A Good Horse (2020)

A Good Horse Jane Smiley A Good Horse When eighth grader Abby Lovitt looks out at those pure gold rolling hills she knows there s no place she d rather be than her family s ranch even with all the hard work of tending to nine horses But
  • Title: A Good Horse
  • Author: Jane Smiley
  • ISBN: 9780375862298
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
A Good Horse Jane Smiley When eighth grader Abby Lovitt looks out at those pure gold rolling hills, she knows there s no place she d rather be than her family s ranch even with all the hard work of tending to nine horses But some chores are no work at all, like grooming young Jack At eight months, his rough foal coat has shed out, leaving a smooth, rich silk, like chocolate As for Black George,When eighth grader Abby Lovitt looks out at those pure gold rolling hills, she knows there s no place she d rather be than her family s ranch even with all the hard work of tending to nine horses But some chores are no work at all, like grooming young Jack At eight months, his rough foal coat has shed out, leaving a smooth, rich silk, like chocolate As for Black George, such a good horse, it turns out he s a natural jumper When he and Abby clear four feet easy as pie, heads start to turn at the ring buyers heads and Abby knows Daddy won t turn down a good offer Then a letter arrives from a private investigator, and suddenly Abby stands to lose not one horse but two The letter states that Jack s mare may have been sold to the Lovitts as stolen goods A mystery unfolds, surprising than Abby could ever expect Will she lose her beloved Jack to his rightful owners Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley raises horses of her own, and her affection and expertise shine through in this inviting horse novel for young readers, set in 1960s California horse country and featuring characters from The Georges and the Jewels.From the Hardcover edition.
A Good Horse Jane Smiley

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One thought on “A Good Horse

  1. Abbi

    I really enjoyed reading this book I previously read The Georges and the Jewels, which is the first book in this series I loved how the author depicts the horses She makes them realistic Many other authors will make horse either good or bad Horses aren t like that They have good days and bad days just like people do I also love how she sets the book back around the 1950s 1960s I haven t learned much about this time period and reading this book was a good start I will definitely be finishing the [...]

  2. Adrienne Furness

    I listened to this one, and at first I thought I wasn t going to like it, but it really grew on me I enjoyed the window into a world I know very little about, on a few levels.

  3. Meaghan

    Reading in between my other books It s a horse book, and unless you love and or own and ride horses, it can be hard to read This is an older book, I think, so there are some inaccuracies, or at least non Pony Club approved things Please excuse me while I rant about horse stuff that will be nonsense to most of you WHY are there cross country jumps in a showjumping course, HOW could a freaking eighth grader clear 4 feet without regular training, also, why in the world would she jump cross country [...]

  4. scarlettraces

    The cover copy of the UK versions of these is somewhat misleading These are not pony detecting adventures but coming of age year by year going by the first two of a solemn, considerate thoughtful young girl who has been around horses her entire life and is by training and inclination an excellent rider There s technical horsey stuff too, complete with diagrams of jump configurations , and because it s Smiley we get some kind of intense Protestant religious background with promises of intolerance [...]

  5. Tayler

    The book is about a girl named Abby She owns a ranch and lives with her mom and dad She has a jumping horse named Black Gorge which she jumps on Her father has been getting mail from someone who is trying to find a missing horse He thinks one of the horses they bought is that horse A connection I have with the character is that we both love horses Abby reminds me of one of my friends because she tries to get her school work done right away I have had an experience of when i forgot where to go an [...]

  6. Mackenzie

    This book was okay It was intended to be about Abby trying not to lose Jack, but the book kind of wandered on about random stuff that didn t really match the plot I did like how it ended, but I also don t think anyone can just know when they re being conned Don t get me wrong, you can have a feeling, but you won t immediately know Anyway, I don t think it was the best book ever, but it was okay.

  7. Parker Burton

    I loved this book because it continued the story of Abby s life with school, friends, family, the ranch, customers and most importantly the horses.

  8. Holly Viken

    October book reportA good horseJane SmileyThe book A good horse is about a young girl named Abby Lovitt, and she is about to start the eighth grade Abby lives with her very strict parents on their 26 acre horse ranch in California The Lovitt families business consists of buying horses at low prices, getting them healthy and in beautiful condition, training them to jump and race, and then selling them for money Abby knows that she shouldn t get infatuated or too close with the horses because soon [...]

  9. Christine

    This is a challenging review to write because my thoughts are all over the place The writing It s excellent I mean the author is a Pulitzer Prize winner You don t just buy one of those awards at the University of Phoenix or anything Horses This was way fun to read about horses from someone who KNOWS her equine particulars If the horse facts are not accurate, I won t wade through the book Faith Scripture I was shocked at the first mention of faith Not having read the first book in the series, and [...]

  10. Jane Debano

    Loved this book It s a sequel to The Georges and the Jewels and continues the story of Abby Lovitt who lives on a horse ranch in California in the 1960 s She is now 13 and in 8th grade and continues her barn chores as well as daily riding the horses She s decided to name one of the geldings Black George and he turns out to be a natural jumper Her parents have decided to ask Jem Jarrow, a man who works with horses in a gentler, intuitive way, to give her lessons You might say Jarrow has even gen [...]

  11. Charissa

    My sister keeps pointing out things that are wrong with this book I picked it up just for fun, and believe me, she was right.In my sister s words First of all, the author jumps right into stuff There s another horse series I thought this was a stand alone Second, since when do teenage girls not care about anything The closest to real emotions I saw was It was fun Third, she seems not to care about the ponies She keeps on mentioning her dad selling the ponies and not at all feeling sorry for them [...]

  12. Andee

    Abbey and her parents own many horses They train, buy, and sell horses Abbey s dad bought a new horse he was only 3 His name is Jack Jack is an amazing horse, he is so sweet and willing to learn Abbey is 13 years old She has two main horses, Jack and Black George Her mom doesn t ride but her dad does The dad has Lester and Lincoln He trail rides them They live in an open 26 acre horse ranch, where the horses can roam Abby and her dad train their horses They live on a beautiful ranch with a total [...]

  13. Linda C

    This book is about Abby Lovitt and her interactions with two of the family horses The family buys, trains and sells horses They have 9 at the start of the story One horse Black George seems to love jumping and Abby is taking lessons with him at a Hunter stable The horse gets better and better and suddenly gets a lot of interest The other horse is a colt, Jack, that was born of a mare that her father purchased in OK at the same sale as Black George and 2 others The mare dies after giving birth Sh [...]

  14. Ms. Yingling

    Abby is used to losing horses to new homes, but this time she may lose two Black George is showing so well that he is sure to sell if Abby can continue to make him look good in the ring Jack, a horse she rescued, is the foal of a stolen mare, and may be taken away from her as well Abby continues to struggle with fitting in with her friends at school, although she enjoys being part of a play reading group, even though her mother is a bit disapproving of reading Shakespeare When it looks like the [...]

  15. Lukas Austin

    This book Is definitely a book for people that love horses This book is about amy lovett who loves on a ranch with her father and her mother They have horses and horses only, In the first book The georges and the jewels They named all of the male horses george and all of the female horses jewel In the this book which is the second book amy s father goes to oklahoma to get horses from the auctions He comes back with this mare Later they found out that she was pregnant when she foaled to her colt [...]

  16. Hannah Bendull

    A Good Horse, by Jane Smiley, is a fictional book about two horses and a girl This book is a sequel to the book The George s and the Jewels The book takes place in in the 1960 s of California Abby Lovitt is in grade eight and lives on a farm with her parents The girl has many chores but grooming horses has never been one of them Abby has been taking care of Black George and Jack for a while now When young Black George does well in the arena, potential buyers start paying attention and Abby is in [...]

  17. Elodie

    I would recommend this book because it is very well written The author does a good job of making her writing easy to follow while still being interesting The main character is a girl named Abby Lovett Abby doesn t care about what other people think about her and she is also very determined For example, when Abby goes to a show, instead of wearing breeches and tall boots like all of the other girls she is quite happy wearing her too small show coat, jodhpurs, and paddock boots She shows determina [...]

  18. Deni Ratterree

    A Good Horse by Jane Smiley is about Abby Lovitt and her life on the family ranch In the story, Abby and her father come across an extra special horse they name Black George Black George has a gift That gift is jumping He goes over jumps with ease, and he loves to do it Abby and Black George team up and enter a high class horse show This will expose Black George and Abby s father might be able to get top dollar for him when he sells him Also, Abby has a favorite horse on the ranch His name is Ja [...]

  19. Kate

    Abby has to deal with the possibility of two favorite horses leaving the farm Black George, who Abby is discovering could become a high level show jumper and Jack, her beloved colt Turns out Jack s dam may have been stolen and sold to Abby s father I felt like this story moved very slowly There s a lot of detail about things like the courses Abby has to jump in shows that were boring The religion of Abby s family seems like a strange sticking point for me it isn t a major point in the story, nor [...]

  20. Marty

    This is categorized as juvenile fiction, but it was advanced than that It was about a young girl 12 or 13 , but it really wasn t juvenile in content If you really like horses, you would like this book I kind of skimmed over the descriptions of the jumps and other horsey things After reading it, I discovered that there was a previous book about this family I may try to find that and read it I was interested in the religious aspect of the book This family is very religious, goes to church all day [...]

  21. Kristen

    This book will be absolutely perfect for kids who can t get enough horse stories, since there is lots of horse talk, horse shows, and horsemanship in this book Abby, the main character, shows small glints of interesting features but is overall kind of flat, and of a vehicle for experiencing the horses For those reasons I was totally and completely bored while reading this book However, in the hands of a horse crazy middle grade reader it s a fantastic book, and I will definitely keep buying thi [...]

  22. Sally Jordan

    This denfinatly is a book for horse lovers This book is about about a teenage girl, Abby Lovitt who lives on a horse ranch In this book Abby Falls head over heels for a colt named Jack, Jacks mom died and now the people who owned his mother want him back Abby is going to do everything that she can to stop them If you want to know what happens to Jack I suggest you read this book Jane Smiley is a great author.

  23. Taylor

    I think I would have enjoyed this book if I had it a few years ago and read the first book in the series first I was surprised at the literature quality of this book Usually,modern children s series are written merely for entertainment and have little or no literature quality But this series, written by a Pulitzer prize winning author, had a refreshing style of writing and creativity Not a lot of high action and good for horse lovers.

  24. Sharilyn

    I had sworn off Jane Smiley I d read and liked her Thousand Acres but HATED Barn Blind which left me depressed for days However, I like to keep my foot in the Young Adult genre and this was available on Kindle from our local library I was pleasantly surprised She handles the characters well and the underlying plot line is a bit of a mystery right until the end I m not sure if it has enough action to captivate today s teen pre teen crowd, but the horsey set will like it.

  25. Leslie

    I would recommend this book to any youngster,probably age 12 14,especially girls,who are horse crazy The author did a good job of taking the reader through the daily work of caring for a horse horses, which is the reality of having horses in your life.Well written and engaging.When I bought the book I didn t realize it was geared for the 12 14 age group but was pleasantly surprised by the content and story.

  26. Jami

    Audience This is a great book for serious horse lovers as well as people of all ages interested in what daily ranch life if like It is also a good book for a teacher looking for a higher level book to teach character development.Appeal The characters and the realistic horse situations draw horse lovers of all ages into this book The horse lingo and the multi level relationships keep readers wondering and hoping the whole way through.

  27. Devynne

    I love this new serise I started When I read the first book last year I didn t realize there were others to read too The only confusing part of the book is when the little girl explanes about which order of jumps she has to do and a couple of them you jump them then turn around and jump them again My eyes were hurting just trying to keep up with the jumps.

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