The Other Side of Dawn (2020)

The Other Side of Dawn John Marsden The Other Side of Dawn Daylight couldn t be far away and if they hadn t found me by then it wouldn t take long once the sun came up The drops of blood would be a dead give away Dead in every sense of the word With a roar
  • Title: The Other Side of Dawn
  • Author: John Marsden
  • ISBN: 9780732909925
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
The Other Side of Dawn John Marsden Daylight couldn t be far away, and if they hadn t found me by then, it wouldn t take long once the sun came up The drops of blood would be a dead give away Dead in every sense of the word With a roar like a train in a tunnel, the war enters its final days.Ellie has to be on that train.There s no sitting around, no waiting There s only fast decisions, fast Daylight couldn t be far away, and if they hadn t found me by then, it wouldn t take long once the sun came up The drops of blood would be a dead give away Dead in every sense of the word With a roar like a train in a tunnel, the war enters its final days.Ellie has to be on that train.There s no sitting around, no waiting There s only fast decisions, fast action, fast thinking.And she d better get it right.With all their being, Ellie and her friends want to stay alive But there s a war out there And it has to be won.
The Other Side of Dawn John Marsden

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    275 John Marsden
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  1. Nemo (The Moonlight Library)

    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryThe final book in the Tomorrow When the War Began series starts with a bang as the New Zealanders fly in a bomb expert to load up the kids and prepare them for D Day The kinds take out an enemy squadron that is moving way too close to Hell, then abandon their home in favour of the one final big push Then Ellie is separated from her friends and lives out the last days of the war as a prisoner.I really missed Homer, Fi, Kevin, Lee and Gavin [...]

  2. RavenclawReadingRoom

    Plot summary It s been over a year since Ellie and her friends left on the camping trip that would ultimately save them from captivity in the war, but throwing them into the depths of guerilla warfare In this, the final installment, they must fight like never before The war is drawing to a lose, and with the delivery of a quantity of plastic explosives from the New Zealand armed forces, they re out to do what damage they can Thoughts This is the conclusion to the series that dominated my teen ye [...]

  3. Cherie

    There were times that I did not want this last book to be done, but too many times, I could not bear all of the horror of the kids fighting the enemy soldiers and all of the hardships they were experiencing.What Ellie and her friends and all they went through, can never be appreciated nor understood, except by someone who has lived through what they did It was a masterful accounting and I am so glad I stumbled across this series The wrap was well done.Ellie said I know I won t live happily ever [...]

  4. Rjmiller

    This review will contain Tomorrow series spoilers And one for Harry Potter.I m not going to spend anytime on what s great about book It has everything that fans of the Tomorrow series have come to expect and love It s fast paced There are big action set pieces The themes of friendship, loyality, love are all still there It s heart breaking at times.So instead, I ll go into some of the aspects I didn t like and why I rated it only 3 stars.Gavin I ll just say it, this was a terrible character What [...]

  5. Nairabell

    It s been a little over a year since Ellie and her friends returned from their camping trip in Hell to find their country had been invaded and their families captured The original group of eight has been reduced to five, and they ve gained a group of rescued orphans Now the New Zealand troops are preparing their final assault, and Ellie and her friends are about to be called into action for one final time This is the seventh and final book in the incredible Tomorrow series after Tomorrow When th [...]

  6. Boots

    So this is the seventh and final book in the Tomorrow series by John Marsden To be honest I m surprised this series isn t popular than it is It has everything it needs to be a huge hit, although I have to admit that it is missing vampires, thankfully.This entire series was written in the first person by a female protagonist named Ellie Her character developed well throughout the series but when it comes right down to it I didn t particularly like her In fact she was my least favorite part of th [...]

  7. Amanda

    Finished I don t think I will review each book, or even the series, as I took no notes but I might put something together soon.This is a pretty good series, plenty of action and suspense, great characters, and a thought provoking plot I do think 7 books was probably 2 3 books too many Ellie has a story related to everything that happens so a lot of the book is taken up by her just talking about stuff But overall I really enjoyed this series.

  8. Libby

    This was an amazing end to the series,particularly in the realistic portrayal of how life can t go back to how it was before the war My only criticism is that some of the close knit friendships and relationships got cut off too quickly, which may be realistic but was still disappointing I definitely need to track down the three books in the Ellie Chronicles to read, too.

  9. Leah (Jane Speare)

    This is a firstI ve read this entire seven book series all in one year It s the longest series I ve stuck to, besides Max Ride and Harry Potter And it s just as worthy and awesome I wish it didn t have to end These books have been a great cure to so many books, what should I pick up for a relaxing read in between Now that may sound weird considering these are war books and not a bit relaxing, but over the past year, I ve become so attached to Ellie and her friends, reading the next one was like [...]

  10. Michelle

    I m making this a bit of an overall review of the series, as I find it hard to separately review books that form a continuous story the way these do, so this review will probably be a general overview of how I felt about them.I ve been wanting to re read this series for a while, because I remember being obsessed with the books as a kid I must ve read them two or three times within a few years About a decade later, I still think they re fantastic They re action packed, but not devoid of introspec [...]

  11. Mr.G

    This is the seventh and final book of John Marsden s Tomorrow When the War Began series Basically eight Australian teens go camping in the outback for a week and when they return, they discover that Australia has been invaded and subjugated by a foreign power and their parents have been locked away in detention camps Throughout the series, the teens embark on a steadily increasing campaign of sabotage, resistance, and guerrilla war The seventh book concluded the series pretty well Without giving [...]

  12. Rebecca

    view spoiler Despite some initial reservations, I ve grown to love this series This finale offers the same brilliant action and heartwarming personal stories as the other novels The seperation from the ferals was absolutely heartwrenching, and the group went out with a bang in their final contribution to the war However, I was completely disappointed by the ending I can see where Marsden was coming from this was the end of a violent war, and a they lived happily ever after would have been a bit [...]

  13. Sally

    Oh wow, this book This series Finally I ve made up for all that lost time and I am so glad I did, instead of just staying with my first, twelve year old impression of too scary and then too scary AND too many books Seven sounds like a lot, but at only 330 pages this last one was the longest of the bunch They re very quick reads I ve actually forgotten a lot of the first half already, because the second half dominated SO much view spoiler When Ellie was told that the others had all been killed, I [...]

  14. William Ristau

    The group attacks a service station frequented by enemy convoys and are separated in the aftermath Ellie is shot in the leg and taken prisoner While interned she discovers the location of her mother and father She escapes, and is reunited with her mother whom she stays with until news breaks that the war is over Australia signed a peace treaty with the occupying power, resulting in the formation of a new nation on the continent for the invading forces and settlers It transpires that Wirrawee is [...]

  15. Jenny (Jen & Mel's Book Nook)

    This was such a great end to a fantastic series While I may not have liked everything about it, overall this series was absolutely amazing The books were incredibly fast paced, action packed and so believable view spoiler The end of the war is getting closer and Ellie and her friends are going to help out by doing what they can But somewhere along the way, Ellie gets separated from her friends and captured Most of this book was all about Ellie, and while her story was still interesting, I would [...]

  16. Carole

    This was the awesome conclusion to a seven book series and the best The violence in these books is intense there are seven kids fighting on their own against the invaders of their country and sometimes the descriptions of not only what happens, but how they react to it, physically, spiritually, and emotionally is hard to read, but very real and honest The action is almost non stop When I started one of these books, I couldn t put it down There are breaks to take a breath as Ellie describes her i [...]

  17. Svenja

    Wahnsinnig guter Abschluss der Reihe Das Buch hat mich nochmal richtig mitgenommen Ich werde Ellie in Co vermissen

  18. Leighton

    Ok, I ve finished the series and I would give it a clear 4.5 to 5 stars Loved it, takes Red Dawn to a new level The setting is great, the pace is fast enough to keep me hooked in, the characters are great I loved it, in fact it s depressing to have finished Oh and keep away from the film, it doesn t do it justice They should have made it in to a TV series.How I review1 star binned it before half way, please don t write any 2 stars finally binned it after really trying, I mean really trying and I [...]

  19. camilla

    No It s over So sad to leave this series, even though every book was very taxing How can books about war not be stressful I loved every minute of Ellie and her friend s guerilla war Marsden is masterful at weighing the moral responsibility of war, especially of teens taking the war into their own hands I really feel the weight of Ellie s sorrow at taking lives, and her rage at the intruders that have stolen the lives of her friends I really didn t want to leave the war, but it had to end, and Ma [...]

  20. Rebecca

    I have mixed feelings about the final book It was action packed, which I should have loved, but I just didn t feel invested I didn t like how Ellie got split up from the others for half the book Looking back, I think that s why it felt so weird to read and where it fell flat for me This series is what it is because of the gang and how they work as a team It s not to say I don t love Ellie because I do, but it s pretty much always been them all together, never just Ellie on her own Considering ho [...]

  21. Susie

    Great conclusion to a great series I sped through this series in half the month of June partly because I m on a free Kindleunlimited trial, partly I need to do during the summer and loved it Some dare I say many of the books on KU don t seem worth the read but the Tomorrow series is not one of them I would definitely recommend to friends The characters are relatable and their actions are not without consequences I ve never been in a war so I have no idea if these are reasonable consequences, bu [...]

  22. Susie

    I had to wait a few months for this to be released in the UK so I d slightly lost the momentum of the series when I started, but once I got into it, Marsden got me hooked For twenty four hours half of my mind was going about my daily life and the other half was in engaged in Australian guerilla warfare It might not be the ending you want the series to have but it s probably the ending the series needs and overall I thought it was a good culmination to a great series.

  23. Symone

    The conclusion of the Tomorrow series, is just as entertaining as it was in the beginning The whole gang have been through the most trialling time of their lives and the first time you read it the ending might feel bitter sweet but i think it captures what happens in real wartime perfectly Things have changed that can not be undone and to have all the characters resolved perfectly would undermine the journey they have taken.

  24. Michael McEvoy

    A good end to a gripping series Like the 6th book it started off strongly About halfway through, one unexpected line changed everything I couldnt believe my eyes, and I was depressed when I went to bed that night Alas, the last line was absolutely terrible Still, I will definitely be starting the next series soon

  25. Sara

    Oh no The series is over I m sad there will be no adventures of Ellie and her friends during the war This last one was great, though Lots of action, still, and prison camp and infamy and a kind of satisfying conclusion My library doesn t have the Ellie Chronicles, so I ll have to find them elsewhere, but be assured that I will There s got to be to the story.

  26. Laura

    3.5 stars Really enjoyed this conclusion I need answers though as it was a bit vague but I think that was the author s intention I m looking forward to reading The Ellie Chronicles.Despite the books getting repetitive after a while, the concept was interesting and engaging nice, quick reads.

  27. Brad Mathieson

    I m so glad that I ve finally read and finished this series It gave me everything I had expected It s interesting how enthralled I became in the characters, I guess mostly Ellie, but I found myself really concerned about the entire group My main qualm with the final book of the series is the epilogue If only I hadn t read the final epilogue I would be so much happier.

  28. C.

    I think this series is a whole lot better than I gave it credit for before I reread it, but it could do with being a couple of books shorter The transition from the third to the fourth book where there was obviously a place left for the possibility of ending the series was convincing, but there were so many parts both before and after that which just felt gratuitous.

  29. Semira

    It s weird reading this 15 years after publication, knowing about the refugee camps in Australia That aside, Ellie is still the self centred character from the start Glad we got to catch up on the others otherwise it would really have done my head in.

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