Victim: The Other Side of Murder (2020)

Victim: The Other Side of Murder Gary Kinder Victim The Other Side of Murder Now a classic of true crime Victim is a compelling and tragic look at how lives can be changed forever by a random act of violence During an armed robbery several hostages were brutally tortured sh
  • Title: Victim: The Other Side of Murder
  • Author: Gary Kinder
  • ISBN: 9780871137357
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
Victim: The Other Side of Murder Gary Kinder Now a classic of true crime, Victim is a compelling and tragic look at how lives can be changed forever by a random act of violence During an armed robbery, several hostages were brutally tortured, shot in the head, and left for dead Victim focuses on the members of one family including a mother who died after the attack and a son who was left barely alive as theyNow a classic of true crime, Victim is a compelling and tragic look at how lives can be changed forever by a random act of violence During an armed robbery, several hostages were brutally tortured, shot in the head, and left for dead Victim focuses on the members of one family including a mother who died after the attack and a son who was left barely alive as they fought for his survival and struggled to rebuild their lives Victim was the first book to go beyond the headlines and statistics about violent crime, to tell the victims dramatic story of love, loss and courage It remains one of the most influential books in the victims rights movement and has become required reading in criminology courses across the country It may be relevant now than ever Victim is Truman Capote s In Cold Blood turned inside out Newsweek Just as Capote did, Kinder has somehow created a story that is truer than true The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Victim: The Other Side of Murder Gary Kinder

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One thought on “Victim: The Other Side of Murder

  1. Paul Bryant

    The Hi Fi Murder case was written up as an orgy of torture and murder but I think if the distinction is worth making that rather it was psychopathic stupidity Here s what happened On 22 April 1974 five, maybe six US Air Force airmen decided to rob the Hi Fi Store in Ogden, Utah They waited till the shop was about to close at 6 pm, then two of them went inside and stuck up the two assistants Stanley Walker and Michelle Ansley They were bundled into the basement and tied up The gang then started l [...]

  2. Risa

    I first heard about the Hi Fi murders that occurred in my home town when William Andrews was executed at the Utah State prison in 1992 I vaguely remember hushed whisperings about it when I was younger, but not enough to pay attention I remember watching protesters on the news when Andrews was executed and asking my mother about it That s when she told me about happened at the Hi Fi shop on April 22, 1974 What she told me gave me nightmares for years to come.I won t bother going into the gory det [...]

  3. Lori Reed

    I won t rate this book because I was about nine years old when I read it I found a copy in a home where my mom and I were babysitting I cringe at the thought of my nine year old reading this.This is a true crime story based on the HiFi muders that occured in 1974 where a group of employees and family members of a home audio shop were held hostage and tortured The book goes into grim detail about the torture Maybe it s because I was so young when I read this, but this book haunts me to this day I [...]

  4. Janice

    Dear God,How can you be a part of creating Dale Pierre who forced people to drink Drano and then shot them in the head, and Orren Walker who was such a nice man and had to endure Pierre s torture I will never understand it My Mom and Dad were good friends with the Walker family I remember hearing all about the torture and murder in 1974 from the Walker family s perspective, but I did not hear as much about the Nasibitt family because I didn t know them The whole thing is so heartbreaking The boo [...]

  5. Andrea Simunovich

    So revealing This book gave a voice to a neglected faction of the true crime story, the Victim I read this book for the first time when it first came out, and was gripped by the story Now that a new epilogue has been added, even richerA must read for any fan of true crime fiction.

  6. Ana-Maria Bujor

    Some people compare this book to Capote s In cold blood as being a landmark of the true crime genre Although it does not have the same eeriness and masterful language like Capote s masterpiece, Victim is likely to stay with its reader.If you have problems with gory scenes and long descriptions of painful procedures and mental anguish, then maybe this book is not for you But this is not crime porn , but a highly intelligent and emotional book about powerful decisions when should you let a family [...]

  7. Tom Mueller

    This grisly crime became known as the Hi Fi Murders The multiple and ongoing physical and psychological traumas Duke has to endure is gut wrenching.The premise of this one is different from most true crime works I have read Written in the 3rd person omniscient from the psychological POV of the extended victim family of a murdered wife and grievously injured son The primary protagonists are the husband father and the son, who is comatose through most of Kinder s work The lasting affects on the fa [...]

  8. Becky

    The reason that I am giving this book a 5 star is not just because it is an extraordinary true story of the victims of a violent crime and the history of the aftermath that I think is well researched and written, but that if you can stomach it it makes you reconsider or contemplate your viewpoints on capital punishment and our legal system system of appeals Although it may do to get your blood boiling than any other thing in the recent past No disrespect to the family, but it also reminded me t [...]

  9. Paige

    Some people choose romance novels for their guilty pleasure reading, I choose true crime Thanks Mom This was a well organized novel about a very terrible multiple homicide in a small Utah town The story was incredibly detailed and well rendered Unfortunately, some of the gruesomest passages will likely stay with me forever My one complaint at times it seemed the author sacrificed objectivity to maintain the reader s empathy for the victims Without giving too much away, the author seemed to tipto [...]

  10. Drew Zagorski

    This was an excellent book I picked it up after reading Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, which I also really enjoyed As the title suggests this tells the story of a horrible crime, but from the victim s perspective If you re looking for chapters and chapters about the perpetrators you won t find it here, except in how their actions impacted lives of their victims The book s main focus is on one of the survivors and his family his mother was murdered in the incident , and his own struggle to su [...]

  11. Alyx

    I was required to read this book in my Victimology class while obtaining my BS in Criminology My professor had to give ample warning that this was not a book to read in public Meaning, don t take it to the nail salon while you get a pedicure, or to the park, or anywhere else for that matter She said the range of emotions that one can experience while reading this book are incredibly intense, and you may feel the need to yell, cry or gasp at any particular moment This is a true story and a large [...]

  12. Jeff

    1st Read February 1, 1991 February 7, 1991 Rating This was an amazing story It has stuck with me for many years.Three men were in the process of robbing a stereo equipment store and had been interrupted every few moments by another employee at the store This had eventually made the robbers take the eventual five people hostage, tied up, forced to drink Drano and then shot in the head One of the women in the story was raped, and three of the five had died as a result of their gruesome injuries Th [...]

  13. Bonnie Maier

    One word Unforgettable I read this book shortly after it was released and again with the author s update It s a heartbreaking account of the struggle for life by one survivor of a horrific crime Cortney Naisbitt Ultimately unable to completely recover from the affects of his wounds, Cortney died on June 4, 2002 It is a compelling account of the affect that one terrible crime had on so many people True crime has always facinated me, however this is one book that attempts to show the side of the v [...]

  14. Justine Fermán

    Mandatory for a Victimology class at St Edward s University I thought the book was very intriguing I had to keep reminding myself that this was a true story and the events that took place were real It explained the importance of how a victim of a homicide does not only involve the person who was in the tragical event, but also the victims include the people in the hospital treating the patient and most importantly the friends and family of the patient It also shows the different emotional impact [...]

  15. Erin

    This book freaked me out than any other true crime story ever has I read it when I was about 19, and it changed me It was the first time I ever really wondered about kinds of cruelty people are capable of The criminals didn t even know their victims It is truly a horrible story all the way around One of the victims was only 16, and he had just completed his first solo flight and had only gone through the store as a shortcut when the men decided to rob the store and torture these poor people If [...]

  16. Jim

    A decent account of a horrendous crime Most interesting part which is the bulk of the story concerns survival and remarkable recovery of one victim and credit must be given to all the caregivers Although it obviously was slanted to telling his story, and a bit of one of the perps, it would have been a much rounded effort had the other victims and their families been included They disappear in the telling The court coverage a bit weak Whoever compared the book to Capote, however, is sadly misin [...]

  17. Megan Waters

    This book was interesting because it brought attention to the victim of a horrible crime I couldn t believe the suffering that cortney had to endure I can understand his dad wanting to keep him alive, but cortney really suffered and I m not sure he wanted to live out his life with all the disabilities It made me think about our society and how we put attention on the criminals prisons, but what about the survivors I think the way in which people change is by developing empathy for one another Th [...]

  18. Amy

    I was 13 and living just north of Ogden when the HiFi murders occurred I had been in the HiFi store, although I never knew any of the people My mother was working as a nurse at the hospitals where Corey Naisbitt was treated and had him as one of her patients I had a hard time making myself read this book as the murders were a source of many of my nightmares But this was a good book about a horrible topic and well worth reading I recommend it to anyone who wants a realistic look at the consequenc [...]

  19. Andy

    Takes the True Crime genre out of the sleaze bin and raises it to the level of art This it does by focusing on the victim s story, and detailing, for what may well have been the first time ever, what a crime victim goes through both during and after the assault Also illustrates the behaviors and, arguably, the motivations of those who would have the perpetrators of abominable acts like these be treated with leniency.

  20. Michelle

    I find myself drawn to true crime books This is the most powerful book in that genre Any other true crime book focuses on the killer, and very little is said about the victims This book takes you into the crime scene described by a witness who experienced the entire crime first hand It also gives you a true perspective of the victim s terrible journey of survival and how the family coped and supported their family member through his years of recovery.

  21. Rachelle Wallace

    I have no idea how to rate a book like this Thank you to the family for telling their stories, thank you to Cort for being so incredibly resilient, and I am so sorry anyone ever had to go through this The 5 starts are for family strength, medical personnel, and all of the feelings this book has in between a it s covers Unbelievable Inconceivable I my heart absolutely goes out to the families who are on the other side of murder.

  22. Stacie

    While this is a rather unpleasant and upsetting book, it was also incredibly moving and gripping I knew nothing about this case before picking up the book so I was in suspense regarding how it was going to turn out I am impressed with the strength and hope the family was able to exhibit It s hard to want to recommend such an emotionally raw piece of literature but in the end I found that it was truly worth the journey.

  23. Jim Strozier

    I found this to be the most emotional book I ve ever read I cried during so many parts of the story, and this is not my nature Gary does such a good job of telling this story from such a different perspective that I found myself lost in the character s lives It is an old event, but I found the story very relevant today.

  24. Fishface

    This was a pretty wrenching read Discusses the aftereffects on the victims of the notorious Ogden Hi Fi Murders of 4 22 74 Focuses especially on the extreme suffering and brutally slow recovery process of a 16 year old survivor of the killings Goes somewhat into the very odd thinking of the man responsible for the crime, but never fails to hold him accountable for his acts.

  25. LauraLee

    This book details the experience of victims of the Hi Fi Murders in Ogden, Utah in 1974 This book is not for the faint at heart Very clear imagery is used.This book made me look at the legal system in a different way I realized that once again that once you are a victim of a crime it becomes a part of who you are on many levels.

  26. Nicole

    I read this because I remember overhearing bits and pieces of the story as a child One day, I learned it was an actual event that effected many people who I knew and grew up with It was very well written and kept me interested I cried during many parts Gave a look into the victims lives and not just the murders , like most books do.

  27. Ted

    Too much dialogue.Not enough description of the crime criminals themselvesO, the victim angle just makes it kind of boring How interesting is it to read about someone lingering in the hospital

  28. Shawna

    I think it s a credit to Kinder s writing that while I read this book years ago, I still remember Courtney Nesbitt s name but having to struggle to remember the name of the men who nearly killed him It was a horrific crime and this is a compelling book.

  29. Paul Doyle

    While this book was quite old when I read it, I did find it interesting I think Mr Kinder did a good job to tell the story without getting too preachy about his views on gun control No matter what your opinion there, the story is quite disturbing.

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