The Book of Atrix Wolfe (2020)

The Book of Atrix Wolfe Patricia A. McKillip The Book of Atrix Wolfe A beautifully dark fairytale of love and magic from the World Fantasy Award winning novelist
  • Title: The Book of Atrix Wolfe
  • Author: Patricia A. McKillip
  • ISBN: 9781904233107
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
The Book of Atrix Wolfe Patricia A. McKillip A beautifully dark fairytale of love and magic from the World Fantasy Award winning novelist.
The Book of Atrix Wolfe Patricia A. McKillip

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One thought on “The Book of Atrix Wolfe

  1. Joe

    This is extraordinarily well written fantasy Patricia A McKillip is really the unsung hero of American high fantasy I am here to tell you to forget the HELL out of most other high fantasy authors especially Mercedes Lackey, Melanie Rawn, and Terry Goodkind because Patricia A McKillip just writes the shit out of them.She is so concise and eloquent and purely otherworldly I would hesitate to put her even in the same league as most fantasy authors She is definitely in the same class as Tolkien, LeG [...]

  2. Angie

    Originally reviewed here Angieville.It was my friends at Readerville who convinced me to give Patricia McKillip a try This I remember very clearly I d never read any of McKillip s books, though I d run across them plenty of times what with her books being shelved right next to Robin McKinley s on all the shelves ever And then there was the matter of her covers Somewhere along the line, they paired her up with Kinuko Craft and decided it was a match made in heaven For the most part, I think it is [...]

  3. Nikki

    I don t know why this book didn t work that well for me it s very much what you d expect from McKillip, magical and otherworldly and dreamy, written in her usual meandering, allusive, dense style I just didn t really get into it that much, or follow the chains of events I often have that problem with McKillip s work, to be fair, so this is probably a very individual criticism people who enjoy her style effortlessly will probably enjoy this just as much as any of her other books.For me, though th [...]

  4. Carol

    It s the secret fantasy book for foodies The plotline has the fairy queen s daughter, Saro, lost within the real world of men and mages But the best part is that Saro s lost as the pot scrubber in the palace kitchen Every chapter, huge banquets are constructed and served with musical fanfares Meringues in the shapes of swans with currant eyes, pot pies with hunting scenes baked into the crust, opulent meals gone cold when crisis hits, then re purposed into sandwiches for the departing warriors T [...]

  5. Laura

    actual rating 3.5 starsI don t think I have ever read prose as elegantly written as this Mrs McKillip s writing is wonderful just as the worlds she is describing However, I wish the story itself would have been woven a little differently and perhaps had had a different ending.If you love expressive elegant writing and ethereal descriptions of incredible worlds, this book is definitely for you.If however you prefer a good old fashioned fairytale with a perfectly happy ending, this is definitely n [...]

  6. Mary-Beth

    This is my favourite book by McKillip, probably because the element of mystery that she always infuses her fantasy with is so strong here The young woman Saro is a dishwasher in the castle kitchens who is under an enchantment The kingdom is harassed by a frightening antlered enchanter The prince discovers a spell book whose words mean something other than what they say As usual, the author uses her beautiful and evocative style of writing to weave a spell on the reader much like the enchantments [...]

  7. Katherine

    I ve read McKillip s work before and loved it, this I did not love The first clue that this was not going to be another love fest for me was the strange phrasing and odd over use of the comma Annoying If the plotline had not been so compelling I would never have kept reading okay, I ll admit it, sometimes skimming , not when my strongest impulse was to discard it Ha, what I really wanted to do was throw it at the wall Hard.I could see what McKillip was trying to accomplish and how challenging a [...]

  8. Amara Luciano

    4.5 starsHow truly beautiful and passionate and world loving this book is I don t know of many other books whose words enraptured me so This book is about a book, about sorrow and light, past and future, about redemption and restitution, love that transcends worlds, magic that springs hope, beauty that lives in life.I will never forget this book Never It is a book I hope to share with the many, and the children I may have one day in the future They should know the language of The Book of Atrix W [...]

  9. Joanne

    I just finished reading this book for the second time I remembered loving it the first time I read it because of the poetic writing style of the author I love the images of castle life and the characters It reads like a fairy tale including many moral messages which can be gathered if one would wish to think them through most especially the importance of atoning for bad deeds.The first half of the book is much exciting than the second In the second half, one might begin to get bored as a cycle [...]

  10. Susana

    A bittersweet story about magical actions and it s direst consequences.This is the story of Atrix Wolfe, a mage original from Chaumenard, but who now lives amongst wolves One day he starts having dreams Those dreams make him travel to the realm of Pellucir, where he finds the castle under siege by the ruler of Kardeth Everywhere he looks, there s devastation Death, famine and, scavengers surround the kingdom Being faced with such a despairing vision, Atrix decides to take matters into his own ha [...]

  11. Mary Catelli

    We open with the king pleading with the wizard Atrix Wolfe, to work magic that will enable him to overcome another king Atrix makes it clear that this is Not A Good Thing and Not What Wizards Do But he keeps up the pressure Meanwhile Saro, the daughter of the Queen of the Wood, and her father, owing to their drop of mortal blood, watch the scene curiously Atrix, finally infuriated, weaves together a terrible spell, and unleashes a dark rider on the battlefield.That was the prologue The story pic [...]

  12. Ryan Mishap

    The titular wizard hides in wolf form from the mistake he made in the past attempting to end a bloody and disastrous war, he called up a larger monstrosity In doing so, he affected the land he was trying to protect and also faerie, where the Queen loses her consort and her daughter is taken into the world of humans.The prince king s brother is learning to be a wizard and his path will soon cross the orphan girl s who works in the royal kitchen Redemption, hierarchies, choices, and make up the t [...]

  13. Althea Ann

    A beautiful fairytale.Atrix Wolfe is a powerful mage Years ago, in an attempt to stop a war between two kingdoms, he conjured a terrible Hunter through sorcery causing death than, possibly, the war would have In remorse and shame, he fled to the life of a hermitBut now, a young prince in mage training has found his spellbook, and old sorceries are stirring And, for some reason, the beautiful Faerie Queen of the Wood is sending visions to both a boy and a mageMeanwhile, in the castle kitchens, a [...]

  14. Margaret

    This is my first Patricia Mckillip novel and I was amazed by her writing One of the most lyrical and elegantly written fantasy novels I ve read I would easily compare her to Ursula le Guin in terms of both depth of ideas and lyricism of writing The Book of Atrix Wolfe centers around a young magician and prince, whose country is haunted by a battle that took both the prince s father and mother a child named Saro who no longer remembers her past and a mage Atrix Wolfe who is haunted by regret All [...]

  15. Zahra

    General overview ish No spoilers, really As usual with any McKillip book, the language is like a bright garden However she s fond of moving the plot along in dream sequences which I love, so, so much But those not inclined to that kind of hazy broad strokes style should stay clear Also the food descriptions are divine, always feel really hungry after giving it a re read The way she plays with the actual topic of language itself is pretty intriguing A lot of people gush over Alphabet of Thorn for [...]

  16. Elise

    Patricia McKillip s language is incredibly beautiful and lyrical I m heading to the library to search for of her books it s been too long One of my students saw that I was currently reading this book, however, and asked What s it about I responded with, Um It seemed very difficult to explain It was full of magic that I didn t really understand and couldn t explain, but somehow that didn t matter It was about a world where things didn t make sense, but that was perfectly okay with me.

  17. Derek

    Even when the story is in the normal , human world it seems dreamlike and fairytale ish and a high contrast to the sort of stories that I usually read It seems drawn from an earlier tradition of fantasy and there were aspects that recalled The King of Elfland s Daughter most specifically, but also The Face in the Frost.McKillip produces powerful imagery, from the piles of luscious food continually produced by the ever busy castle kitchen to the haunted tower to a definitely Elfland s Daughter in [...]

  18. Margit

    Another wonderful book by Patricia A McKillip This one is a wonder of language, the way she puts words together to form sentences to make thoughts to tell the story She paints pictures without rambling on incessantly In my opinion, Ms McKillip is probably one of the best fantasy authors writing today There is nothing typical about her stories and they are not derivative of those fantasy authors who spawned the lot of fantasy we get all to often these days.This book is the story of a mage who, in [...]

  19. Cayenne

    This one was a little ethereal read vague and confusing than usual I still liked it I especially appreciated the themes of redemption and forgiveness After using his magic to create a terrible tragedy, Atrix Wolfe has to forgive himself and learn to live again Everyone else involved has to learn to forgive him and move on with their lives as well A beautiful story.

  20. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I liked this story better than some of the other Ms McKillip ones This is because I loved the wolf aspect to it I ve always liked wolves and this book, focused on a man, lost with wolves just did it for me Expect to once again flow through the story with Ms McKillip s signature lyrical prose.

  21. Joel

    Beautifully written, whimsical, creative What I feel like Neil Gaiman SHOULD be but isn t Really enjoyed it.

  22. Amanda

    In truth, this book is probably 4.5 stars from me It s not quite up to that fifth star favorite book ever status, but so, so close And, it s hands down my favorite of McKillip s books, which is a feat in and of itself.I love that within this book even so than in her others McKillip takes the very traditional folk lore inspired tale and expounds upon it in a way that it becomes something fascinatingly new while retaining that vital lifeblood connection to the old tales The main characters are q [...]

  23. Rachel Anderson

    I picked up this one for the pretty cover a mistake I should have learned to quit making by now , and because I like fantasy and the premise was intriguing It would have been better off as a folktale than a full length novel There were looooong descriptions of people not doing much, particularly of Saro s endless pot scrubbing After the thirtieth or so page about her scrubbing pots, I got the point, okay Fortunately it was short, so by the time I finally figured out it was boring, I was almost d [...]

  24. Rid

    Due to the writing style, there s a detachment when I was reading this Not because it was bad frankly, the prose was superb but because it s too dreamy, allusive and so fairytale like I usually have no problem with that kind of style, but for this book only, it s just won t work I ve try to immerse myself in the story, but it feels like there s a wall between me and the book I can t enjoy it that much because of it.For characters themselves, I have a hard time connecting with them I like Saro th [...]

  25. Velvetea

    This book is like entering a secret, magical bakery and finding there, on a pedestal under rainbow spotlights and a cascade of confetti, poised on embellished porcelain, the most decadent slice of cake you ve ever seen.Condensed with all the best ingredients, you have to concentrate on admiring all of the intricate detailed decoration, then close your eyes to savor the parade of flavors as they as they announce themselves with flow and a flourish It s so rich, you are full after just a bite or t [...]

  26. Elijah

    This book started out really well, with a gripping prologue and plenty of magic, conflict, and personal stakes the middle sagged a bit, but the ending made up for it I found that the further in I got, the less I cared for Atrix, the I wanted to get back to Saro, and the I saw Talis as the poor kid scrambling to make something happen and stay alive in the maelstrom of wizardry he s caught up in.Not my favorite McKillip so far, but definitely better than Winter Rose Worth the read for Saro s sto [...]

  27. TOM

    Rich poetic prose as always but the plot and storyline isn t as original as other works by McKillip I didn t get as involved or captivated and often felt the surreal and abstract passages caused the flow of the tale to become disconnected and at times fragmented.A mage who is repenting a great wrong, a fairy girl who is imprisoned as a scullery maid and cannot remember her previous life, a prince who shuns protocol and tradition for the love of a mysterious Queen of the Woods its all a bit clic [...]

  28. Natalie

    This was a fairly decent book, but the writing style really didn t suit me It was written in a way that made everything seem like one big dream and you couldn t quite tell what was going on part of the time While some people may like this dream like style, I prefer things to feel as real as possible for me.The story itself was pretty good, but because of the dream like quality, I couldn t really connect with the characters.

  29. Maria D.

    Lovely, contained, and a sweeping story of war and responsibility in the face of trauma and sadness I found the segments with Saro working in the kitchen to be quite sensory, somewhat reminding me of the time I worked as a catering cook.

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