Don't Look Now (2020)

Don't Look Now Linda Lael Miller Don t Look Now Resisting the advances of an ex lover with whom she is investigating the murder of her boss attorney Clare Westbrook learns that the man responsible for her sister s death is getting out of jail and
  • Title: Don't Look Now
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780671042530
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
Don't Look Now Linda Lael Miller Resisting the advances of an ex lover, with whom she is investigating the murder of her boss, attorney Clare Westbrook learns that the man responsible for her sister s death is getting out of jail and faces a deadly game of cat and mouse in the wake of several attempts on her life, in compelling tal
Don't Look Now Linda Lael Miller

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    487 Linda Lael Miller
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One thought on “Don't Look Now

  1. Connie

    This is 1 in Clare Westbrook series At first I didn t really care for this one as I felt it was a bit too sarcastic, but it seemed to settle down a bit after about the first 100 pages or so The store was very good, I just didn t care for the writing style Because it is the first in the series, possibly the next ones would not be so sarcastic I felt that Clare would do things that most people wouldn t have done just because she wanted to figure things out on her own As she was an attorney, I woul [...]

  2. Lynette Willerton

    Talk about a compiling read I could not stop turning the pages I had a feeling that Clare was right in believing that her sisters ex was the one who killed her but wow talk about a interesting and exciting ending

  3. Rhonda Soukup

    I ve never read this author before and she got right down to business in the first few pages I liked the combo of mystery suspense romance It was a little gory with not too much detail but the characters were likeable It always helps to have a hunk looking after you I didn t know it was part of a trilogy.

  4. Kris - My Novelesque Life

    3.5 STARS When hard working attorney Clare Westbrook learns that her ambulance chasing boss has been murdered, she s shocked but not exactly surprised Harvey Kredd was known for his less than ethical business dealings, and even his acts of generosity were tinged with greed Clare, working at Kredd and Associates to pay off the law school loan Harvey had granted her several years before, knows she s got no choice indentured servitude, twenty first century style.But Harvey s death doesn t let Clare [...]

  5. rjp316

    Very interesting trilogy I had not read anything by Linda Lael Miller in years maybe a decade or but picked up this book at the library since I recognized the author Was not what I was expecting at all but liked it last time I read Miller it was all about the romance Found it hard to read at first but then enjoyable that Miller wrote the books in the first person but past tense The story lines was a bit farfetched in that I am sure all these events could never happen to one person in their whol [...]

  6. Stacey Houllis

    This is a good book not use reading romance thrillers took a while to read It is about a lawyer Clare Westbrook who is raising her sister s daughter Emma after she was Murdered Emma s father is in jail for crimes he committed Clare thinks he murdered her The story starts six years after the murder When Emma dad is released from prison and wants to see his daughter and have visits with her and Clare is not happy with this Clare is working for a firm the deals with defending people However her tur [...]

  7. Mojca

    I m not a big fan of 1st person POV, but my enjoyment of the narrative style mostly depends on the author Some of them Kristan Higgins and Karen Marie Moning are among those few actually make me forget I m reading a book written in such a restrictive style and enjoy the ride Many don t succeed in that effort where I m concernedd some write a narrator as a emotionally cowardly bitch or worse , so even though I d want to, I cannot enjoy the ride.And LLM and this book was one of those.Yes, there we [...]

  8. Nolan

    Clare Westbrook got custody of her teenage niece shortly after Clare s sister was murdered As the book opens, the guy whom Clare thinks killed her sister is about to be released from prison, and he has been communicating with Clare s niece, his daughter, in chat rooms With his release from prison at hand, he naturally wants custody of the girl.As if that s not enough, Clare s boss and a colleague are both murdered, and local law enforcement seems to be spinning its wheels where solving the murde [...]

  9. Gina

    Not bad for the first in the series.I thought Clare was a strong, determined woman in a world ruled mostly by men, she holds her own, while raising her 13 year old niece Stubborn to a fault, she does what she needs to do, regardless if that puts herself in harms way.I liked how Miller wrote the character of Clare s niece She acted like a 13 year old would act, and I appreciated it.And Tony yeah, if I was single, I d be going for a man like that myself Tenacious, I loved the sarcasm, and the ange [...]

  10. Colleen

    Okay this one was a little odd for me It wasn t what I expected, but I did like it and I will continue to read the series The book is written in first person and has quite a bit of narration between dialogue, which I admit is not a favorite style of writing of mine There were times I found myself having to go back a page to see what a character said because there was so much narration between the dialogue of two characters that frustrated me I also thought the whole premise of the book was bit f [...]

  11. Jenn

    This was a very enjoyable book There are several happenings occurring at the same time which makes it interesting when trying to figure it out My only issue is that there is no description as per say of the main character, Clare We know she s tall and beautiful but is blonde, brunette, etc, eyes I like to visualize the characters and it was hard to do so for her All others were described sufficiently Clare has major independence issues She cannot seem to bring herself to let others take care of [...]

  12. Michael

    I am not sure what to say about this novel, besides the fact that I almost tossed it across the room I did not hate this book, but the lameness of the plot, and how poor the character development did not make things any easier The only thing I got out this book was good sex and Joss Michael s trying to solve a case, it lacked depth and substance It was like all the characters were irrelevant to the story, it just never grabbed my attention In the beginning, it sounded good with murder suspects b [...]

  13. Monique J.

    Enjoyable enough that I want to finish the series But I had mixed feelings about the heroine, Clare Westbrook On the one hand, she was fiesty, pugnacious, and sarcastically witty On the other hand, she was stubborn, foolhardy, and incapable of knowing or accepting when she was in over her head In this first book of a trilogy, there were at least 3 different people trying to kill Clare And that doesn t include her long suffering, on again, off again boyfriend Tony Sonterra And speaking of Tony, t [...]

  14. Barbara

    A page turner from beginning to endelligent, with seat of your pants twists and turns I kept sayingn t open the curtainn t go into the garagec The humor and the sexual tension between Clare and Det Sonterra was wonderfull the time she was in the middle of one murder after another.cluding almost hers a few times Clare was still trying to defend the biggest sleaze of the centuryd keep her teenage niece from her newly paroled fatherwho might be the reason this young girl is without a mother.Great b [...]

  15. Teresa Snyder

    I m a big LLM fan, but this was not a typical LLM book I m torn between like and dislike the first half of the book was odd, written in first person I could hear an old Spencer Tracy PI voice as I read the book The second half was better, until the end It just ENDED I would have been livid if I read this book when it first came out and had to wait a year for book two Clare got on my nerves I get that you clawed her way out of a bad childhood, but get over it already Tony was swoon worthy He clea [...]

  16. Donna

    Arizona defense attorney Clare Westbrook reluctantly defends bad guys because her boss put her through law school and she has a contract to pay him back However, he was just murdered As the murders continue, Clare seems to be the target She s raising her niece, having sex with a detective, and representing a scumbag who botches breast implant surgeries Who could possibly want her dead I found myself wanting to find out who was stalking her and who was doing all the killing and wondering if these [...]

  17. Tasha

    Clare s boss is killed and of course she is a person of interest having had very loud, public, words with him the day before Clare is also raising her niece because her sister, whom she believes is dead, is out of the picture and her brother in law is in prison, although not for murder and is soon to get out.In walks Tony, detective, and previous person of interest to Clare They get into the thick of things trying to figure out why people keep ending up getting killed and trying to keep Clare s [...]

  18. Wendy

    This book had an interesting twist to it It was written completely from the first person No explainations of other peoples feelings or perspective at all It took a little while to get used to, but in the end I liked it The story was very well written and exciting from beginning to end I have always loved LLM s books and this is another hit with me I like that the characters were flawed It was realistic for me You are totoally rooting for the relationshop to heat up and to go somewhere permanent [...]

  19. Betty

    I seldom read romances so I have read very few of this author s books I was desperated for something to read when I found this one It look all right so I tried it The characters drew me into the story at once Claire is an attorney working off her college debts She is drawn into her boss s murder by chance The twist and turns of the story keep my interest and when I finished I brought the other 2 books in the trilogy NEVER LOOK BACK and ONE LAST LOOK All 3 are 5 stars Very disappointed that their [...]

  20. Trish

    A good Evanovich type read alike Clare Westbrook is good at her job defending criminals, but vertainly has a lot of people who seem to want her dead Her main love interest is on again, off again, mostly because she s too proud to have it any other way And she has a 13 year old niece, Emma, to take care of A fast moving story, lots of good action of all kinds good read when you re home not feeling well

  21. Juliewheatcox.Net

    This story was long on suspense and danger, but short on romance Also, for a supposedly intelligent woman, Clare took a lot of stupid chances that put her life in danger when there were all kinds of people willing to help her out Her niece really had her number in that regard Getting herself killed would have permanently orphaned her niece, but she just kept taking stupid chances with her life Duh.

  22. Dawn ♥ romance

    I don t know why they called this a romantic suspense thriller it was a suspense thriller with some sex sporadically thrown in, there was no romance Attorney Clare works for a firm that paid for her law school then forced her to defend the guilty rich Old boyfriend Sonterra is a detective I struggled through half then skimmed last chapter.

  23. Lisa

    i ve read almost all the books by this author and loved all of them but this one i was never sure if i liked it or not Kind of went back and forth lol I think Clare was just a little too butt headed for me Loved Sonterra though Started the 2nd in this series and we ll see how i like that i guess.

  24. Kristen

    I picked this one up because Miller is SO popular and I thought maybe I should see if I was missing anything Well, maybe I picked up the wrong book, or maybe Miller just isn t for me, because I was bored with this one It was a bit like Nora Roberts romantic suspense is the best label for it but it lacked the 3 dimensional, likable characters that you can usually count on with Roberts.

  25. Asif

    When started to read, did not know it is a trilogy However, enjoyed the first one though it gets dragged in the end First half of the book is good Mid part is even better but last part is average She could have easily saved few pages had she kept that simple 3 star rating from my side.

  26. Jessica

    I m so glad this is a trilogy I found myself laughing and crying during parts, also agreeing with what Clare says, love her sarcastic personality I can t wait to see what comes of Clare Tony s relationship

  27. Evelyn

    Attorney Claire Westbrook must learn who murdered the partners of her law firm before she is next Heavy on the romance end and light on suspense A great beach read, but not for those who are looking for heart pounding suspense Recommended.

  28. E.v. Sage

    Chick lit meets action film aspirations, this book is fast paced with multiple dilemmas dogging the heroine simultaneously When not confused, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot lines, each and every one.

  29. karen

    Wow One of Linda Lael Miller s best books I did not think I would like it at first because it was not like the usual Western novels But I loved Clare a real survivor You go girl I also love Sonterra Can t wait to read the next 2 books Could nit put this down.

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