Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories (2020)

Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories J. California Cooper Some Love Some Pain Sometime Stories Whether through her stories or her legendary readings J California Cooper has an uncanny ability to reach out to readers like an old and dear friend Her characters are plain spoken and direct simple
  • Title: Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories
  • Author: J. California Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780385467889
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories J. California Cooper Whether through her stories or her legendary readings, J California Cooper has an uncanny ability to reach out to readers like an old and dear friend Her characters are plain spoken and direct simple people for whom life, despite its ever present struggles, is always worth the journey.In Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime, Cooper s characteristic themes of romance, heartbrWhether through her stories or her legendary readings, J California Cooper has an uncanny ability to reach out to readers like an old and dear friend Her characters are plain spoken and direct simple people for whom life, despite its ever present struggles, is always worth the journey.In Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime, Cooper s characteristic themes of romance, heartbreak, struggle and faith resonate We meet Darlin, a self proclaimed femme fatale who uses her wiles to try to find a husband MLee, whose life seems to be coming to an end at the age of forty until she decides to set out and see if she can make a new life for herself Kissy and Buddy, both trying and failing to find them until they finally meet each other and Aberdeen, whose daughter Uniqua shows her how to educate herself and move up in the world.These characters and others offer inspiration, laughter, instruction and pure enjoyment in what is one of J California Cooper s finest story collections.
Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories J. California Cooper

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One thought on “Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime: Stories

  1. Nea

    As with everything J California Cooper writes, these stories have soul You feel the joy, the pain, and everything in between The characters jump off the page and right into your heart Still, I must admit that one of the stories in this collection did not measure up It s the one about the man with a too big penis and the woman with a too big vagina Hmmm Was that story added just for comic relief Was the author high If so, she shared her drug of choice with the book publisher The story s conclusio [...]

  2. Darkowaa

    africanbookaddict 2016 08I kinda wish there was variety to the stories I can only remember 3 stories out of this collection The rest were predictable and quite simple, without much depth in my opinion But I do look forward to reading her full novels, in the future Maybe i d enjoy those .

  3. Troy

    These were stories of people I knew Of people I was related to I laughed, I felt sad, but CHILE I FELT.Outstanding collection of stories that really serve as a reflection of black relationships Love and loss, bad endings as well as good Some people who can t get out their own way, and some people who figured out a way to go before life passed them by.I imagine I ll read this over and over again

  4. Mark

    There are those times when you found and read a book you didn t expect to enjoy I was bit apprehensive to read this book at first knowing that this book is a short story collection I am not a fan of short story collection type of books because I thought they won t have that flow that I am looking for when I read a novel I just pick this one up on a whim hoping that this will take me off my reading slump.And yes, I was wrong about my judgement about short story collection type of books I learned [...]

  5. Shanae

    This collection of short stories is brilliant Cooper did a magnificent job capturing the lives, emotions, and problems of Black women in America I found each story touching and compelling The horror, the love, and the pain each of the women in these stories experienced is so gripping that I found myself completely lost in the stories I enjoy each story so much, I don t even have a favorite they are all so amazing The first story, Femme Fatale will hook you and you ll find yourself just like me w [...]

  6. Sarah Swedberg

    J California Cooper could write the pants off any reader Her stories were brilliant For me, however, they didn t resonate despite the beautiful prose since the stories were so often about finding a man, a subject in which I have very little interest I wanted to see her characters strutting around the page independently, doing all the things they were doing, without worrying about finding a lover man.

  7. Jacqueline O. Allen

    Number oneWow, this book is still very refreshing and dynamic I have read it before but decided to read it again She s my favorite author and I enjoy all of her books Anything new out there

  8. Christina

    The collection of short stories by J California Cooper was very inspirational and entertaining She developed her characters with great ease and talent She never told a dull story, or a story I couldn t relate to in some way she did a fantastic job in setting the scene, and delivering the message in each story All the stories had a way of seeming very familiar, and caused you to just delve right into the plot, not wanting to put the book down Every story shared how love causes some pain, some lov [...]

  9. Rambles

    A wonderful book narrated with a heavy American South drawl The style of writing can cause problems and it took a while for me to pick up the meaning of some words, but I m so pleased that I stuck with it In brief it s a collection of short stories written from the perspective of black women living, often hard, lives in the American South in the fifties Each story could be considered a parable on what can happen if you make the wrong choices in the relationships you have Many of the men in these [...]

  10. coffeedog

    Sometimes even your best friend hesitates to tell you when she he knows you re playin a fool, but in this book of rollicking stories, you may see yourself in a few, and Ms Cooper will be your new best friend for pointing things out to you Even after 20 years of marriage, I could still find useful insights wake up, girl into life, love, and perseverance You can sink real low, but nobody can KEEP you there but yourself Ms Cooper gives literary voice to a large number of African American women, and [...]

  11. Cassandra Hawkins

    Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime leaves you evaluating friendships, relationships, and life I love the storytelling technique J California Cooper uses to draw you into each story A compilation of stories, Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime are not as short as the stories in A Piece of Mine, but the stories are somewhat similar.J California Cooper is a wonderful author, who exposes you to life lessons of others, which you can apply Thanks to this book I evaluated my own life Striving to change some thi [...]

  12. Jamesia

    I was first a bit turned off by the folksy narration but I am glad I got past that because this book has served as an excellent depiction of what real love is It is one of the most influential books of my personal understanding of love outside of the Bible It illustrates the most challenging element of love, long suffering I think I learned a bit about how to better love and protect myself and to look for love in peoples actions and not just in what can be hollow meaningless words.This book cha [...]

  13. Not Now...Mommy's Reading

    I thought I had read this short story collection by my favorite author J California Cooper but apparently I had not Again, Ms Cooper delivers in only a way she can She writes in such a way that you feel as though you are sitting down on the front porch with a neighbor as they point out the going ons in the life and loves of other neighborhood folks I loved the opening story, Femme Fatale and felt the ending story A Will and A Way was the perfect ending to the bittersweet tales Another job well d [...]

  14. M. Maria

    A seasoned storyteller J California Cooper pulls you in with the first story and doesn t let go The difficulties of love, life, and making a way are explored in such a beautiful and authentic way in this book I thought I had read all of her books and came across this one Thought I would pick it up to read at a later date read the first story and had to read it straight through Thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational it s like eavesdropping on your great aunts and hearing them talk about the men i [...]

  15. D

    What a fun book Reminded me a little bit of Zora Neale Hurston in both the style and the feminist overtones, but Cooper s touch is conversational and intimate Usually reading short stories turns me off, but each of hers felt so full and colorful that you didn t feel prematurely severed from the plot which is usually my gripe I felt like I was always stepping in and out of a well developed character s life Very nice

  16. Tammy

    a bit depressing and yet slightly inspiring the characters start in very low places for various reasons, but they all seem to find themselves or what they ve been searching for in life by the end of the stories Searching for love of self and with others seems to be the key them couldn t read all the short stories as they seemed in essence to be about the same thing

  17. Quisha Light

    This is just one of many collection of short stories by J California Cooper Her method of story telling and character development speaks to my life, experiences, history, womanhood and so much These stories our timeless and the characters could be many of the people I know and love I feel as though I m sitting at my grandmother s feet listening to her tell me stories.

  18. BlackLiterati

    this book was fabulous the stories were so real and so everyday for lack of a better description i saw pieces of myself and a lot of women i know in every single story the one drawback is that the stories were all very similar there weren t any stark contrasts overall, i love this book and have added it to my list of personal favorites.

  19. Kamangeneh

    Good read but chile It went too fast Stories were short but full, I didn t feel cheated after reading them My only complaint would be the similarity of the stories I love men as much as the next woman but sheesh So many men, so many problems I must say though, there is plenty of wisdom to be taken from these pages Young women, read up

  20. Brooke

    Each story was wonderful and in every situation you think I know a woman like that or I know a woman in that situation It was hard for me to put this book down and I enjoyed it from beginning to end Oh what a learning experince for women young and old.

  21. January Carroll

    The tone of this book is as warm and comforting as a large mug of hot coffee with lots of sugar and milk in the kitchen of your best friend s house Cooper speaks to the reader so she s completely engaging I m charmed.

  22. Tori

    This book was my first introduction to J California Cooper and it was enough to whet my appetite These short stories made me chuckle, cry and everything in between Not as engaging as her other novels, but worth reading nonetheless.

  23. Sixrs cole

    So far this book is so good Short stories that are truly engaging and make you think about the pain you go through while loving Yes, love can hurt so good smile I m truly enjoying it, almost finished and will start Homemade Love probably tonight

  24. Lauren

    I originally took this book out from the library, not knowing what to expect It became like a good friend I felt like the author was my mother and I need one It gives good advice and good instructions for living Books like this are rare This would make a good gift.

  25. Ozy Aloziem

    I was enveloped in each short story The characters were real human beings that lived intricate and often difficult lives Despite their various struggles, they all managed to find some glimpse of love amidst all that pain.

  26. Stephanie Freeman

    Excellent book This book was an major source of encouragement to me in the early stages of my writing career I often refer back to this book when my muse falls silent I hope that one day I will meet Ms Cooper to tell her what an inspiration she has been to me as a woman and as a writer.

  27. Deborah Palmer

    All her books are excellent I love the way she develops relationships in the books The characters are full bodied and realistic Not just cut and dried romance You always learn something from Ms Coopers stories.

  28. HeyMiaJ

    This is such a good book to read when you need to uplift your spirit and know that your not the only one out here struggling to find , keep and understand love This book had gotten me through the last few months

  29. Tracie

    Eh So so Wouldn t recommend it Didn t hate it but didn t love it either Every story kinda ran together for me.

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