Antrobus Complete (2020)

Antrobus Complete Lawrence Durrell Antrobus Complete Think tanks and political review committees have confirmed that the Foreign Office is indeed a timeless institution Antrobus narrator of these tales of diplomatic misadventure is the embodiment of e
  • Title: Antrobus Complete
  • Author: Lawrence Durrell
  • ISBN: 9780571136032
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
Antrobus Complete Lawrence Durrell Think tanks and political review committees have confirmed that the Foreign Office is indeed a timeless institution Antrobus, narrator of these tales of diplomatic misadventure, is the embodiment of everything that makes it what it is The author s previous works include The Avignon Quartet.
Antrobus Complete Lawrence Durrell

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    224 Lawrence Durrell
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One thought on “Antrobus Complete

  1. Joan

    Published in 1985, the year I entered the US Foreign Service, I read and enjoyed this book Rediscovered as I unpack, after than 20 years as a US Diplomat, I reread the book and frightened the cat, cracked a rib, and almost choked by guffawing laughter Informed by my experiences, the pleasure of reading this has mega quadrupled Durrell is a great writer I think even non dips would enjoy this It is tho a perfect gift to give to a friend retiring from the Foreign Service of any country.

  2. Michelle

    I was reminded of this charming little set of humorous stories by Lawrence Durrell recently, featuring Antrobus, a British diplomat stationed in what I think were the Balkans All of the stories are funny but some of them uproariously so I will have to dig out a copy to read them again.

  3. foundfoundfound

    adventures in english stiff upper lippery abroad preserving the pin stripes at all costs very funny.

  4. Anna

    Our headmaster read this to us when we were about 11 and it had us in stitches It still gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling The style makes it appealing to a wide audience.

  5. Hotaru

    3,5 stars A series of short stories with than a grain of truth in them, at least in the first part about UK diplomatic life abroad A lot of hilarious moments, but unfortunately the quality of the read declined as I went through the book I gather it compiles several publications by Durrell, not all of the same level of craftmanship Durrell should have stuck with the believable even when bordering on the absurd stories of diplomatic flounders, instead of veering towards the frankly supernatural a [...]

  6. Emilio Apestegui

    This is a phenomenal book British to a T The humor is dry and subtle It is the only complete edition of the book that I am aware of.

  7. Kate

    Lawrence Durrell needs no introduction as the celebrated author of the superb Alexandria Quartet Yet those already familiar with the transcendent novels, Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea, and with the superlative travel writing found in Bitter Lemons, Prospero s Cell and Reflections on a Marine Venus, may have missed the enchanting follies perpetrated by Mr Durrell in these two uproarious books, now for the first time combined in one low priced volume In each of these twenty jeux d esprit [...]

  8. Tom Schulte

    I was attracted to read Durrell due to what I heard about his friendship with Henry Miller and the inspiration Miller led to his works So, I expected something intelligent and raw salacious and affecting What I got was a collection of three page short stories inspired by post World War I foreign office service with a humor between P.G Wodehouse and Mr Bean.

  9. Pietro Micaroni

    Ho letto una vecchia edizione italiana Si tratta di umorismo inglese, snob e molto datato, per riesce a far divertire ed una lettura leggera e poco impegnativa Si racconta della disavventure degli sventurati del corpo diplomatico inglese di stanza nei paesi dell est Europa, allora comunisti, figurarsi Traspare a volta anche un pizzico di razzismo, ma ripeto, riesce a far divertire.

  10. icaro

    very british, very british humor, very british, diplomatic, humor Su una spiaggia, d estate, rinfresca l aria e fa crescere baffi sotto i quali sogghignare adeguatamente mentre il vicino di sdraio pensa che non abbiamo tutte le rotelle a posto

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