The Queen's Rival (2020)

The Queen's Rival Diane Haeger The Queen s Rival From the author of The Queen s Mistake comes the untold story of King Henry VIII s first well known mistress As the beautiful daughter of courtiers Elizabeth Bessie Blount is overjoyed when she secur
  • Title: The Queen's Rival
  • Author: Diane Haeger
  • ISBN: 9780451232205
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
The Queen's Rival Diane Haeger From the author of The Queen s Mistake comes the untold story of King Henry VIII s first well known mistress As the beautiful daughter of courtiers, Elizabeth Bessie Blount is overjoyed when she secures a position as maid of honor to Katherine of Aragon But when she captures the attention of the king himself, there are whispers that the queen ought to be worried for hFrom the author of The Queen s Mistake comes the untold story of King Henry VIII s first well known mistress As the beautiful daughter of courtiers, Elizabeth Bessie Blount is overjoyed when she secures a position as maid of honor to Katherine of Aragon But when she captures the attention of the king himself, there are whispers that the queen ought to be worried for her throne When Bess gives birth to a healthy son the whispers become a roar But soon the infamous Boleyn girls come to court and Henry s love for her begins to fade Now, Bess must turn to her trusted friend, the illegitimate son of Cardinal Wolsey, to help her move beyond life as the queen s rival
The Queen's Rival Diane Haeger

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One thought on “The Queen's Rival

  1. Rio (Lynne)

    2.5 stars Even though not all historical facts were documented during this time, those of us who know Tudor history have an idea how we feel these situations happened Not much is known about Bessie Blount except that she did have Henry s son and was married to Gilbert Tailboys and Edward Clinton In this story Diane weaves what is known with a lot of fiction Some not so believable, but who I am I to say it didn t happen that way The author had a tendency to write dialogue of things that would hap [...]

  2. Jenn (Booksessed)

    This book combined a lot of my nerdy loves Tudor history, books, and sappy love stories Not like super sappy, but you ll probably say aww a couple times Unless, you don t have a soul, in which case you probably don t read books either So it s all moot, right I m still a huge fan of the Showtime series The Tudors even though there is some artistic license there read, historical inaccuracies that one must over look Even though it s really hard At least for me So I went into this novel having the i [...]

  3. Kelly A.

    It s official Diane Haeger is one of my favorite authors I love her ongoing series about Henry VIII s court, and The Queen s Rival was no disappointment I read it in less than 24 hours.This book explores the life of Bessie Blount, one of Henry s very first mistresses Though not much is known about Bessie s early life, we follow her through her years as a maid of honor to Queen Katherine of Aragon, her affair with Henry, and the birth of their illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy Little Henry is the o [...]

  4. Mishel Forte

    My Rating 4.5 5 starsThe Queen s Rival is about one of King Henry VIII s known mistresses, Elizabeth Bessie Blount It was a very emotional read that put me directly in the court of Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII I was both fascinated and horrified by the court lifestyle The politics, rules, and hidden agendas are enough to make anyone s head spin The Tudor time period is another part of history that I avoided both in school and after I graduated This novel was an introduction into an entire [...]

  5. Michelle

    I adored this author s writing style and voice The story came alive to me and all I wanted to do was read this book It was tragically beautiful and passionately written The lessons Bess learned were priceless Her longtime friend, Gil, was truly heroic One couldn t help wondering what might have happened to the Tudor Dynasty if Henry VIII had married Bess Blount instead of Anne Boleyn Though not Christian fiction, the story went deep and explored the faith of the characters, which was sincerely e [...]

  6. Meagan

    I enjoyed this book Coming into it I didn t know all that much about Bess Blount, except you know the usual of being a mistress of Henry VIII and mothering one of his two sons It was interesting to read But there was a lot of problems that I had with this book The main thing that was how stupid Bess came off I mean really She didn t think that the King had mistresses Her parents were at court for most of their lives and tried to school their daughter on the goings that should ve been the number [...]

  7. Kristy

    well, I didn t realize that this was book 3 Atleast I m somewhat up on this history so I wasn t confused.There is something so magical and fascinating to me about the Tudor court I adore Henry, even though he is a dog I love reading about Anne and Jane and Mary, I loved the show and, yes I am so sad it s over, here s to hoping house of borgia is just as good and I love the scenery and imagery of that time period This book was about Bessie Blount The kings first mistress to produce a child It sho [...]

  8. Kara

    In a review for an episode of Mad Men, the reviewer, praising the actress s ability to become the character, noted that she wasn t wearing a costume she was wearing the character s clothes.Unfortunately, here we have the book version of actors wearing costumes, as there is a very stilted quality to everything the characters do and say, continually reminding us of historical people s names and known places of the time period Bess Blount does not draw us into the time period there isn t a lot of s [...]

  9. Helen Azar

    For some masochistic reason I force myself to read or at least attempt to read every single Tudor work of fiction that is released lately And there are plenty of those Some of them are excellent Wolf Hall by Mantel and the Matthew Shardlake mystery series by Sansom, just two examples Others not so much Most unfortunately fall into the latter category, including this one Yes, it s somewhat different because it focuses on one of the lesser known of Henry VIII s mistresses whom he did not actually [...]

  10. Denise

    This book didn t quite click with me Bess Blount was an adolescent when she came to the court of Henry VIII She was mesmerized by the handsome king in his 20 s at the time A vivid case of puppy love you wouldn t be able to find But there the main character Bess drifts along with the plot The author tries to convince readers that King Henry was wounded emotionally by the death of his older brother, Arthur, but it just didn t convince me IMHO the king was a healthy and lusty man of his time who c [...]

  11. Mimi

    Well written novel about Bess Blount, who is a character that is not usually in the forefront of Tudor novels A good and interesting read, although it dragged a little bit at the end and a side note, Here, here is incorrect Arggggggg I miss editors

  12. Cher

    3.5 stars It was really good Favorite Quote There is no bad from which some good does not come.First Sentence I tell you, it is her

  13. Shannon Wilson

    I enjoyed it Easy to read If you are familiar with the history you will know that some dramatic license has been taken, but it was entertaining I would read her again.

  14. ZaBethMarsh

    The Queen s Rival is the third installment of Diane Haeger s In the Court of Henry VIII series It follows the teenage years of young Bessie Blount who suddenly finds herself a maid in Katherine of Aragon s house hold when her father is hurt in battle and her mother returns to their country home to nurse him back to health Unprotected at court by her courtier parents, Bessie must learn court life from other teenage attendants She soon finds herself fast friends with Elizabeth Bryan, daughter to o [...]

  15. Amanda

    I have a strange on again, off again relationship with Diane Haeger, especially since she began her In the Court of Henry VIII series And, much like Henry and his mistresses, I found myself enthralled at one moment, but completely uninterested the next It s a rocky relationship, to say the least I ve liked how Haeger has done some things, but not others In fact, after reading the first book in the series, The Secret Bride, I told myself that I was done with Haeger s books Then, over a year later [...]

  16. Caroline

    I placed this on my to read shelf because I can t say that I really read enough of it to count towards my 2013 challenge, but I can t say that I m ever going to read it, either Or rather, finish it.I don t remember much of my first attempt at Diane Haeger with The Perfect Royal Mistress, but I did give it two stars Bessie Blount related fiction, however, is really hard to find So I decided to give this one a shot.I m used to historical fiction authors inflating their less than significant heroin [...]

  17. Lizzie

    Bessie Blount was a sweet heart She was a good natured girl from the countryside at Kinlet She spent her whole childhood with her big family dreaming of a life of grander things at the Tudor court Bess was naive in all the right places for Henry VIII to notice her upon her arrival at court It really did not help Bess that the first friends she made were with Henry s current treat of the moment Elizabeth Bryan I found that Bess was different than the previous women in Henry s life she was not lik [...]

  18. Stephanie

    The Queen s Rival is a story of a young girl name Elizabeth Bessie Blount whose father was injured in one of Henry VIII s war with a neighboring country Her mother, a lady in Katherine of Argon s household comes home to take care of her husband and Bessie, dreaming of court life, takes her place She is a beautiful and intelligent girl who captures many at Henry VII s court and eventually Henry himself Bessie becomes his mistress and rival to the Queen As the story is told Katherine of Argon Henr [...]

  19. Ambrosia Sullivan

    Read and Reviewed forFire Ice Anyone who knows even a small amount about the Tudor court has heard of Bess Blount and her Son to the King Henry Fitzroy, but do you know the whole story In almost every Tudor era book I Have read they start with the Anne Boleyn era and graze over Bess Blount, so I was so excited to finally have a book that told of her story Yes it is fiction but oh it is so good.Diane Haeger brings Bess to life as a vibrant fresh faced girl who truly loved the King, not just beca [...]

  20. Elle

    I loved this book In fact, I lived this book so much I dedicated an entire school project to it I designed and created a Gown for the character Elizabeth Blount.Elizabeth is beautiful, enchanting, whimsical and innocent The imagery used to describe her has stuck with me, Diane includes all the correct Tudor mannerisms of how a noble Lady should act, whilst still giving Bess a girlish and innocent manner too her rose skirts pooled around her No this isn t a Tudor fact book, so It s not something [...]

  21. NayNay

    I ve read alot of books about Henry VIII, his court, and his wives I watched all the movies In all these books and movies we only get little snippits of Bessie Blount, finally someone tells her story Many years ago I read THE SECRET BRIDE by Diane Haeger and really enjoyed it So when I was looking for yet another Tudor fiction book and came across THE QUEEN S RIVAL I was really excited, finally the famous Mistress of Henry VIII Bessie Blount is the main character Diane Haeger writes that Bessie [...]

  22. Laurie

    I liked it, but a lot of it was hard to believe based on everything else I ve read about Henry VIII and I ve read a LOT about him I ve certainly never read anywhere else that the king might not actually have been in love with Anne Boleyn it s hard to believe given everything he did and sacrificed to make her his queen On the positive side, the book did make me want to learn about Bess Blount and her son with the king I ve never gotten the impression that he was held in such high regard, or even [...]

  23. Marcie

    Diane Haeger has written several historical fiction books but this is the first one I ve read by her I really liked this book so it s safe to say I will be reading by her in the future Especially since she writes about my favorite time in history The story focuses on Elizabeth Bess Blount Elizabeth comes to the court of Henry the VIII as a young, inexperienced girl from the country She s grown up fantasizing about court life and about the King of England She has to learn that things are not alw [...]

  24. Kristen McQuinn

    I really liked this book I don t know much from my own research about Bessie Blount, other than she was one of Henry VIII s mistresses and she did have a son with him So I don t know how accurate the research was for this book But I really liked how Bess was portrayed and felt she was a very likeable person She would have been someone I would happily know in real life, someone who seemed kind and warm I enjoyed, too, the interpretation that Henry actually did love her and the toying with ideas o [...]

  25. Taylor

    Diane Haeger has done it again everyone Haeger is an amazing writer who knows how to capture every minute detail She peered into the life of King Henry VIII as a young man who is battling his emotions and learning how to control them This is a new side of King Henry VIII that I haven t seen portrayed be any other author The book gets its name The Queen s Rival because Queen Katherine views Bess as a threat to the king s heart and soul, which she has lost due to her failure of providing a male he [...]

  26. Larissa Nash

    I enjoyed this book for its flawed characters Haegar loves to write sweet and innocent heroines who are really quite self absorbed and superficial In this book, Bess Blount falls for Henry VIII simply because he is handsome and seemingly sensitive and gallant, like Lancelot du Lac Not long after Bess matures and grows to love and appreciate her long suffering friend, Gil whom she marries because she feels she owes him and because she s fed up with Henry he dies from consumption, and she is swept [...]

  27. Rosemary Hazard

    I found this a light, interesting read like most historical fiction there are liberties taken by the author to add to the story but, all in all, I think this is a good book with historical accuracy than most It also reflects upon a well known but not often written about character in the Tudor history, namely, Bessie Blount, one of the most well known mistresses of Henry VIII an mother of his son who was the Duke of Richmond The reader comes away with of a sense of the young Henry and the role [...]

  28. Melissa

    I love Diane Haeger, but this is by far the best one I ve read The details and the story are so riveting it s very easy to get lost in this book I found myself laughing and crying with the characters and since this is not my first Tudor novel, I found myself feeling sympathy for some characters I ve never felt before This book truly transports you into the Tudor world with all the drama and intrigue of Henry viii s court It also brings you into the world of the young and innocent bess blount who [...]

  29. Marcia

    I wasn t a huge fan of the multiple third person narration, and I never really got why Henry was so attracted to Bess, although I suppose he told me during numerous scenes that it was her innocence her honesty her not like other girlsness I ended up being interested in Gil s backstory His love for Bess, unrequited as it was for most of the book, reminded me of something Nia Vardalos said of the husband in My Big Fat Greek Wedding There were criticisms that the character was just too nice, and h [...]

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