Dark Desires (2020)

Dark Desires Eve Silver Dark Desires When Dr Damien Cole her mysterious and secretive new employer offers her a chance to work beside him Darcie Finch who had been warned to fear him discovers a new side to Damien and wonders if he
  • Title: Dark Desires
  • Author: Eve Silver
  • ISBN: 9780821779668
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
Dark Desires Eve Silver When Dr Damien Cole, her mysterious and secretive new employer, offers her a chance to work beside him, Darcie Finch, who had been warned to fear him, discovers a new side to Damien and wonders if he is truly a dedicated healer, or a ruthless killer.
Dark Desires Eve Silver

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One thought on “Dark Desires

  1. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker

    A thick gray wall of fog hovered over the damp stones of Hanbury Street, carrying the stink of old blood and rotting entrails.I read this for my Gothic square in Halloween Bingo.I got this free from , as a free book, super pleased The beginning felt a little jerky but once the flow started, I was really enjoying it As far as it being part of a Gothic series, it had a nice spooky feel with mystery and many questions regarding people and their maybe maybe not murderous leanings There s a little bi [...]

  2. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

    Darcie is destitute She has two choices, either become a prostitute or a maid for a dark and dangerous doctor She chooses to be a maid for Dr Damien Cole He s a very mysterious man who keeps odd hours, receives odd deliveries in the middle of the night, and has a workshop laboratory in the carriage house that no one is permitted to enter Darcie s imagination the gossip of a fellow maid makes for some very creepy assumptions of what the doctor is doing Darcie is promoted from maid to assistant wh [...]

  3. Linda

    When I was much younger the selection of romances is not what it is today Basically you had a choice of bodice rippers , the classics, some contemporaries, the gothics and a few Regencies I enjoyed reading gothics because of the romance and mystery Velda Johnston was one of my favorite authors and THE LATE MRS FONSELL comes to mind DARK DESIRES reminds me of the Victorian romances of the 1970 s but with steam and a crisper edge.Our moody hero, Damien Cole, has secrets He is a doctor and one of [...]

  4. Vicki

    Deliciously GothicDark Desire had all the makings of a great gothic novel Damien is a brooding, secretive and seemingly haunted man A doctor that secrets himself in his laboratory Darcie is running for her life She too has secrets and fears She is sent to Damien for help She finds him to be than she expected He is beautiful and she feels drawn to him Even after being warned against him A wonderful tense read that has sweet moments and hints of hopefulness White chapel is searching for a madman [...]

  5. Sarah Mac

    Tepid predictable It might be palatable if you re new to gothic romance in general, but don t be fooled if you re a hardened genre fangirl Despite the tension of the cover blurb, this is a toothless read lots lots of Feelz examined in the uber dramatic language of soul searing schmoopy romance, all serious violence off page or related after the fact, an extremely beta hero The heroine was a dingbat who constantly drew the wrong conclusions not because of red herrings, but because she didn t act [...]

  6. Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*

    I really enjoyed this My only issue would have been the power gap between the H and h However, I managed to get over this as Damien was a good beta and was nothing but kind while still managing to be dark to Darcie, and treated everyone with respect I also assumed there was an age gap, as Darcie was only 20 and Damien was a doctor, but his age was never explicitly stated Generally I don t enjoy age gaps as a personal preference, so I thought I d mention it.This was a dark and dirty romance with [...]

  7. Susan

    I started out really liking this book had a dark, gothic atmosphere The heroine started out meek then got stronger as the book went along and the hero, though mysterious, was revealed to the heroine one layer at a time He didn t tell about himself, just stepped back to let her find out for herself and I appreciated that.However, toward the end, the suspicions the heroine had for the hero got to be too many At every turn when something bad happened in the story, she immediately thought that just [...]

  8. Delta

    3.5 Gothic Mystery Romance StarsDarcie Finch finds herself in desperate straits and on the brink of starvation in treacherous Whitechapel Her apparent salvation arrives as the opportunity to work for the handsome, mysterious, and brooding Dr Damien Cole He is an anatomist with a private laboratory and lots of secretive late night hours When several prostitutes are butchered in Whitechapel, Darcie wonders if the suspicious goings on in the household are somehow connected to the gruesome deaths Sh [...]

  9. Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism)

    I read Dark Desires as part of my challenge to read a different subgenre of romance each month, and the first month happened to be gothic romance, just in time for Halloween I wasn t entirely sure what gothic romance was going in, so I did some reading and basically got old school mystery with a dark, dangerous, brooding hero Apparently, Jane Eyre falls into this category Yeah, I didn t know that either.Anyway, I chose Dark Desires for two reasons It was a fairly recently published gothic romanc [...]

  10. Celestine

    This Victorian Gothic romance novel pushes all the right buttons brooding doctor, creepy setting, mysterious secrets, multiple suspects, romantic push and pull and cornered heroine It has been hard to find a Gothic romance in the tradition of Victoria Holt, but with a sensual edge This book by Eve Silver fit solidly into that category Darcie is the down on her luck woman sent by her sister to serve in the household of the enigmatic Dr Damien Cole He does mysterious, bloody things in the shed at [...]

  11. Margaret Foxe

    I grew up reading Victoria Holt novels, but I haven t really read much in the gothic romance genre since then On a whim, I gave this novel a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised It reminded me why I used to love Victoria Holt novels so much This author s writing is strong, the gothic elements very well executed, and the brooding hero very sexy indeed I also liked how the author took all the elements I loved from Victoria Holt s play book, but added some heat between the heroine and hero It was p [...]

  12. Carolyn F.

    Stinky I think this is her first book and I like her books under her alias Eve Kenin but boy, this one was pretty bad The story line would make you think it would be better middle class woman fallen on hard times goes to her madame sister to work at a doctor who is known to dissect bodies perhaps illegally But the way Darcie is attracted to Damien and him to her, totally unbelievable and no spark at all, at least in my opinion I m only giving her 2 stars because this is probably her first book, [...]

  13. Carrie

    I really liked this book As a first time reader of Eve Silver I must say that I was really impressed It kept me on my toes at all times, kept me guessing Dr Damien Cole was such a hard to read character and that s good because that was the authors plan, he was meant to leave you going hmm I really liked Darice although at times I will admit I was wondering what she was thinking, for example bedding and yes I know I used the word bedding a guy you think is a murder Will I read of her Oh yes, I t [...]

  14. Ana Maria

    Uf le do hace much simo pero me hab a encantado Oscuro, misterioso Tiene escena hot Creo que lo voy a releer.

  15. Luli

    Este es un caso flagrante de no eres t , soy yo.Debe de ser que no estaba de humor para esta historia, o que esperaba algo diferente m s oscuro, m s siniestro o que acababa de terminar un misterio que me hab a encantado s , lo s , las comparaciones son odiosas porque no he conseguido conectar con ella Y no es una mala historia, no se or, pero yo he ido encontr ndole faltas a cada paso, debe de ser que me he enajenado y me he cre do que era Sherlock Holmes, o algo as Puede ser que mi principal pr [...]

  16. Lady Day

    Dark Desires is not a page turner but a good gothic romance The book cover attracted my attention It reminds me of the one house on the block where the sun never shines, and out of fear curious neighbors peek from drawn curtains while remaining behind locked doors My first novel by Eve Silver She is known for writing edgy, steamy, action packed books I cannot say that Dark Desires is action packed, but I look forward to reading of her books if they are written in a romantic gothic style a steam [...]

  17. Sana Khan

    Its been a while since I have enjoyed a historical romance like I did this one It wasnt about the London ton, or ball gowns and beautiful heroines Its a love story yes, but with under currents of something dark and sinister.The story is about Darcie Finch, a well to do merchant s daughter, who has befallen dire straits With no money and no place to live, she is forced sleep in dark alleyways in London s notorious Whitechapel district It is the era of Jack the ripper, and tales of gruesome murder [...]

  18. Jennifer

    What a treat this turned out to be I ve said it before, but it bears repeating Kindle freebies are hit or miss, and often a miss So, when you find one that you end up enjoying a lot, it makes it all the special.I loved the heroine though, I do think she held on to her suspicions about the hero just a tad too long , I loved the hero but wished we d been able to read from his perspective, too , I loved the side characters.I enjoyed the fact that while this was set in Victorian Era London, it was [...]

  19. Paula Berinstein

    Highly flawed but I enjoyed the book anyway I usually have trouble with books that aren t well written, but Ms Silver is such a fun storyteller that this time I didn t care If you are a stickler, you may have trouble with it, but if you just enjoy Gothic stories, you might want to give it a try.

  20. Pamela(AllHoney)

    A dark romance with a definite gothic feel to it Unlike many gothics I ve read in the past, this one was NOT in first person POV It was written in third person but still followed the main character and her thoughts The villain was fairly easy to figure out but still a pleasant read.

  21. Hannah Mshar

    I didn t finish this, but I got close enough to not feel bad about rating and reviewing it The premise was great, and it started out pretty good But the pacing is waaayy too slow, and the prose was overly complicated The main character, Darcie, thought herself into elaborate, annoying circles just about every two seconds and it was all I could do not to skip all of her thoughts which is most of the book I like Dr Damien Cole quite a lot but unfortunately, I couldn t pull through for him 2 stars. [...]

  22. Rebecca

    I think women are capable of many things I ve been on a historical kick lately, especially those involving early detective forensics When a trusted book friend recommended this Thanks, Beth , I couldn t click fast enough It has a great balance of romance, mystery, and gothic element I adored Darcie immensely and really enjoyed the artist angle to early anatomy I cannot wait to see what characters are featured in the second installment Note This is a series, but Dark Desires can be read as a comp [...]

  23. Rinou

    I liked the very light medical context, but I didn t like the false creepy atmosphere and the false suspects you know from the first appearance can not be guilty.I rolled my eyed when the dodgy men turn out to be nothing than washer men, as in many other scenes I can not describe because it would say too much.What about the heroine, who goes out in the middle of a storm in the city s most ill fame area when she has been told to stay inside All drowned in the endless questions the heroin thinks [...]

  24. Biz

    This was the first book of hers that I read It surprised me as I m not overly into Gothic Romance, but this one really sucked me in.The hero performs autopsies on cadavers and has gravediggers get said cadavers for him The heroine is a servant who ends up working at the hero s household She is also an artist and through various circumstances ends up illustrating the hero s work for medical science.They fall in love But could the hero be the man who has been murdering prostitutes in whitechapel T [...]

  25. Ðawn

    4.5 stars Loved it Loved the hero loved the heroine Minor complaints The anatgonist was weak He is evil because he is insane, or evil for the sake of evil.The love scenes could be better not very detailed A bit predictableFelt a bit rushed at the end.

  26. Jess

    I am overcome with how much I enjoyed this book I was hooked from the beginning It did not disappoint The tension and suspicion held strong until the end Completely gripping.

  27. Chrissy Dyer

    Eve Silver gives us a fabulous, sit on the edge of your seat story To me, it is a cross between Mary Reilly and Jack the Ripper Best read ever

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