The Medieval Underworld (2020)

The Medieval Underworld Andrew McCall The Medieval Underworld The book explores a way of life which is both extraordinarily modern and yet totally of its period It looks at medieval times from the point of view of those men and women who either would not or coul
  • Title: The Medieval Underworld
  • Author: Andrew McCall
  • ISBN: 9780880297141
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
The Medieval Underworld Andrew McCall The book explores a way of life which is both extraordinarily modern and yet totally of its period It looks at medieval times from the point of view of those men and women who either would not or could not conform to the conventions of a society whose insistence upon conformity was obsessive.
The Medieval Underworld Andrew McCall

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    165 Andrew McCall
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One thought on “The Medieval Underworld

  1. Patrick Neylan

    McCall uncovers some of the nitty gritty of medieval society in Western Europe, though the book is let down by his misguided fascination for long sentences weighed down with subordinate clauses and unnecessary commas.

  2. Lauren Brackenbury

    This book was interesting, but very painful to read because McCall tortures all of his sentences In McCall s hands, for example, the previous sentence might read The sentences of this book, being tortured by McCall, were very painful to read, yet interesting did I find the book Or some such nonsense Anyway, the content was engaging the book opens with the context of the Middle Ages, the theory behind Church, State, and sin, then the nature of medieval punishment cruel and unusual , following by [...]

  3. Nathan

    I had great hopes for this, having previously read a rollicking history of the Elizabethan Underworld I was quite disappointed Instead of detailed anecdotes about robber barons and outlaws, alchemists and astrologers, the book instead gave me a quick overview of medieval non conformists heretics, homosexuals, Jews and so on over the entire stretch of the Dark Middle Ages and across Europe Detail was light Amusement levels were low But it was good to see that university student pranks were alread [...]

  4. Mel

    I just finished reading The Medieval Underworld by Andrew McCall While not terribly in depth the book was an informative and general look at the disreputable parts of the middle ages He did a wondeful job of de romanticising the middle ages, painting it as a place or time, no one in their right mind would wish to live McCall did a very good job of showing how things progressed throughout the middle ages, the reasons for what was happening, as well as showing differences between different countr [...]

  5. Sara

    The Medieval Underworld explores social s of the Middle Ages, their reflection in medieval law, and the groups of people who came into conflict with these s Packed with anecdotes, but skimpy on footnotes, this book seems solidly researched but suffers for dearth of analysis Andrew McCall tells his reader lurid, interesting, ghastly and sometimes humorous stories involving thieves, bandits, prostitutes, heretics and any assortment of other denizens of the medieval underworld He describes the medi [...]

  6. Cwc

    The Medieval Underworld by Andrew McCallMy father had this book in his library when he passed away I decided to keep it because of the beautiful artwork on the cover, and saw that there were illustrations from the time scattered throughout the text However, this book was incredibly difficult to read I have studied the Medieval times, the plague, the Papal successions, and the history of England I found this book difficult to follow There were a few tidbits of information I had not encountered pr [...]

  7. Matthew

    So I m dumb And Andy McC knew I was going to be Back in 1979 This was a well written compelling read from beginning to end He broke down the subject into chapters dealing with specific types of crimes in the various Latin Christian kingdoms in the middle ages a chapter on thieves, a chapter on heretics, a chapter on homosexuals, etc I didn t pick up on what he was doing until the end, when he laid it out for all the ding dongs like me His last chapter Chapter 11 was a brief epilogue as he called [...]

  8. Cwn_annwn_13

    Interesting look at various elements on the fringes of medieval society Criminals, bandits, prostitutes, so called witches and sorcerors, Jews, homosexuals among others all have chapters dedicated to them in Medieval Underground There is also quite a bit in here about punishment for various offenses in medieval society Really harsh and gruesome stuff You could certainly go into further depth with virtually all of the subjects covered in this book but as far as an entertaining overview this is ve [...]

  9. Dustin

    Not a book about the afterlife well, mostly , this is about medieval Western Europe s outsiders criminals, heretics, Jews, and those accused of witchcraft The author does a very good job showing the interrelationships between these, and also has some interesting points about how the Church s support of strong royal power as a tool for the Christianization of Iron Age Europe fed directly into the conflicts between temporal and spiritual authority that define so much of the later middle ages right [...]

  10. John

    Very interesting book on the evolution and practice of law and the criminal class in the Medieval period good read highly detailed with references.

  11. Richard Spilman

    A comprehensive survey of crime and punishment in the middle ages, by turns hilarious and sad and uncomfortably modern For anyone who loves crime novels, this is a great change of pace.

  12. Jeffrey

    Interesting book on the culture of 12th and 13th century western Europe and it s beliefs A nice read.

  13. kellyn

    Pretty cool book, detailing the ins and outs of medieval criminal society the punishments for different vices and crimes, and which groups of society helped those vices flourish.

  14. David

    Wonderful fun book but of akin to reading the pulp trash of medieval Europe than a true research tome.

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