Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story (2020)

Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story David A.Johnson Snow Sounds An Onomatopoeic Story Sweep crunch swoosh scrape All night long snow falls silently bringing forth a world blanketed in white and a very noisy day For at dawn s light machine man and child begin to dig out first th
  • Title: Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story
  • Author: David A.Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780618473106
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story David A.Johnson Sweep, crunch, swoosh, scrape All night long, snow falls silently, bringing forth a world blanketed in white and a very noisy day.For at dawn s light, machine, man, and child begin to dig out first the big highway grader and snowplow, then the smaller town plow, a father s snow blower, and a boy s shovel But will the streets get cleared in time Spare poetry anSweep, crunch, swoosh, scrape All night long, snow falls silently, bringing forth a world blanketed in white and a very noisy day.For at dawn s light, machine, man, and child begin to dig out first the big highway grader and snowplow, then the smaller town plow, a father s snow blower, and a boy s shovel But will the streets get cleared in time Spare poetry and elegant watercolor paintings cleverly bring to life this unique story of snow removal and the fun onomatopoeic sounds accompanying it.
Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story David A.Johnson

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    494 David A.Johnson
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One thought on “Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story

  1. carrietracy

    I was totally sucked in by the cover of this book The illustrations do an amazing job of conveying that feeling you get during a blizzard of being wrapped up in a soft haze Plus, who doesn t love onomatopoeia I grabbed it off the shelf right before we went into story time Then right before nap, I flipped through it And promptly decided not to read it to the baby, not yet anyway.As I said, the book is beautiful The first few pages show a boy awaking to a snowstorm Each page is punctuated only by [...]

  2. Vivian

    The children attending library story time enjoyed making the sounds portrayed in this book.Snow is very quiet so we all said Hush with a finger lifted to our lips.Along comes a snow plow so we made pushing motions with our arms while saying Swoosh When the snow plow truck backs up it makes a beeping sound so we opened and shut our hands while repeating Beep, beep, beep Snowblowers are very noisy so we held our hands as if we were holding the handles of the blower and made a motory blowy sound, W [...]

  3. Kate

    This will work better one on one than with a group The telling of the story through sounds is done well but unfortunately the artwork, while nice, would not work for a group as it s too difficult to see images from further away I had difficulty distinguishing everything when holding the book For example, it s very easy to miss the calendar at the beginning that shows it s Dec 23 or the headlights of the snowplow on the following page Also, I m confused as to why the mother would give her child a [...]

  4. Laurie

    Booklist September 1, 2006 Vol 103, No 1 Every word is a sound in illustrator Johnson s authorial debut, and the pictures tell the story In his signature style of frosted, crystalline textures and muted tones, Johnson s art shows a young boy waking on a snowy morning and preparing for school, while snow is being cleared away outside The fun comes from the onomatopoeic text the snore and purr of the cozy first image, showing the sleeping boy and his cat, to the jingly clink vroom of the closing s [...]

  5. Seema Rao

    Tells the story of a snowy day through sounds and realistic illustrations pencil and watercolor The images have interesting vantage points like birds eye or from below creating curious perspective.

  6. Erica Lynn Chaney

    Snow Sounds An Onomatopoeic Story by David A Johnson is a picture book intended for children ages 4 8, in preschool through second grade Two days before Christmas, a young boy and his family find themselves in the midst of a snowstorm Between plowing the roads and shoveling the walk, readers are taken on a journey of the ear, matching sounds to actions in the early morning hours of freshly fallen snow Nearly wordless, the author uses onomatopoeia, a technique that imitates the sounds of objects [...]

  7. Gracie

    This book has very neat illustration that go along with the story of the book It only contains onomatopoeia sounds to tell the story I would use this book in a kindergarten or first grade classroom because it would not keep the interest of older readers The activity I would use with this book is to have them make their own stories with pictures and the descriptive words that describe their pictures.

  8. Sunhi

    I picked up this book from the library due to my son s overwhelming love of snow I grabbed it, flipped through it, saw it had very few words, and decided it was good for our reading time On a side note, I absolutely hate when I don t do this and I get a book with wordy paragraphs that my son cannot handle yet He wants to read the book, so he won t let me stop reading, but he climbs all over me because he finds wordy paragraphs boring When I got home and read it to him, I was a little surprised b [...]

  9. Moriah Keen

    This is a good book to read around Christmas time It would be good for pre k and kindergartners When learning about onomatopoeia this would also be a good book for older elementary school kids.

  10. David

    Snow Sounds An Onomatopoeic Story by David A Johnson show a young boy, eager to reach a holiday party, listening to the sounds of shovels, snowplow and other equipment used to clear his way.Johnson s illustrations were created using ink and watercolor on paper The misty, murky look of a snowstorm and a dark winter day are captured well My favorite images are hush, smoosh, crash, beep, whoosh, and scrape Johnson uses about thirty words including inside sounds like yawn, flush and glug, plus outsi [...]

  11. Zach Larson

    Snow Sounds by David Johnson is a picture book that teaches the different sounds that various creates and inanimate objects make It introduces vocabulary words pertaining to those different sounds, such as crinkle, snore, hush, swoosh, crash, meow and so on All these sounds are onomatopoeic, in that they make the same sound that the word makes The only text in the book are such sounds corresponding to the illustrations Therefore, the narrative of the story is told primarily through the images Th [...]

  12. Alaina

    Although this book is considered wordless, it does have a few choice onomatopoeias spread throughout This picture book tells the story of a young boy waking up on a snowy day, and all of the sounds that can be experienced as the streets are cleared for school The illustrations of this book give the illusion of tiny snowflakes covering every inch of the page The lines are blurred and you can almost feel the cold if you have experienced it I particularly enjoy that it is wordless as that peaceful [...]

  13. Kiri

    The snow has fallen all night and has covered the streets and houses with a soft powdery snow The story follows a young boy that is experiencing a very noisy day It s a very good picture book to read aloud to children and give them multiple examples of the narrative device onomatopoeia.The author uses a variety of words such as swoosh, slush, smoosh, bump, shuffle and flush However, there is no narration and only one word of dialogue in the whole book This could provide children a chance to crea [...]

  14. Karen

    My five year old son picked this book out from the library today He is fascinated by snow, which would be great if we lived two states to the north But we live in SC and seldom see a snowflake I picked this book up because of the phrase an onomatopoeic story Who doesn t love onomatopoeia Now surprisingly, the story is made up of a very few words, but what wonderful words they are The illustrations were good, even very good for the most part Except for the people The people were lacking in both c [...]

  15. June

    A picture story of a boy waking up one snowy morning and the sounds of his morning and the snow removal The toddlers seemed to enjoy the sounds 1 22 13Used for a Saturday, winter Reading Time, with younger children 2 15 14Used in PJ Story Time 1 26 15This was a huge hit in Story Time My day care class really got into making the sounds 1 27 15Used in Lap Time for the sounds, but it wasn t as successful Maybe not a 3rd story pick

  16. Laura

    I think my favorite aspect of this book was the illustrations I could almost taste the crisp, cold air and hear the sound of snow being crunched as someone walked on it The way it was written was really innovative I would recommend this book, especially if you love winter weather Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2009

  17. Laura Sims

    This is a book filled with poetry using onomatopoeia What I love about this book is it reminds me of the winter days when I lived in South Dakota You don t have to look out the window to know what is happening I love the juxtaposition of the silently falling snow and the noise of the activity to clear the snow away in time for the school bus to arrive in time to take the little boy off to school What a fun book to stir the imagination.

  18. Kathy

    Snow Sounds is an onomatopoeic story with beautiful illustrations It begins with the indoor sounds late at night snore, crinkle, yawn moving into the outdoor sounds of winter swoosh, slush, smoosh This would be a great book to introduce onomatopoeia poetry A fun activity might include improv Have the students get up in front of the class and demonstrate an onomatopoeia the word zip could be acted out by zipping your pants.

  19. Matthew

    This is story is told almost exclusively using onomatopoeia and for that reason alone it is impressive But the illustrations add to it creating a general cold, murky atmosphere for every blast of sound to shatter Nicely done I wish the child hadn t shouted for the bus to wait and shatter the perfect text, but things happen I suppose.

  20. Luann

    Except for one word, the story is told entirely in onomatopoeic words Nice snowy pictures Pair withSnow Music by Lynne Rae Perkins for a snow themed lesson about onomatopoeia.

  21. RachelAnne

    Every part of this book is incredibly evocative of a snowy day, from the quality of the light in illustrations with slightly fuzzy focus of objects seen through the snow, to the onomatopoeic sussuration of cars on slushy roads This is a quiet, contemplative portrait, but it is beautiful.

  22. Erin

    Excellent snow story told completely with sounds Events are shown inside and outside starting early one morning after a big snowfall You hear the snow plow, breakfast sounds, shoveling, the school bus, and .Great for preschool storytimes.

  23. Library

    Beautiful illustrations depict the story being told through onomatopoeia The story will not be a page turner however teachers will no doubt find this book useful in explaining the connection between the sound and the action of onomatopoeia through the text s many examples.

  24. Suse

    Growing up in a rural area, snow storms are a vivid part of my childhood memories This book captured the feeling, the light and the sounds of those memories.

  25. Maria Caplin

    Loved this book for many reasons First the writing, second the fun with words and lastly a great book to use as a modelfor writing a class book.

  26. Stephanie Watson

    This book is great for young readers It goes through the various sounds snow may make This is a great winter time book.

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