Hellforged (2020)

Hellforged Nancy Holzner Hellforged A demon is stalking Vicky s dreams just as several of Deadtown s zombies are viciously attacked and become really dead And when Vicky realizes she is the only connection between the victims she suspe
  • Title: Hellforged
  • Author: Nancy Holzner
  • ISBN: 9780441019809
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
Hellforged Nancy Holzner A demon is stalking Vicky s dreams just as several of Deadtown s zombies are viciously attacked and become really dead And when Vicky realizes she is the only connection between the victims, she suspects that the demon is somehow working through her dreams to become Deadtown s living nightmare.
Hellforged Nancy Holzner

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    123 Nancy Holzner
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One thought on “Hellforged

  1. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    3.5 And believe me, I know creepy The world building and characters in the first book, Deadtown, already drew me in The second isn t quite as good, but it s still a fun continuation of the story line Victoria Vaughn works mainly in dreams, hired to rid people of literal demons that haunt them at night, sucking out their energy or tormenting them There are different forms banshees, guilt demons, and worse Vicky has seen the worst in her past with a demon that killed her father, but the fun times [...]

  2. Shelley

    Plot Summary After Victory Vicky Vaughn Boston s only paranormal demon hunter extinguisher banished her demon nemesis Difethwr, the Destroyer to the fiery depths of Hell in Deadtown, she thought life would return to normal But considering she has a werewolf lawyer boyfriend who is almost never around Alexander Kane , a zombie apprentice Tina who s angling to become the next new pop star, a human boyfriend who s also a police detective Daniel Costello , and an eccentric vampire roommate Juliet, w [...]

  3. Katyana

    Well, I liked this one a lot than Deadtown I am trying to work out exactly why.Part of it, I think, is that Vicky got out of her usual environment This worked well for her as a character getting to see of where she came from, her childhood and it was also nice to put some distance between Vicky the story and secondary characters who bugged the crap out of me We got very little Gwen hooray , not much Tina though I would have been happier with even less Tina, who is still REALLY annoying Not man [...]

  4. Jackie

    Book SynopsisA demon is stalking Vicky s dreams just as several of Deadtown s zombies are viciously attacked and become really dead And when Vicky realizes she is the only connection between the victims, she suspects that the demon is somehow working through her dreams to become Deadtown s living nightmare.My Thoughts2nd in the Deadtown series story that so captivated me when read the first novel starring Vicki Vaughn, demon hunter and all around in your face kick ass heroine This time Vicki is [...]

  5. Tamsen Conner

    I thought Deadtown was really great so I was excited to get my hands on Hellforged and I have to say it definitely lived up to my expectations I think in fact that I liked Hellforged better than I liked Deadtown I really loved the way Holzner delved deeper into the Cerddorion and Welsh mythology by sending Vicky to Wales to further her training with the formidable Aunt Mab I grew up reading Greek and Norse mythology but this series is my first exposure to Welsh mythology and I find it entirely f [...]

  6. Nicole

    I picked this up at a second hand bookstore, unaware that it was the second in the series I got major hints that I wasn t the series start when I started reading, but it hasn t been difficult at all to pick up what s going on in this second book Kudos to the author for that The concept for this world is a lot of fun, too Definitely a fun read.

  7. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick

    Originally posted at smexybooks 2011 01 revFavorite Quote Tina No waterboarding the client Victory Vicky Vaughn is a demon slayer and a shapeshifter In Deadtown she banished a nasty demon back to hell for good she assumed and gained herself a demon mark But Vicky s nasty demon is back only this time in her dreams When zombies turn up viciously torn apart and really dead, Vicky realizes that the demon is using her dreams as a doorway to her world With her vampire roommate acting strange, her zomb [...]

  8. Sara

    Plot 5 StarsI love, love, love the world that the author has created From the non traditional zombies to the different kinds of demons, it s all very unique and creative I also enjoy the politics surrounding PAs, or Paranormal Americans Their fight for civil rights really rings true to me, because in a way it s a lot like what the LGBT community is fighting for right now It almost brings a personal aspect to the novel for me, the way I relate so well to these Paranormal Americans that just want [...]

  9. Kitt

    Find the original posted on Paperback DollsWhen we left Victory Vaughn last year in Deadtown, Ms.Holzner s debut, she was confused, battered, and a little broken from sending the Hellion, Difethwr the Destroyer, to Hell Now almost six months later she s entirely recovered Well unless you count that demon mark still burning up her arm O or the confusion of choosing between to delectable men But whose counting Beginning Hellforged is Ms Holzner s unmistakable fast paced fighting style Vicky s on a [...]

  10. Cher

    The demon Difethwr Victory thought she banished has infiltrated her dreams just as zombies in Deadtown start to disapear into a puddle of goo Her fight with the demon is far from over as she makes a stand too close to her Welsh home and the family she loves In Hellforged, Victory Vaughn is back and trying to pick up her life as a demon slayer for hire Need any pesky critters removed and Victory is your girl Too bad her love life is still far from stellar, but when she reconnects with Aunt Mab in [...]

  11. Jennifer Y

    For most of Hellforged the cast is pretty small We don t get to see much of the secondary characters, since Vicky spends a large part of the book in Wales studying with her Aunt Mab.The first part Hellforged is in Boston and there is something killing the zombies in Deadtown And something even weirder is going on with Vicky s roommate, Juliet Vicky s not sure if two things are connected and asks for info from Detective Daniel about the zombie cases.Speaking of Daniel, things between him and Vick [...]

  12. Gail

    This eagerly awaited by me sequel to Deadtown starts off with an enthralling scene where demon killer Victory is hunting down demon infested computers called Glitches She defeats it after some rather squishy icky results Victory is still haunted by the Hellion she is bonded to and he seems to have infested her dreams.Then zombies, otherwise known as previously deceased humans, start dying after talking with her Getting no support or information from the police, paranormal or otherwise, she conta [...]

  13. Jessica Bronder

    Vicky Vaughn is a shape shifting demon slayer But it seems things are going downhill fast Her zombie apprentice has decided that she would rather be a backup singer in the only zombie rock band The Destroyer, the demon bound to Vicky, is invading her dreams, and zombies are being turned into black goo.Vicky breaks down and asks her Aunt Mab for help and is told to get home and not to fall asleep until she is there Vicky learns that a demi demon, Pryce, has found a prophecy that says the two of t [...]

  14. Deborah Blake

    I really liked the first book in this series, Deadtown, when it came out last year, so I d been looking forward to the release of the second one, Hellforged You never know which way a new author is going to go in a second book sometimes it is a disappointment, and sometimes you are hooked for life.Nancy Holzner is definitely in the second category After reading Hellforged, I can safely say that I will eagerly read anything that has her name on the book jacket Hellforged was a wild ride from star [...]

  15. Ami

    3.5 starsThe second book from the Deadtown series is slightly better for me Maybe because I have warmed up with the characters this time around The story is opened with action, as Vicky tries to destroy Glitch demons Then all sort of troubles appear, when zombies are killed, and it happens when The Destroyer comes into Vicky s dream I feel bad for the zombies though a couple of them only appeared in short scene but I feel for them sob.The main focus of this story is the prophecy that seems to sa [...]

  16. Aimee

    Wowza This one was intense I really like the storyline of this one It seemed interesting and even better, for the most part, it fit into one book and isn t a twelve book story arc Not everything ends here, but for the most part, the major stuff is dealt with and it leaves just enough of a oh, that can t be good feeling going on at the end and that isn t a bad thing.I like Vicky She s strong, even when she thinks she s weak and she s able to do the things that need to be done, even if she doesn t [...]

  17. Stephen

    Hellforged was a respectable enough sequel to Deadtown Holzner s style shines through, and her pacing once again feels slightly off balanced, albeit not really It s just that the middle 70% of the novel takes place in Wales, and while this is something we certainly wanted to see after book 1, I feel like we really just wanted to see who Aunt Mab was and we didn t truly get enough of that Mab was present, but we still don t really know her.In the meanwhile, the action was lacking for the first 2 [...]

  18. Yolanda Sfetsos

    It s no secret that I love urban fantasy novels and read a bunch of series in this great genre, so I ve been catching up latelyVicky is a demon exterminator and gets off to an electrifying start while dealing with a Glitch But when her dreamscape is compromised by a powerful demon from her past, and zombies start dying around her, she s forced to go to Wales for further training with her aunt, Mab.However, as soon as she gets there, she meets the very creepy, Pryce who calls himself her cousin a [...]

  19. L-D

    I enjoyed the second book of this series It was not quite 4 stars but I always round up Victory again finds herself up against her nemesis, The Destroyer, a Hellion that she is bound to In addition to this returning foe, she also faces a demi demon, Pryce, who is the proclaimed King of Uffran hell Kane returns in this book from his lobbying in D.C and Vicky must choose between their on again off again relationship or her still new relationship with Daniel, the Boston PD Detective After complaini [...]

  20. Elisa

    Ooooh, the second book in this series was good Victory Vaughn is a demon hunter and shapeshifter and she has some work to do AFTER continuing her training She has to face her greatest fear, the hellion she banished to hell in the first book also the demon who killed her father years before along with a host of other demons and imps and glitches She also has to choose between two romantic interests Good stuff.

  21. ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad!

    Hellforged was pretty good especially towards the endere were still plenty of times when Vicky wasnt very BadAss Demon Killer but i can live with that, though i hope to god she doesnt let Tine become an apprentice again really glad Vicky and kane got back together, Daniel was a bit to fickle when it came to the opposite sex looking forward to reading the next book and seeing what trouble Juliet has gotten herself into

  22. ☀Rachael☀

    Ok so I really like Vicky she is kickass and she can hold her own But the whole Wales section seemed to go on forever when basically we were reading a book about reading as book I liked the start and end, basically the parts in Boston, but I didn t like the middle so it only gets 3 s.

  23. James

    After Deadtown I wondered if Hellforged could improve further and fulfill the potential that I saw in it s predecessor I m glad to say that it did, giving me a brilliantly entertaining time As with my review for Deadtown, I must say though that there isn t much here to make it stand out head and shoulders above the plethora of UF books out there But, as I also said last time, I don t read bad UF if I even get a whiff it sucks, I put it down The fact that it doesn t stick out from the other UF I [...]

  24. Jennifer(BTH Reviews)

    This review is courtesy of BTH ReviewsA long time ago, I read the first book in this series Deadtown I absolutely loved it, even read it than once, but I never got back around to continuing the series When I received an ARC of Firestorm via Netgalley, I decided to get off my booty and work my way through the Deadtown series So I checked out Hellforged, Bloodstone, and Darklands from the local library.Unfortunately, I couldn t read Hellhound because I haven t found that one yet, and until I do I [...]

  25. Kt

    The description of this book, while accurate, really only portrays a very small part of what Hellforged is really about Yes, Vicky has to deal with a demon in her dreams, and yes zombies are dying nasty terrible deaths, with Vicky being the connection between each victim Yet, the book is about Vicky s path to Wales, and learning to overcome a nasty prophecy designed to enslave her In a sense this book is mostly about Vicky finding herself and learning to believe in her own worthiness, rather th [...]

  26. Justin

    After saving the world from the clutches of the Destroyer Demon and its evil puppeteer, Victory Vaughn is finally falling back into the routine of professional demon hunting Victory pays the bills by exterminating the myriad of demons that inhabit the DEADTOWN world While on a routine case Victory is paid a visit in a dream by the Destroyer she thought she had banished She might have been able to handle the fact that the Destroyer has returned, but that s not quite all Every time the demon stops [...]

  27. Miki

    This Review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une AventureMy opinion I read a lot of urban fantasy and a few darker too but this series is definitively too realistic for my taste It s not bad quite the opposite, the writing style is excellent, the world building is really well thought, the plot interesting there is a tough of romance and even better they are several kind of paranormal creatures werewolves, zombies, vampires, shifters, demons and I m sure we will discover along the wa [...]

  28. Melliane

    Mon avis en Fran aisMy English review I immediately read this second volume after finishing the first one I must say that once we get into the world of Nancy Holzner we always want This new novel also begins really fast and like the first one we aren t bored for a second Having regained an almost normal life, with the hope of having gotten rid of her Hellion demon, our young heroine comes back to work as if nothing had happened But she is nevertheless very quickly overtaken by some new problems [...]

  29. Paula Weston

    Following up a well received debut novel is always a bit tricky, but Nancy Holzner doesn t miss a beat with the second book in her Deadtown paranormal series.Last year, Deadtown introduced us to Vicky Vaughn, a shapeshifter demon hunter, who lives in the quarantined area of Boston that s now home to the city s resident zombie, vampire and werewolf population the Deadtown of the title.It gave Holzner the chance to set up her fully formed world complete with paranormal politics in an action packed [...]

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