Power and Majesty (2020)

Power and Majesty Tansy Rayner Roberts Power and Majesty She almost missed the sight of a naked youth falling out of the sky He was long and lean and muscled He was also completely off his face A war is being fought in the skies over the city of Aufleur No
  • Title: Power and Majesty
  • Author: Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780732289430
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
Power and Majesty Tansy Rayner Roberts She almost missed the sight of a naked youth falling out of the sky He was long and lean and muscled He was also completely off his face A war is being fought in the skies over the city of Aufleur No one sees the battles No one knows how close they come to destruction every time the sun sets.During daylight, all is well, but when nox falls and the sky turns bright, She almost missed the sight of a naked youth falling out of the sky He was long and lean and muscled He was also completely off his face A war is being fought in the skies over the city of Aufleur No one sees the battles No one knows how close they come to destruction every time the sun sets.During daylight, all is well, but when nox falls and the sky turns bright, someone has to step up and lead the Creature Court into battle.Twelve years ago, Garnet kissed Velody and stole her magic Five years ago, he betrayed Ashiol, and took his powers by force But now the Creature Court is at a crossroads they need a Power and Majesty who won t give up or lose themselves in madness
Power and Majesty Tansy Rayner Roberts

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One thought on “Power and Majesty

  1. Leonie

    I really enjoyed this book It was a book that grew on me The first few pages had me wondering, thinking that Velody was going to be just another run of the mill female character but I was completely wrong Velody was much, much I loved the detail that Tansy Rayner Roberts put into developing not only Velody but Delphine and Rhiaan, and I thought that sentinel MacReady was just fabulous I really hope we see of him in the subsequent books.There was drama, great secondary characters, excitement an [...]

  2. S.B. Wright

    Power and Majesty is the first book in the Creature Court Trilogy The second book in the series, The Shattered City comes out in April of this year.But on with the StoryPower and Majesty charts the story of Velody and her two friends Rhian and Delphine, as they move to the city of Aufluer and begin their apprenticeships as Seamstress, Ribbon maker and Florist.The setting is an interesting mix of renaissance Rome with perhaps a sliver of steampunk the characters catch a train to their hometown an [...]

  3. Danielle

    A cracktastic piece of fan fiction made flesh in the best possible way This was a great summer read that kept me coming back to find out what desires and betrayals and fabulous costumes were waiting for the characters for all that, it s a gentle, sweet, almost meandering story with a surprisingly likeable lead female The women in this story, particularly, get satisfying development and moments of growth The men kind of feel like sexy, twisted and angsty decorations, so if you like that kind of [...]

  4. Siavahda

    I want to review this book so badly, because it is one of the best books I ve ever read and not enough people know about it But I genuinely don t think I have the words to describe how beautiful, original, clever and ground breaking it actually is Yes, I said ground breaking Can you name many other fantasy novels where homo and bisexuality is not even a Thing The Creature Court trilogy doesn t deal with being gay this isn t an issues book Most of the characters are gay or bi, and that s that But [...]

  5. Narrelle

    Sometimes I m such a numpty I see a book in my stash that s 500 pages long and I think I want to read that but it will take aaaaaages It s so biiiiiiiiiiiig So I put it off and off and off, until finally I think Damnit I will MAKE time And then I read it over two weekends, in two massive gulps, devouring it like a starving thing, reluctant to put it down because OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Apparently, it s not the size that counts, it s the writing.Power and Majesty is the first in a trilogy about the [...]

  6. Moira

    22.2.2015 4,5 Origin ln Pln v nivosti a prudkosti Promy len a propracovan.Jesus, kdy jsem to za ala st, nenapadlo m , e to bude takBrut ln.Garnet, jedna z hlavn ch postav, bude tak len V e bude tak dekadentn.Do ista jin , ne jsem ekala, temn , n siln , pln sexu a dostivosti a n hy A bezcitn a nemilosrdn A hraj c si s l skou, jako se starou tretkou, kterou pok v v te p ed nosem zoufalce.Napsan zvl tn pomal m tempem a ne zmaten , ale Neuspo dan vod Napsan zp sobem, kter v s postupn stahoval pod hl [...]

  7. Celia

    I do think this book is a little let down by its cover It does refer to a specific scene in the book, but to me, despite the dark and brooding city in the background, it looks delicate and pretty, almost a YA book I anticipated a teenage antagonist But that s not what Power and Majesty is like at all This is one dark and intense novel There s sex scenes There s a hell of a lot of violence There s monsters, and betrayal, and torture it s fantastic.It s set in Aufleur, a city partly based on Ancie [...]

  8. Mark Webb

    This review forms part of my contribution to the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading Challenge.I recently read Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts and liked it a lot On the strength of that collection I decided to give Ms Roberts latest trilogy a try Power and Majesty is book one of the Creature Court trilogy, a fantasy series set going off the map at the front in an alternate Earth, specifically in an alternate Italy.Teenagers Velody, Delphine and Rhian have come to the city of Aufleu [...]

  9. Melina

    Velody moves to Aufleur to attempt to become a dressmaking apprentice, but late one night she allows a mysterious young man to kiss her and steal the magic she didn t really know she had Her life moves on, or less as it is supposed to, until the Creature Court needs a new leader, and everything begins to unwind.As the first book in a trilogy, this is definitely setting things up for us We discover the new world there are maps , the way it s structured, the way people talk and celebrate and rela [...]

  10. Ari

    Dark, sexy, violent and bloody, this book is pleasantly not what I d expected looking at that YA esque cover It s also possessed of deep world building, flowing prose and characters I couldn t help but love.The story follows Velody, among other characters Following the loss of the sadistic ruler of the Creature Court, a dwindling number of shapechangers, the Court is in desperate need of another to lead them in their nighttime war against the sky, which seeks to swallow the city They also need a [...]

  11. Weirdfi

    This book was one of those that I just stumbled across.In fact I didn t like it at first either I saw the cover and the blurb in a selection of books at a department store book area last year and neither grabbed my interest that much.However it ended up in my purchases as it was a first in a series, it stayed unread for well over the end of the year potentially creeping into a full twelve months but I thought I better just read it I took a little time to get into it, I thought the language would [...]

  12. Yvonne Boag

    Imagine being fourteen and coming to a large city to become an apprentice Then imagine being unable to sleep, see a naked man fall from the sky and see another man become a bundle of cats Velody shocked by what she had witnessed turns to go back to her room only to find the naked man there He explains that she has a certain power that she wouldn t want and he can take it from her with a kiss She agrees Twelve years later she gets that power back and enters a world that she has forgotten existedI [...]

  13. Nicole

    This was one of those books I have waited patiently for at the library I was curious to see what the story was about and how it unfurled It ended up being one of those books that I couldn t leave alone, creating resentment at mundane life activities intruding The characters, world building and set up of the Creature Court built and developed throughout the pages One thing that I noticed was the use of the Ancient Roman world as a basis for the world the calendar, naming of the days, use of tradi [...]

  14. Dee

    It s not that this is a bad book it s just not my style The jumping around, the lack of explanation, the arrogance of the characters all add up to a mix I don t enjoy I guess I need something to be able to relate to even though there is some growing up with the characters the jumps change their personalities so I lost that connection.

  15. Adrielle

    Interesting and original enough, I just didn t gel with any of the characters all that well I d like to make a note of something that did grate on my nerves a little though Why use the word feck to replace a word but still use the C word I don t get it and I didn t like it One of those personal things I guess.


    Amazing i have never a read book like it ,can t wait to get the secondbook Who would have thought the sky is the enemy a wonderful rich woven tappestry of a worldloved it.

  17. Callie

    Sois tries too hard to be too many things and ultimately it fails because of that Too many viewpoints Too many clashing settings Not enough depth to anyone or anything.

  18. Miyu

    Everything has two different sides there is the day and there is nox There is sanity and there is madness The daylighters have its festivals and the Creature Court has its war When 14 years old Velody came to the Aufleur she only wanted to get a good apprenticeship as a dressmaker But during the first nigh the power she didn t even know she possessed was stolen from her For another 12 years she has lived a life of a daylighter until Garnet, the boy who has stolen her animor, died unleashing the [...]

  19. Maren

    Authors Note from after finishing the third book in this series consider yourself warned.If you like angst and gritty and dark and compelling and real life levels of bitter truths in so much as a court full of crazies who can turn into animals can be real life , of course , this is the series for you If you don t, run away Run away now while you still can.We now return you to your regularly scheduled review I am kind of on the fence about the book, honestly On the one hand, the vaguely Gothic an [...]

  20. Hera

    I wasn t sure what to expect when I went headlong into this 924 page book I had never heard of the author before and it never pinged on my radar until I happened to be scrolling through my dashboard and saw that someone had marked it as to read Then I ended up finishing it in two days.Power Majesty, by Tansy Rayner Roberts, is the first book in the Creatures Court trilogy Velody arrives in the city of Aufleur wanting to become an apprentice dressmaker Once there, she quickly befriends Delphine, [...]

  21. Bradley

    I picked this book up after reading a review about it from High Fantasy Addict The premise sounded interesting and there was mentions of it being an alternate history or Roman inspired, that had me very intrigued Well, that is kind of true Take renaissance Italy with doges, dukes and duchesses, then add a bit of Roman Pagan festivals and holidays, make the time setting late Victorian, with a bit of roaring 20 s fashion and women s lib mix all of these together and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degr [...]

  22. Terri

    Power and Majesty manages to be entertaining despite vague world building and elements of dubious gender politics.To start with a pet peeve fantasy stories which use a map of Earth usually Europe, see the map at the start of Power and Majesty and then just call places different things feel massively dated these days The map shows the story taking place in Italy, and the characters celebrate festivals like Lupercalia, so you d think this was meant to be a fantasy AU where Ancient Roman customs pe [...]

  23. Helen Petrovic

    I love being in love with the last book I read if it deserves it And boy, do I LOVE Power and Majesty right now This award winning novel by renowned Australian fantasy writer Tansy Rayner Roberts was an utterly enjoyable, and unexpectedly awesome, ride.Power and Majesty is described as dark fantasy and I found it a refreshing change from my regular fantasy fare Not only does Rayner Roberts borrow from language and culture to imbue Power and Majesty with a very Ancient Roman flavour a time period [...]

  24. Rochelle

    I really loved this book It had all the drama and scandle of a good soap opera, but better It was also full of action and violence the creature court loves blood, and they are fighting in a war, after all Our heroine Velody is strong willed, fiercely protective, wise and determined Before she realises who she is, Velody is a dress maker, living with her two best friends Delphine and Rhian Ashiol has been powerless for five years, until the Power and Majesty dies and his powers are returned He is [...]

  25. Estara

    This had potential in the way that really interesting secondary fantasy was combined with high strung emotional and sexual warriors against the dark, with LOADS of intrigues.It was hindered a bit in that the heroine was the most passive of the humans involved and that the hero was desired by men and women everywhere and seemed to be the epitome of the aristocrat AND magical fighter.The side characters were not just sketched but their own personas and the overhanging plot appropriately ominous.I [...]

  26. Nancy White

    This novel isn t technically good It doesn t give me that great literature thrill that I get when I read really high quality, beautifully written novels.But this novel is really good in the sense that I found it thoroughly enjoyable.The geography and culture to some extent is based on a real world place and culture that I love The magic system was complex and reasonably original, although perhaps that judgement is a symptom of not having read much fantasy lately The story is fun The characters a [...]

  27. Sam

    LOVED this book After having so much trouble trying to get a copy of it, I was so happy when I was able to just download it to my Kindle without any trouble This novel is deep, there s lots to discover about the world and its characters I adored the idea of the Creature Court though it reminded me a bit too much of Animorphs D and I thought the politics behind it were very intriguing and well put together I loved Velody and her growth and strength was amazing to watch throughout the story, espec [...]

  28. Sandra

    While the world building and story are interesting it is the characters that make this book so compelling I loved the heroine Velody and how suddenly having all this power thrust upon her didn t change her basic character She is strong, likeable, decent and grounded The cast of characters from the cerature court are infinitely less likeable but their tortured history and interactions make them so damn interesting it doesn t matter Even though she only has a small role I also really like Ash s co [...]

  29. Portia Andrew

    Again, a book I would not have chosen, but because it is a required text for an English unit Popular Genres I have read it Fantasy, with an underlying authorial knowledge of things Latin and Italian provided entertainment The artist in me enjoyed the juxtaposition of the delightfully colourful daytime settings with those dark and dramatic night scenes I m sure it would appeal to young adult audience, and those others who are young at heart

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