Ross Poldark (2020)

Ross Poldark Winston Graham Ross Poldark Cornwall Tired from a grim war in America Ross Poldark returns to his land and family only to find his father has died his estate is derelict and the girl he loved is engaged to another
  • Title: Ross Poldark
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Ross Poldark Winston Graham Cornwall, 1783 1787Tired from a grim war in America, Ross Poldark returns to his land and family, only to find his father has died, his estate is derelict, and the girl he loved is engaged to another But then he rescues a half starved urchin girl and takes her home an act which, it turns out, will alter his life
Ross Poldark Winston Graham

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    Winston Graham

One thought on “Ross Poldark

  1. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    Some of my friends in two different groups I m in started reading this series so I thought, let me watch a little bit of the show on Prime Um, yeah, then I decided I needed all of the books even though there is something going to happen that I didn t like but let the pictures do the talking LET ME JUST SAY THERE WILL BE SPOILERS Okay, so we have the beautiful Ross Poldark going off off to war thinking he would be coming home to his wonderful Elizabeth that he had fell in love withUh, no Ross com [...]

  2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    Ross Poldark, published in 1945, tells the story of Ross, a British man in his twenties, from the time he returns from the war in America in 1783 until about four years later It s the first of a series of a dozen Poldark books that has spawned a couple of BBC miniseries, one in 1975 and a remake in 2015 I think it s safe to say that Ross v 2.0 was a serious upgrade.Ross is landed gentry, but not particularly wealthy In fact, he s skirting the edge of poverty, and his father had let their home an [...]

  3. Candi

    4.5 stars rounded up A wet October evening is depressing, but it drapes some soft shadows on the rough edges of ruin and decay Not so the light of morning Captain Ross Poldark is eager to return to his land and his love after fighting for the British in the Revolutionary War He is jolted into reality when he finds that with the death of his father, his property has been neglected and ruined, and that his beloved is now engaged to his cousin It will require much hard work and determination if he [...]

  4. Mischenko

    This book is featured on this week s Shabby Sunday readrantrockandroll 2017 It s 1783, and Ross Poldark is returning home after fighting in the American Revolutionary War When he arrives he learns that his father is dead, his copper mine is failing, and his sweetheart Elizabeth, whom he loves, is engaged to his cousin Francis Not only that, but the servants haven t been keeping up with the estate, and it s in shambles His joyful homecoming is crushed and everything is a mess with chickens scatte [...]

  5. Tracie Banister

    I ve been hearing a lot about the new Poldark TV series that s being filmed for the BBC and thought the multi generational saga sounded like something I d enjoy, so I decided to give the first book a read I m so glad I did I was instantly drawn into the story of Ross Poldark, the young officer who returns to Cornwall after fighting in the Revolutionary War, sporting a scar on his face and a limp, to find that his father is dead, his family home is in ruins, and his love, the beautiful and gentee [...]

  6. Jill

    These books are totally under rated Although they may be slightly trashy Pre Victorian love stories, so was Jane Eyre when it was written Graham is a very good writer and these books are full of powerful and descriptive pros which ignite the imagination even if said imagination is that of a hopeless romantic who watches too much Masterpiece Theater and too many Lifetime movies As the title suggests, it is a saga melodramatic like Gone with the Wind, but like Gone with the Wind it is good history [...]

  7. Linda

    But in the depths of horror and despair one comes to a new steadiness There is no farther to fall And I ve fallen into the depths of this historical fiction series by Winston Graham PBS has taken it to new heights in their offering which will debut Season 2 later in September Ross Poldark is a returning British soldier having served in America during the uprise of the Revolutionary War March of 1783 brings news of his father s death Setting foot upon this once beloved estate, Ross is confronted [...]

  8. Sara

    4.5 rounded up.I couldn t resist this book has a picture of Aidan Turner on its cover Seriously, I have loved watching the Poldark series on PBS and I find the book it is based on to be just as interesting and fulfilling I will be reading the entire book series, although at what pace I am not sure.Book 1 deals with Ross Poldark, who comes home to England Cornwall, no less from the American Revolution to find that his father has died, his land is in complete disrepair, and his love is about to ma [...]

  9. Julio Genao

    fuck this book.fuck this showfuck the day this story shat on my lifei don t care how hot this character isor wossiname from being humanwho always kinda looked like a concussed goat to me anywayall i know isthis one time this fictional person was important than anything i am or could ever be or could ever have lostso this shitright herecan die in a dumpster firesurrounded by solemn hobosand like four confused hipsters who think they re at bonnaroothe end

  10. Tim Vicary

    This site is called and this book, together with the eleven other Poldark novels which follow it, is one of the best reads you could possibly find Winston Graham is not just a good writer he is in in my view a great writer He has all the gifts and skills you could possibly want in a novelist he creates wonderful, well drawn characters, he has a brilliant, accurate ear for dialogue, he writes beautiful, concise description, he creates dramatic, page turning plots what could you want The plots of [...]

  11. Diane Barnes

    Long story short, this book and the next five in the series have been on my shelves for 13 years I remember when and where I bought them, but not why This was way before the recent PBS series, and way before I joined GR, but I must have heard about them in some way Despite being mass market paperbacks, I have lugged them around with me from house to house, from NC to SC, intending to read them at some point.Last year I resolved to read any 2017 book purchase before year s end, and was fairly suc [...]

  12. Anna

    Rating 3.5 starsThe BBC recently aired their new version of Poldark, and whilst I and a nation of women went gaga for the brooding and shirtless Aidan Turner oh dear God drool , I also adored the beautiful Eleanor Tomlinson and the sizzling chemistry they had together When Ross and Demelza fell first in passion the dress scene swoon and then in love the singing scene sigh , so did I with them Just gorgeous Away from the TV show, the first book in the series, Ross Poldark, took a while to get goi [...]

  13. Jaylia3

    I have a shameful confession Other than a few notable exceptions Tolstoy, Anthony Trollope, Jasper Fforde I rarely enjoy fiction written by men I can t even discuss it without resorting to stereotypes I would resent if it was women being lumped together, but if I was forced to say something it would be that even when I m intrigued by the stories male authors have to tell, their characterizations, particularly of women, tend to make my skin crawl.So while I ve been eagerly awaiting each TV episod [...]

  14. K

    I used to think I hated historical fiction I ve since realized that what I hate is bad historical fiction In a lot of the historical fiction books I ve read, it seemed as if the author hated to waste the hours spent researching the period and instead, chose to incorporate what they d read in lengthy text book style asides about contextual events which really detracted from the novel itself However, since forming that impression I ve read some excellent historical fiction e.g Year of Wonders by G [...]

  15. Bettie☯

    KERMIT FLAIL re visit 2015 via new BBC seriesEpisode 1 of 8 Cornwall, 1783 Ross Poldark returns from the battlefield to find his father dead, the estate in ruins and his sweetheart Elizabeth engaged to his cousin On impulse, Ross rescues young urchin Demelza and resolves to forge a new life in the face of hostile forces.Episode 2 of 8 Ross resolves to reopen his family mine with Francis Demelza struggles to fit in at Nampara, and Verity makes an unsuitable match.Episode 3 8 Ross celebrates the o [...]

  16. Piper

    5 second time around stars Loved the re read even than the first The sun had gone down, and the brows of the sky were dark.And Ross again knew himself to be happy in a new and less ephemeral way than before.He thought, If we could only stop life for a while I would stop here Not when I get home, not leaving Trenwith, but here, here reaching the top of the hill out of Sawle, dusk wiping out the edges of the land and Demelza walking and humming at my side.This has been such a fabulous audiobook a [...]

  17. Kris - My Novelesque Life

    I am a big fan of British mysteries, comedies and dramas so it is no surprise that I am a fan of Masterpiece Theater I recorded Poldark when it appeared on PBS and enjoyed the series, but did find it a bit on the slow side I heard that there was also another mini series done in the 1970s I knew that both were based on a book so I looked it up and saw that the first book was published in 1945 post world war II and the last book was published in 2002 I was really curious in reading Ross Poldark an [...]

  18. Laurel

    At first glance, it is easy to see why some modern readers might overlook Ross Poldark, the primogenial novel in Winston Graham s The Novels of Cornwall family saga Originally published in 1945, most seventy year old books are now long forgotten Its main character is a man when to appeal to its primary audience most historical fiction is carried by a female protagonist The setting can be off putting too It begins in 1783, a difficult and depressing time in English history after the loss of the A [...]

  19. Lucia

    Ross Poldark is historical drama romance that reads as realistic historical fiction not as romantic chic lit It has very realistic feel to it, mainly because all characters are flawed, multi dimensional and brilliantly written I really liked that I will take grey character over one dimensional one any day I love historical family sagas and Poss Poldark is a promising start to Poldark series I definitely plan t read next books very soon

  20. Enchantressdebbicat ☮

    Buddy read with some friends in The Reading for Pleasure Book Club I had not seen the series on Masterpiece but, I had friends who liked it I joined the buddy read late Everyone was already on to the second book After I read some of the discussion I decided this might be something I would like, tho, it is not my typical read All of that said, I am hooked and in for the remainder of the series I just loved this The characters are so well fleshed out You really get to know them My favorite charact [...]

  21. Dorcas

    At 122 pages I m bailing It may be that I m just not in the mood I did enjoy the humor at the beginning but after a while the story kind of dragged I was hoping to feel a bit invested in the characters as well but it never really happened for me oh well Cant win them all But looking at all the 5 star reviews I think there might be something wrong with melolThe shame is that I own the first three books in the series with the nice covers and now don t know if I ll ever read them

  22. Kimberly Carrington-Fox

    Una agradable sorpresa, especialmente por el modo de narrar la historia, muy gil y sin entretenerse en dar excesivos detalles.Me ha encantado Ross, es el tipo de hombre que levanta una ceja y me sube las enaguas hasta las orejas.Muy recomendable si quieres unas enaguas no guarrers pero con un protagonista digno de ellas.

  23. Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

    This was SO GOOD I m 100% in love with the TV show, and I was surprised at how much this felt like watching the first half, when everything is good and Ross is first falling in love with Demelza Ross and Demelza are such an OTP, I can t wait to read and watch

  24. Marialyce

    Ross Poldark, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.I had become enad with the BBC series of Poldark It is what spurred my desire to read the books that the series has been based upon I have not been in the least disappointed with this the first book in the series written by Winston Graham.In this novel, we encounter Ross Poldark newly returned from the war in the American colonies to find the love of his life, Elizabeth, engaged to his cousin, Frances, his father dead, and his estate in rui [...]

  25. Sarah

    After binge watching the show, I decided that I should probably pick up the book about the story that has so captivated me I found the book to be quite enjoyable To me it read very much like the show in the beginning of the novel and then it shifted towards the middle to something new and fresh I love how the books always provide a larger window into the world of the author, so than a show or a movie could ever do Although it took me awhile to finish this book, it is a very quick read the words [...]

  26. QNPoohBear

    By now all of my faithful followers should know about the hit TV series based on this series of novels In case you live under a rock might I politely suggest you crawl out from under the rock and get on or get a copy of the DVD and watch the series , this story is a saga about a family of Cornish gentry, the Poldarks Returning home after fighting the rebels in America, Captain Ross Poldark discovers his home in ruins, his family mine shut and his people in need of help He also learns his sweethe [...]

  27. Ian

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld WINSTON G See, this should be a book This is the book JEAN G What WINSTON G This Just talking JEAN G dismissing Yeah, right WINSTON G I m really serious I think that s a good idea JEAN G Just talking Well what s the book about WINSTON G It s about nothing JEAN G No story WINSTON G No forget the story JEAN G You ve got to have a story WINSTON G Who says you gotta have a story Remember when we were waiting for, for the pilchards that time That could be a bookAN G [...]

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