موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال (2020)

موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال Tayeb Salih الطيب صالح
  • Title: موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال
  • Author: Tayeb Salih الطيب صالح
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال Tayeb Salih الطيب صالح .
موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال Tayeb Salih الطيب صالح

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    Tayeb Salih الطيب صالح

One thought on “موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال

  1. Shovelmonkey1

    A powerful and unusual contrast of carnality and pastoralism Not two key themes you might often find in your common or garden novel but this book is neither common nor domestic A powerful description of the life and death of the mysterious Mustafa Sa eed who despite being an outsider to the village he currently inhabits and seemingly little known in the area, has wielded a great and mysterious skill women kill themselves for the love of him Mustafa Sa eed journeyed north to England as a scholar [...]

  2. [P]

    A while ago I was in heated conversation with a man, a British man, upon the subject of immigration and asylum, and at the end of this conversation he said something like obviously coming here is better for you lot It became clear to me at that point that he was under the impression that I wasn t English It is better for me and my kind Better in what way, sir Nicer, not like where you came from Putting aside the insignificant detail that I am actually English, the suggestion was that uprooting y [...]

  3. Tracey Duncan

    heart of darkness backwards one of my favorite books ever just try doing better than i want to liberate africa with my penis just try.

  4. Nidhi Singh

    I listened intently to the wind that indeed was a sound well known to me, a sound which in our village possessed a merry whispering the sound of wind passing through palm trees is different from when it passes through fields of corn I heard the cooing of the turtle dove, and I looked through the window at the palm tree standing in the courtyard of our house and I knew all was still well with life I looked at its strong straight trunk, at its roots that strike down into the ground, at the green b [...]

  5. Adam Dalva

    Salih is an astonishing prose stylist it s comforting to know that he worked closely with the translator , and his ability is on full display here, using a mix of mediums that tell a seemingly classic story in a modern way The plot occurs obliquely wonderful to have a passive lead and an incredibly active, handsome subject and the retold stories of Mustafa s sexual escapades in London are, as many have pointed out, a conscious subversion of Othello and HEART OF DARKNESS But I m interested in th [...]

  6. Huda Aweys

    My review, in English first, then in Arabic railway originally established to transport troops, and have established schools to teach us how to say yes in their own language Mustafa in the novel represents intellectual alienation that we have experienced all of us, which uprooted us from our roots and made us cadaver which jostling it identities and cultures like Mustafa in his loneliness when Masonic and the Communist jostling him, Everyone were wanted to issue guardianship on him for different [...]

  7. Hadrian

    I said something that made her laugh and my heart throbbed at the sweetness of her laughter The blood of the setting sun suddenly spilled out on the western horizon like that of millions of people who have died in some violent war that has broken out between Earth and Heaven Suddenly the war ended in defeat and a complete and all embracing darkness descended and pervaded all four corners of the globe, wiping out the sadness and shyness that was in her eyes Season of Migration to the North is a p [...]

  8. Sue

    This novel is one of comparisons colonial vs post colonial youth vs age male vs female agrarian vs the culture of the city but it is also a lyrical story of people living by the Nile as their forefathers had for centuries So many influences at play here.Mustafa Sa eed used the education provided by the British to leave for England and conquer he wrote books, taught the British young, captivated British women, but ultimately returned to the Sudan The Narrator follows a similar route but indulges [...]

  9. Steve

    Tayeb Salih 1929 2009 I pursued her for three years Every day the string of the bow became taut It was with air that my waterskins were distended my caravans were thirsty, and the mirage shimmered before me in the wilderness of longing the arrow s target had been fixed and it was inevitable that the tragedy would take place Though Tayeb Salih spent his working life in London, Doha and Paris primarily in broadcasting he clearly never forgot that he was born in a northern Sudanese village on the [...]

  10. Barbara

    Sometimes I look for a book with a compelling plot, sometimes I look for a beautifully written book, and other times I look for an intriguing political social message This book answers to all three beautifullya rare find This is a brilliant book.

  11. Richard Derus

    Rating 3.25 of fiveThe Book Report A young Sudanese man, away in England studying for a university degree, returns in some disgrace to his native Nile side village to lick his wounds Mustafa, the village Scheherezade, tells the amorous adventures that were his years in the then colonial power of England A tragedy occurs, and life isn t the same Or is it Will it be The last three pages of the book are a breathtakingly lovely statement of that question My Review Published in 1966, the English edit [...]

  12. Tony

    The Sudanese narrator of this novel returns after seven years study in England He is received warmly Bint Majzoub put it to him in her peculiar earthy fashion, We were afraid you d bring back with you an uncircumcised infidel for a wife He brings instead a developing awareness for Sudan in its post colonial state, and for men like himself and the enigmatic Moustafa Sa eed who have tasted both lives He sees a Sudan where the British left because they had no need to stay Be sure, though, that they [...]

  13. Özgür Daş

    Tayeb Salih Nadine Gordimer,J.M Coetzee,Naguib Mahfouz,Wole Soyinka,Ng g wa Thiong o,Chinua Achebe,Zakes Mda,Tahar Ben Jelloun,Yasmina Khadra,Assia Djebar veNawal El Saadawi ile birlikte Afrika k tas n n en nde gelen yazarlar ndan biridir.Salih, en nemli eseri olan Kuzeye G Mevsimi nde Do u Bat sorununu, s m rgecili i ve gelenek ele tirisini hik ye i inde n planda tutuyor.Hem do uda hem de bat da ya ayan yazar, s m rgecilerin kendi topraklar nda ya att y k m n art k kendi ayg tlar taraf ndan olm [...]

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