Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989 (2020)

Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989 Gilles Néret Catherine Plant Salvador Dal Salvador Dali was one of the century s greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics with a flair for controversy The story of his life and work makes for fascinating reading He was one of the fir
  • Title: Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989
  • Author: Gilles Néret Catherine Plant
  • ISBN: 9780760701102
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989 Gilles Néret Catherine Plant Salvador Dali 1904 1989 was one of the century s greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics, with a flair for controversy The story of his life and work makes for fascinating reading He was one of the first to apply the insights of psychoanalysis to the art of painting Full color reproductions and thorough text provide a quick yet solid introduction to this master.
Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989 Gilles Néret Catherine Plant

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    321 Gilles Néret Catherine Plant
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One thought on “Salvador Dalí: 1904-1989

  1. Luís C.

    Salvador Dal was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dal y Domenech on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain, located 16 miles from the French border in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains His father, Salvador Dal y Cusi, was a middle class lawyer and notary Salvador s father had a strict disciplinary approach to raising children a style of child rearing which contrasted sharply with that of his mother, Felipa Domenech Ferres She often indulged young Salvador in his art and early eccentricities.It has b [...]

  2. Joan

    I saw the Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia art museum about five years ago and really felt a kinship with him I also felt the same way about Frida Kahlo Maybe I like Spanish speaker artists better than European or American ones They seem cultured Anyway, I bought the book at this cute cd store on 17th and Samson a couple weeks ago and liked looking at the pictures and skimming the book about his theories about art and his life story I thought it was interesting that he looked so young pre WWII [...]

  3. Clair

    This collection is a great taste of Dali I love the symbolism in his art which include major themes of life love, death, religion, aging, reality, art, science, etc Each piece seems to have hidden symbolic treasures upon close inspection And his imagination wow Good price for someone interested in checking out Dali.

  4. Diletta

    Io e Dal condividiamo molto il modo in cui si devono vedere correttamente certe cose Chi dice che Dal assurdo semplicemente non ha capito un granch Perch lui in realt ha dipinto tutto Edizione meravigliosa, con delucidazioni chiare e citazioni bellissime.

  5. Tefi Beltran

    La vida, pasi n e inspiraci n de Dal por el arte y el surrealismo se ven reflejadas en sus obras m s c lebres conocer el transfondo y el simbolismo que usaba en cada pintura le dio un valor mayor a mi admiraci n por el gran genio que fue Salvador porque todo su recorrido art stico fue basado en sus experiencias m s ntimas con la vida misma, su familia y con sus relaciones interpersonales con grandes magnates y genios de la historia.Ver realmente el significado de cada objeto colodado en sus pint [...]

  6. Daniel Wichers

    Dit boek is niet wat ik had verwacht Ik hoopte op een algemene korte biografie om meer te weten te komen over het leven van Salvador Dali, het bleek echter meer te gaan over de gedachtegang van deze man en wat hem behelsde om zijn schilderijen te maken Gezien die voornamelijk van surrealistische aard zijn word dat al snel een ingewikkeld verhaal waar termen als metafysische wereld , erotisch delirium genoemd worden gepaard met zijn parano de kritische methode en fecale periode Ja, fecale periode [...]

  7. Benjamin

    Dal s art never ceases to amaze and disturb me It s difficult for me to figure out how much of his imagery is subliminally conjured by him as an artist, done purposefully to make the viewer s react negatively and or positively , or perhaps a combination of both It s difficult to read in Japanese, the translators might have been hard pressed to capture the original Spanish.Japanese language edition purchased at Isetan Museum, 160 0022 3 14 1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo.

  8. James VanSteel

    Fascinating biopsy into the liquid mind of Salvador Dali, a genius so impenetrable and yet so transparent that his work and life are literally synonymous Neret provides ample quotation from the artist and his contemporaries in explication, as well as auxiliary biographic details, but these are all presented in such a disjointed, non chronological, and thematically uneven way that a new reader will be thoroughly confused by the text that is supposed to be clarifying an already frustratingly opaqu [...]

  9. Apryl Anderson

    I m guessing that the original text was in German, because the run on translation was so difficult to follow The photographic reproductions were not the best quality, but the fine details do come through in the small scale It was not difficult to identify the erotic intent of the assembled works.Okay, here s an example, from page 28, Simultaneously hard and soft, it represents the sexual instinct as intellectualized and sublimated by art The crutch an the monstrous outgrowth of cerebralized sexu [...]

  10. Alex Obrigewitsch

    Dal is a master of materially and symbolically manifesting not only his own obsessions and paranoias, but also of doing so in a manner that resonates with all humanity, for they are the specters that haunt the human spirit A master of surrealism, Dal s works belch forth the aborted excrement of the real, planting the seed of paranoic instability in reality, opening the cracks through which ever seep the impossible the vertigo of a revolving interiority exteriority set eternally spining like the [...]

  11. Wilde Sky

    This book describes the life and work of a famous artist.Some of the comments made were a bit annoying they appeared to be trying get into the artist s mind which is impossible, in my opinion , but the factual bits were interesting and many of the pictures were striking captivating even when I couldn t figure out what they were supposed to symbolise.

  12. Bernie

    A nice introduction to Dali s work with colourful illustrations and it is laid out well Just like his paintings that are weird but wonderful it seems Salvador was just as weird and I would presume as wonderful I felt it could reveal about the man and his relationship with his muse Gala But the book is small in size so I feel furthur reading is required.

  13. Sadia

    I d never forget the wonder I felt when I first saw Dali s Persistence of memory it opened the realm of surrelism for me Pure genius I thought and I wanted to explore this new world of dream like imagination In my opinion, no one does surreal better than Dali I love his work It s so imaginative, with hints of dark elements often I d never tire of this man s work.

  14. James Lawton

    Absolute mad man, yet some what unique and one of a kind, nice mini biography with many pictures of his paintings Great book as ever from taschen the name in quality for picture books and collections

  15. Bader

    the 3 stars are for the organization of the book in addition to the work of Dali included in Most of the book s text is quotations of Dali and others so I believe it is not one of the best However, Dali is one I am looking forward reading about his life and work.

  16. Nick

    I am a huge fan of Dali s He is one of the most inspiring artists of all time I have a theory that he is a genius He paints surreal images that become real when you study each one A truely amazing man.

  17. Sakina (Y.L.) Angel

    This was a fascinating and extremely accessible introduction into the life and works of Dali It s evident that the writer is very familiar with both the writings and paintings, and shows the audience enough to make them want to read .

  18. Bookworm12

    It s really good for people who want to start learning about influential painters but have no idea where to start Taschen are brillian for this

  19. 1001 Acessórios

    Aprendi a apreciar uma obra, que n o achava nada interessante ap s conhecer pormenores do trabalho deste senhor fiquei f

  20. Lora

    Really good inside in Dali work I have this book and i always go back to it I love Dali work and if you are into it or you are not sure, i recommend it.

  21. Kirsten

    It s fucking Dali This book in particular has illustrations of the paintings that are referenced, which I found helped illustrate things better when going over the story behind specific details.

  22. James

    An interesting book that not only covers Dali s familiar work but also shows a couple of less well known sides to him, those of sculpture and of non surreal representational art.

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