Touched (2020)

Touched Cyn Balog Touched Nick Cross always listens to the voice in his head Because if he doesn t Things can go really really wrong Like the day he decided to go off script and saved a girl from being run over and let anothe
  • Title: Touched
  • Author: Cyn Balog
  • ISBN: 9780385740326
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
Touched Cyn Balog Nick Cross always listens to the voice in his head Because if he doesn t Things can go really, really wrong Like the day he decided to go off script and saved a girl from being run over and let another one drown Trying to change the future doesn t work.But this summer at the Jersey Shore, something s about to happen that Nick never could have predicted He meetsNick Cross always listens to the voice in his head Because if he doesn t Things can go really, really wrong Like the day he decided to go off script and saved a girl from being run over and let another one drown Trying to change the future doesn t work.But this summer at the Jersey Shore, something s about to happen that Nick never could have predicted He meets a girl named Taryn and finds out about the Book of Touch Now the path that he thought he was on begins to shift and there s no way to stop things from happening Or is there In a life where there are no surprises, nothing has prepared Nick for what he s about to discover or the choice he will be forced to make
Touched Cyn Balog

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One thought on “Touched

  1. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    I am used to reading bad books I try very hard not to, I pick every one very carefully, but I often end up with something I d been doing my best to avoid And it s okay It s the same for all of us But when a book starts out great and I get my hopes up, only to become formulaic and focused on all the wrong things later on, I feel than just disappointed I feel cheated Touched had a very promising beginning Ever since he was born, Nick Cross head has been filled with what he calls memories, but wha [...]

  2. Heather Dearly

    Touched pulled me in from the start and didn t let go until the very end With a fast and flawless pace, this story offers one amazing twist after another I was left breathless I love Cyn s voice and her unique contributions to the young adult paranormal fantasy genre Touched is my favorite Balog book to date.In full disclosure, I am one of Cyn Balog s crit partners beta readers It has been several months since I read this story, but I haven t been able to stop thinking about Crazy Cross I can t [...]

  3. Katy

    Man, this book was really hard to read It wasn t difficult to understand The beginning was so chaotic, and the whole book was really choppy I just really struggled to go through it.And the summary really had me intrigued I thought it sounded similar to Sherilynn Kenyon s Infinity hey we even have a Nick, and touching the girl makes the voice go away and thought it might be better attempt at a really cool concept But the voice wasn t what I thought it was going to be, and I hadn t realized the sc [...]

  4. Mandy

    For Nick, memories work both ways he can see his own future Well, a hundred versions of it, becuase every time he goes off script , his memories cycle and change, showing him new futures a dozen times a day, resulting in piercing headaches and his nickname of CRAZY CROSS.The opening chapter of TOUCHED grabs a hold of you, and the book keeps you going through twist after twist, not letting go until the final page This book marks a departure for Cyn Balog, who has to date written paranormal romanc [...]

  5. Danny

    Guys POV always rock There are tons of Girls POV s out there, which makes the Boys even stand out This in combination with this gorgeous cover made me pick up this book with enthusiasms In addition, the premise was intriguing A Guy with voices in his head Nick was an awesome hero although we might not call him a hero yet Nick and his mom are different, they hear voices and see the future and all the possibilities this a certain future holds in her heads Constantly Even the tiniest details like [...]

  6. Amy Lignor

    Nick Cross is a truly amazing character He, not unlike many, has a voice in his head, but his voice actually tells him the future every step that will occur that takes someone else s life However, if Nick plays hero, listens to the voice, yet decides to veer off course to save someone different, then he dooms another Example Nick Cross is working as a lifeguard at the Jersey Shore On his way to work one day, the voice tells him all about a young woman who will be killed As he heads to work, he s [...]

  7. ExLibris_Kate

    This story hits the ground running as the reader is put into Nick s head realizes he can see his future He can see the big things, like marriage and children, as well as the little things, like tripping over the cat or spilling water All of these things crowd his head every second of every day If he deviates from the script as he calls it, his future furiously realigns itself as it works through the millions of possibilities that one small act can change The way this world is built for you as a [...]

  8. Kristin (Beneath Shining Stars, I Read)

    More like 4.5 stars Nick was born Touched, able to see his own future and he s been trying to stick to the script as much as possible at least he was until he met Naryn, a girl who knows about the Book of Touch, what Nick s Touch is, and maybe, just maybe there s a way to undo everything I know you ve heard me say it before, but for the record, I m usually not someone who reads books told in first person, male perspective Why Because I can t always get into them and let s face it, that can be an [...]

  9. Savannah (Books With Bite)

    As much as I love this author, I could not get into the book I did managed to finished it, with the ending getting much better.I had a hard time getting into the book cause of the confusing beginning There was too much going on with out much explanation I had to continuously flipped back pages and re read passages After about a hundred pages in, I was finally able to understand I could see what the bigger picture was so I continued reading.There is a love interest that kept me reading I adored t [...]

  10. PopcornReads

    When I saw the book cover for Touched by Cyn Balog, I was intrigued I had to find out what those dark sinister looking streamers were coming off of the person Once I read the description, I was hooked and had to read this YA novel Obviously every choice we make does determine our future So, what if you knew your future and could see how every choice you make alters that future What would you do Read the rest of my review at popcornreads p 4398.

  11. Dark Faerie Tales

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Touched started out promising, but the focus is all on Nick s romance, and his voice sounds like a whiny girl than a hero.Opening Sentence It had taken years, but finally, I had everything down.The Review Nick s mind is filled with memories of things that haven t happened yet He calls them memories, but they re really visions of his future Every deviation from his script changes everything He sees hundreds of different futures every time and has t [...]

  12. usagi ☆ミ

    Oh boy I really, really wanted to like this one the premise was awesome Future memories of one s life, changing at any possible moment, along with the emotional baggage that comes with losing potential partners, children, and grandchildren But I felt like the execution was poor, and the book as a whole needed at least two drafts for it to really feel finished I was really excited about it but ultimately, for me, Touched failed to deliver.While I love the fact that this has a male protagonist, i [...]

  13. Sandy S

    TOUCHED YA by Cyn BalogTOUCHED is the August 2012 new release Young Adult paranormal fiction novel from Cyn Balog 17year old Nick Cross aka Crazy Cross by his fellow students can see the future Not just the few minutes or hours ahead, but a lifetime of memories And the continuous script that runs through his head takes on epic proportions each time he changes his course of action The cycling of events results in mind blowing headaches and he must stick to the script or suffer further pain and an [...]

  14. Melissa Chung

    What a strange and interesting book I saw this book sitting at my library bookmobile and grabbed it based on the cover and the author name Cyn Balog is an author I have seen while scanning books but have never read before This book had a pretty cover and so I grabbed it I knew nothing before reading it.With that being said lets get on with this review shall we Nick Cross was born with a curse He can see the future The future isn t set and can be changed if he falters in doing exactly want the Yo [...]

  15. Rachel

    This is not your stereotypical Jersey shore story In Touched, a boy named Nick has the crazy painful ability to see the future If he doesn t do what his mind shows him, he has terrible headaches and struggles to focus But sometimes he can t help going off script, as he calls it Sometimes life and death get in the way At the start of the story, Nick makes a choice to save one girl Taryn which causes the death of another young girl It turns out that Nick and the girl are connected, that she knows [...]

  16. A Book Vacation

    This was a very interesting premise, but I thought the novel, overall, was somewhat predictable The idea of knowing the future has always intrigued me, and I know it intrigues authors as well, because I ve read a few other novels that follow this same premise Thus, the idea, sadly, isn t knew However, I found Balog s explanations behind the Book of Touch to be completely unique, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story Though I hate to say it, the beginning of this novel didn t grab my atte [...]

  17. kari

    Wouldn t it be great if you could know the future What a fabulous power, right Not so fast What if every one of the myriad decisions you made each day changed your future Even something as small perhaps as which side of the street you walk down might change something You might try, as Nick does, to stay on script in the hopes of holding onto a future that seems to be wonderful.But, what if every time you changed something all the new possible futures ran constantly through your head Life would b [...]

  18. Eugenia Argerami

    This book started off really well, with strong characters, and an easy to follow plot line I was about three quarters in and totally preparing for a five starred review.But sadly, everything kind of went to hell.The story got boring, confusing, and the peak you know, the great, crazy, spectacular part of the book before the end kind of sucked It wasn t even really a peak at all.Also, at one point the whole thing just got a little old It was like the story moved along at a snail s pace while rep [...]

  19. KWinks

    Loved it For me, this was Time Traveler s Wife meets Thinner Stephen King I am a big fan of Cyn Balog Full disclosure I live in Jersey and love Seaside Heights So, reading Touched was like visiting some old friends Beyond that, this is one of the coolest novels I have read in a while First, the premise is amazing Nick can see his own future constantly Any little thing he does to stray from the set path makes the future change In addition, his mother has the same power and the power can feel like [...]

  20. Vicky

    I am a big fan of Cyn Balog have enjoyed all her books, until now Let me amend that I didn t hate the book, I just didn t enjoy it as much as I did her other ones.The main character, Nick aka Crazy Cross , can see his own future Any little thing he does to stray from the set path makes the future change, which also gives him a massive headache In addition, his mother has the same ability In her case, it s forced her to hole up in her room for the past ten years Nan, Nick s grandmother, cares for [...]

  21. Rebecca A. Rogers

    It s been a while since I ve read this book, and I ve been meaning to review it, but I just haven t had the chance lately.Nick has the ability to see his future He knows that if he listens to the voice in his head, his future will be exactly as he envisions But when Nick makes the grave mistake of not listening to that voice, the outcome of his future has consequences He must uncover why he is the way he is, what started it all, and how to stop the terrible psychic curse before tragedy prevails. [...]

  22. Mariam

    This book was a great read It had an interesting twist at the ending that I honestly never expected It got a little depressing for me during a few parts, but the ending really made it all better for me The romance between Nick and Taryn was interesting as well They had a really strong relationship and it made me want to read .

  23. Kendra

    This book is about Nick Cross, a teenager that can see his future I loved this book until the end The end was sudden Everything you discover about the book changes The characters change drastically If the change would ve been subtle, it d be one of the best books I ve read.

  24. Charlie

    it gets you interested and intrigued since the second you start reading till the very end the twists are very well done and the ending was the biggest twist of all

  25. Heather

    A little hard to read because the main character has flashes of the future, but a great book none the less.

  26. Lacey

    First Thoughts I was so excited to get my hands on this book I ve read all the other books by this author and just loved her creative and beautiful stories So I started this book with an open mind and excitement I really enjoyed the creative aspect to this book I found that it wasn t mundane or unoriginal In fact it took me a little bit for me to get used to the concept and format of the book And once I adjusted to the world I was really able to connect with it and experience it through the char [...]

  27. Deborah Ideiosepius

    One the theme of Young Adult supernatural fiction which I seem to be on at the moment, Touched worked very well for me Nick Cross has a serious cross to bear I know, terrible pun Forgive me , in his head there is a permanent, curious monologue, a voice telling him what he does next, every second of every day He was born with it, his mother has it too and neither of them know why The monologue is the series of events leading to the future that Nick can see for himself.This summer on the way to th [...]

  28. Annie

    First Look That cover It is fabulous It might seriously be my favorite cover ever I love the creepy abandoned looking theme park there s a shadowy roller coaster on the back cover , magical tendrils of something or other, an offbeat font, and a cool color scheme When I first saw it, I didn t even care what the book was about I had to read it no matter what Setting The setting didn t play a big role in the novel The narration and descriptions gave me an adequate idea of the placed I needed to be [...]

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