Haunted Waters (2020)

Haunted Waters Mary Pope Osborne Haunted Waters In this compelling tale of romance and terror a little known legend has been woven into a novel that will grip readers from beginning to end Who is Undine the mysterious wild maiden who swims at mi
  • Title: Haunted Waters
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne
  • ISBN: 9780763629953
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
Haunted Waters Mary Pope Osborne In this compelling tale of romance and terror, a little known legend has been woven into a novel that will grip readers from beginning to end.Who is Undine, the mysterious, wild maiden who swims at midnight to hear the fish sing When Lord Huldbrand first meets her on a lost and haunted promontory, she seems utterly beautiful and pure But gradually he begins to wonder jusIn this compelling tale of romance and terror, a little known legend has been woven into a novel that will grip readers from beginning to end.Who is Undine, the mysterious, wild maiden who swims at midnight to hear the fish sing When Lord Huldbrand first meets her on a lost and haunted promontory, she seems utterly beautiful and pure But gradually he begins to wonder just how much he really knows about his bride He fears her murky past and her mystical powers And worst of all, he fears that the faceless demon that stalks them through the woods and castle, cackling with laughter and howling with rage, could be coming to claim her A love story with a horrifying mystery at its core, HAUNTED WATERS tests its young hero s commitment to a heroine who sparkles and changes like water.
Haunted Waters Mary Pope Osborne

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One thought on “Haunted Waters

  1. Cheryl

    Well it was a mercifully quick read This had the potential to be so much better My biggest complaint is the protagonist She couldn t have made him much less appealing He had little strength of character The only thing that made him remotely attractive is the whole land holding thing.

  2. Kevin

    As a confirmed book addict I always make sure to check the Friends of the Library sale section of any library I visit Often you can get great deals on new and classic books A few days ago I picked up Haunted Waters by Mary Pope Osborne at a local library in this fashion.I was intrigued because it was a reworking of a myth, something I am fascinated by, and it was a short well packaged story something I else enjoy.After reading it last night I can say it was well worth the dollar I paid for it It [...]

  3. Eden

    The book starts off with the main character, Lord Huldebrand, riding through the woods on his horse Huldedbrand was on his way to meet with the duke and saw the opening to the woods He couldn t help, but want to explore it Huldebrand became lost in the woods and while trying to find his way out he runs into something To him, it looks like a demon It s standing right ahead of him, in the woods He was so frightened that he yelled and his horse began to run He tried to stop the horse, but eventuall [...]

  4. Gale

    MYTH AND MYSTERY FLOW LIKE LIQUID MISTThis expanded version of Fouque s fairy tale noir is excellent the plot flows right along, emptying into a sea of despair Twenty four short chapters provide readers thiity for details the opportunity to drink deeply of the intimate dialogue between the ill starred couple Undine, supposing herself the daughter of humble fisher olk, and young Lord Hudlbrand of Ringstetten, lost in the dark forest While Fouque s heroine see reviews for UNDINE is fair and blond [...]

  5. Julia

    First of all I was interested in the author herself and wondering whether she could pull off writing a book of this genre after having immersed herself in such well known children s work Mary Pope Osborne has done a wonderful job in proving that some authors are able to reach outside their comfort zone and hit the nail on the head First of all I don t really know what to say that has caught my attention on this book and kept it The writing seems weak at times and very repetitive while Lord Huldb [...]

  6. Jessica

    Haunted Waters by Mary Pope Osborne, author of the Magic Tree House series, is told through the perspective of Lord Huldbrand after he was stranded on an unknown area of land where a fisherman, his wife and daughter Undine lives Lord Huldbrand stays with the fisherman and his family for a couple of days During his stay, Lord Huldbrand is captivated with Undine s beauty and associations with the water Before he leaves, Lord Huldbrand marries with Undine and brings her back to his castle where a m [...]

  7. toonepersonyoumaybetheworld

    I really like this book it was very interesting and i have read books like this before with a lot of paranormal things but this has been one of my favorites This book is about a girl named Eundine and a king named Lord Hulbrand They live in a cottage by the sea and they notice a monster trying to take Eundine They finally went to his palace and got married Before the wedding Eundine was feeling sick because she remembered the monsters face and thought she did not want to make the wrong choice an [...]

  8. Huiling_mei

    Haunted waters by Mary Pope Osborne, is about a man who meets a woman from another world Undine is the one who belongs to the sea king, but she does not know that until she moves and marries to Huldbrand Because their love was not strong enough Undine was not able to stay with him and he lost her forever to the sea Urdine was full of mysteries from a world where humans do not exist When Huldbrand moved on in life and was about to remarry, Undine came back to take his life away.When humans die do [...]

  9. Heidi-Marie

    Well.It s a fast read I expected good writing from Osborne She certainly had me at the couldn t put it down phase I was expecting Little Mermaid I was not familiar with the German fairy tale Undine Well, now I am and I m glad Osborne strayed from the original or else I would have been furious at the waste of my time and of her talent It s a book that leaves me thinking, that is certain But those thoughts I do not think will eventually lead to making me a different person because I read the book [...]

  10. Janine

    I found that I did not like the way this story progressed I found it a bit abrupt and sometimes confusing I did like the story though I thought it was an original fairy tale It was not like the damsel in distress who is rescued by Prince Charming Undine is stronger then Huldbrand mentally and physically Even Bertalda had emotional strength then Huldbrand It was refreshing to read a child s story with strong female characters.

  11. Whitney

    This had a unique story, kinda a fairy tale setting I thought that the story could have been detailed and made to be a little longer The story has so much one can expound upon I looked up the origins of the Ondine story and it is a unique story I think could have been done with this story, but it was enjoyable.

  12. Joelle

    This was a good book It was a very easy read, and it took me less than an hour to finish It was written by Mary Pope Osborne who was the author of the Magic Tree House series This book has a haunting ghost story, and is very fast paced.

  13. Shannon

    Another book I found on SwapTree that I thought I would get for one of my children The book is based on a German fable It could have been edited and enhanced to make it a enjoyable read I like Mary Pope Osborne s style of writing, but I don t intend on having my kids read it.

  14. Angel

    Lyrical and eloquent I expected this to have been written long ago But it wasn t As it turns out it was written in 1994 A great tale almost myth like in its telling I believe there is a true myth regarding the same character A very quick and easy tale.

  15. Tracy

    I read this about ten years ago, though I read the original version this one has been rewritten a little I love the mermaid sea fae fairy tale story of it, the haunting and doomed love that seems to live on even after both lovers are gone.

  16. Celena

    This book i found very intriguing, I loved it and the ending was perfect I re read this book several times and have not gotten bored from it Its a great book and I recommend it.

  17. Shani

    It was beautifully melancholy, if you know what I mean Really very lovely, it nevertheless had a sad aura Nevertheless, I thouroughly enjoyed it.

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