Gossamer Axe (2020)

Gossamer Axe Gaèl Baudino Dawn Wilson Gossamer Axe When her lover is imprisoned Christa a centuries old harper must set her free using the greatest weapon she possesses musicIn ancient Ireland Chairiste N Cummen a harper was trained in the secrets
  • Title: Gossamer Axe
  • Author: Gaèl Baudino Dawn Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780451450258
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
Gossamer Axe Gaèl Baudino Dawn Wilson When her lover is imprisoned, Christa a centuries old harper must set her free using the greatest weapon she possesses musicIn ancient Ireland, Chairiste N Cummen, a harper, was trained in the secrets of music and magic, but her curiosity and pride trapped her and her lover in the realm of the fairy folk, the Sidh Chairiste alone managed to escape, and now, living in thWhen her lover is imprisoned, Christa a centuries old harper must set her free using the greatest weapon she possesses musicIn ancient Ireland, Chairiste N Cummen, a harper, was trained in the secrets of music and magic, but her curiosity and pride trapped her and her lover in the realm of the fairy folk, the Sidh Chairiste alone managed to escape, and now, living in the modern world as Christa Cruitaire, a quiet harp teacher, she is all but resigned to her inability to win her beloved s freedom until she discovers that the volume and violence of the electric guitar and heavy metal might prove brutal enough to forcibly breach the barriers between the human and fairy worlds With the aid of her bandmates who must themselves overcome inner demons of abuse, addiction, and prejudice Christa is determined to use her newfound musical power to rescue the woman she loves.Audacious and heartfelt, Gossamer Axe is an entirely original hero s journey, an ode to the power of music and the human spirit alike, charged with rapier sharp social commentary.
Gossamer Axe Gaèl Baudino Dawn Wilson

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    380 Gaèl Baudino Dawn Wilson
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One thought on “Gossamer Axe

  1. Jeff Bower

    First I should say that I m a guitarist and that I love rock and blues.This is the best music themed fantasy novel I have read, no others are even close in my estimation though I did enjoy Stasheff s Warlock Rock a festival express of puns, and liked The Gutbucket Quest by Leming and Anthony It s the story of a Celtic harper who lost her lover who happens to be a woman, but that s not the focus of the plot or story to the land of fairie, where she is kept captive The harper, Christa, has tried t [...]

  2. Bryan

    The description is horribly off base and should be taken with several pounds of salt Part of the story involves how each of the band members comes to terms with the issues in their respective pasts, and, yes, each of them has been hurt by men sometime in their past The fact that the characters deal with real forms of abuse and neglect is not misanthropy it s crafting a believable cast of characters and showing how the events of the story impact them The treatment of the character who dies of AID [...]

  3. Colleen

    WOW The GoodReads summary of the book is incredibly negative and hateful I m rather surprised But please go read that for a different opinion than mine.A Celtic harpist woman from the 600s yes, 1400 years ago finally broke free from the Faerie lands in the 1700s She spent the past 200 years trying to perfect her music and magic in order to go back to the Faerie gate and win freedom for her lover As the book unfolds in the 1980s Christa discovers rock and roll, and bends her energy to building a [...]

  4. Nicholas Whyte

    nhwvejournal 1104000ml return return The premise of the book sounds, frankly, awful Christa, born in sixth century Ireland but exiled to 1980s Denver, assembles an all female heavy metal band called Gossamer Axe to blast open the mystical portals and rescue her girlfriend from the twilight realm where she is imprisoned To do this she reincarnates her magical harp as an electric guitar return return Yet it s actually rather good Of course it is rather earnest about paganism, feminism and magic, b [...]

  5. Michael Pate

    I read this back when it first came out And as I recall, a few years later when I was looking for a fun read.I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time it combined two of my favorite things especially in 1990 fantasy and heavy metal music It would be interesting to reread it now to see how the story holds up I would think since the main character was hundreds of years old it would do just fine.P.S In the author s note, it describes Baudino s personal experience as a Wiccan I think that was the first ti [...]

  6. Eh?Eh!

    this tale made me want to take up metal the subculture sounded completely unappealing but the intensity and devotion of the participants.llingd haired superwoman discovers the power of heavy metal music just as she s about to give up hope, takes on faerie to win her lover back a teenaged Emma probably would ve loved this in her early days of identification with Vanyel et al.

  7. Shandra

    Urban fantasy before there was such a label, this was one of the first fantasy books with a lesbian main character that I ever read and there still aren t nearly enough of them around, in my opinion I was a college student, relatively recently out of the closet, and I remember loving it I should dig up a copy and give it a reread one of these days, see how it stands up.

  8. Willa Grant

    I loved this book who could resist an ancient harper challenging faery with heavy metal The fact that it was a lesbian ancient harper challenging faery to get her lover back made it irresistible

  9. Jenett

    A longtime favorite, currently re read because of the music and magic aspect As a book, its starting to show its age a bit the music world has changed a little but there s still something about the characters that gets me every time And there s one particular bit, on page 346 in the paperback, that has had me in tears every single time I read it it s the Yes, I can sing bit.

  10. Lisa

    I LOVE THIS BOOK Published in 1990 and I picked it up new in a bookstore so I probably read it for the first time in 90 or 91 I know I ve read it at least 10 times since then The story is originally amazing, I mean who can t get into a chick from ancient Ireland who plays electric guitar to free her lover from faery One of my favorite books ever

  11. Jess

    Haha, published in 1990 You wouldn t know it, because this is some full on insane magical guitar battling 80s style with big hair and unicorns and stuff This book was surprisingly cool as in real cool, not ironic cool , considering the teal cloaked lady mage wielding her musical battle axe on the front.

  12. Shomeret

    This is an old favorite of mine It s one of the best fantasies I ve read dealing with music and also one of the best dealing with a lesbian relationship I m so glad that the GR description of this book is now neutral and acceptable.

  13. Sarah Baker

    True love, rock and roll, the Sidhe getting what they deserve This book had so many cool things going on, but it took its sweet time getting anywhere And when I look at a book and groan, I know I m done Maybe I ll try it again some day, but it just wasn t for me.

  14. L.A.

    A woman who s lost her lover meets a man who s lost his music, and together they make magic.Okay, it s a little complicated than that Christa and her lover, Judith, were stolen by the Sidhe centuries ago, because of their musical gifts Christa managed to escape, but suffers horrible guilt at having left Judith behind Meanwhile, centuries have passed, and the gentle harper now lives in the age of rock and roll Is it possible the the musical magic of a new age is the key to rescuing Judith With h [...]

  15. Nick

    This story mostly held up over time, other than a few bits of technology The synthesizer s computer with floppy drives, the obsession of high level music executives with cocaine and the passing along of demo tapes were old school, but the story itself was and is solid.The central character began life as a harper, but in the 6th century An odd combination of circumstances left her lover in the hands of the Sidh, the folk under the hill, and her in modern America She was doing fine as a harp teach [...]

  16. Ruby and

    I wanted to give this 3.5 stars because of the weight of its main drawback the first 50 pages are absolute drudgery They say the exposition is the hardest to write a good editor would have cut it right out of this book It was very difficult to connect with the protagonist during these 50 pages, and her backstory could have been built in later as deftly as the author built in the backstory of the other characters.That being said, this book is pretty darn amazing It will deeply move any musician I [...]

  17. Natalie

    I have no idea how to rate Gossamer Axe, because it hits a bunch of my personal guilty pleasure buttons and I love it so much, but it is also thoroughly ridiculous and 80s tasticly terrible And LITERALLY EVERYTHING about Monica s characterization and storyline is racist That is, unfortunately, not an exaggeration I suppose I ll go with 5 stars on a purely personal level, but I d also like to state that I really do not recommend this book, unless you think LET US VERY EARNESTLY AND VERY 80S LY FI [...]

  18. Allison Ann

    One of my favourite fantasty novels of all time yes it s particularly dated now and probably wouldn t much appeal to those who didn t live through the 80s and don t have fond memories of backcombing their hair and tying bandanas around various body parts, but I still enjoy every re read The music parts of the book still make me desperately want to join a band despite my total tone deafness and the magic parts are lovely Chick with a harp indeed.

  19. Sean

    I thought this was adorable.As a music person myself, I appreciated the huge amount of music theory that was described in this book I thought that the female female relationship that was not the center of the story, but rather a driving force was adorable, and I could feel the love they had for each other I thought the idea of metal music breaking down walls literally and figuratively , especially by an all girl band was socio political statement worth listening to.

  20. Kate

    I expected this to be terrible, in the way of most Lesbian fiction Instead I found that I couldn t put it down It s no revelation, but it is highly entertaining I loved the author s clear feminist, I love wicca and Ireland bent When I wasn t curious about the plot I was giggling at the clear biases A perfect January distraction.

  21. Shawn

    A fun read, especially if you have any fond memories or guilty pleasures for 80 s hair metal Not as on course or developed as the Starlight series, but themes are still there I ve been dared to make a mix tape of the songs mentioned in this book, and perhaps I will.

  22. Jess

    The Mists of Avalon and Jem the Holograms had a pure and earnest book baby, and its name is Gossamer Axe.

  23. Michele bookloverforever

    excellent and outstanding tale woven around legends of the faeally strong female lead character

  24. Virginia

    When I read this book in high school I was totally titillated by the whole lesbian thing going on.Despite that, it s a pretty damn good book I ll have to read it again one of these days.

  25. Haleigh Hernandez

    It shouldn t be so wonderful It should be cheesy, like cheese whiz It is pure magic Fantastic from beginning to end.

  26. Alealea

    Oh, this was really enjoyable I don t know shit about music, so I can t say if the writing about is worth something, musically speaking, but it did felt good And all characters, even minor ones, felt pretty real There was beauty on beauty, and lots of pain, but some really kick ass characters Only malus, the jumping from one scene to the other is kind of abrupt But you get used to it.

  27. Stephen Poltz

    How do I describe a book that s both corny and wondrous at the same time It s kind of corny because it s about an ancient woman living in late 1980s Denver who uses heavy metal music to fight for the release of her lover from a dark, magical place It s wondrous for the exact same reason Christa is a harpist from pre Christian Ireland The music she creates is her source of magic She lost her lover in a land of immortals in the 1700s, controlled by a bard who is a greater harpist than Christa Now [...]

  28. T

    The premise of this is pretty ridiculously awesome but the execution didn t really live up to it for me Also, liked the other characters but could have done without spending half the book on Kevin.

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