How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace (2020)

How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace Frank M. Ahearn Eileen C. Horan How to Disappear Erase your Digital Footprint Leave False Trails and Vanish without A Trace How to Disappear is the authoritative and comprehensive guide for people who seek to protect their privacy as well as for anyone who s ever entertained the fantasy of disappearing whether actually dro
  • Title: How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace
  • Author: Frank M. Ahearn Eileen C. Horan
  • ISBN: 9781599219776
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace Frank M. Ahearn Eileen C. Horan How to Disappear is the authoritative and comprehensive guide for people who seek to protect their privacy as well as for anyone who s ever entertained the fantasy of disappearing whether actually dropping out of sight or by eliminating the traceable evidence of their existence.
How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace Frank M. Ahearn Eileen C. Horan

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    254 Frank M. Ahearn Eileen C. Horan
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One thought on “How to Disappear: Erase your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without A Trace

  1. Jen Ryland

    Confession I am completely obsessed with the show Hunted It s a show in which teams of fugitives are sent on the run, and another team tracks them Yes, I know that it s staged to a large extent the producers must be doling out clues etc to even the playing field But the show also sets up a fascinating question if you suddenly had to go on the run and hide, could you figure out how to do it Obviously I hope that for me the answer is yes, which is why I watch the show and got this book from the li [...]

  2. Carisa

    Of course, by admitting on that I read this book, I ve ensured I ll never be able to take advantage of some of its lessons.

  3. Melody

    I can t remember where I found the pointer to this book Or maybe I can, and I m just giving you some disinformation in case you are compiling a dossier on my reading referrals This book encourages the above sort of paranoia It s an interesting and informative read but I think it s hampered somewhat by the authorial voice, which often veers into what sounds like textbook noir detective speak I get that a skip tracer needs to be hard bitten and tough Swell Now, tell me what you came to say, withou [...]

  4. DoctorM

    Less a concrete how to guide than a set of issues to think about for anyone who does want to pull the vanishing trick Ahearn notes that, post 2001, it has become harder and harder to disappear, and harder still to acquire a new identity, and he stays far away from telling a reader how to do anything that might be illegal Nonetheless, for all of us who dream of escaping into new lives, or who ve ever thought about being a character in a thriller novelor who might have to flee from oppressive live [...]

  5. Jessica

    I gave it four stars because it gives such excellent information in a pretty straightforward way I mean, if you want to disappear in an age where everybody can hack in and find your information online, this is the book for you Is it the best written book No this guy is not an author by trade he s a guy people hire to out dirt on other people He s credible, but you flip a few pages because he is not a wordsmith.

  6. Joni Baboci

    Considering this book was written just three years ago, I mistakenly assumed that it would focus on online privacy and falling off the virtual grid Unfortunately the book is a guide and a bad one at that in my opinion on how to actually disappear from the real world The author might have been a prodigy in the mid 90s but would suck at hiding your identity today hence I guess he writes books now Ahern sounds out of touch with the virtual world He talks about Altavista a very popular search engine [...]

  7. Sheldon

    I read this book for entertainment than actual action I was curious about what the author would say one should do to hide I was also interested from the making yourself a little less discoverable point of view as it seems personal information is being sucked up by any and everyone.Well, the book was pretty good, an easy read and the author provides some interesting, and somewhat entertaining examples of good and bad I think, if anyone is reading the book with the thought of really disappearing [...]

  8. Gina

    Wow, the author s writing style iswow The Fat Man s wife was beautiful, and this girl had totally been hit by the ugly stick Several times p 38 Very is still safe today, and you know what We enjoyed giving her jailbird the finger Fuck him p 74 Even a decade after the dot com bust, there s still gold in them there Internets p 172After choosing to see the writing style as entertaining and not a distraction, the book was mildly interesting It s pretty amazing how much information someone can get ab [...]

  9. Sour

    Bu n c i nh t cu n n y l sau khi c xong th anh em nh y l n goodread review r i rate n y n t m lum trong khi ng b c vi t s ch th t u ch cu i ch c c n d n l ng c h ra c i j cho ch ng n th y N i chung c k chuy n kh th v v bu n c i d d i c i v t ng i nghi m tr ng Nh ng r t cu c cu n n y ch c gi t tjan cho vui c n cho c v vn ch c c c ng kh c ra ti ng m n v ko p d ng c chi u n o

  10. Tammy

    The book would ve been better as a bulleted list I found this interesting from an information security managing social media presence perspective Good ideas for checking to make sure you have protected your online presence.

  11. Meg

    Great now I m stressed out about how overwhelming it would be to disappear and how I can t ever actually do it because I checked this book out from my library like a chump.

  12. Kevin Tumlinson

    I swear this was for author research I d be breaking one fo the author s rules right now, if I were trying to disappear But I m staying put, and this book was a resource for the thriller novels I write As an author, I found this to be an invaluable guide to what it would take to disappear.As a reader, I just enjoyed the thrill of the idea, that one could start over with a new life and a fresh start With the right planning.The author is kind of a shady character, honestly,with some passes at bein [...]

  13. Sarah

    Fascinating, usable tips for going off the grid I d give this a 3.5 if I could, because although the social engineering was fascinating, the technological pieces were really lacking They felt dated and incomplete With technological progress comes a shattering of privacy, and it s happening at an exponential rate Thus Ahearn saying things like don t use social media whatsoever feel and impossible every day.

  14. Jaroslav Tuček

    I really wanted to like this book and in a way, it is a very interesting read, full of scary examples of what information is out there on you, or less freely available for anyone with the balls to take it The author s freshly sardonic writing style and a no nonsense attitude also help to keep you engaged, although there is some repetitiveness in the latter parts of the book which could have been avoided.There is a major let down for me however in the way several of the stories feel made up and [...]

  15. Tim Niland

    This one caught my eye while I was weeding the new bookshelves at the Library who hasn t at one time or another thought that it might be great thing to just take a powder and go off the radar completely Whether to avoid bill collectors or to get away from a stalker, it remains a great temptation for many Ahearn started his career as a bounty hunter or as he puts it a skip tracer but he s far removed from Stephanie Plum, and used every tool in his book, legal and illegal to track people down Afte [...]

  16. Jennifer

    Most adult readers started as children My favorite childhood genre was mysteries While my sister read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, I read The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes And Nancy Drew I secretly dreamed of growing up to be a detective Well I still appreciate Holmes for introducing me to deductive logic, but I ve lost interest in the world of cloak and dagger Nowadays I m interested in science, and the prospects of a Futurtopia So, I have no plans to disappear, and if that e [...]

  17. Anna Richland

    As a romantic suspense author, I have to be careful to not let my research induce paranoia This book left me feeling like I want to put false home addresses on my PTA forms, migrate to prepaid credit cards, and change the name and phone number on all my grocery store loyalty cards After all, what s fifty cents off detergent compared to my privacy So I read this only in small doses, take my research notes, and then remind myself that I am not running from anyone, and I can t disappear completely [...]

  18. Anthony

    I picked this one up because I wanted to see how I could limit my vulnerability with electronics This book encompassed that and It was focused so for someone who has a stalker or needs to disappear because of somebody Kind of like a self imposed witness protection plan In the process of making someone disappear he talks about his career as a skip tracer or someone who was hired to track down others His stories are enlightening in that it makes you think about how much of your personal informat [...]

  19. Derrick Lim

    An interesting and lighthearted read if you ever had flights of fantasies about disappearing The ideas are rather generic, not going into too much specifics about the hows but focusing on the whats instead.While this book didn t offer me very much in way of disappearing, it convinced me of the opposite disappearing is hard You have to make radical and, often than not, inconvenient, lifestyle changes Living off the grid is a notion feasible in fiction than in non fiction While it might be easy [...]

  20. Ellen

    So far, I find the author s prose style to be pretty obnoxious I feel he s talking down to me I went to one of the websites that he touts as being important to find out where all the online information about me is but it is a pay per view site and the average person isn t going to pay to find their info and erase it I don t think so, anyway More as I read This book turned out to be interesting in a creepy way I would not have the to spend on disappearing that this guy suggests but some of these [...]

  21. Nick

    An interesting read, for a little while My 2 star review is perhaps a little unfair, as I think if I was really trying to disappear it would have been extremely useful As it stands, I read it with something of a passing interest, and found that after the first few chapters, much of the information is repeated over and over The author goes through great pains to spell out the steps that will prevent you from getting caught, but I can t help but think some of the repetition could have been avoided [...]

  22. Janet Major

    This is the book for you if you want to disappear without a trace, which, believe me, is a lot of trouble if you want to do it right Mr Ahearn specializes in helping people who are victims of stalking and or abuse disappear This book goes into minute detail about laying false trails for people looking for you He points out how to use credit cards and throw away phones as well as changing the details of your existence just a bit in order to insure privacy Even if you don t want to disappear it gi [...]

  23. Heather

    A fascinating look at how much information people can find on you, and how to make sure they don t find it I have to wonder why is it that when I call the cable company they won t tell me anything if the account s actually in my husband s name, but skip tracers can get them to give up all sorts of details If you re not planning to run away from your life, there s still great information in this book about how to protect yourself from identity thieves I would have liked to see of that, since I d [...]

  24. Amanda

    This is, without a doubt, one of the most paranoia inspiring things I ve ever read Everytime I go whatever, this is ridiculous he reminds the reader that plenty of his clients have been stalking victims, and you don t need to do anything special to be picked as a target I m not a big fan of his writing style, and it is very cut and dry, interesting, but not terribly entertaining And of course, doing a public review of this book or any book is the sort of thing he thinks no one should ever do Bas [...]

  25. Alex

    Not bad a bad read although scant details were written for those who need to disappear with someone, which leaves me to wonder What else was left out Still, a book that teaches you to take stock of your own privacy as well as gives you the tools to reclaim it has a certain value While some sections feel as if they re lacking, I would recommend this book regardless on the basis you probably should know this information for your own sake.

  26. Lindsey

    This book is informative and interesting to consider, even if you re not planning to disappear I especially liked the tips about personal information and online privacy However, read with caution because the author veers towards the paranoid rather often possibly as a sales technique, since fear is a motivator and has a somewhat irritating way of including self promotion in almost every chapter.

  27. Stacy

    Alas, to get credit in my reading challenge for reading this book, I must break a major tenet of the disappearing philosphy Skip tracers will be able to identify and find me based on book reviews Unless I m already an incredibly amazing Houdini and this is yet another breadcrumb trail I m setting up I m actually a 92 year old man from Santa Domingo Or am I Fascinating book, actually Gave me details to the tracing and escaping occurrences in other books.

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