Act of Redemption (2020)

Act of Redemption C.C. Cole Act of Redemption In a post apocalyptic world with humans faced extinction as the priests of the God of the Dead release undead humans children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Gre
  • Title: Act of Redemption
  • Author: C.C. Cole
  • ISBN: 9781434379320
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
Act of Redemption C.C. Cole In a post apocalyptic world with humans faced extinction as the priests of the God of the Dead release undead humans, children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Great City of Gastar After the humans gained victory in sacrifice of many lives and culture, a second menace arrives to complete the original mission of the undead Zermon, ruleIn a post apocalyptic world with humans faced extinction as the priests of the God of the Dead release undead humans, children born and bred for battle face the enemy outside the great wall of the Great City of Gastar After the humans gained victory in sacrifice of many lives and culture, a second menace arrives to complete the original mission of the undead Zermon, ruler of all Hell, places himself just outside the city bringing forth his own demonic horrors with plans to make Gastar part of his world in Hell One human now remains in Gastar knowing of the past and aware of Zermon s plans a small human girl assassin named Shevata She, along with her dragon mentor, her associates from the past, and the humans fight for their very existence.
Act of Redemption C.C. Cole

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    297 C.C. Cole
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One thought on “Act of Redemption

  1. Elizabeth Marshall

    This book is fantastic It has a brilliantly original layered plot, is expertly written and is a captivating read.It spoke mostly to me of the consequences of one s actions, particularly when trusted with great power.The story also has undertones of the importance of democracy This is seen in the book by the value given to group decisions, especially when faced with a lack of official authority In this case the lack of a king of Gastar.Cole has done a fantastic job of keeping the concept original [...]

  2. Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands)

    Holy wow When C.C Cole first contacted me asking to review the first two novellas of her series, I had no idea it would be this awesome This magical world that C.C creates for us is full of dragons, demons, and children assassins Seriously, you can t get much kick butt than that The characters are all very unique and well rounded, the fight scenes are amazing, and the whole story in general, is in a class all its own The cast of characters in Act of Redemption were all so great First we have Sh [...]

  3. Mike (the Paladin)

    Well, this is one of those that I will have to rate, not great not terrible I had high hopes for it based on the other ratings here, but soon enough the blush was off the rose so to speak.I wasn t taken with what I d call the metaphysical system in the book It is a sort of One from column A, one from column B take on a magic religious system There are Dragons powerful seemingly semi divine or at least very powerful almost immortal beings There are demons some described in the traditional scaly, [...]

  4. Scott Whitmore

    Shevata What a cool name for an assassin, don t you think Shevata is the central character in the wonderful fantasy novella Act of Redemption First Book of the Gastar Series by CC Cole gastarbooks See the author s blog here I think of an assassin and someone like Charles Bronson in the The Mechanic or Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men comes to mind Not a slight 16 year old girl wearing a torn and ragged dress, but oh my Shevata is a powerful killing machine than either of [...]

  5. Thomas

    Act of Redemption by C C ColeReview by Thomas StoneACT OF REDEMPTION, by author C C Cole, is a young adult fantasy and the first book in a planned series of four, entitled the Gastar Series The theme of the tale is basically one of good versus evil containing a parallel sub plot that leads the reader to question the use of violence altogether However, there is still plenty of violence and all of it in the form of pitted battles between human and demonic forces.Gastar is a city in Cole s fantasy [...]

  6. dragonflyy419

    Act of Redemption by C.C Cole is the first book of the Gastar Series and I am very glad that there are books to come The story is a fantasy novel taking place in a world where demons are overrunning humanity It follows a teenage assassin Shevata and three men who are brought back from a previous time to help fight a battle against the demons of Hell Cole creates a universe that draws the reader in Warriors, dragons, and half demon half humans are all things the reader is introduced to while rea [...]

  7. A Book Vacation

    This was a really interesting read I have not come across anything like it before In a post apocalyptic world, the human race is plagued by powerful demons trying to make the human world another realm of hell, through the decimation of all humans Each chapter intricately juxtaposes the human world with the demon world, keeping the reader up to date with the happenings in both realms as the story unfolds The prologue sets the stage for the novella, dropping the reader straight into the midst of a [...]

  8. William Butler

    Two hundred years has passed since assassin Shevata killed the last of the Abbian priests As a result, Zermon, a demonic foe of Shevata has come to Gastar to create a new Hell on Earth C C Cole has brought to life a journey into Hell and back to save the souls of the remaining humans in Gastar, a city that stood strong and tall for centuries But one fatal mistake changed everything A mistake that Shevata had to pay for with her own soul Now three pure souls are resurrected by the Dragon Harragth [...]

  9. Melanie

    Act of Redemption is the first in a series of four books This first dark fantasy novel by author C C Cole is much than I expected It s very engaging and I couldn t stop reading In fact, I finished Act of Redemption in only a few hours It may be a short read but the story is fast paced and full of action from the beginning to the end C C Cole has created a dark and magical universe filled with a teenage assassin, dragons, demons, half demons, half humansThe characters introduced throughout the b [...]

  10. Mike McNeff

    Shevata She has the vicious virtue a young guy can love C.C Cole has created a dark and dangerous world in her series of books young adult books about the city of Gastar Humans, demons, vampires, dragons and other assorted creatures populate this world Then there s Shevata.Shevata is an unlikely heroine Although she is over two hundred years old, she has the human form of a petite sixteen year old girl, yet she is feared by every evil creature in the world and hell She is relentless in her dutie [...]

  11. Kimberley Johnson

    I really enjoyed reading Act Of Redemption That said, this is not my usual genre But I found myself sucked in to this fantasy world with a strong female lead Shevata It moves along at a swift pace What makes a great book for me is when I can see it play out like a movie in my mind This means the author painted a clear picture but allows the readers imagination to take over This is exactly what C.C Cole has done In my reviews, I don t like to spoil, just comment on how I felt about it I would rec [...]

  12. Zoe Saadia

    I enjoyed myself very much reading this first book of Gastar Series The story was fast pacing, action filled, developing very quickly, with all the blanks filled before the reader might start feeling bewildered The new world the author created felt very natural, with everything logical and fititng, fantasy elements or not.Shevata had my sympathy from the very beginning, the warrior girl raised to fight, to assassinate, a complex character disillusioned by centuries of fighting, facing the Hell a [...]

  13. Kimberly LaRocca

    I just finished reading Act Of Redemption this morning and I can honestly say that I have found a new friend in C.c Cole Shevata, the main character in the story, is type of character that all female heroines should be It was wonderful to be transported to the time where the story takes place and allow myself to be engrossed within it I will definitely be reading the next chapter in the series.

  14. Jennifer M

    I would be the first to admit that fantasy is not my usual genre, but after watching a respected friend read it in one sitting, I decided I would give it a try It was awesome An easy read, but don t let that fool you It is action packed A balanced plot between good and evil that reminds us that nothing or no one is all good or all evil It is a series, but you don t feel dissatisfied after finishing the first book I highly recommend this book

  15. Erik Gustafson

    This was my first fantasy genre book and I was really impressed with it The character were really engaging and the story was great I am excited to read on in this series

  16. Margaret Millmore

    Act of Redemption Fantasy, Mystical, Magic, it s all there C.C Cole takes you on an extravagant journey through the perils of Gastar, one of the last human outposts and it s never ending battle to survive This book takes good versus evil to whole new level It s surprising at every turn the characters are exciting and keep you wanting If you love fantasy, magic, thrillers and all things evil do not miss this book first in the Gastar series, note I immediately read the second, Children of Discord [...]

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