The Sallee Rovers (2020)

The Sallee Rovers M. Kei The Sallee Rovers Lieutenant Peter Thorton of the th century British navy must struggle to come out gay while surviving storms at sea ship to ship battles duels kidnapping and in his quest for true love and honor
  • Title: The Sallee Rovers
  • Author: M. Kei
  • ISBN: 9780557267194
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
The Sallee Rovers M. Kei Lieutenant Peter Thorton of the 18th century British navy must struggle to come out gay while surviving storms at sea, ship to ship battles, duels, kidnapping, and in his quest for true love and honor The Sallee Rovers, Book One of The Pirates of the Narrow Seas Trilogy is an expertly crafted swashbuckler brimming with authentic detail and fully realized portraits ofLieutenant Peter Thorton of the 18th century British navy must struggle to come out gay while surviving storms at sea, ship to ship battles, duels, kidnapping, and in his quest for true love and honor The Sallee Rovers, Book One of The Pirates of the Narrow Seas Trilogy is an expertly crafted swashbuckler brimming with authentic detail and fully realized portraits of life at sea, written by a tall ship sailor and internationally acclaimed poet.
The Sallee Rovers M. Kei

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    320 M. Kei
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  1. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears

    As I posted before in my status update, I consider Master and Commander The Far Side of the World the ultimate chick flick It s also one of the slashiest films ever made and it amazes me that so few women who like M M romance never quite figured that out I m also a huge fan of the Horatio Hornblower series both the novels and the television series that delectable Ioan Gryffyd, yum Which is why I was thrilled to have finally found this series in e book format and it has been worth the wait I lite [...]

  2. M. Kei

    Not a review Author commentaryI m a fan of nautical fiction and got tired of the mainstream novels without gay characters, or, when they did, setting them up as nasty little incompetent minor characters whose sole reason for existence was to get knocked down by the big manly straight hero A couple of years ago, I got disgusted and said, I m a writer I ll write one for my own amusement It snowballed from there.I started off with the standard formula of the genre we meet our hero He gets his order [...]

  3. Jenre

    I ve not read an Age of Sail historical before, but I do have a deep and abiding love of Pirates of the Caribbean When I saw this had a similar theme that of charismatic pirates, uptight naval officers, fighting and other assorted high jinks on the ocean, I thought I d give it a go and see what I thought In the end this was a mixed read, for reasons I shall explain.Peter Thorton which for some reason I kept reading as Thornton , is a relatively new Lieutenant in the British Navy He s thrilled wh [...]

  4. Alicja

    rating 3 5I liked the historical detail and accuracy, the look at nautical life was drawn brilliantly and vividly I ve never read such detail in fiction before, and written in such a fascinating way.I also found the plot compelling, it was interesting with twists and turns I know the author took some liberties with history, but the changes were minor and done with a purpose since the author clearly knows the time period I liked how he included so much depth in his descriptions, even down to a pl [...]

  5. Andy Eisenberg

    I loaded the The Sallee Rovers on my iPad for my flight back from the West coast and, whether seat belted in or not, I was glued to my seat by the riveting story It was wonderfully entertaining and interesting The Sallee Rovers, after detailed beginning, is a fast paced story with wonderfully real characters They react naturally to the events around them and I was never thrown out of the story by any of them doing something that didn t fit what we knew about them up to that point That s not to s [...]

  6. LenaLena

    Sorry to say this one tanked It started out very good with a compelling story and strong characters, although the way the character interactions were written was way inferior to the descriptions and the action scenes Those were excellent, so it was grating to see how clunky things got as soon as people started talking So when the book went from mostly action to internal stuff it really lost something As interesting as the characters were, they were written without any emotional depth Their moti [...]

  7. Drianne

    This book is what it promises to be an extremely detailed boat book, in the vein of Patrick O Brian or C.S Forester, but where the main characters is gay It is absolutely that And I was absolutely enthralled reading it stayed up all night to finish it, etc I even planned to rate it 5 stars, in fact, which I almost never do, until about 75% of the way through.But then the main character began to behave so irrationally out of character, as he had been portrayed up until then, that it really threw [...]

  8. Desmian Trog

    I never thought that a book in a completely different section of preference to my normal ones would ever muscle ahead of most of my favorite texts and plant itself so firmly and so highly in my list of favorite books Although I should have known, really All it takes is a good set of characters No A great set of characters Not that the rest of the book is a slouch by any means From the depths of the descriptions to the pacing of scenes, lines and paragraphs to the momentum of the book itself, the [...]

  9. SueM

    Hmm, an interesting story but I m not sure whether I can say I really enjoyed it It is fairly well written, though I found the pacing a bit uneven at times It certainly seems well researched with solid descriptions of the various kinds of ships, as well as the cruelty of the English navy It is the human interactions that I found less than satisfactory really, and that probably is due to personal taste Peter was not a character I am drawn to and his vacillating responses annoyed me at times Yes, [...]

  10. Wyndslash

    It is a thoroughly enjoyable read, though I was slowed down because I wasn t familiar with most of the sailing terms or even a ship s parts But after getting used to it, it was fine, though I think I would have to reread the book again sometime in the future For those with sailing experience or familiar with the technical terms, they would probably enjoy it .I felt that the last part of the book where Peter falls in love was a bit rushed, but I expect it to be covered in the next book.This was [...]

  11. Rick Spilman

    Pirates of the Narrow Sea, Book 1 Sallee Rovers by M KeiThe novel is not set during the Napoleonic wars and features, as the title suggests, Sallee Rovers, Barbary Coast corsairs, sailing from the Atlantic coast of what is now Morocco In this novel the Spanish are the villains while British are not necessarily the heroes The corsairs are the somewhat heroic of the novel s contending forces The main character is a young, British officer, Lt Peter Thorton, who for a range of reasons, both logisti [...]

  12. Gerry Burnie

    The Sallee Rovers by M Kei Bristlecone Pine Press, 2010 is the first of the Pirates of the Narrow Seas trilogy and, according to his bio, the author is not only an experienced sailor, but has also experienced many of the risks and challenges described in the story He can therefore rightfully claim his status as an authority Having said that, I must admit that I wouldn t know the difference between a marlinspike and a hat pin Nevertheless, when the discussion got tactical I had no difficulty foll [...]

  13. Plainbrownwrapper

    Some notes while I read The prose style is somewhat ornate and old fashioned as befits the historical period but also a bit humorous and approachable The naval terminology does get a bit dense at times as when the narrator says of a ship She was small and old fashioned with a lateen mizzen brailed up to her shebeck yard, but she had triangular headsails Her sails were all taken in, but she had the yards for courses, topsails, and topgallants Her lines were low and fine Alllllllrighty, then But t [...]

  14. Devi

    This was really well written, finely detailed and a ton of fun It had the right amount of everything drama, tension, thrills, action, angst and romance The characters were great likeable and believable People s choices were believable Everything was just skillfully handled I wish I d bought this in analog because I think it might be something I d want on my bookshelf just so I could read again and again, and honestly, that s saying something.My single issue with this story was that the author sp [...]

  15. WhatAStrangeDuck

    At heart I m not a Romance girl but an Action Adventure girl but I found both in this Well, up to a point.I enjoyed it very much This is a pretty long book but it never got boring for me Quite frankly, I don t know a poop deck from dog poop but the highly specialised terms never bothered me Maybe because I m not a native speaker and I m fairly used to not knowing every word I m reading seriously, it doesn t matter if you know the difference between an onion and a shallot A tasty meal was served [...]

  16. Martin

    I enjoyed this immensely, reading the bulk of it in a single sitting The plot felt well structured, with one exciting action sequence leading plausibly into the next, and the protagonist s outlook and especially his eventual fate felt very original I m no judge of historical accuracy period detail some situations or lines of dialogue seemed startlingly anachronistic, but I consider this to be one of the book s strengths the author is laudably unafraid to surprise the reader, and has an impressiv [...]

  17. Pia Veleno

    This is not a romance I found it on the M M Romance group book shelf, but it is not even close Still, I kept reading after realizing this because I do like many genres.This story had too much detail for me I didn t need to know that everything down to the uniform buttons were historically accurate I wouldn t know if they weren t anyway The heavy nautical descriptions slowed down battles that seemed interesting, but languid in their wordiness Capt Tangle and Lt Thornton were interesting character [...]

  18. Nan Hawthorne

    Imagine a novel about life on a tall ship during the age of the corsairs, privateers and pirates written by someone who has sailed as part of the crew of such a ship That is exactly what you have with the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series I don t see how you could be thoroughly immersed in the time and the reality of such a life The author, M Kei, knows not only the terminology but has faced many of the challenges and dangers his characters do The result is exciting, captivating, rich and authe [...]

  19. John

    Marvelous book It s been a while since I ve enjoyed a literary adventure quite as much Even my woeful unfamiliarity with 18th Century maritime history and it s terms didn t slow me down Compelling hero, great cast of characters and plenty of action Well, I couldn t ask for I m reminded by what I so enjoyed reading Joseph Conrad and Patrick O Brien, only this time I have a hero who bats for my team.

  20. Nijin

    I am still strugling to finish the book, on and off I am overvelmed by terminology and switching of POV The plot is good, a lot of action but not a lot of actual romance Will see

  21. Nile Princess

    Enjoyed this, but there is a lot about ships and sailing A LOT Despite this, I found it very interesting and will continue to Book 2.

  22. Tex Reader

    4.0 of 5 stars Ahoy What If Hornblower Sparrow Were Gay I love gay pirates, nautical historicals, and romances, and this is one of the best series combining these, thus becoming a favorite of mine This first in the series was an exciting debut, with M Kei crafting a thrilling, authentic yarn of adventure on the high seas, with a gay twist.I liked this for the same reasons I liked each in the series To begin with, it worked well as a standalone, with its own self contained swashbuckling adventure [...]

  23. Betsy

    Lt Peter Thorton, serving in His Majesty s Navy aboard the frigate Ajax, must not only serve under an overbearing captain who finds fault in all actions, but must also hide his homosexuality and crush on his best mate fellow Lt Roger Perry But, one stormy day at sea in the midst of helping a sinking Spanish galley Thorton finds himself in the precarious position of upholding orders or his integrity as a human being Thus he finds himself under the command of Captain Tangle, former Captain of Cors [...]

  24. Jennifer

    SlashReader This will teach me once again not to rely on a lot of good ratings on to get a good book While I knew this, I still once and a while end up falling for it I had high hopes for this book based on the blurb, the reviews and the fact that the cover lacked a sex, Photoshop image or bad CGI graphic on it Unfortunately it was not to be.I will say this, M Kei knows what he s talking about His writing is not bad per say my biggest issue came with the characters themselves not with the writin [...]

  25. Max

    One of the most boring books I have ever forced myself to finish There were way too many technical terms I did not know and were not necessary to have in the book FAR too many battle descriptions bogged down the story As other reviewers have said, I skipped large passages of text in order to get back to the actual story This was suggested to me by the website as an M M romance and there was almost no romance at all One thing I did like was that Peter did not end up with Isam I kept thinking that [...]

  26. Yayanime

    I am not really sure what my feelings for this book are I do know that this book reminded me of hoffmans Brethren and while it reminded me of it because of the nautical theme it pretty much couldn t compete with it Maybe if I had read this book first I wouldn t have been so disappointed with it or as critical But alas I found this to be a mediocre book there were a lot of times where I felt like the description got in the way of the flow of the story and also a lot of abrupt things that left me [...]

  27. Britt

    Two things 1 WAY WAY WAY crazy amount of detail about nautical ships To the point that it felt inaccessible to the reader I had to skip entire paragraphs and pages because the jargon was too much for me to handle 2 A tickle fight Really Otherwise the romantic buildup was fairly nice and modestly believable.For the rest of it An an enjoyable story with a few plot moments that make you say really i m supposed to just go with you on this one but otherwise again it was a fairly nice romantic buildup [...]

  28. Sarah

    Excellently written and a great page turner The author calls this a period novel rather than a historical which was a little bit of a disappointment, since it leaves me unsure what I can rely on as well researched and what is pure invention Still, the fact that the author is a tall ship captain himself gives me a wealth of detail to add to my own limited experience on a historical vessel The characters are very well drawn and interesting and the homosexual love scenes done beautifully, so that e [...]

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