Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files (2020)

Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files Jim Butcher Side Jobs Stories from the Dresden Files Here together for the first time are the shorter from Jim Butcher s DRESDEN FILES series a compendium of cases that Harry and his cadre of allies managed to close in record time The tales range from
  • Title: Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9780451463654
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files Jim Butcher Here, together for the first time, are the shorter from Jim Butcher s DRESDEN FILES series a compendium of cases that Harry and his cadre of allies managed to close in record time The tales range from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious Also included is a new, never before published novella that takes place after the cliff hanger ending of the new April 2010 hHere, together for the first time, are the shorter from Jim Butcher s DRESDEN FILES series a compendium of cases that Harry and his cadre of allies managed to close in record time The tales range from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious Also included is a new, never before published novella that takes place after the cliff hanger ending of the new April 2010 hardcover, Changes.Contains Restoration of Faith Vignette Something Borrowed from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding It s My Birthday Too from Many Bloody Returns Heorot from My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Day Off from Blood Lite Backup novelette from Thomas point of view, originally published by Subterranean Press The Warrior novelette from Mean Streets Last Call from Strange Brew Love Hurts from Songs of Love and Death Aftermath all new novella from Murphy s point of view, set forty five minutes after the end of Changes
Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files Jim Butcher

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One thought on “Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files

  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Nice, well rounded short story collection featuring some of the side characters from the series I liked seeing the growth of the author as well as some other POVs Made me hungry for Harry

  2. Phrynne

    This is an excellent collection of short stories, all part of the Harry Dresden universe, and each one introduced by the author showing where it fits the overall story line and why he wrote it The final one, Aftermath, is a massive spoiler for his book Changes, but as long as you have read past there then it is not a problem I have read the whole series and wait each year in anticipation of the next book so this was an ideal read for me All of the stories are good, some short, some long, some se [...]

  3. Stacey

    The most important thing is that I got my Harry Dresden fix Everytime I read one of these books, I tear through it like a hyperactive child in a bulk candy story Well, this anthology, the thing that is supposed to get me to the next release it was okay Some of the stories were better than others Aftermath, the anticipated novella told right after the ending of Changes, was a disappointment The story itself was a typical Dresden universe tale, with the requisite slime, kicking, intrigue and bad g [...]

  4. Lightreads

    Dresden Files short stories Jim Butcher s capacity to write about sexual assault and rape without having any idea that he s doing it will never cease to amaze me That s the uniting theme of this collection Harry Dresden, magical slugfests, and rape culture, woo I think my favorite bit was Harry getting turned on by watching Murphy make out with another woman on the magical equivalent of a date rape drug, and then lying to her about what happened later because it would just bother her to know Awe [...]

  5. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller

    4.5 stars All the Dresden fun, but with a few alternate POV s like Murphy and Thomas to sweeten the deal sign me up I enjoyed this compilation of novellas immensely maybe even slightly than the last couple of novels Every story brought something new and interesting to the table, and I kind of wish I had read them alongside the novels chronologically Overall, I d say don t skip this one it s every bit as worth your time as the main series itself.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at nikihawkes

  6. Dan Schwent

    Side Jobs is a collection of Harry Dresden short stories.A Restoration of Faith Harry goes on a missing persons case and winds up tangling with a troll.Not a bad story but not particularly good either It s the first Dresden story Jim Butcher wrote and it shows While entertaining, it has some glaring flaws, like the ten year old talking like she s 25 and the existence of a manhole on a bridge I may be ignorant of some things but I don t imagine a lot of bridges have manholes on them Still, all th [...]

  7. Nicole

    First read Oct Nov 10 read again Dec 10 re read Day Off, Backup, Something Borrowed, and The Warrior Oct 14 re read The Warrior 6 6 15 re read It s My Birthday, Too Valentine s Day 2017.Listed in the order I read them, according to my whim Vignette Interesting to see an early draft similar to several Harry Bob conversations that made it into books Restoration of Faith Cute I enjoyed seeing how Harry and Murphy met Despite the apologetic preface about this story being a beginner s effort, I like [...]

  8. Mike (the Paladin)

    Note On advice from Sandi, thank you Sandi, I make note here that if you haven t read Changes you should read it before you read at least the final story in this book as it will give away the end of said novel Also it has been advised that I warn you not to read the synopsis of the next Dresden book, due to be released this April.Thanks again Sandi for the heads up This may have been the closest to a 4 star rating I ve come for a Butcher Dresden effort This is a collection of short stories novel [...]

  9. Julianna

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsWhen reading anthologies, I usually pick up one novella here and there to fill in gaps between longer books and rarely read them straight through With that being the case, I ve decided to post reviews of each story as I finish it Reviews on the remaining novellas and the overall book rating will be forthcoming newest review for this anthologyA Restoration of Faith Restoration of Faith is a short prequel novella in the Dresden Files series It s only about the length of a c [...]

  10. Katy

    Book Info Genre Urban Fantasy anthologyReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of Urban Fantasy, the Dresden FilesMy Thoughts This is a book of short stories in the Dresden verse, put into chronological order, and starting back during Dresden s training with Nick Angel The stories are Restoration of Faith in which Harry finds a missing girl, but it s never as simple as it seems Butcher complains about the lack of quality in this story, but I think it s really awesome It s also where Harry meets [...]

  11. Becky

    Alrighty I ve been working on this one as I go along in the series, so technically I ve been reading this book for the better part of 4 months But I have enjoyed it quite a lot, and so I never really felt that draggy Am I done yet feeling that I often do when books sit on my Currently Reading shelf for a long time There were some stories in here that were better than others Some that you could tell were very early stories in the Dresden canon, but they all were enjoyable, and all were nearly per [...]

  12. Sonja Arlow

    3 starsI have read 11 books in this series and have developed a soft spot for Harry Dresden but never once considered listening to this series in audio That is until a GR friend wrote a glowing review of how much fun the audio versions are.I now understand why James Masters does an excellent job narrating this popular series I also enjoyed the short intro by the author before each story, explaining why he wrote this or where the idea came from I won t go into detail about each story as they may [...]

  13. Michael

    This book is a collection of stories which span from the beginning of Harry s career to just after the novel Changes Many things that are mentioned in passing in the novels are told in these stories The first story tells of Harry s first meeting with Murphy Another story tells the tale of Billy and Georgia s wedding Although all of these stories are very good I think that the best is The Warrior The reason that I paused in reading the novels at this point is because the last story, Aftermath , t [...]

  14. ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

    This book was a great way to give you snippets of information in between the other books and the people, Harry, Michael, Butters, Murphy and others.

  15. The Flooze

    Firstly, I appreciate this type of anthology Even though I d read some of the stories before, it s nice having everything gathered in one volume Secondly, Butcher is quite talented at the short story format He crafts believable, contained, complete plots that add much in the way of character development without becoming required reading Granted, there are certain references within the novels that aren t clear without delving into the shorts, but they generally aren t vital enough to throw off th [...]

  16. David Sarkies

    Harry s Other Adventures10 April 2017 I m not really sure if I can say all that much about this book, namely because it really didn t seem to sit well in the flow of things, and like a lot of rather dull books that I have read in the past I started finding myself becoming rather bored with it, especially when I got to the last story, or rather novella The thing is that while I have appreciated the adventures of Harry Dresden up until this point, these side jobs , or adventures that he has had in [...]

  17. Darren

    Well, it took a while read this in chronological order in between the appropriate stories as I worked my way through the first 12 books of the Dresden series these past few months but it was worth it I am a fan of backstory and the exploration of secondary arcs, and this compendium of shorts and novelettes delivered I ve captured my thoughts below for each of the individual stories Something Borrowed An interesting jump into Billy and Georgia s challenged vows I enjoyed how these stories linked [...]

  18. Wayland Smith

    I m a huge Dresden Files fan, I ll admit that up front This is a fantastic collection of short stories that take place between the various novels that make up the series It ends with a new one that takes place after the major cliffhanger at the end of Changes It s fun seeing some of the minor things Dresden deals with between his major adventures Dresden s trademark sarcasm, geekiness, and determination to do right are in every tale If you like the adventures of Chicago s resident wizard, you sh [...]

  19. Paulina

    I usually end up rating short stories a star lower than the rest of a series because they are usually too short to adequately portray characters or include and interesting enough plot But Butcher manages to add depth into his characters with each of these stories, and makes them interesting enough to engage you throughout this collection None of these stories has a major effect on the main series they are, as the title describes, side jobs , but they are occasionally referred to in passing in t [...]

  20. Steven

    Great collection of short stories The best was the last one, for sure I love Karrin Murphy.I really liked those from other characters perspectives It was nice to see through someone s eyes other than Harry s

  21. Timothy Boyd

    I loved these in between the novels short stories Lots of good attention on some of the secondary characters and their behind the scenes parts in the overall storyline As always top notch reads you won t go wrong reading the Dresden Files books My highest recommendation

  22. Ranting Dragon

    rantingdragon review oIn addition to the novels, graphic novels, television show, and role playing game, there are The Dresden Files short stories and novelettes The majority of these are collected in Side Jobs, which was published in 2010 It contains a story set before Storm Front and Welcome to the Jungle, and ends with a novella set just after Changes.When we were initially discussing our The Dresden Files extravaganza, Garrett and I talked a bit on how we wanted to review Side Jobs Because o [...]

  23. Benjamin Newland

    I ve never enjoyed short stories as much as novels, though I couldn t give you any rational explanation of that I bought Jim Butcher s Side Jobs Stories From the Dresden Files as soon as it was available, promptly read the last story in the collection which occurs immediately after the stunning event that ends Changes to see what new would be revealed, then put the book on the shelf and ignored it.Over the next couple months my neighbor, also a Harry Dresden fan, kept asking if I d read any of [...]

  24. Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)

    After the cliffhanger esque ending of Changes, I wasn t sure I wanted to sift through a side story rather than going straight to the next book to find out what becomes of Harry However, I am so glad I took the time to listen to this wonderful anthology from the Dresden Files The book contains a set of mostly previously released short stories and novellas, ranging chronologically from before the first Dresden book up to a brand new story that takes place after the conclusion of Changes.The storie [...]

  25. Sandi

    I m going to start with a warning Do not read Side Jobs Stories From the Dresden Files unless you have made it all the way through Changes Changes ends with a shocking cliffhanger that you really don t want spoiled Trust me The very last story in Side Jobs Stories From the Dresden Files takes place after that cliffhanger and gives it away I m also going to tell you to avoid even looking at the blurb for the next Dresden Files book That blurb spoils the ending of Changes in the first sentence Jus [...]

  26. Mary

    I m not a huge fan of stand alone short stories but absolutely love them as part of a larger series You can find out all kinds of delicious bits and pieces about your favorite characters that the author hasn t been able to include in the main books Overall, Side Jobs was a solid winner full of tales of Harry, Thomas, Karrin, Michael, Billy Georgia and from the Dresden world The best were Warrior I seriously loved, loved, loved this story Michael dealing with life after his injuries and trying t [...]

  27. Saphirablue

    It s a nice addition to the Dresden File series I absolutely love some of these short stories while some others range in the okay area.I adore It s My Birthday, Too , Day Off , Backup , The Warrior and Aftermath for various reasons One of the reasons is, that with Backup we get a Thomas POV and with Aftermath we get a Karrin POV Seeing everything through their eyes and knowing how they see and think about Harry So wonderful So, so, wonderful even when it hurts in the case of Aftermath Day Off i [...]

  28. Evgeny

    A collection of stories taking place from before the first book to just after Changes I actually liked it better than Ghost Story No incoming apocalypse, a lot of actions, and the good guys actually get some breaks, unlike the books in the main storyline I am not going to discuss all the stories one by one, but will try to give the whole picture What is good about them is that they fill some blanks in between the main story Below are some minor spoilers How did Harry meet Murphy first time How b [...]

  29. Derek Reeves

    While to me there is no such thing as a bad Dresden story, this was probably my least favorite However, I will admit that it is probably because my love for these books is based around Harry and his thoughts and feelings so when its not in that same sense I tend to get detached It was also very interesting to see Harry s world through Karrin s eyes Reading how her feelings for Harry and the emotions she stowed away bring some validation to the emotional tension between the two.Other than obtaini [...]

  30. Joan

    I bought this collection of short stories for likely the same reason everyone else did when it was first published everyone was desperate to read the last story and get hints of what has happened to Harry You can imagine how many hints there were in that last story none Butcher knew exactly what he was doing there However, I m glad to have all the other stories once I got over the disappointment of not knowing what was happening with Harry I d have to say that in many ways the forewords to the s [...]

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