each exercise These exercises and illustrations aren t as good as those in the strength anatomy books, but it does have a specific focus for each exercise on training for sprint 5k or distance The evolution of the human runner was speculative hogwash.

  10. Electric-guitar

    Although I am not a runner I prefer to walk run style , I really enjoyed this style of writing Very clear and explained well The technical writing made Running Anatomy engaging to read.These exercises are not just for runners, they can be used by anyone to keep the body fit.I borrowed this book from the library, though I think I might just purchase my own copy

  11. J

    It re hashed the other anatomy book Artwork felt second rate compared to the others Not as detailed as others Didn t seem as thorough or as comprehensive as others Would have liked training program info More training tips and explanation Seemed to General and uninspired.

  12. May

    As a part of learning about running, I have been educating my mind on the muscles and how to think about them This was a good overview I wish they just had a book on each muscle grouping though There is just so much one can learn about physiology, I think.

  13. Roger Jimenez

    Excelente complemento para los corredores Claramente explica bases anat micas y fisiol gicas de las diferentes partes del cuerpo involucradas en en la actividad f sica de correr y los ejercicios complementarios para mejorar en t cnica, velocidad y resistencia.

  14. Cara Simmons

    I wish I would have read this book years ago Very straightforwad Great images and descriptions and workouts targeting specific muscles very important for runners All the info is right there in the pages of this book, all you have to do, is do it

  15. Cindy

    This book has some great exercises and stretching to help prevent injuries and make one a better runner But is written in very technical terms and not easy to read.

  16. Erin

    excellent go to resource good, detailed pictures and easy to understand but not dumbed down descriptions.

  17. Linda

    I got this from the library I don t think that I will buy it, but it would make a nice reference book for a home library.

  18. Victor

    short but interesting book about excises to work out and strenthgening muscles and other soft tissues involved in running, some stretching exercises as well

  19. Jamie Mathes

    As a pre physical therapy student and marathon runner triathlete, I found this book incredibly helpful for learning muscle anatomy and knowing which exercises I should be doing

  20. Jonathan Miller

    Enjoyed reading this book It gives alot of technique to a well balanced movement many overlook Great training guide and a valuable collection of information to absorb for future refeence.

  21. Danny T

    Great book to understand how your body works when you are running and how to be as efficient as possible, as well as avoid injury

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