The Twisted Sword (2020)

The Twisted Sword Winston Graham The Twisted Sword Alternate cover edition for The eleventh novel in the legendary Poldark saga Cornwall Demelza sees a horseman riding down the valley and senses disruption to the domestic contentment s
  • Title: The Twisted Sword
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
The Twisted Sword Winston Graham Alternate cover edition for 0330317490The eleventh novel in the legendary Poldark saga Cornwall, 1815 Demelza sees a horseman riding down the valley and senses disruption to the domestic contentment she has fought so hard to achieve For Ross has little option but to accept the summons and travel to Paris with his family, as an observer of the French armed forces PaAlternate cover edition for 0330317490The eleventh novel in the legendary Poldark saga Cornwall, 1815 Demelza sees a horseman riding down the valley and senses disruption to the domestic contentment she has fought so hard to achieve For Ross has little option but to accept the summons and travel to Paris with his family, as an observer of the French armed forces Parisian life begins well with an exhilarating round of balls and parties But the return of Napoleon brings separation, distrust and danger to the Poldarks and always for Demelza, there is the shadow of the secret she does not even share with Ross.
The Twisted Sword Winston Graham

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    371 Winston Graham
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One thought on “The Twisted Sword

  1. Suzanne

    In honor of the new BBC series based on Winston Graham s Poldark novels, I decided it was time to finish reading the series I thought I had finished it decades ago, only to find out that Graham managed two write two prior to his death in 2003 Lucky for me, because the 11th in the series, The Twisted Sword, was fabulous.The book opens in the year 1815, when Ross Poldark is sent to Paris by the English government, to observe the political situation there The family immerses themselves in the Pari [...]

  2. Mech

    Judas God I have never been so relieved that a major character has finally been bumped off Stephen Carrington Worst Boyfriend Husband Ever.

  3. Sara

    This volume, the eleventh in the series, is a sword that twists in your heart Set in the last days of Bonaparte s reign, it captures all the tension and fear that war can produce when it spills over into and affects the lives of so many people in so many countries On a personal level for Graham s characters, it highlights all the missteps that await everyone and can wreak havoc in a heart and a life.Graham continues to follow the second generation, but he does so without losing touch with the fi [...]

  4. Karen

    5 STARSDeliver my soul from the sword, My only life from the power of the dog.Somehow I should have known by the title For it seems that Winston Graham has a real knack for choosing them Here we have another heartbreaker in the series There is no way to describe the feelings I have about the turn of events in the story without giving away key events in the plot So I will leave that mystery for the reader You must know that this is Book 11 in a series of 12 books And I must stress that these book [...]

  5. Laura

    After have read a total of 4694 pages of the 11 of 12 books of the Poldark series, there are still 554 pages to be read with the final volume of this magnificent family saga.As in the final part of The Loving Cup, Ross Poldark and his family travel to Paris as an observer of the French armed forces As soon as Napoleon returns to Paris, a panic occurs and most people try to flee from the eminent danger.The destinies of Ross, Jeremy and Stephen will suffer a dramatic change during the Waterloo s b [...]

  6. Karen

    What an amazing part of the series so sad, so beautifully written Can t express the anguish this book put me through I can t believe that I only have 1 book to go to the end thank goodness they will all be sitting there waiting for me to read again next year That s when the new TV series starts with the seriously gorgeous Aidan Turner as Ross So on to Bella Poldark now

  7. Fiona

    More a rant than a review to be honest view spoiler The penultimate book in the 12 book series and the one that has broken my heart, torn it up into a thousand pieces and stamped the pieces into the ground.And then delighted me by giving Stephen Carrington a long and drawn out well deserved death What pisses me off mostly about him is Clowance Why was she so dumb The man was a born liar and she knew it from the start yet she still married him.She said that one does not choose who you fall in lov [...]

  8. Jamie Collins

    3.5 stars, I m still thoroughly enjoying this dramatic series This penultimate entry has Ross and Demelza imperiled in France during Napoleon s Hundred Days, and then it places all of the Poldark men Ross, Jeremy, and Geoffrey Charles at the Battle of Waterloo, and if you think everyone survives unscathed then this must be your first Poldark book The title is apt, as there is than one painful twist for this family to endure.I ve been yelling at Clowance not to marry him for three books now, and [...]

  9. Jeanette

    This is a continuation of the Poldark saga into the years circa 1814 1817 It s three or four verbose storylines All have some part of their context in the politico roles adopted by Ross and Demelza Their position as observers in Paris and within connection to the English government during the last Napoleonic years is the starting point Demelza is in her mid 40 s and Ross about 10 years older He becomes titled There may be some spoiler hints now, so read no further It s the crux of the book these [...]

  10. Sarah

    Some spoilers may abound This one was very good and I felt moved much quicker than some other ones I loved them being in Paris and even once R D became separated through no choice of their own , the story still moved well enough thanks to the side stories I for one was soooo happy to see Stephan go and I had a hunch about Jeremy as well It was very sad, but he was never my favorite character I have to admit I can t wait to see how this comes together onscreen though Another side story I looooved [...]

  11. Helena R-D

    This is the penultimate book in the series and it ended not with a bang, but a whimper It was a subdued ending, considering that two people died, one of which was the scion of the Poldarks and the other, the daughter s shady ass husband At least there s a bit of hope at the end, when Jeremy s daughter is born George is hilarious in the fact that as ill intentioned in social dealings and lucky in business as he is, he doesn t seem to be able to really get ahead in the game He marries a debt ridde [...]

  12. Ellen

    I can t really explain why I love this series so much I just feel like these people are members of my family or something and I just have to find out their story This book was every bit as good as the others There are some detailed descriptions of battles, particularly Waterloo, and there are some truly heartbreaking moments I m not sure if I cried at any point in the other books but I definitely did with this one Only one book left in the series I m excited to finish, partly because I really f [...]

  13. Vivian

    A lot happens in this volume which was intended to be the final book of the Poldark epic when it came out in 1990 A full thirteen years later the author penned a post script volume which came out in 2003, the year he died This volume is primarily an account of Napoleon s reprise and its repercussions to the Poldark family There is at least one character who was satisfactorily, if not a bit hastily but couldn t have been soon enough for me written out of the script.

  14. C.J. Hill

    There are a lot of life experiences in this one and the Poldark family is challenged several times as well as enjoying some happiness, too Great characters and believable situations again.

  15. Lindsey

    I love how cold the first big death is and then he died It was a necessary loss The second big death was a long time coming now the one left behind can actually marry someone worthy Sad there s only one book left in the series

  16. Mary Jo Malo

    This series of Poldark novels is not fiction strictly for women Graham writes as easily about matters of the heart from both men s and women s perspectives as he does about mining, steam engines, class, nature, shipping, history, politics and war I protested and wept aloud with this penultimate volume and think I may regret having relished these novels so closely together.

  17. Stina

    I have been thoroughly enjoying the Poldark series, though admittedly I enjoyed the earlier books up till the end of Book 7 the most I think when Book 8 began and jumped some 11 years, it kind of felt as if we missed something and it lost it s momentum That s not to say that the ride has still been enjoyable it has It just took some time to find that momentum again since everything had changed in 11 years between the end of Book 7 and the beginning of Book 8 And while there has always been an el [...]

  18. CynthiaScott

    A very dramatic addition to the Poldark saga Much of the story takes place in France where three Poldark men are involved in the second war with Napoleon and their wives and young children are in Europe as well Very good and graphic description of the fighting and the strategy of the battle of Waterloo.Meanwhile adventures on the high seas with Stephen Carrington.And back in Cornwall, a lot of drama from the recent flurry of new marriages, joys, and tragedies And old George Warleggen continues t [...]

  19. Helen White

    It s a big book a lot happens Avoiding spoilers Napoleon is a bit of an arse, Ross and Demelza should never go abroad as it only leads to trouble, babies are born and people die The penultimate book in the series and it s a good one.

  20. Amanda

    This book confirmed my earlier suspicions about why I like this series so much I am all about the setting Fictional Regency Cornwall is just lovely As soon as the action moves to London, I start getting sleepy Ross s political discussions are usually the dullest parts of their respective books and when I realized that this book was going to spend a significant amount of time in France sorry, I was out And then, before everyone could get home safely I mean, Ross was busy breaking out of captivity [...]

  21. Elizabeth Elwood

    Having seen the original Poldark series when it first came on television, I am surprised that I never got around to reading the Poldark books, especially as I have read and enjoyed many other Winston Graham novels However, last summer I rectified the omission and waded my way through the lengthy series I have to say that I loved the books and enjoyed them even than the TV series They are a fast and absorbing read, packed with exciting incidents and dramatic character conflicts, yet with an easy [...]

  22. HBalikov

    Not familiar with this twelve volume series written over 50 years by Winston Graham No need to feel daunted by the 10,000 pages of this saga You can plop yourself in front of the telly for the BBC production But this is , and this is a review of The Twisted Sword.It has been decades since Ross Poldark returned from America where he was a redcoat trying to stop the revolution of the American colonies In his native Cornwall, his return marks the start of the upswing in his family s fortune His ene [...]

  23. Maggie

    The stage coach robbery is in the past although George now has a strong idea who is to blame and lays a trap Demelza also suspects why Jeremy is so changed and has decided to go off to war in France Clowance is now Stephens wife and they are building up a shipping business with the help of George who is only doing it to help his own ends Jeremy talks Cuby into eloping with him and going to Brussels where they are happily wed Napolean returns to France from Elba and war starts again Both Jeremy a [...]

  24. Susan Hug

    I feel like I ve had a long love affair with Winston Graham s characters in the Poldark series I read the first 10 novels in quick succession then, feeling mourning encroaching as time with the Poldards was ending, I delayed reading The Twisted Sword So 11 months later I finally read the last page, and sadly understood the title s name Yes, there s plenty of battle action in the closing fight of the Napoleanic wars, but the twisting sword was not reserved for only the written characters Graham b [...]

  25. Shannon

    This book needed to end following the the depiction of the battle of Waterloo Instead, it wallows on for an additional 200 pages of melodramatic soap opera As has happened at times previously in this series, too much happens too quickly straining belief, even allowing for literary license I found it to be especially glaring in the aftermath of the watershed battle However, at least the author does balance the death of the most fully realized character of the series and my personal favorite, with [...]

  26. D.j. Lang

    This is 11 of a 12 book series and I m already preparing to feel a little sad that these characters will no longer be in my life I borrowed the books, and I think I shall have to buy the set The Twisted Sword could easily be characterized as historical fiction, yet the romance is still alive and well actually I won t spoil anything, but have your handkerchiefs at hand By this time in Graham s writing life 1990 with the number of books behind him, he has learned to write with an eloquence at time [...]

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