Treasure Box (2020)

Treasure Box Orson Scott Card Treasure Box With his second foray into mainstream fiction following the success of Lost Boys bestselling and award winning speculative fiction writer Orson Scott Card creates a sublimely quirky haunting tale a
  • Title: Treasure Box
  • Author: Orson Scott Card
  • ISBN: 9780060176549
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
Treasure Box Orson Scott Card With his second foray into mainstream fiction, following the success of Lost Boys, bestselling and award winning speculative fiction writer Orson Scott Card creates a sublimely quirky, haunting tale a clever mix of horror and comedy about a young man who marries the woman of his dreams only to be drawn into her family s nightmare.
Treasure Box Orson Scott Card

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    370 Orson Scott Card
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One thought on “Treasure Box

  1. Amy

    Read this years ago, but did not find it as engaging as other OSC books I have become used to being thoroughly enthralled by his work since the days ofEnder s game, so was disappointed OSC has been one of my favorite authors But now, I am distressed A while back, I was confronted by a dilemma with author I had read, and had liked for that kind of thriller book He did something which appalled me, enough so so that I swore I would never buy another of his books again which was not hard as I don t [...]

  2. Mike

    This book has the most disappointing conclusion I have ever read It s bad while you read it, but then the ending is stupid and negates the entire story.I m going to ruin the ending now, in hope that you never read it The story is about a man who gets stuck in a ghost house.In the end, it turns out that when he was shopping in at a grocery store at the beginning of the novel, the main character was annoyed that a child in line with its mother behind him was screaming and throwing a tantrum.Well, [...]

  3. [Name Redacted]

    Okay Again I am breaking my review silence, but only because so many other reviews were evidently written by people who never read this book Is it great No It s only okay A solid little potboiler, clearly influenced by All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By, Ghost Story, and possibly The Stress of Her Regard which were themselves based on older stories but nothing than that Do I regret reading it Nope Would I read it again Nope But I keep seeing people accusing the author of using it to preach pr [...]

  4. Misha

    I ve really liked other works by Card, but Treasure Box was a dreadful disappointment I rarely don t finish a book, but I came extremely close to doing so mid way through On the surface, it has a good plot Between the covers, it slugs along slowly before eventually speeding up to a climax, and not a very good one at that The writing falls short of what I ve come to like about Card s writing It s considered horror fantasy, but it s like fiction with a few horror and fantasy elements What humor e [...]

  5. Emily

    Card makes his political leanings a little overt in this book, probably because it s set in the year 1996, but he can be forgiven because he s given us such a riveting story As a young boy, Quentin Fears wrestled with his parent s decision to pull the plug on his teenage sister after a car accident left her brain dead, and he s never really recovered Now a millionaire with no real purpose, he is searching for some meaning in life He meets Madeleine, who seems like the perfect woman, and very re [...]

  6. Emma

    OK, not all of my books will be from Orson Scott Card but damn I loved this book It is about this guy who got fairly suddenly rich through stocks or tech or something and then he goes around seeding other business ventures and basically being uber wealthy but in a geeky way which is fun to read about But of course, being sci fi he is haunted and crap and other stuff happens but I liked it mostly from a purely capitalistic angle.

  7. Kaylie

    Orson Scott Card is one of my father s favorite authors I liked the film adaption of his Ender s Game Before immersing myself in that series, I wanted to test the waters with one of Card s only standalone novels, Treasure Box Interestingly, when I asked my dad what he remembered from this particular novel, his words were few After reading it, I m not too surprised Treasure Box is horrific in genre, compared to the science fiction Card is best known for With this in mind, it s difficult writing [...]

  8. Christopher Smith

    Orson Scott Card s Treasure Box is a fascinating supernatural thriller about a naive millionaire who meets and marries the love of his life, only to find that she is not what she seems I won t spoil the plot for you, but suffice to say that this novel is full of twists and turns, with plenty of richly textured characters to keep things interesting Definitely the best of Card s thrillers My only complaint about the writing is that virtually every character seemed to constantly quote from English [...]

  9. Zarinah

    my first Orson Scott Card book and I love his writing In this lovely book the author follows a manname Quintin Fears I know Mr.Card writes SciFi but I didn t want to dive into a book that was too far out I couldn t get into but when I read the book jacket I knew I would fall for a such a plot And I did In this plot the main character has a quarky sense of humor He is grieved with his sister s death and continues his life lonely and rich And along comes some witches and his life is shaken up Real [...]

  10. Piggie

    This just isn t the best story to come from Card Nothing compared to his Ender works That isn t to say that there is no value in reading this book It has a slower beginning, moving through some needed character establishment before the story really gets started There are some really interesting characters and some unexpected plot turns I m only giving it 3 stars because of the beginning and the ending Neither are terrible, but they didn t really sing either The ending seemed a little anti climat [...]

  11. Hal Brodsky

    Its hard to write a review of one of Card s books without bringing up his politics, so I ll say upfront that I ve met him and I ve heard him speak and, yes, he is an egotistical hypocritical Ass He has also been one of the better science fiction fantasy writers we have had over the past few decades, producing a number of classic works The Treasure Box is not one of them Aside from some preaching about pre marital sex, it is difficult for me to believe Card even wrote this uneven and, frankly, bo [...]

  12. Elar

    It seems that collaboration stories are much better for OSC More action, less repeating and themes are little bit different than usual I could relate with hero of the story, feel the emotions he felt and that made it above average book Thanks

  13. Luke

    The story is quick There are 100 pgs of actual setup The story isn t wondrously original, nor is it painfully clich It s a solid, fantatic read with no chance of being life changing the way all horror is.

  14. Donald

    I have read his whole Ender s Game series But this is so darkly different from all of that Witches, Dragons, and magic, oh my

  15. Amanda Young

    I was unsure at first if Card could capture me in the same way he did in the Ender universe As always he surpassed my expectations with a book equally intricate and emotion filled He knows how to pull on the fears and issues of human emotion without sacrificing a wonderfully unique story With the heart of a lonely man, this story builds into a battle of good vs evil in the most interesting of ways Can t say much without giving it away, but if you like supernatural stories you will love this

  16. Grace

    Orson Scott Card s books are so easy for me to love Treasure Box is best gone into blind, and while the tone and even genre switch unexpectedly throughout the entire book, it s not necessarily unwelcome It encompasses suspense, psychological, and romance, as well as a bit of a detective story I find it intriguing, which is why I read it in three days, though judging by some other reviews, it s not for everyone I would suggest picking up some of Card s other, universally liked works beforehand i [...]

  17. Rick

    Treasure Box is a love story gone incredibly wrong If you are a fan of OSC then be prepared for a novel unlike anything he has written Treasure Box is not Card s usual science fiction or fantasy offering, but here he takes on a bit of ghost story or maybe paranormal would be a better designation Card creates an antagonist that you really will despise but could have given a bit to the protagonist All in all a really good story.

  18. Katrina

    Card is one of my favorite authors but I d only read his fantasy sci fi before this is a supernatural thriller and was very enjoyable He always creates interesting characters and it was definitely a page turner.

  19. Lance

    This book was an enjoyable read for the most part It tends to fall apart when describing why things happened, and how was it possible for the things to happen when no one was there, not to mention a wedding license with the groom signing for both participants Read it for fun.

  20. SamBright

    I thought Orson Scott Card was strictly a sci fi writer This was suspense horror fantasy and I rather enjoyed it I didn t read the book jacket summary so I didn t know what to expect I think reading blindly that way makes things fun I won t spoil the surprises for you 4 stars

  21. Fernando Gonzalo Pellico

    Una novela adictiva y apasionante, alejada del g nero usual en Card En est ocasi n, estamos ante el g nero de terror fant stico, no en el terreno usual de Sci Fi de Card Muy bien escrita, este se or tiene la capacidad de no decepcionar nunca Absolutamente recomendable.

  22. Steve

    As always, Card is a great writer I m not much into the horror genre, but this was a good story Quite compelling.

  23. Justin

    At first I wasn t going to write this review because I thought I was too far removed from when I read it to give it a decent sounding But after reading Speaker for the Dead also by Orson Scott Card or OSC and writing the review for that one, I felt that I had to write this one.Treasure Box was the first book that I read by OSC Given I never read any sci fi to an extent growing up, so I was a bit weary to read Ender s Game because I thought things might go over my head Something of which I now kn [...]

  24. J. Miles Wagner

    This isn t a new book I picked it up on an recommendation I had read Treasure Box before, years ago I didn t realize this until about Chapter 5 That s not a good start to a book, is it With Treasure Box, Card steps out of his usual SF F genre and into horror It s a tale of a man with a deep loss his sister Lizzy died as a child Quentin Fears holds onto her memory and leads a successful, but empty life One day, he meets a woman who reminds him of Lizzy They fall in love, but Madeline is not quite [...]

  25. Belarius

    Orson Scott Card s early career was peppered with short fiction in the horror genre, and in the 90 s he got back in the game with a number of horror novels that were markedly unhorrific Of these, Treasure Box is probably the most mediocre, average in just about every way.Like many modern horror movies, Treasure Box has an extended setup during which very little happens We meet the protagonist Quentin, who meets the girl of his dreams Things go splendidly for a while, until they take a turn for t [...]

  26. Alissa Thorne

    Orson Scott Card is one of a handful of authors for whom I consider myself a dedicated fan I ve read, perhaps not most of his books, but a substantial chunk that makes up a representative sampling So when I saw an unfamiliar Card book sitting on a friends shelf, I was naturally excited to borrow it.This book reminds me quite a bit of Lost Boys For the vast majority of the book it appears to be about entirely pedestrian people and events that leave you wondering why someone would bother writing a [...]

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