Wolf in Waiting (2020)

Wolf in Waiting Rebecca Flanders Wolf in Waiting Noel Duprey is the strongest the smartest the sexiest and the most noble kind of his line but his birthright forbids him to even look at Victoria St Clare for destiny will never allow her to be h
  • Title: Wolf in Waiting
  • Author: Rebecca Flanders
  • ISBN: 9780373512126
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
Wolf in Waiting Rebecca Flanders Noel Duprey is the strongest, the smartest, the sexiest, and the most noble kind of his line, but his birthright forbids him to even look at Victoria St Clare, for destiny will never allow her to be his bride Further, Noel believes Victoria to be a traitor out to destroy his legacy But all she is really after is his heart.
Wolf in Waiting Rebecca Flanders

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    402 Rebecca Flanders
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One thought on “Wolf in Waiting

  1. Bark

    I can t recall reading a romance like this one before, written in the first person, with each chapter switching from his point of view to hers It took a little getting used to but I enjoyed it because I got a first person account of the quirkiness of the characters and their intimate thoughts about a previous scene I laughed than once as his viewpoint ended and then we got to see her real thoughts about the last scene.Victoria is an anthromorph A what, you ask This means she s a defective werew [...]

  2. Elle

    I really enjoyed this story It was different from your the werewolf stories I come across I liked the idea that these werewolves didn t seclude themselves out in the wilderness, but used their superior senses to make money in western consumer culture The story here wasn t all too surprising, I had a good idea about how many of the issues were going to be resolves, but I still enjoyed watching everything play out The main characters are interesting because of their complexity and their romance gr [...]

  3. Mandapanda

    3.75 stars First published in 1995 so it feels dated now but the alternating POV s are very effective They added sweetness and humour to the story and left me feeling like I knew something the MC s didn t I always have a soft spot for shifter romance.

  4. Cecilia

    Not bad I haven t read a werewolf romance in a long time, and I wasn t really that interested, but this was pretty good The political aspect of the werewolf romance was there, but not the insta love What I liked was that the heroine was pretty smart and capable, and this was not undermined or stated, but not shown , and the hero appreciated this about her What I didn t like was that it was told in alternating first person first her perspective, then his I could have dealt with it all being told [...]

  5. Rebecca (everyday reader)

    Noel is a kind of lonely werewolf man who has been thrust into a role of leadership that he wasn t really prepared for and didn t want Victoria is a werewolf woman who is mistreated by her people has never gone through the Change They are thrown together to work on a project and fish out a traitor Emotions run high, she gets a surprise, and he finds his mate Good read

  6. Alison

    I read lots about this book which had been reduced in price as part of Harlequin s 10,000 books celebrating a decade or something like that with lots of people saying how much they loved the book I found it fascinating how different this book was to contemporary shifter novels.The werewolf community is ruled by the St Clare family and the embodiment of the wolf community and its wealth is the St Clare company and the perfume arm.Victoria St Clare is practically an outcast As a member of the fami [...]

  7. Sommertime

    This was a new and different approach to a werewolf book I really liked it for those reasons and I liked the first person POV that alternated between Noel and Victoria It gave a good inside look into how they felt and what they were thinking There were many times that something would happen and I would be thinking what the But Victoria would explain it away saying humans wouldn t understand but to a wolf we look at it this way and that would clear it up.I loved loved Victoria She was smart, str [...]

  8. Lizzie

    This was so incredibly dated and sad I signed on for the misunderstood, martyred heroine However, five minutes in Victoria s head space was enough to sour the tale, as she looked with contempt on humans but blithely accepted her low status in her society Noel, on the other hand, was a tiresome playboy pouting over his new responsibilities, and easily led by his hormones as well Not the most attractive couple, although this early werewolf story has all the plot elements that were to become wildly [...]

  9. Amara

    Not to accept things at face value and never underestimate the manipulative and matchmaking tendencies of family I enjoy romance mixed with the supernatural and this story incorporates the best of both Unfortunately there are some sex scenes to be skipped for those who don t care for that like me , but the story is worth the inconvenience.

  10. Kerry Connor

    One of my favorite romance novels, and one of the very best if not THE best category romances ever published.Longer review here dearauthor book reviews ov

  11. Fayt

    I loved it Not the usual clich d werewolf romances Reading this was like a breath of fresh air from the ones I m used to.

  12. Sarah

    I loved this until the incredibly disappointing ending I won t spoil it, but I was astonished at how bad the story got in about 10 pages.

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