Mask Appeal (2020)

Mask Appeal Maya Gold Mask Appeal When Diana finds luxurious gown on the rack at Cinderella Cleaners she knows it would be perfect for the masquerade ball in town Too bad she s not allowed to attend the star studded event
  • Title: Mask Appeal
  • Author: Maya Gold
  • ISBN: 9780545129626
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
Mask Appeal Maya Gold When Diana finds luxurious gown on the rack at Cinderella Cleaners, she knows it would be perfect for the masquerade ball in town Too bad she s not allowed to attend the star studded event.
Mask Appeal Maya Gold

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    149 Maya Gold
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One thought on “Mask Appeal

  1. Sherina

    Fourth book among the Cinderella Cleaners series This time, Dianna s wish is to added the Masquerade Ball because 1 It s cool2 THE CAST OF ANGEL IS COMING But, problem is, what would she wear or if ever, she ll have something, how can she attend it if she s scary piano plays grroouunnddeedd And will the Dianna Will love team also came true How about Trick or treating Warning Read Alone Don t try reading with somebody else They might be deaf because of your LOUD SCREAM LOL.

  2. Naysa

    Cinderella cleaners is a mysterious book with an adventure If you love taking risks or close calls It s just the right book for you.

  3. Kirsten

    I really enjoyed reading this book I have read all of the others and I think this series is very cool It might be a little below my level but I would read these any day.

  4. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadTooDiana Donato is at it again In the fourth book of the CINDERELLA CLEANERS series, Diana gets the chance to go to a charity ball called Hunger Unmasked The masquerade theme fits beautifully for Diana, since someone has left a gorgeous dress at the cleaners so long that it has gone to the No Pickup rack.The ball will give her a chance to do what she likes best act, and it s Halloween Fortunately for Diana and her friend, Jess, Nelson has returned to th [...]

  5. Lizzie S.

    I ve just started this book and it if fantsatic I came upon this book by accident It s about a girl who s mother has passed away She has to live with her step mother, Fay, twin step sister, Ashley and Bryanna, and her dearest dad Her dad owns a dry cleaners named cinerella Cleaners Dianna, the main charecter, goes there after school with to help out the cleaners is loow on money and they may have to let go of one of Dianna s favorite workers Fay won t let dianna go to her halloween school ball W [...]

  6. Lizzie S.

    12 19 10 SPIOLER ALERT I finally finished this book which I started on October 31, the actual day of Halloween Dianna made it out of the ball without being caught and continued not to get caught when she went home Sadly, she was still grounded during Halloween She didn t get to go trick or treating Her friends did come to visit her though Will came along too Dianna s crush on famous actor Adam Kessler has transfered over to a complete and full crush on a boy in her school, Will Carson I can conn [...]

  7. Caroline

    Cinderella Cleaners is like about Cinderella ish, but mostly a teenage girls life I love this series and how it stirs up trouble, along with Diana s dad owning the cleaners while she works there Working at the cleaners gives Diana lot s of adventures to look forward to, and friends as well Whenever there is an event going on in her life or it would be nearby a person would always drop by a nice piece of clothing that Diana would find and wear It s funny how sometimes in these books she got groun [...]

  8. Emma Xoxo

    I LOVED this book My thoughts Diana is in a lot of trouble She took 2 garments from the No Pickup Rack, one she wasn t supposed to She flunked a French Test And she snuck out while she was grounded She s got some nerve When Diana sneaks in to the Hunger Unmasked Dance, she is overjoyed But at the end after running into her old crush Adam Kessler, she runs into the one and only Fay and Dad She hides out until she gets home Since she s grounded, she doesn t get to go trick or treating with her bes [...]

  9. Ashleea

    Just as the other three books in this series this book is a very good and interesting book to read The writing flows nicely and is easy to understand This book is a good book for teenagers because they can relate to it the most Even though most events don t happen in your life time it still adds the drama they can relate to I would recommend this book to kids in Fourth through Eighth grade This age group would be the best for them to relate to and understand the story Overall this book has very [...]

  10. Hannah C.

    February 22,2011I raed this whole book in about 3 days so it was very short But it was really good it is about a girl named Dianna and she wants to go to this masquerade ball And that wouldnt be a problem if she hadn t got in lots of trouble with her dad for taking something from his dry cleaning srore without asking Then her stepmother Fay grounds her on Halloween weekend so she can t go trick or treating and she cant go to the ball but she figures out a way to and she has many adventures while [...]

  11. Kyana

    this book is q wonderful book.Behind the counter at cinderella cleaners, Diana watches the clothes come and go.When Diana finds a gorgeous gown on the rack at Cinderella cleaners She knows the big ball is coming up soon Too bad she is not allowed to attend the event.But with the help with her helpful friends and a mask,Diana decides to sneak in trouble Will Diana be in trouble before the night is up YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT

  12. Shazzer

    I still enjoy Diana and her clever, be your own fairy godmother kind of ways, but her direct disobedience in this volume bothered me a tad It felt like a break in her character, a line she hadn t yet crossed From the looks of the next book, there are going to be some strings tightened and some comeuppence to be had, so at least there s that.

  13. Mila

    It was a good book Umm, it teaches when you make a mistake, you should learn from it That you shouldn t sneak out when you re grounded by your parents And if you do you come back quickly so it was kind of comical I m looking forward to read the 5th book I m liking the series.

  14. Zoha Akram

    Mask Appeal is a really interesting book It has a lot of suspense and it got me hooked on every time I picked it up I always got focused Dianna always had some way out of everything Her friends also helped her a lot That helped me learn the lesson that true friends will always be at your side.

  15. Julie

    I have enjoyed this series although Diana is very sneaky and if I had a teenager I wouldn t want her getting any ideas from her about sneaking around But, what s a girl to do when she has an EVIL stepmother

  16. Cecilia Sanchez

    The Cinderella series is amazing I remembering reading it back in the seventh grade thanks to my friend and the fourth book of the series is my favorite This series did not disappoint me

  17. Annie

    I love this series I wished my life was like Diana But Fay like come on give Diana a break And finally the couple I ve been waiting to be together is together YAY

  18. Katie Ruda

    This was a great book I read this book every year because it is so fun I will definitely read the rest of the series.

  19. Madeleine

    This book was just as good as all of cinderella cleaners books, filled with tons of funny detailes and parts.

  20. Katelyn

    I love the idea of a masquerade ball, and I am thinking about using the dress on the cover as a dream dress look for my prom dress later next year Both the book and dress were awesome.

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