Guest House (2020)

Guest House Barbara K. Richardson Guest House On a summer afternoon Melba Burns witnesses a nightmare collision The unknown bicyclist dies in her arms ending Melba s desire for success at any cost She settles into her boxy old farmhouse trying
  • Title: Guest House
  • Author: Barbara K. Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780981957715
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
Guest House Barbara K. Richardson On a summer afternoon, Melba Burns witnesses a nightmare collision The unknown bicyclist dies in her arms, ending Melba s desire for success at any cost She settles into her boxy old farmhouse trying to find a simpler peace But Melba s stunning new roommate JoLee Garry only magnetizes messes and trouble she brings a series of unexpected guests who transform Melba s fruiOn a summer afternoon, Melba Burns witnesses a nightmare collision The unknown bicyclist dies in her arms, ending Melba s desire for success at any cost She settles into her boxy old farmhouse trying to find a simpler peace But Melba s stunning new roommate JoLee Garry only magnetizes messes and trouble she brings a series of unexpected guests who transform Melba s fruitful solo life into something different, darker, and better.
Guest House Barbara K. Richardson

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    168 Barbara K. Richardson
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One thought on “Guest House

  1. Lisa Jones

    One afternoon, Melba Burns a thick ankled, 53 year old realtor in Portland, Oregon who is the utterly likeable heroine of GUEST HOUSE witnesses the accidental death of a bicyclist She takes this event as a teleflorist delivery from God, writes her novelist Barbara K Richardson, who adds, She would make his death count However lonely and odd her stance, she held her ground like an old Doug Fir whose whole forest had been felled for subdivisions but just you wait a flood was coming and only the mu [...]

  2. Jennifer Defoy

    WOW This was a great book I truly didn t want it to end The writing was so easy to read, it just flowed beautifully The characters were all so well developed The story was quite a journey of highs and lows This story touches on almost all human emotions love, hate, betrayal, fear, jealousy, loneliness, power, and everything else When I say I didn t want the story to end I truly mean it I could have just kept right on reading about Melba, JoLee, Gene, Matt, Bill, and everyone else I became so att [...]

  3. Wendy Hines

    Melba Burns witnesses a terrible collision Big truck versus cyclists With eyes wide in horror, she scrambles from her volvo the downed cyclist and holds him in her arms as he takes his dying breath.Melba swears she won t drive another car again It kills people So, Melba takes to her old boxy house and only leaves when she has to Her volvo sits in the driveway like a lump of coal, cold.JoLee Garry loves having a good time and wants it all A good man, money and she uses her good looks as an asset [...]

  4. Stephanie Marshall Ward

    Melba is in her fifties, long divorced and estranged from her family of origin Raised by a harsh, joyless father, she rejected her Mormon faith when she came of age and left home She has enjoyed her hard won independence for over thirty years, and has become a tremendously successful real estate agent Her life changes when she witnesses a fatal accident She gives up her career and stops driving, launching into a simpler life.Then she takes in a boarder, gorgeous 28 year old JoLee Garry, a manipu [...]

  5. Laurel-Rain

    A series of events triggers a metamorphosis of untold dimensions when Melba Burns witnesses the hit and run death of a cyclist With the tragedy unfolding before her, she then sets in motion a whole parade of circumstances, beginning with her refusal to drive any longer She also quits her job and holes up in her old farmhouse Her uneasy peace is then disrupted by a new roommate, JoLee Garry, who introduces an odd assortment of guests into Melba s home.Before too much time passes, her life is thor [...]

  6. Cheryl

    Matt Garry and his parents JoLee Gene lived in a trailer park It is not the best of circumstances but they make do Besides they are kind of a broken family Matt never really got to know his father until about kindergarden He dad was always on the road JoLee works as a massage therapist It is at her job that she meets Melba Burns Melba is in need of a friend.It has only been a short while since the incident that changed Melba s life but she will never forget it She was driving home one day, when [...]

  7. Jennifer

    From my blogGuest House by Barbara Richardson is an extraordinary novel of strength and perseverance over extreme adversity Richardson has a way of writing that not only gives her characters life, but also makes the reader care for them even when they are at their worst except Bill McAllister, he does not even try to be likeable Richardson writes with a depth and breath of emotions, yet with just the right amount of humour to keep the novel from becoming crushingly sad One of my favourite lines [...]

  8. Lori L (She Treads Softly)

    Guest House is a beautifully written debut novel by Barbara K Richardson The title is taken from Rumi This being human is a guest house Every morning a new arrival I ll admit that I approached Guest House with a wee bit of trepidation I thought I would enjoy it from the description, but I was nervous it would be too chick lit for me Those worries were soon negated You know what Guest House is a really good book I m surprised I haven t read reviews raving about it This is the story of a woman re [...]

  9. Jamie

    I was asked if I would read and review this book a little while ago I can honestly say that this was a very interesting book to read Though in the beginning I had a little bit of a difficult time tracking the story, which lead to the rating it got It would start with Melba and then move on to another character and then another I got a little bit confusing after a little while But being the trooper that I am I carried on After the little character mistep the story really started to shape and form [...]

  10. Danielle

    As part of the First Reads giveaway, Guest House by Barbara Richardson is than meets the eye At first I thought hmmm holiday chick lit but it is so much than I ever imagined it would be It is thoughtful, heart wrenching and very descriptive It paints a very clear picture of time, place and most of all her very deep characters Filled with human flaws and fragility, Guest House takes you through every human emotion there is as her characters are themselves experiencing it You wanted to meet thes [...]

  11. Rachel Thompson

    I won this book through the First Reads program.After witnessing an accident that kills a bicycler, Melba gives up driving altogether and retreats to her farmhouse, hoping for peace, but she takes in a woman with nowhere else to go who comes with a whole set of problems Life changes for Melba when the woman s eleven year old son shows up, hoping to talk his mother into giving his dad another chance The boy s mother is both verbally and a little physically abusive, while his father is a drunk str [...]

  12. Theresa

    What an interesting book In the beginning, I had a hard time following where things were going The story started with Melba, then went to different characters, as I tried to see where things were going Then, the story took on shape, as the characters came together Looking back, the way the book started was really interesting It had held my interest I wanted to know where things were going to end up and why things were happening the way the were When they all came together, the book was quite har [...]

  13. Staci

    My Thoughts I enjoyed this book immensely I loved Melba and found her to be real She witnesses a horrible accident which changes her perception of life and the world around her She decides to quit her job, renovate an old house and get back to the simple things in life While doing so she meets JoLee Garry, her husband Gene, and their neglected son Matt I understood how Melba was sucked into helping JoLee, Gene, and Matt The adults are users of people, money, and substances I ve witnessed these t [...]

  14. Kristina

    In the beginning of the book we re introduced to the main players in the story, which are a diverse group coming from all walks of life To be honest, I couldn t figure out how these people were going to relate to each other I read on because I figured it would get to a point in which I d understand.I ll tell you this thoughwhen these characters lives ended up crossing I got it and the light bulb went off After that point I was taken in with the book This was a story that showed the way we can lo [...]

  15. Wyndy

    These characters were real life people without any sappiness Melba is a great character for Earth Day, a consumer who stops using a vehicle and doesn t sell it so no one else can use it either Of course her reason has little to do with the environment and to do with the shock of a vehicular death, but still, one really wonders if one could actually live without a vehicle in the West Her home becomes a guest house not because she wanted a guest house but because a friend needs help There is noth [...]

  16. Laura

    This was the first book I won on I really enjoyed reading this story The main character Melba Burns is a middle aged, divorced woman who witnesses a very harrowing accident which makes her afraid to drive her car She relies on public transportation, and in the mean time she befriends a young woman with troubles of her own Melba offers JoLee a place to stay and they begin a friendship JoLee has an 11 year old son that is sent to live with these two women when his father can no longer take care of [...]

  17. Bridget

    It only takes one powerful moment to change a person forever When Melba witnesses the death of a complete stranger, it is a pivotal moment in her life Now that she has realized the importance of life, she is calming down and ready for a peaceful existence Her roommate, JoLee, brings different people into their home and Melba is forced to make life changing decisions.I loved that this book is written from different perspectives Each character brought a little something new to the book You should [...]

  18. Angela

    You won t find your average guest staying in this house After Melba witnesses a collision that includes a cyclist, she decides it s time for a change She quits the rat race of success moves into an old farmhouse That is where her guests come in This is both a story about tragedy change It also tells of love, friendship strength A heartbreaking, touching story that will tug at your heart I enjoyed this book very much would definitely read another by Richardson I would recommend this book to anyon [...]

  19. Dan

    I received this book free from the author to review I liked this book a lot Everyone takes something away after reading a story and here is my take 1 Lasting relationships can be difficult to maintain, and2 Gardening clears the mind There s a line in Chapter 10 that meant something to me She said, If a woman doesn t want you, you re too easy to get I liked that line so much, that I put it on my Facebook page of course I credited the author I thank the author again for giving me the opportunity t [...]

  20. Debbie

    I received this book from Barbara Richardson to review I REALLY liked this book It took a minute to get me hooked As another said, was a little confused at first until I figured out the characters and who was who, etc Loved the relationship that developed with Melba and Matt Loved to hate JoLee But Karma came around and gave her what was coming I liked how Melba gave Matt what he needed in being that adult who cared, and how Matt helped Melba overcome her fears and seclusion Will definitely look [...]

  21. Morninglight Mama

    There are books that you just don t feel from the get go This was one of them I found the writing to be simple at times, and actually confusing at others The vast majority of the characters were quite despicable really no redeeming qualities whatsoever, which made them very one dimensional, and the two characters who were likable were so beat down by the events in the story that I was physically uncomfortable reading I was surprised by a very specific, often referenced disdain for the LDS church [...]

  22. Tamara

    I received Guest House by Barbara Richardson through the First Reads contest I enjoyed this book, however it took me awhile At the beginning I came very close to putting the book down, the story seemed to be all over the place and the main character was not someone I could connect with at all I am very glad that I gave the book a chance because in the end I did connect extremely well with the main character and it was a book that I really enjoyed.

  23. Kate L

    I really feel like the odd man out on this one, all reviews I ve come across on this book are absolutely glowing, but it just did not float my boatI feel like the author is a very talented writer The plot and dialogue all flowed quite well, but I didn t connect with the characters, so I was a little bummed on that frontTo see the complete review over at The Book Buff, click here thebookbuff 2010 Kate the Book Buff

  24. Mary Sivila

    This is kid of a coming of age novel but for a middle aged woman Her perspective on life changes after she witnesses an accident She feels like she could have done to save the man in the accident and daily thinks about how and why she does things There is also a religious bent to the story unexpected and didn t enhance the story for me i felt sad for the main character and her life post accident and divorce Not the uplifting book that I had thought it would b.

  25. Barb

    I really liked this book Melba experiences a life altering event and while I didn t agree with the way she embraced it, embrace it she did There s an innocence about her that is very endearing, and the story takes on a life of its own It was fast, easy read

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