Borges: A Life (2020)

Borges: A Life Edwin Williamson Borges A Life Edwin Williamson s major new biography is the first in any language to encompass the entire span of Jorge Luis Borges s life and work Drawing upon previously unknown or unavailable sources it brings
  • Title: Borges: A Life
  • Author: Edwin Williamson
  • ISBN: 9780143035565
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
Borges: A Life Edwin Williamson Edwin Williamson s major new biography is the first in any language to encompass the entire span of Jorge Luis Borges s life and work Drawing upon previously unknown or unavailable sources, it brings out the human side of Borges his roots in Argentina, the evolution of his political ideas, his relations with family and friends, the conflicts, desires, and obsessions thatEdwin Williamson s major new biography is the first in any language to encompass the entire span of Jorge Luis Borges s life and work Drawing upon previously unknown or unavailable sources, it brings out the human side of Borges his roots in Argentina, the evolution of his political ideas, his relations with family and friends, the conflicts, desires, and obsessions that drove the man and shaped his work Williamson s definitive biography finally unlocks the mysteries that still surround the life of Borges, resulting in a compelling and poignant portrait that will radically transform established views of this modern master.
Borges: A Life Edwin Williamson

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One thought on “Borges: A Life

  1. Jim

    If he were alive today, Jorge Luis Borges would be 112 years old Love for his works and the outsized influence they have had on my life makes it impossible for me to let his birthday August 24 pass without some observance.Coincidentally, I have just finished reading Edwin Williamson s biography of the Argentinian author and this after reading six or seven other Borges collections earlier this year In the process, I am learning some things about my literary hero which put me in an interesting pos [...]

  2. Hadrian

    Borges has had quite an interesting life when taken together with his statement that all of his stories are, in a sense, autobiographical, it adds a lot to ones appreciation of his writings.He has had a tempestuous and passionate life, living in Argentina throughout most of the 20th century, and hopping along in Europe and the US for a while, too His life is a story unto itself, and rich enough to provide a background to his inimitable storytelling.

  3. Edmond

    Apparently everything Borges wrote is really mostly about how Norah Lange jilted him, with maybe a little bit about Mom and Pop Borges mixed in That s an exaggeration, of course, but something about the 200 pages of this book that I managed to read makes me incline towards sterile reductionism.

  4. J.R.

    Jorge Luis Borges is not one of my favorite writers I admire his poetry and there are some stories have stayed in mind over the years since first reading them But I believe him an important writer and a most fascinating man.Edwin Williamson has done a stunning job in piecing together the details of his life and unraveling much of the enigma which surrounds him yet today, though he does tend to stray into Freudian analysis a little too much, often with astonishingly unconvincing results.You can r [...]

  5. August

    Borges is a favorite writer of mine, along with many of his diehards, it was difficult to not cast critical eye at Edwin Williamson Though, I perhaps enjoyed the Williamson bio just as much as the James Woodall bio of Borges, My Life I tend to only have extreme reactions when reading things about JLB This time I took a deep breath Like many of his fans, I m happy reading anything about him with that, it was an enjoyable read.

  6. Dylan

    So far It s an interesting angle on 19th 20th c Argentinean history And there s a wealth of great material on Borges, including anecdotes, excerpts from all sorts of essays, letters, poems, and stories.My problem though, is with the author s devotion to psychoanalytical literary criticism psycho biography Too much, too often Barf

  7. Zach

    Worst Borges criticism ever Th dude linked everything in his work to various unrequited loves Anyone who s ever read Borges knows that love s not a real big focus of his stories

  8. Pedro

    His interviews are better Why bother You should definetly read this before entertaining any prospect on reading this biography nytimes 2004 11 07 boo

  9. Michael

    Borges had lady issues The story is basically this Meets girlWrite great thingsGirl humiliates himDespairRelvolutionMore despairRepeat about 7 times, then HappyDead

  10. Juan Nicolas

    Una eficiente descripci n del autor argentino, con bastante nfasis en sus inspiraciones y estilo de escritura bifurc ndose del arquetipo biogr fico que simplemente proporciona datos cronol gicamente, sino que Williamson hace un an lisis a fondo de la escritura Borgiana.

  11. Antonio Nunez

    Borges famously wrote that all he d been was a weaver of dreams Williamson s life of Borges shows him to have dreamt copiously through his long existence He was a wreckless public speaker who loved to drop bombs in interviews and was unafraid to court controversy He started his literary life as an ensign of the avant garde and a bolshevik sympathiser He morphed into a cultural nationalist, an admirer of the cut throats of the barriadas, the knife men of the Pampas and of old fashioned milongas a [...]

  12. Winterwade

    In as much as Williamson s biography is evidently the result of years of hard work the extent of his research is impressive he is to be commended had he avoided a lamentable tendency to attempt at every turn to divine Borges s psychological state based on some scarcely extant nuance or imagined coincidence, as well as his insistence on referring to him as Georgie for the first third of the book notwithstanding the obvious reasons for this emphasising the young Borges s yet immature worldview and [...]

  13. Evan Murphy

    Williamson s book is impressive for the level of research which was obviously involved in creating it he seems to have read everything Borges has ever written or had written to him or about him, and his ability to summarize and communicate all of this material is impressive If you read this book, to put things straightforwardly, you will have a remarkably detailed, chronological telling of Borges entire life, plus some bits before and after his life The only thing that hampers Williamson s book [...]

  14. Harold

    I started reading Borges a little over three years ago and I ll be reading him the rest of my life, but up until now I knew only the broadest outline of his life I knew he was from Buenos Aires I knew he went blind late in life and I knew that around the time he went blind he became director of the national library in Buenos Aires In short I knew the wikepedia biography It was time to learn about Borges so when I saw this in my local library I picked it up It s a well written and researched bio [...]

  15. Radoslaw

    I was actually surprised by how eventful Borges s life was as I always envisioned him as some sort of monk who lived in a library and slowly went blind Ok, maybe he did live with his mother in their family home until she died, but he was quite active in the literary scene, outspoken politically, and had several romances and rivalries Most surprising of all, though, was how many autobiographical details are scattered in his highly abstract and philosophical stories Perhaps this is always true bec [...]

  16. Zakarie

    Borges A Life fails to escape that which kills every biography about the man reductive theorizing According to Williamson, Papa Borges tried to force Jorgie to rail a hooker, which made Jorgie one for the greatest prose writers to ever walk the Earth There are lots of other papa, mama, girl issues that thickened the ink Jorgie wrote with I believe he usually used a typewriter If I hate Williamson s theorizing of Borges s life, why did I give this book four stars The book gave everything the back [...]

  17. Brook

    This was a biography of Borges that took a straightforward, less emotional, bent than other bios from what I have heard of the others Not much to say about this book that hasnt been said It was overly long and I ve read Master of the Senate , which is fine if the length is warranted This is of a Borges Life Encyclopedia than a Life Story Indeed we do go into interpersonal relationships, and the author tries to evoke emotion, but in me, at least he failed on most counts.The book is not bad, it [...]

  18. Marina Peñalosa

    Una biograf a muy completa e interesante del escritor argentino Williamson entrelaza acontecimientos hist ricos, vida personal de Borges y la creaci n de su obra para ayudarnos a formar parte del universo literario borgeano En contra dir que la subjetividad de bi grafo se muestra en muchas ocasiones al suponer o teorizar sobre un acontecimiento y dando su opini n personal en el aspecto literario de Borges A veces es dif cil no dejarse llevar por su opini n, pero conviene distanciarse y buscar el [...]

  19. Gauthaman Ravindran

    A good, solid biography that covers the essentials of the events of Borges life Williamson tends to fixate on Borge s psychological and psychosexual development, and mines Borges writing for support of his diagnosis I would have preferred insight into Borges writing process The description of Argentinean politics was interesting, as it gave a reasonable explanation for Borges intemperate remarks towards the end of his life supporting authoritarian regimes, remarks that likely cost him the Nobel [...]

  20. John

    Astoundingly detailed literary biography of Borges, which sheds much light on some of Borges obscure works, and makes Borges seemingly drab life sound quite fascinating Your enjoyment of this book will be enhanced by how much of Borges works you have read, but it will also make you want read and re read things you thought you understood before A very sympathetic but balanced portrait of Borges.

  21. David

    An interesting read about the visionary Argentine writer Williamson does a good job of balancing Borges s artistic, political and romantic lives He tracks Borges rise from an obscure literary magazine editor to world famous author while being disappointed over and over by love Also, his love for Argentina I hoped for a deeper exploration of Borges metaphysical ideas However, there were plenty of references to writers Borges had read.

  22. Thomas

    This biography could be trimmed by at least a fifth if you simply cut sentences that are unneccesary reassertions That the assertions themselves often seem unneccesary adds to the trouble The book clunks along, convincing us that Borges had a hard time with women As Borges old age finally arrives the book speeds up, smooths out, aquires an elegance and seems to gain confidence.

  23. Elizabeth

    I am halfway through this book It is difficult in places, and every thing that Borges does is connected to some life event in a Fruedian way I find this odd at times, but it is and was a way of being and thinking in Argentina I will wait to evalutate it after I finish it and think about it for awhile.

  24. Sam

    I realized there were TWO biographies of Borges this being the better one supposedly While I appreciated the minutiae of the brilliant man of letters, I really read this as a history of South America through the life of one of its literary masterminds I realized how utterly ignorant I was of even modern Latin American history.

  25. Joris Vermeulen

    Ik dacht altijd dat deze auteur te moeilijk voor mij zou zijn Maar het tegendeel is waar Na het lezen van de biografie en een aantal kortverhalen ben ik ervan overtuigd dat elke filmmaker of verhalenverteller Borges zou kunnen lezen en er rijker van zou worden.

  26. Orlando Tosetto

    Eu tenho birra de t tulos como esse, UMA vida at parece que o cidad o teve v rias E esta biografia, em especial, insiste em interpreta es psicologizadas da OBRA do Borges que s o meio bestas, e, francamente, in teis Mas, no que tem de factual, muito boa.

  27. Bookmarks Magazine

    About a dozen Borges biographies exist does Williamson s work add anything new The author, an Oxford professor, adopts a psychoanalytic approach to Borges s life

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