Up From the Blue (2020)

Up From the Blue SusanHenderson Up From the Blue An extraordinary debut from a talented new voice Up from the Blue untangles the year in Tillie s life that changed everything the year her mother disappeared Tillie Harris s life is in disarray
  • Title: Up From the Blue
  • Author: SusanHenderson
  • ISBN: 9780061984037
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
Up From the Blue SusanHenderson An extraordinary debut from a talented new voice, Up from the Blue untangles the year in Tillie s life that changed everything 1975, the year her mother disappeared.Tillie Harris s life is in disarray her husband is away on business, the boxes in her new home aren t unpacked, and the telephone isn t even connected yet Though she s not due for another month, sudden laborAn extraordinary debut from a talented new voice, Up from the Blue untangles the year in Tillie s life that changed everything 1975, the year her mother disappeared.Tillie Harris s life is in disarray her husband is away on business, the boxes in her new home aren t unpacked, and the telephone isn t even connected yet Though she s not due for another month, sudden labor pains force Tillie to reach out to her estranged father for help, a choice that means facing the painful memories she s been running from since she was a little girl An extraordinary debut from a talented new voice, Up from the Blue untangles the year in Tillie s life that changed everything 1975, the year her mother disappeared.
Up From the Blue SusanHenderson

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One thought on “Up From the Blue

  1. Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan Up From the Blue Nevisande Susan Henderson ISBN 61984035 ISBN13 9780061984037 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

  2. Susan Henderson

    Deep appreciation for all of you who ve read my book or sent me notes about it I can t begin tell you what it means to me.

  3. Debbie

    Set in the 70s, during the era of bussing and all that entailed, UP FROM THE BLUE tells the story of family dysfunction stemming from a mother afflicted with severe manic depression We start with the girl now grown up and about to have her own child, then we travel back in time to her as a child struggling to understand what is wrong with her mother The story moves at a fast pace, with well timed twists and turns Compelling but not disingenuous It is real and raw To me, this is a story about fea [...]

  4. Cynthia

    In a literary era when plot is often been abandoned Henderson really delivers some startling surprises in her first novel It s well written and engaging especially the main character Tillie Just when you think you know exactly what is happening you ll turn a corner and wonder what s real The book is set mostly in the 70 s as Tillie and her brother Phil, both pre teens grow up with their rigid, military dad and their dreamy, literary mom There are a lot of social changes in the air such as school [...]

  5. Rossy

    I m so sorry but i absolutely HATED the main character, Tilly And I think the father managed the situation not in a perfect way, but tried his best, considering when the story took place I don t think Tilly had any right to hate him as much as she did.

  6. Jan

    As much as I wanted to slow down and enjoy this book, I devoured it and will remember the characters therein for quite sometime as they re memorable, charming, flawed and quite real You re able to see them and their flaws from so many different angles it s no wonder memories and actions differ from one character to the other A book to be pondered upon I originally gave this book four stars and changed it to five as it s been than a week and I find myself still thinking about various aspects of [...]

  7. Sara Strand

    If you are a parent, a child with a parent suffering from depression, or a parent going through depression yourself, this is a MUST READ I was immediately gripped during the beginning chapters where Tillie begins labor Because I ve been there, I could instantly connect with her, but anyone who hasn t given birth would feel the frantic feelings described in the beginning And then it takes you back to Tillie s childhood You get to see the inner workings of a troubled military family Phil, the olde [...]

  8. Chuck Erion

    Up From the Blue is a first novel by Susan Henderson, a New York writer with a couple of Pushcart Prize nominations to her credit It came out last September HarperCollins 15.99 but I only discovered it last week, thanks to a review in Shelf Awareness, my favorite e newsletter about the book trade The fact that I read it in just two days has to do with how good a book it is, than my deadline for this column The ending brought me to tears, and an urge to call up the author to find out if this nov [...]

  9. Michele Harrod

    This is an exquisitely presented study of a very broken family, who are quite literally hiding their secrets behind closed doors It is about children who are old enough to carry the shame, but who require the sanctity of their parents love regardless It is about the slow breakdown of a woman, a marriage, and a family This is beautifully written, and brilliantly constructed Told from the perspective of Tilly, the seven year old daughter, Up From the Blue surprises thoughout by showing sides of st [...]

  10. Karyl

    Tillie is an unruly 8 year old whose father is an Air Force colonel developing top secret missile systems, while her mother is depressed and completely unable to function Tillie s brother Phil is the type of kid who responds to stress by being as perfect as he possibly can, while Tillie instead acts out to achieve any kind of attention she can, even if it s negative.I think it s easy for modern readers to be frustrated that Tillie s father never sought any kind of medical help for his wife But i [...]

  11. Sarah Obsesses over Books & Cookies

    4.5 stars This book starts off in the present or 1991 We meet Tillie as she s unpacking her and her husbands new house But oh shit, she goes into labor 6 wks early SHe s not ready and her husband is away on business She stumbles to her neighbors and calls the only number she can remember since everything is packed away her father s.But she s not cool with her dad And with many chapters to follow we find out why.The bulk of the story takes place when Tillie is 8 She lives with her mother and fath [...]

  12. Cheri Rice

    Another disappointing dysfunctional family Crazy mom, strict military father, a brother who doesn t give a shit, and a little girl trying to make sense of it all Only thing is I could never feel too sorry for the girl The author attempted to make her out to be such a victim that I sided with the strict military father and wanted her to snap out of it Life s a bitch, hysterics are unwelcome I also don t appreciate the 8 year old who can t remember going to school, and is praised for ruining the s [...]

  13. Lynn

    The book opens with the protagonist going into premature labor She reluctantly calls her estranged father because she had no one else to call Then we learn about her circa 1970s childhood demanding controlling father and mentally ill mother The book held my interest but I did not like how it dealt with mental illness The father does not seek treatment for his depressed wife for fear of hurting his career Suicide seems to be the only option the mother has left and the children become damaged as [...]

  14. Kathleen Rodgers

    I read Up From the Blue with a lump in my throat and a highlighter in my hand The story, narrated by Tillie Harris, the daughter of an Air Force Officer, moves back and forth in time between 1975 and 1991 We mostly meet the family members through the viewpoint of eight year old Tillie, who s trying to puzzle together the missing pieces in a military family where things are not what they seem At times I thought I would go mad as my emotions swung wildly back and forth with everything that was hap [...]

  15. Jessica

    Tillie is a bright, young, free spirit who loves her mother than anything She sees her mother s mood swings as exciting and admires the way she can see beauty in ordinary things Through Tillie s description we learn that her mother has some sort of mental illness which seems to rapidly get worse as the book goes on Understandably, Tillie has to face some tough circumstances and her whole world is engulfed in the sickness that has plagued her mother return return Tillie s brother is a quiet, wel [...]

  16. Susan

    Don t read too many detailed reviews of this book until you have read the book You don t want anything to spoil it for you.Reading this book was like devouring a wonderfully rich dessert I wanted to slowly savor every bite, rolling it around on my tongue, but I could not slow down, I had to rush forward until the whole thing was consumed The prose is flawless and rich the characters true to life, and I could picture the house and the family perfectly As Henderson described the life inside the mi [...]

  17. Heather

    This is a difficult book for me to review It s not that it was bad It was actually very well written, and it held my interest But, it s a very difficult subject It s like when you re driving and you notice emergency vehicles You know there s a bad wreck that you don t want to see, but you just can t stop looking This book you just know as you read and that you don t really want to read the depressing narrative from Tillie s childhood But, you ve invested time into this book, and there is the m [...]

  18. Karen

    I hate to give this book one star It probably does deserve , as the writing is good But according to rating system, I have to give it only one star I just didn t like it I read through it quickly, and I liked Tillie s character as a child But overall, the parents characters really frustrated me, and the father s handling of the situation while at times compassionate, was just unrealistic and too unbelievable for me While I appreciate the author s retelling through Tillie and her treatment of the [...]

  19. Tracy

    An emotional book displaying how mental health splinters a family Most of the narrative is set in the 70 s when Tillie is 8 years old and grappling with why her mother and family is so different from others Rather than seeking help the issue is hidden and kept as a secret from the outside world This is definitely not a happy feel good book but rather a raw look at the feelings of a little girl who aches for her mothers love.

  20. Rachel McSpadden

    Beautiful reading I loved the future and the past telling the story I disliked nothing The five stars rating was how much I enjoyed this book I would recommend this beautifully written book to anyone who has dealt with mental illness A wonderful book to read

  21. Carol Jaeger

    Sad yet lovelyI really enjoyed this book It made me cry and it made me laugh but mostly cry It s not for people that prefer a light and easy read I spent most of the book wishing I could reach in and hug its characters This book was written with such a true and honest voice I know that I will be carrying it with me for a while.

  22. Wendy

    I recently caught a rerun of an old Law and Order Special Victim s Unit episode in which one of the lead detectives must reach out to his estranged mother when his daughter s mental illness comes to light because of legal issues His mother also suffered from mental illness, only it was never talked about in that way His mother was odd, sometimes manic and then falling into deep depressions.I couldn t help but draw parallels between that episode and Susan Henderson s novel, Up From the Blue What [...]

  23. Lisa

    The beginning of this impressive debut novel starts out with Tillie as a grown woman expecting her first child, which sets up the story Then we are transported back to 1975 when Tillie was eight years old This is where most of the story is told to us by Tillie More than anything Tillie only wants to know where her mother is and why won t anybody tell her anything Her father is busy with his work all the time and her older brother, Phil, just wants her to leave him alone.One of my favorite types [...]

  24. Jill

    Tillie the eight year old protagonist of Susan Henderson s debut book is a sheer delight She s sassy and unaffected, disobedient and fun loving, lonely and imaginative And she s also the daughter of a demanding and organized military man, and his emotionally fragile wife, Mara.At the book s beginning, her father is getting ready to move the family to Washington D.C to assume a top Pentagon position Tillie is left with her father s no nonsense assistant and is to be sent for a week or so later, w [...]

  25. Jeremy

    This is a marvelous coming of age story, which surprises and moves Tillie, the main character, we come to know mostly as a troubled young girl, in a deeply stressed family Her mother, a mentally disturbed, depressed, and emotionally flammable hippy type, is in a disastrous marriage to an American military prodigy, whose career is heading for the top of the Pentagon We see all this from the perspective of an elementary school girl, and Henderson writes with great clarity and credibility in that v [...]

  26. Tricia Dower

    I read this book in one day while traveling from British Columbia to Minnesota Hours in airports and on the plane I found it beautifully written and compelling All of the characters are unique, finely drawn and sympathetic Because 8 year old Tillie is the narrator for most of it, the story is about her longing, confusion and attempts to nurture herself I related to this story so much having had a depressed mother and a busy father I did find the revelation about Tillie s mother after they move t [...]

  27. Elizabeth

    I found this a muddle in every way The author states it takes place in Montgomery County, MD where I live and grew up and tries to depict segregation, busing and children from the bad side of MoCo to the area where the main character lives, occuring in 1976 77 No historical grounds for believing that children were bussed from some slum in Moco to Potomac Sorry Can t get passed that Perhaps she should pick up George Pelecanos and get a taste of how an author really understands reseraches Moco his [...]

  28. Alma Katsu

    Loved it on so many levels First and foremost, it s a great read The story pulls you in and carries you along A wonderful narrator, great characters, a story that will resonate with anyone who looks back honesty at childhood.But I keep admiring it for its technical brilliance Which isn t to say it calls attention to its writerly aspects It doesn t at all, but that s the amazing thing about it, like a brilliantly tailored piece of clothing, you never notice the seams, the craftsmanship Not a dish [...]

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