Godborn (2020)

Godborn Paul S. Kemp Godborn In the second book of the multi author Sundering series New York Times bestselling author Paul S Kemp expands the legacy of Erevis Cale and sets the stage for a new and exciting chapter in theannals
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  • Author: Paul S. Kemp
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Godborn Paul S. Kemp In the second book of the multi author Sundering series, New York Times bestselling author Paul S Kemp expands the legacy of Erevis Cale and sets the stage for a new and exciting chapter in theannals of the Forgotten Realms.Living in a remote abbey nestled among the Thunder Peaks of Sembia, Vasen Cale is haunted by dreams of his father, Erevis Cale, trapped in the frozenIn the second book of the multi author Sundering series, New York Times bestselling author Paul S Kemp expands the legacy of Erevis Cale and sets the stage for a new and exciting chapter in theannals of the Forgotten Realms.Living in a remote abbey nestled among the Thunder Peaks of Sembia, Vasen Cale is haunted by dreams of his father, Erevis Cale, trapped in the frozen hell of Cania Vasen knows the day will come when he must assume his role in the divine drama unfolding across Faer n But he knows not what that role should be or whether he is ready to take it on He only knows what his father tells him in dreams that he must not fail.Enter Drasek Riven, a former compatriot of Erevis Cale Haunted by dreams of his own, he too knows the time to act is near Shar, the great goddess of darkness, looks to cast her shadow on the world forever Riven has glimpsed the cycle of night she hopes to complete, and he knows she must be stopped.At the crossroads of divine intrigue and mortal destiny, unlikely heroes unite to thwart the powers of shadow and hell, and the sundering of worlds is set on its course.
Godborn Paul S. Kemp

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One thought on “Godborn

  1. Dan Schwent

    Raised in an abbey, Erevis Cale s son Vasen lives a life of peace despite being born of shadow, until he gets caught in the schemes of demons and devils Can Vasen and his new friend Orsin stop the machinations of Mephistopheles and prevent the world from being destroyed I got this courtesy of NetGalley and Wizards of the Coast.When I got the first two books of The Sundering from Netgalley, I assumed they were closely linked They are not They both are set in the Forgotten Realms around the same t [...]

  2. Josh Barron

    The Godborn by Paul S Kemp has been a long time coming Ever since I finished reading The Twilight War Trilogy back in 2008, I have long awaited the sequel to continue this massive story arc revolving around Mask and his chosen Fortunately, Wizards of the Coast gave me an early peek so I could review this book For those of you who have not read the Cale books before, you can still read The Godborn without having read the previous Cale stories Paul writes in references to the previous entries freq [...]

  3. Lauren Henderson

    Confession I have a problem when it comes to the fantasy genre of sticking with my tried and true authors mainly Tolkien, R.A Salvatore, and Terry Goodkind although after reading what he really thinks about himself, I m pretty sure I m off that train see this interview So after doing a little bit of research on The Sundering Series, I figured it would be the perfect way to discover new fantasy authors because 1 The series is headed off by R.A Salvatore who I know I love 2 The books are considere [...]

  4. Maureen Brunner

    The Godborn is the second novel of the soon to be released The Sundering series The Sundering is a multi authored series, where each novel chronicles the lives and experiences of characters set in the worlds originally imagined by the creators of Dungeons and Dragons DND role playing game The Sundering marks the events and time period within the DND milieu Faerun, on the planet Toril, within the lands of the Forgotten Realms The Sundering occurs at the conclusion of the time of the Spellplague s [...]

  5. Diayll

    Originally Reviewed At Mother Gamer WriterRating 5 ControllersReview Source NetGalleyReviewer AimeeKayOk I enjoyed the Godborn, but I really thought there would be of a connection to the first book, The Companions Don t get me wrong, it s a great book, but since it is the second book in the Sundering series yea, well I thought it would have some of the characters from the first book in it Wanted to get that out of the way, now on with the rest of the review I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoy [...]

  6. Jeff

    First off, your enjoyment of this book is somewhat dependent on your experience with The Forgotten Realms and specifically the Erevis Cale stories already published Not reading the previous books won t diminish your enjoyment, this is a solid novel that stands well on it s own However having read the previous books you will be in for an exceptional wrap up of many things don t want to spoil anything here.Lets get down to the brass tacks It s a solid plot Overall I think anyone can follow this, w [...]

  7. Matthew Gill

    And Erevis Cale Is Who Before I begin let me establish something first I had zero, none, nada, zip, absolutely no clue who Erevis Cale even was until quite recently Growing up I played way than my share of Dungeons Dragons and I am in no way ashamed to admit that I spent a lot of time doing so within the confines of the Forgotten Realms I have always had a fondness for the setting and over the years have followed its shifting storylines And yet somehow I had managed to never notice the stories [...]

  8. Stefan

    The Godborn by Paul S Kemp published by Wizards of the Coast is book two of The Sundering , an epic, world spanning event in the Forgotten Realms The first book is The Companions by R.A Salvatore Though both books detail events leading to the Sundering, reading the first one is not a requirement to enjoy and follow The Godborn Some books just make you giddy with anticipation As a long time Paul S Kemp fan, I have been waiting for Vasen Cale s story for a long time, and now after so many years th [...]

  9. Daniel

    The Godborn is the second novel in The Sundering series of books set in the Forgotten Realms Each of the novels in The Sundering is designed to be a standalone installment, so, reading the previous novels is suggested but not required This one is designed to be a sort of capstone to the Cale series of books, which I haven t read Moreover, if you haven t read any of the authors novels in the Forgotten Realms before, you may feel a bit Dropped in where you have no idea who the characters are Howev [...]

  10. Timothy Pecoraro

    Most readers coming into The Godborn will probably be coming off reading the Companions, by R.A.Salvatore Which, from my perspective, is ideal Because you couldn t have asked for two different books to read in a series Paul S Kemp does a masterful job of writing this second book in the series But he does it in an unexpected way I would say this book is dark fantasy bordering on Horror And I loved it This is not to say it is overly gory or against the tenets of the broader Forgotten Realms flavo [...]

  11. Online Eccentric Librarian

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress This second outing in the multi author series The Sundering is similar to the first book, The Companions in the sense that it heavily relies on the reader being familiar with the earlier books which it relies on the Twilight War.Personally, I had not read them so my review comes from the point of a person who is not familiar with the characters Hopefully those who do will find this a much nicer read, as I did not enjoy this book at all [...]

  12. Koji Watanabe

    Godborn was a book I have been waiting for for 5 years I could literally not put it down Paul Kemp is a master in the antihero and realistic personality department His books hit grey areas many realms authors avoid this is a good thing, much like game of thrones and does it in style, often leaving you teary eyed for the characters you grow to love.The sundering is a book series in Forgotten realms, but each book has nothing to do with others in the series Rather, each story follows stories each [...]

  13. Abhinav

    You can read the full review over at my blog sonsofcorax.wordpress 2013This is the year that Wizards of the Coast goes really big They are in the midst of launching the next edition of Dungeons Dragons and to tie in with that they are releasing a series of linked novels that tell of how all the changes to the DD settings, such as the Forgotten Realms, end up happening Each book is written by Wizards top talent and links to existing series Bob Salvatore s The Companions is the first tale of The S [...]

  14. Kelly

    I haven t read anything by Paul S Kemp before After finishing The Godborn, I have to wonder why The man can write.The Godborn is the second book in the Forgotten Realms event The Sundering Wizards of the Coast plan to release six standalone novels from series authors that will show the events of The Sundering from the perspective of some of Faer n s best known heroes For those unfamiliar with Kemp, his hero is Erevis Cale, shade and chosen of Mask The Godborn begins with the birth of Erevis son. [...]

  15. Lindsay Stares

    New Release I received an electronic copy of this book via Netgalley for review.Premise Dungeons and Dragons is coming out with a new edition next year This series of books each focused on a different set of characters take place during the in world adjustments necessary so that the abilities of the characters in the novels will match the adjustments to the rules of the game Insert eyeroll here.Okay, remember how I said that the first one of these books wasn t a good jumping on point This one is [...]

  16. Margaret Fisk

    Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverThe Godborn suffered from the same issue I had with The Companions, that of too many main characters existing in distant locations scattered throughout the world What made this issue a bigger deal for me in The Godborn was the lack of an overall goal The shape of the story did not become clear to me until rather late in the book, an effect worsened by the characters having the same problem in that they were following a path laid on faith and cloaked [...]

  17. Mike

    I feel like I buck the trend a bit in the world of Forgotten Realms fiction Paul S Kemp s Erevis Cole is by far my favorite character and Kemp s handle on dialogue is superb The Godborn continues Wizards of the Coast s Sundering event following Salvatores The Companions I wasn t a huge fan of The Companions as a novel, it felt far too transitory to make for a good stand alone read, and thankfully The Godborn doesn t follow in that tradition The Companions hinted and The Godborn confirms that the [...]

  18. Dianne

    Author Paul S Kemp continues the multi author series The Sundering with his contribution, The Godborn which seems to take place at about the same time as Book 1, The Companions but with a much heavier feel Each book in the series brings to life the characters and events in the Forgotten Realms, originally part of the Dungeons and Dragons phenomenon The Godborn, really starts with the eminent birth of Vasen, destined to play an important role in the battle between light and dark His mother is sen [...]

  19. Beth

    Paul S Kemp once again pulls you deep into this completely bewitching fantasy world in The Godborn His mother was transported into the future for his birth Now Vasen s birth is suppose to play a pivotal role in the battle between light and dark When he reaches adulthood, Vasen is haunted by visions of his father s imprisonment For Vasen questing into hell is no easy task, but that is where he must go to find his father During this quest Vasen risks uniting his light and dark sides while fighting [...]

  20. Elar

    Story was compelling and had nice touches of detail to be thrilling fantasy novel I do not suggest reading it as Sundering series book 2, but to get the know setup of this particular DD universe before as I only have read Drizzt stories and this book background left me really in the dark.

  21. Daniel

    I received an electronic advanced reading copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley.This is the first non Salvatore book I ve read in the Forgotten Realms universe, and for a book in this shared universe genre I found it quite good with writing superior to what I typically would see even in the best of Salvatore s or similar As a stand alone novel in the loosely tied Sundering series, I found that Kemp managed to keep this novel far tighter and less mysterious than Salvatore s The Companions [...]

  22. Liz Barnsley

    Thank you to Netgalley for inviting me to review this book.After very much enjoying The Companions I was looking forward to this one, and although the wrting is just as good, I have marked it down a bit simply because I did not enjoy it as much as Book One This often happens I find with a series, the second book is hardly ever the best of the bunch and you find that as the series moves on, THEN you get the even better instalments.Anyway I digress slightly lets get back to the important stuff I t [...]

  23. Shannon

    4 Stars I received this galley from NetGalley Since this book is the sequel of an ongoing series and the characters are also part of a very large storyline I will leave the synopsis alone As someone who just discovered this storyline I found myself a little intimidated by the amount of characters, especially since some of the names are very similar Fortunately that problem didn t last long and I easily caught onto a rhythm The world building is incredible and easily imaginable with all of the ot [...]

  24. Carrie

    I had just finished The Companions, book one of this series by R.A Salvatore, and I enjoyed it very much I am very familiar with Salvatore s books and characters and found it to be an enjoyable read I assumed that all of the books in this series would be connected in some way, but that does not seem to be the case Perhaps when further books in this series are released it will become evident how they will tie together, if at all.Unlike R.A Salvatore, I have not read any prior works by this autho [...]

  25. Michael Adams

    ARC provided by Netgalley for a honest reviewSo for my first disclaimer I have been reading playing Dungeons and dragons for over 20 years now so I have a good understanding of the books and world of Forgotten Realms This book is the continuation of the twilight war by Paul S Kemp and to say it was anticipated due to delays would be a massive understatement This book was so engaging I was unable to put it down and read it in one day The character of Vasen Cale was engaging and displayed the part [...]

  26. Craig Meyer

    Paul S Kemp does it again with his upcoming book GODBORN GODBORN is the second book in the Sundering Series taking place in the Forgotten Realms universe The book has been a long time coming I have to say that the book s delay is one of the reasons that I had given up on Forgotten Realms I can now forgive them for the wait It was a great read with Mr Kemp demonstrating his talent for storytelling.GODBORN isn t just a by the numbers swords and sorcery novel It s about people dealing with difficul [...]

  27. Paul

    An amazing read It kept me turning through the pages throughout the whole book This is the second book in the new epic multi author series called The Sundering This book takes place one hundred years after the Twilight Wars trilogy by Kemp and details the adventures of Erevis Cale s son Vasen Cale and a couple of his friends.Shar is stirring and her Nightseer is plotting, Mask has laid down plans upon plans to stop the Cycle of Night from coming to fruition It s up to Vasen and company to stop t [...]

  28. Rob B

    After reading the Erevis Cale trilogy, I remember anxiously waiting for the Twilight War books to come out and being delighted as each book was as exciting as the last, while getting and epic I loved Kemp s intricate plot and character development, where many of the Forgotten Realms books seem to be of a let s just play a DD game and then write about what we did approach.The Godborn unfortunately broke the trend There was enough action and FR lore in the book to keep it interesting, but I fou [...]

  29. Kristen

    The Godborn, like other of Paul S Kemp s Forgotten Realms novels, was AWESOME And, for those of you who have not read the others, as well as R.A Salvatore s The Companions Book One of The Sundering , really, really, REALLY need to read them BEFORE reading The Godborn I cannot stress that enough Trust me Of course, I wish it had been longer, but that is my only complaint The story and characters themselves were amazing, as I have come to expect from Paul S Kemp And so far, he has not let me down. [...]

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