Reasonable People (2020)

Reasonable People Ralph James Savarese Reasonable People Why would someone adopt a badly abused nonspeaking six year old from foster care So the author was asked at the outset of his adoption as a first resort adventure Part love story part political man
  • Title: Reasonable People
  • Author: Ralph James Savarese
  • ISBN: 9781590511299
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
Reasonable People Ralph James Savarese Why would someone adopt a badly abused, nonspeaking, six year old from foster care So the author was asked at the outset of his adoption as a first resort adventure Part love story, part political manifesto about living with conviction in a cynical time, the memoir traces the development of DJ, a boy written off as profoundly retarded and now, six years later, earnin Why would someone adopt a badly abused, nonspeaking, six year old from foster care So the author was asked at the outset of his adoption as a first resort adventure Part love story, part political manifesto about living with conviction in a cynical time, the memoir traces the development of DJ, a boy written off as profoundly retarded and now, six years later, earning all A s at a regular school Neither a typical saga of autism nor simply a challenge to expert opinion, Reasonable People illuminates the belated emergence of a self in language And it does so using DJ s own words, expressed through the once discredited but now resurgent technique of facilitated communication In this emotional page turner, DJ reconnects with the sister from whom he was separated, begins to type independently, and explores his experience of disability, poverty, abandonment, and sexual abuse Try to remember my life, he says on his talking computer, and remember he does in the most extraordinarily perceptive and lyrical way.Asking difficult questions about the nature of family, the demise of social obligation, and the meaning of neurological difference, Savarese argues for a reasonable commitment to human possibility and caring.
Reasonable People Ralph James Savarese

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    325 Ralph James Savarese
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One thought on “Reasonable People

  1. Jessica

    This was a pretty hard book to read I knew it wouldn t be all happiness and light since it s about a couple who adopts an autistic child when he s 6 years old At the time of the adoption DJ had been in foster care for about 3 or 4 years and was completely non verbal and still wearing diapers After he s adopted by this couple they have him potty trained in a few weeks and soon he learns to read and is going to regular classes in elementary school But, when he learns how to read, he can then commu [...]

  2. Jess Hodgman Hesselberg

    This is a book about the first person I ever worked with who had autism It is written by DJ s adoptive father and I am honored in the back of the book Very special to me, but also a great emotionally driven resource for parents and families who are affected by autism and other childhood lifespan differences.Be prepared for a heart wrenching story of a boy who was abused for years in foster care before being adopted by the Savareses They are truly remarkable people and parents.

  3. Laura

    This was quite an interesting and educational read I found it difficult to read at times I bought it assuming it was just a memoir but it s also a bit of a text book so I didn t look forward to reading it often I have a son with a mild form of autism and the plot intrigued me I just had to soldier on and read it The final chapter written by DJ was amazing This shows how important the proper education is for ALL children, especially those with special needs I d love to hear about the progress ma [...]

  4. Erika Worley

    This is an interesting case for me because I grew up around the people who wrote this book and who the book is about It was very eye opening because it revealed so much that I didn t know about my friend and classmate DJ I knew that he had been adopted, but it never really occurred to me that he might have gone through foster care or survived abuse of various kinds Currently he s traveling around the country for screenings of the documentary Deej that was shot partly in high school and partly in [...]

  5. Mary

    Ralph Savarese is passionate He starts his introduction in a hard hitting way, addressing a controversy that I knew nothing about He has a lot of opinions, shall I say, judgements about people Especially his dad And certain autism experts I think he wanted this memoir to show the good, the bad and the ugly He didn t want himself to be portrayed as perfect.But this is his son s story and Savarese tells it well The almost unbelievable story of a non speaking autistic boy who went into foster care [...]

  6. Iamshadow

    Even if you never read any other in depth book about facilitated augmentative communication, adoption, disability rights, autism activism, or autism disability in society, you should read this one was an abused, non verbal, severely autistic foster kid when the Savareses started working with him, teaching him basic sign and providing an environment of unconditional love and trust Their journey to help DJ heal, communicate and become a member of their family is a long, complicated one, and will c [...]

  7. Eclarep

    Haven t read it yet but the author is a professor at Grinnell College, where I got my bachelor s degree.

  8. Alyson Bardsley

    For me, the final chapter, by DJ, is the most important This is not an easy, cheery book it s frank to a fault but I found it engrossing and moving.

  9. Shana

    This book touches on a lot of very important and interesting issues, however I had some trouble with the execution First for the positive As a social worker who has worked in the field of child welfare for many years and has also worked with families of kids with autism and cognitive disabilities, I thought this book covered a lot of important ground The author and his wife did an amazing thing by adopting DJ out of foster care and in the process, they not only gave him a home, they gave him a l [...]

  10. Jill

    Savarese explores so many diverse topics in this book It s not just about his family s experience with autism and all that goes with that special education programs in school, facilitated communication, frustration with and yet absolute love of DJ, what autism is and what it means to be autistic any one of which could fill an entire book Yet he also explores our social service system for the poor, our health care system, our foster care system, what it means to be a family, and grief And surpris [...]

  11. Cassandra

    I can t decide if this book should be rated a three star or a four star read.1 It was REALLY hard to read The topic was heartbreaking and I couldn t read than a chapter or two in one sitting or else I would get depressed for the rest of the day Tragic, tragic story of what can happen to a child in foster care who is both nonverbal and autistic.2 It was also hard to read because it was than a memoir It was also a political and social commentary and I didn t feel well enough versed in politics t [...]

  12. Renee

    This memoir tells the story of the author and his wife adopting an autistic, abused, non speaking boy from foster care The challenges of adoption, the foster care system, disability and the debate for inclusion, and the author s own family crises are all included and covered with intelligence and kindness The introduction starts off with a defensive attitude than the rest of the book defending the method of communication typing with varying levels of assistance that the boy learns to use , as i [...]

  13. Anna

    I really appreciated the way this book ably and sensitively led me to think about pretty basic things in pretty fundamentally new ways I appreciated a lot of other things about it, too, and even came around to appreciate Ralph Savarese s frequent use of sometimes strange, actually funny but stated seriously metaphors I do wish I hadn t made reading this book into a project laboring through it, to finish it, at times when reading it felt like laboring I attribute that feeling mostly to my obsessi [...]

  14. Maggie

    It s a long, hard read and it s packed with solid, heart filled information This book covers many issues autism, adoption, foster care foster care system, trauma, facilitated communication FC and some of the politics of poverty and disablity discrimitation WOW No wonder it s a bit of a long read The author is a parent by choice and creative writer by trade, therefore his writing style is unique to anything I ve ever read in the parent autism arena The book has inspired me to read authors whom a [...]

  15. Valarie

    This is an amazing story that covers development disabilities, inclusion in mainstream classrooms, foster care and adoption I gave it four stars because I very much enjoyed reading about how the hero DJ overcomes his tumultuous past and uses his skill of typing to help other kids with autism His father s writing, however, leaves much to be desired At times poetic, other times dense and scholarly, this book really isn t accessible to most of its intended audience You need to have a good amount of [...]

  16. Sarah

    It s been a summer or two since I read this book, but I loved it It s such a powerful story of Savarese s love for his son It s also terrifying for someone me who wants to work with children with disabilities, because all of the politics of neurological difference are justridiculous The bureaucracy, the abuse, everything that Savarese and his wife go through to adopt and raise their son is just horrendous.

  17. Emily

    The author of this book is a poet, and so is his son Though the son, DJ, has a very different style of communication, it is incredibly insightful DJ is able to give us a window through his writing into how he views the world, and it is helpful in understanding why he sometimes has trouble with his behavior.It was very hard for me as a tender hearted mom to read about the abuse DJ suffered in foster care before his adoption by Ralph and Emily Savarese.

  18. Molly

    I read this book over a year ago and enjoyed it, but details are already fading It was great bedtime reading because the sections I couldn t put down were sandwiched between boring passages, so I was guaranteed to get sleepy within an hour and wouldn t stay up all night reading and wreck my sleep schedule I learned a lot about autism, adoption, and foster care, but I ve forgotten a lot as well This is probably a book I will reread when I am in the mood to do so.

  19. Sarah

    DJ s story was quite compelling but this book was unnecessarily long and really could have used an editor I think that having full transcripts of all communication with one s child might make it easy to get bogged down in the sheer volume and hard to cut things out in order to let a concise picture emerge I definitely found myself skimming parts.

  20. Rosie

    Lengthy, dense, and at times disturbing, Reasonable People is worth the effort only for those with a strong interest in autism and abuse As Savarese is a writer, the prose is smoother than most memoirs of the kind, and he includes a chapter by his adopted autistic son at the end Especially provacative in the context of the Facilitated Communication scandal.

  21. Marka

    I started this book and was very interested by the topic I think I made it about 2 3 or 3 4 of the way through it before I stopped I m not sure why I stopped reading it The plot did seem to die down a bit, maybe that was it Or maybe I just let it sit on my nightstand too long before picking it back up Either way, it is an amazing story and I m glad to have read as much as I did.

  22. Kathleen

    I was fascinated and experienced this book as a page turner in many ways Savarese gets obscure sometimes an academic intellectual but provides amazing insight and passionate commitment to his son I was interested in the role of identity politics in DJ s growth process The writings from DJ MADE this book.

  23. Ellen

    This book was fascinating It was really fun to read partially because I sorta know the author It was also fun to read because it s such an interesting topic autism that I knew basically nothing about My one complaint was that it could get a bit over the top academic referring to all sorts of scholarly works on autism etc, so I just skimmed those parts.

  24. Danielle Deville

    He was trying to say too much at once It would have been better if he could have stuck with a few relevant themes and saved the tangential stuff for later books rather than trying to cram it all in I appreciate his passion and agree wholeheartedly with most of what he has to say, but I actually would have enjoyed this memoir without all of the commentary.

  25. Chris

    I read this awhile ago, so the details elude me some, but it was a very forthright look at a family struggling with severe autism The child is now going to college, so fantastic for them A good read.

  26. Annie Tucker

    This was an amazing book It wasn t perfect, but should be required reading for anyone who cares about social justice for people with neurological difference and or who wants to read a truly absorbing, dramatic, moving real story about courage and commitment in ordinary life.

  27. Sara Cat

    A sad yet hopeful read about an incredible human being and the worst side of our society Could have been edited down a little As horrible as so much of it was the actual story, not the writing , I couldn t put it down.

  28. Jill

    I agree with some of the other comments I feel this book covered a LOT of ground but regardless was an amazing story of love and trauma I heard this author speak at a conference in Boston and really enjoyed it

  29. Nathan Smith

    This book hit uncomfortably close to home in a number of ways I d love to talk with you about it Probably not on the internet though At least not for awhile.

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