Trespass (2020)

Trespass Fletcher Knebel Trespass Begins with lines from Carl Sandburg s poem The People Yes copyright as follows Get off this estate What for Because it s mine Where did you get it From my father Where did he get it From his f
  • Title: Trespass
  • Author: Fletcher Knebel
  • ISBN: 9780441823369
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Trespass Fletcher Knebel Begins with lines from Carl Sandburg s poem, The People, Yes copyright 1964 as follows Get off this estate What for Because it s mine Where did you get it From my father Where did he get it From his father And where did he get it He fought for it Well, I ll fight you for it.
Trespass Fletcher Knebel

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    Fletcher Knebel

One thought on “Trespass

  1. Alan LaPayover

    While quite dated, it was very interesting to read this book again in light of the last 50 or so years of race relations , etc in this country How far if have we come How do we relate to the characters on all sides and to the challenges that unrelenting racism still present to us today Is there a difference in the POV between those of us who lived through the early civil rights and black power movements and those who grew up in the years that followed Does this book have anything to offer us tod [...]

  2. Barb

    What an interesting story line, especially for someone from my generation with memories from the 1960 s However, what makes this story line interesting for me likely makes it outdated for others.Knebel incorporated lots of allegories and metaphors, so many, in fact, that I found some of them detracted from the story itself Nevertheless, I was curious how the book would end right up through the last chapter To me, that s a well constructed story.If you remember racial strife in the 1960 s and wan [...]

  3. Jeff Crosby

    I ve not read a lot of Knebel, and I can t pin down why I decided to try this one The book is too much a product of the 1960s Knebel was well known for writing timely thrillers that tapped into contemporary events This one just doesn t work.The first five chapters are an interminable home invasion story Then suddenly we snap to a murder in Manhattan and the exposure of a national plot by black militants Our original home invasion is just one of six The book picks up as the national leaders begin [...]

  4. Del B

    Toward the bottom of Knebel s writing Story is badly dated Story of a white family being held hostage by a black man.Read other Knebel before trying this one.

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