The Tattoo Chronicles (2020)

The Tattoo Chronicles Kat Von D. Sandra Bark The Tattoo Chronicles The Tattoo Chronicles is an illustrated diary that offers an intimate look at a crucial year in the personal and professional life of Kat Von D the charismatic no holds barred tattooer and star of L
  • Title: The Tattoo Chronicles
  • Author: Kat Von D. Sandra Bark
  • ISBN: 9780061953361
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
The Tattoo Chronicles Kat Von D. Sandra Bark The Tattoo Chronicles is an illustrated diary that offers an intimate look at a crucial year in the personal and professional life of Kat Von D, the charismatic, no holds barred tattooer and star of LA Ink.When Kat does a tattoo, she writes an entry about it in her journal, reflecting not only on the significance of the tattoo for the person who is receiving it but also onThe Tattoo Chronicles is an illustrated diary that offers an intimate look at a crucial year in the personal and professional life of Kat Von D, the charismatic, no holds barred tattooer and star of LA Ink.When Kat does a tattoo, she writes an entry about it in her journal, reflecting not only on the significance of the tattoo for the person who is receiving it but also on how the experience of creating this tattoo affects her personally.In these diary entries some poignant, some hilarious, some confessional Kat lays it on the line about how doing these tattoos influences her life and art Here are the highs and the lows, the good, the bad, and the ugly including her feelings about her fame, family, love life, friends, and fans.Visually stunning, this graphically compelling diary is jam packed with tons of Kat s images, from sketches of her tattoos to the finished works, and candid shots of her unusual personal collections all photographed by Kat herself Fans will love reading about her array of clients from all walks of life, including Mot rhead s Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Navarro, and members of Metallica, Green Day, Kings of Leon, and the Eagles Throughout The Tattoo Chronicles are captivating, color photographs of Kat that were taken specifically for the book, published here for the first time.Here she is the real Kat Von D unscripted and uncensored
The Tattoo Chronicles Kat Von D. Sandra Bark

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    145 Kat Von D. Sandra Bark
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One thought on “The Tattoo Chronicles

  1. Darian

    From the description, and her radio interview, I thought this was going to be a very interesting book It was played up as a year long look back at the tattoos she had created for people and the stories behind them She mentioned it also talked about her feeling while doing the work for people but I never got the impression that it wasn t about her work Upon reading it I realize I ve gotten a hold of some 13 year old girl s diary, who happens to do tattoos She spends so many pages whining about he [...]

  2. Isabelle

    Decent book but I would rather have read about the stories behind the tattoos and less about her relationship with Nikki Sixx especially considering they are no longer together I guess what I really want is just an art book with pictures of the tattoos she did and why that person got it.

  3. Holly Booms Walsh

    Very intimate, gorgeous to look at, and surprisingly heartwarming, this is a wonderful memoir that will make you a fan of the seemingly aloof, often shallow, mercurial tattoo genius Kat Von D I am shocked that she put so much of herself out there on the page And did I mention it was pretty Typography, photography, tattoo, cover design stunning.

  4. Tiffany

    This book is so dreadfully boring I kept hoping someone would shoot me to end my misery I LOVE the show and everything else Kat Von D does, but the way the book is put together is just a real snooze I love how in the shows you got to hear the amazing stories behind the tattoos.but these stories were just dumb and hardly detailed in the slightest I would recommend it to NO ONE.

  5. Kevin Dolley

    To start, I should preface by saying I m enad of the tattoo subculture and a fan of Kat s work as a top notch tattooer The book I read was an autographed copy bought from High Voltage Tattoo by my wife on a visit to LA The reviews I have read have been rabid fanbois or the hate for hate s sake variety It is okay to open your mind a bit and see beyond celebrity, take raw emotion for what its worth, and FEEL human Kat introduces her diary as just that e words in this book are in no way meant to be [...]

  6. Juliette

    Groan Why do I read this junk Just because my local library has books by reality stars doesn t mean I need to check them out and read them This is Kat Von D s second book The topics, of course, are tattoos and Nikki Sixx he s so deep yet so distant I wish there had been about her product line and perfume development with Sephora, but the only mention is one sentence about flying to meet with two of the biggest perfume houses in the world and a spunky mention of a meet and greet in Canada Canadi [...]

  7. Krystle

    interesting but i skimmed a lot of the pages i kind of took this book to be a look at me and all my COOL CELEBRITY FRIENDS WHO I TATTOO ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS BECAUSE I LOVE THEM it also read heavily into her now defunct relationship with nikki sixx i liked the concept of the book but i think it really fell short.

  8. Lkelley

    Kat shares some intimate details of her personality Better than the first I had no idea she struggled with depression so much It was refreshing to know that someone I admire and look up to has similiar things going on in her head.

  9. Sarah

    Motley Crue Nikki Sixx Kat Von D Makes sense than most of my obsessive literary progressions, no Gold star in the linear reading department I ve always been attracted to tattoos The human body as a blank canvas concept appeals to me on so many levels Art and creativity, emotional exploration, individual expression and documentation of life unfolding There s no question that that kind of perfect storm can have stunning results Kat Von D is the perfect person to bring us brilliant examples as she [...]

  10. Jennifer

    They say you should never judge a book by its cover but this one is beautiful inside and out heavy weight paper, glossy photos, vintage style text There s no denying it s a stunning bit of art to look at.This was another of my christmas presents and one that I had asked for I m not any sort of massive fan of Kat I ve never seen Miami or LA Ink, but I do identify with alternative lifestyles and have a thing for tattoo s Plus I also find her boyfriend at the time the book was published Nikki Sixx, [...]

  11. Matt

    The first book was a nice biographical look at her coming of age as an artist This was a personal, intimate, self indulgent disappointment If you re looking for the personal diary of kat, then this is your book, if you re looking for artistic inspiration, look elsewhere I just felt very mislead when this book was coming out I preordered it and it was not what it was made out to be.

  12. Lynzi

    I finished this book in a day It was an easy read and I couldn t put it down.I loved seeing how the stories of the tattoes she works on affects her Kat is truly an amazing artist, writer, and woman.

  13. Linds

    I liked the tattoos part I think Kat is one of the best tattoo artists out there, but I don t really her for her as a person She seems to have a little arrested development, not too bad, she just comes off as a 21 or 22 year old.

  14. Yuki

    I bought this book today on some weird sale damn, it was 3 euros and I freaking love it This book itself is a work of art.

  15. Dustin Crazy little brown owl

    This book is nicely put together I like it much better than her previous volume The Tattoo Chronicles reads like a journal with plenty of photos and artwork to keep readers interested.

  16. Catherine

    The Quote But in all honest, I believe there is always a reason and a bright side A domino effect does occur whether you want it to or not Living means learning and teaching all at once And the people talk about it, the we ll learn from each other in the same way I m learning from my clients Kat von D2nd quote Shopping food, sex, drugs, all these outlets act as a Band Aid, but until you actually get down and dirty you re never going to get to a place where you feel that sigh of relief and you [...]

  17. Trisha FreakShow

    Would have rather read a in depth book on the tattoo s she had done and the stories behind the people and those tattoos Its of a diary and little bits about the tattoos or the people in her life

  18. Aimee Bates

    My boyfriend found this in a charity shop and after flicking though it quickly and seeing the pictures I found myself intrigued to give it a go This is really something that I would never pick up and I find biographies and autobiographies a genre that I wish I enjoyed and read of.The Tattoo Chronicles actually really surprised me I thought it was going to be solely about the reasons behind the tattoo s she s done for her clients, but it was merely a year of her personal diary with snippets of [...]

  19. Rebecca Dobrinski

    For the heart is an organ of fire.The Tattoo Chronicles has been in bookstores for almost three years now, so it may be that I am a late comer to the Kat Von D phenomenon It is not even her first book High Voltage Tattoo was published in 2009 However, I have an ArtBreak presentation to prepare for at the Birmingham Museum of Art, so her stories of why people get tattooed are what drew me to the book.I should probably add another disclaimer all I know about her TV show, LA Ink, is what I read on [...]

  20. Caroline Johnson

    The Tattoo Chronicles is Kat s personal diary over a year that focuses on how she learned from tattooing than she would from a therapist, how she became people s personal therapist, and how it helped her get over her depression and helped her stay sober This book is written like a journal It goes through a full year of Kat s life as a tattoo artist as well the stories behind the tattoos she gave to people It also gives her reaction to their story, what she learned from them She talks a lot abou [...]

  21. Amanda

    My feelings regarding this book are a little mixed When I purchased it, I thought that it was going to be about the tattoos and the stories behind them, with a lot of pictures to go with Yet, what I found was that there was a lot of Kat and her feelings and thoughts regarding her life especially her life with Nikki Sixx While I was disappointed I didn t get to see artwork and telling of random people s stories, I still enjoyed seeing inside Kat s mind and that, even though she s in the spotlig [...]

  22. Mallory Cicon

    When this book was given to me as a Christmas gift I was reading reviews and saw a lot of negative comments about it A lot of them concerning the book having a lot to do with Nikki Six which it does and how a lot of the tattoo stories not all are about her famous friends I found nothing negative about this book though I absolutely adored it I feel like anyone giving these critiques isn t taking in the fact that this book is practically her diary edited into a book for us fans This book was her l [...]

  23. Armand

    A marginally entertaining book if you have time on your hands and there is nothing substantial to read It s sad how mainstream tattoo culture has become in our society There is nothing rebellious, outlaw or dangerous about it any, and it can be bought and acquired at any mall or retail outlet, as this book demonstrates aptly Celebrities with book deals are getting very played out This book doesn t tell a story, it just meanders through various vignettes, trying to seem deep by adopting some dar [...]

  24. Kelly

    I picked up this book because I was looking for books about women and tattoos I was hoping for chronicles as it mentioned in the preface, the stories behind why people got the tattoos they have, but the book was disappointingly of the self indulgent ramblings of a B list celebrity About 2 3 of the book is journal entries about the author s relationship with a member of Motley Crue, leaving about 1 3 for actual tattoo stories The book itself is laid out like a newspaper graphic novel hybrid I e [...]

  25. Victoria

    Just like Kat, a gorgious book I was hoping for stories about the tattos and the stories of the people getting them but this was about her relationship w Nikki The cover and the pictures inside are beautiful I especially love the ones of Kat taken for her perfume line Saint and Sinner She s lovely with the tattos but the picture without any of her tatto s shows just what a stunning woman she really is The book showed a real vunerable human side and personally I m grateful that she chose to sha [...]

  26. Mira

    I m a big KvD fan All my reviews seem to start this way guess I just like people.What I really enjoyed about this book were the relationship bitsKat falls in love really rapidly and describes the experience so viscerally that you get a delicious shivery reminder of how love feels.You can t put a price on that.The book is designed beautifully full of tattoo art, photos, curiosities from Kat s personal collection and was obviously collated with love and lots of personal touches It was a joy to pag [...]

  27. Deborah K.

    I find reading about this tattoo artist s life and inspirations very interesting I love the photos of completed tattoos and the artwork sprinkled throughout the book The photos of taxidermy animals are an added bit of spice I am not a fan of the drug and alcohol culture references, but recognize that that is part of the culture that surrounds tattooing I was encouraged to read that many of the participants were cleaning up their acts and that the author was herself working through her own addict [...]

  28. Joelle

    2.5This book was good as far as the info she gave about the tattoos she did and the clients who got them The pictures were beautiful and I enjoyed the look into her other artwork But that s what I thought this whole book was going to focus on Instead, I got a lot of info on her personal life and relationship with Nikki Sixx That s great if that s what you want or expect to read in this book, but I was simply looking forward to the tattoos I can t say this was a bad book in any way, because it wa [...]

  29. Katir

    I recommend this book whoever is interested in Kat Von D It is very personal and inspirational Kat mainly talks about her life and the tattoos she does Some of the stories of the tattoos were very heartfelt, but Kat makes them sound so positive in the end though There are a lot of pictures throughout the book If you are in a relationship, you could relate to it very much since she talks about her relationship with Nikki Sixx throughout the whole book This book will make you appreciate life and d [...]

  30. Mike Stone

    I love Kat and I love LA Ink, but this book doesn t offer anything that you don t get from watching her television show Sure, she loves her family, she loves being in love and throws her heart into the ring without hesitation, but I already knew that I already knew that she s a genius tattoo artist with celebrity clients and a workaholic personality Tell me something I haven t heard already I still love Kat, and I m already planning on purchasing her new book I m just hoping that since she s not [...]

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