Socks (2020)

Socks Beverly Cleary Alan Tiegreen Socks Socks is one happy cat He lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him pet him feed him treats and always have a warm lap for him to sit in Then a new baby joins the family Sudd
  • Title: Socks
  • Author: Beverly Cleary Alan Tiegreen
  • ISBN: 9780812425024
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
Socks Beverly Cleary Alan Tiegreen Socks is one happy cat.He lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him, pet him, feed him treats, and always have a warm lap for him to sit in Then a new baby joins the family Suddenly, the Brickers are sharing their laps and love with Charles William, and Socks is getting into trouble He runs from a phantom dog, wrestles with Nana s best wig, andSocks is one happy cat.He lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him, pet him, feed him treats, and always have a warm lap for him to sit in Then a new baby joins the family Suddenly, the Brickers are sharing their laps and love with Charles William, and Socks is getting into trouble He runs from a phantom dog, wrestles with Nana s best wig, and fights Old Taylor the tomcat for his territory But as Charles William grows, Socks discovers that he has a new friend and a new way to be a part of the family.A purr fectly hilarious portrait of life with a baby from a cat s point of view.
Socks Beverly Cleary Alan Tiegreen

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    130 Beverly Cleary Alan Tiegreen
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One thought on “Socks

  1. Smokinjbc

    Ok some embarrassing sentimental reviewing follows Read at your own peril.My boss, who just got a little tabby kitten for her 6 year old, was looking for books for her to read this summer So of course, I think immediately of Socks and the summer I was six years old and got my own tabby kitten and read Socks sometime immediately after that Changed my life or at least sparked my reading of books So for all you parents out there1 Get your kid a tabby kitten Tabbies are the best I m 35 and on my 5th [...]

  2. Kathryn

    A friend recommended this when I was pregnant with my first We have a beloved calico who had been Princess of Everything to that point and I m sure she would give Socks story five purrrs and empathize with him wholeheartedly though thank goodness we did not have to go to any extremes with her like they did with Socks I actually didn t get around to reading this until after my second was born and I m glad I waited because the story is even poignant and humorous and heartbreaking and sweet and wi [...]

  3. Linda

    OMGosh I laughed so hard Beverly Cleary is surely a cat person, because she has totally pegged the way a cat acts and thinks Poor Socks has a terrible time when his family brings a baby named Charles William home to live with them His antics trying to regain their affection are adorable Cleary s spare, understated prose lend to the appeal for kids, and although it was first released in 1973, any cat lover today will howl with laughter If you don t enjoy this book, then you re probably a dog pers [...]

  4. Cheryl

    I adored this when I was young even though I was a bit older than the target audience when it was released and was delighted to find that I still do So much wisdom, insight, adventure, and humor packed into such a very short book Perfect for a family read aloud for all ages Even minor characters are full on individuals.And since it s a cat displaced by the baby, it s metaphorical and you can apply it as bibliotherapy to your first born without being dismissed as teachy preachy.

  5. Dolly

    We haven t read as many books by Beverly Cleary together as I thought we would, but every once in awhile, I sneak one in I think at this point, I will encourage our youngest to read them on her own, since many of them are still age appropriate for her She brought this book out from our bookshelves and read it for her independent reading for school and I read it after she did It s an entertaining story about the cat of a household and the turmoil that disturbs his happy life when a baby joins the [...]

  6. Hilary

    Socks is a white footed kitten taken in to a perfect home he always has a lap, and is generally spoiled until the day the baby arrives Now his position in the household is threatened by the new pet It s a wonderful story about the impact of a baby from the cat s perspective dated by a couple of passing references, but not too obviously for children and the adaptations made A good reminder for any new parents with pets, as well as for encouraging empathy in children

  7. Irene

    Being as big a fan of Beverly Cleary as I am, I can t believe I hadn t read this one before As it turns out, I think this book would be a good read not only for elementary school aged kids, but also for first time expectant parents, especially those with pets, and also parents who are expecting their second child to gently remind them not to inadvertently neglect the first born.Socks is a cat who was adopted by a lovely couple He had a happy life until the day the couple had their own baby As th [...]

  8. Catherine

    Purrfect I thought my 6 year old might read this on his own, after he requested a book about a cat, but I ended up reading it to him and his 8 year old brother Socks reminded us of our grey tabby, Pete.

  9. Pclaiborn08

    Oh how we love Beverly Cleary at our house My son 4 belly laughed out loud at some of Charles William s antics and would randomly bring up events from the book in conversation I m pretty sure if we ever get a cat, it will be named in honor of this feisty protagonist As soon as we finished this book, we started the mouse and a motorcycle for the second time.

  10. Calista

    An amusing tale about a cat who has to share his owners and his home with the new pet called baby Cute little view of a baby from the pet perspective.

  11. Jeff

    Do you know how sometimes you find just the right book for the moment As a bit of serendipity, Socks written one year before I was born found its way into my families life at just the right moment this year My daughter is five years old now and a few months of ago we welcomed her brother into the family The new addition hasn t been 100% smooth As anyone that has lived with a five year old and a new born will attest they both demand a good bit of attention Particularly when the five year old has [...]

  12. Jennifer Margulis

    This book for young readers is told from the point of view of Socks, a kitten with white feet who becomes the beloved pet of a young married couple, the Brickers The first chapter takes place outside a grocery store where a brother and sister are trying to find homes for their nice, fresh kittens When a harried looking mom with too many children agrees to take Socks, the siblings hide him in the mailbox They don t want their favorite kitten to be mistreated by too many little hands.The Brickers, [...]

  13. Michelle Isenhoff

    Socks is written in true Beverly Cleary style The cat for whom the book is named was the Bricker s only pet, pampered, loved and a little spoiled But his mistress comfortable lap began to shrink, and then one day Mr and Mrs Bricker brought home a new pet One that wailed and smelled funny and stole all the attention that used to be lavished on Socks.Written for ages six to nine though probably independent only for the upper half , Socks will resonate with any child who s owned a pet or been part [...]

  14. Susann

    With this reading, I paid much attention to Mrs Bricker December 7, 2011 When my sister told me that my nephew was overcome with glee after the cat jumped into his crib, I knew I needed to track down an older edition of Socks for both of them Cleary writes from the cat s perspective and shows a pretty sweet life with the Brickers, until a BABY comes to stay Baby life is a tough transition for everyone, especially Socks, but baby and kitty ticky eventually triumph together in a friendship scene [...]

  15. KatieLynn

    I have read Socks so many times I could basically give a review of this book, to where I would spill out the entire story So right now, I will give a brief review.The story starts out where a little girl and a boy are trying to sell their kittens The kittens ARE selling, which makes the girl scared She has a special kitten named Socks who she loves the most No matter what her pleads or cries, a couple decides to adopt Socks, and nothing could stop them As Socks is living with the couple, he lear [...]

  16. Christina

    For someone who didn t read Beverly Cleary as a child, I sure have read a lot of her stuff with my kids as an adult, and it always leaves me wondering, Why didn t I read of her books as a kid She s a good writer, entertaining, and very good at capturing the essence of a situation or character In Socks, she does a wonderful job of giving us the perspective of a cat and, towards the end, a baby I don t even like cats or babies very much sadly, it s true don t hate me , but I really enjoyed this [...]

  17. Bekah

    This was far too cute and funny for anything less than 5 Stars Socks is an awesome little cat who reminds me so much of my own furball, Merlin I am so glad I picked this up as part of Lesley s ReadKidsLit project Makes me want to dig out all my other Cleary books and take a stroll down memory lane.

  18. Melody

    It s not only third graders whose heads Beverly Cleary can get into She also channels cats Socks is totally believable and adorable in every particular He s bewildered by the appearance of a new baby in his family, and how he copes with the changes which ensue is both comical and poignant The babysitter is priceless I want to grow up and be the babysitter.

  19. Keara Brown

    This book is about a cat who gets adopted by a nice couple Later in the book the cat s owners have a child and the cat starts to feel left out The cats name is Socks.I would not recommend this book to my friends only because this book is of younger child book But I would recommend this book to younger children.

  20. Sarah Grace

    This is the first chapter book I ever read I remember my 6 year old self adoring it Great for young readers.

  21. Neda

    The book that I read and really enjoyed was called, Socks, by Beverly Cleary Socks, is the story of a young cat who has been put up for adoption by his previous owner He gets adopted by nice owners and lives a happy life with them, until, one day his owners bring home a baby In this wonderful and humorous story, Socks attempts to find a way to get back into his owner s hearts again I really liked this story because, first of all, I really like cats Also, because of the way that the author wrote [...]

  22. Aadhisree Subramanian

    The book was good because it was a very fun and interesting topic , something which I haven t read before It was a family type story to me and that is what made me read it The beginning was a bit boring but as the story proceeded i started to like it I could relate to to story as well which also made me want to read the book and see if the characters change or stay the same I would rate it 3 or a 3.5 out of 5 stars This isn t the first book i read of Beverly Cleary so compared to the other book [...]

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