Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring (2020)

Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring Alexander Rose Washington s Spies The Story of America s First Spy Ring Now a TV series on AMC Basing his tale on remarkable original research historian Alexander Rose reveals the unforgettable story of the spy ring that helped America win the Revolutionary War For the f
  • Title: Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring
  • Author: Alexander Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring Alexander Rose Now a TV series on AMC Basing his tale on remarkable original research, historian Alexander Rose reveals the unforgettable story of the spy ring that helped America win the Revolutionary War For the first time, Rose takes us beyond the battlefront and into the shadowy underworld of double agents and triple crosses, covert operations and code breaking, and unmasks the coNow a TV series on AMC Basing his tale on remarkable original research, historian Alexander Rose reveals the unforgettable story of the spy ring that helped America win the Revolutionary War For the first time, Rose takes us beyond the battlefront and into the shadowy underworld of double agents and triple crosses, covert operations and code breaking, and unmasks the courageous, flawed individuals who inhabited this wilderness of mirrors including the spymaster at the heart of it all, George Washington Previously published as Washington s Spies
Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring Alexander Rose

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    316 Alexander Rose
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One thought on “Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring

  1. Jeffrey Keeten

    I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country Nathan HaleStatue of Nathan Hale at City Hall in Lower Manhattan.Courage in the face of imminent demise There is some speculation as to whether Hale actually said these words or some version of them At this point it doesn t really matter, they have become a part of the lexicon of our history One thing that is not speculated about is that this young man of 21 went to his death displaying fearless gallantry When the British hanged him f [...]

  2. Rachel Elizabeth

    I picked this up because I am in love with Turn Washington s Spies, the AMC show that you may have guessed is based on this book, and for which author Alexander Rose is also a credited writer Given the scant amount of information available about the Culper Ring, I knew the show had to be heavily fictionalized I did not set out to read Washington s Spies expecting to learn about personal relationships between characters such as you might see in a multi season TV show What I did hope for was a nar [...]

  3. Lauren

    Easily one of my favorite books I ve ever read It s engrossing, exceptionally well researched, as well as written and plunges you so deep into the world of those who worked in the Culper Ring that it feels very personal Mind you, this is all coming from one who had little to no interest in the Revolutionary War before I came upon the book hiding on the lower shelf at the airport every other book whose summary I read was a promise of disappointing dreck Though I will admit I am a total history ne [...]

  4. Nicole

    I was inspired to read this after enjoying the TV show Turn, and I think I would ve found the book frustratingly discursive and disorganized if I hadn t seen the show and been able to use the main characters as a sort of anchor I loved hearing the real life stories behind the characters and small wonder it got turned into a show, because it s pretty screen worthy stuff I also, of course, appreciated all the Yale references Benjamin Tallmadge and Nathan Hale met there as students and it sounds li [...]

  5. Jean Poulos

    The key thing I discovered reading this book was that General George Washington was a natural spy master This book is about the Culper Spy Ring The spy ring operated during the American War of Independence and provided Washington with information on British Troop movements.In 1778, General George Washington appointed Major Benjamin Tallmadge as director of Military Intelligence, charged with creating a spy ring in New York City The ring operated for five years and no member was ever unmasked The [...]

  6. ~Bellegirl91~

    Like the rest of the Ring, Tallmadge cast off the cloak of the secret world for the raiment of a brave new one, but just once, he felt compelled to break his self imposed silence in order to honor the memory of the sacrifices made by his friends In 1817.Tallmadge was one of the few surviving members in congress who had fought in the war.Like Tallmadge, Major John Andre British officer had worked out of nothing but a sense of duty to his countryd so too, had the Culper Ring, whose brave participa [...]

  7. Ron

    The event we leave to heaven A competent history of espionage during the American Revolutionary War Not to be confused with the romanticized fiction of the television series TURN, purportedly based on it See below Well research and well written Explores the motives, means and outcomes for the spies and spy masters on both sides In 1776, following a series of victories in August and September, the British commanded New York City and Long Island and were chasing the defeated colonial army toward P [...]

  8. Bookworm

    Eh I had heard such great things about this book and decided to pick up the paperback after seeing it was in paperback and was now serving as the basis for a cable series I just couldn t get into it.The book follows the tales and adventures and missions of the spy ring that worked for George Washington during the Revolution It follow various historical figures from their methods to their travels to some of their ends, sadly or not However it is not a history on the American Revolution Battles an [...]

  9. Kris

    Dry, dreary, and tedious.Just a report of facts, names, and dates, all jumbled together Not enough of a narrative to be entertaining for me I rushed through the entire thing just to be done with it Skip the book and just go watch the show instead.

  10. A.L. Sowards

    Prior to reading this, most of my knowledge about spies during the American Revolution was that Nathan Hale was caught and hanged It turned out that even my knowledge of that was shady His famous final words, I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country, weren t what he actually said A British officer present at the hanging recorded this about Hale s final moments He behaved with great composure and resolution, saying he thought it the duty of every good officer, to obey any ord [...]

  11. Sara

    All I really knew about New York during the Revolutionary War was that it was occupied by the British This book showed me there was certainly a lot going on I enjoyed learning about the undercover spies the tactics they used, their motivations, and how they helped Washington.

  12. Jays

    This is a bit of a fun conundrum it s the story of the American spy ring put into place by George Washington written by an Englishman who from what I can tell lives in America As such, it s one of my favorite ways to read history that is, it s history told sort of from the losing side I m always interested in how the losers tell the story of big historical events and, as an American, there isn t a much bigger event in my cultural mainstay than the American Revolution Add to the interesting pers [...]

  13. Brian

    Alexander Rose delivers a well researched and well thought out book on the history of American and some of the British spy rings that influenced the battle plans of the American revolutions From the famous story of Nathan Hale to the operations around New York the first real intelligence organ of the United States is revealed The book is not only an overview of the lives of the spies who fed intelligence to the Continental Army but goes into the methods in which they used There is an entire chap [...]

  14. Sarah

    I feel a little bad giving it 2 stars, because this book isn t that bad, but it also wasn t quite good enough to be 3 Biggest problems with this book 1 Lack of narrative focus2 Way too much time spent on unimportant details way too many numbers and figures on things I cared nothing about 3 Too little focus on the people involved, what they were like, and their motivationsCertainly, the author put a lot of research in, but it felt like a high school history report look at all these facts and figu [...]

  15. Megan

    I was excited about reading this book, especially since there is a TV show loosely based on it I am going to watch the show TURN now that I have read the book I am hoping that it is better than the book This is the first book I have ever read by Mr Rose, and I can say that I probably won t be reading any of his books I found it very dry and heavy handed Also, in many instances Rose didn t put a year with his date if it was mentioned a few pages ago well, I m sorry, I m not going to remember the [...]

  16. Robert Greenberger

    Alexander Rose shines an overdue spotlight on the burgeoning world of American espionage He brings us little known but vital characters in our history, explaining how General Washington built and benefited from the spy ring Rose s prose is a little dry now and then but the stories are compelling and the background provided puts things nicely into perspective I am also biased in favor of this book since so many of the locales on Long Island and Connecticut are where I spent my childhood and adult [...]

  17. Ben Zajdel

    Centered around a group of friends who become spies for George Washington during the Revolutionary War, Washington s Spies gives an in depth history of espionage in the early days of the United States Alexander Rose does a tremendous job of painting a portrait of America at the time of the Revolution, building the world in which the spies he writes about inhabit The result is a book which educates you on not only military and espionage history, but the culture of the colonies which rebelled agai [...]

  18. Bob Schnell

    I was a fan of the AMC show Turn that was based on the book Washington s Spies by Alexander Rose so when I saw it on the library shelf I grabbed it The TV show, it seems, added some characters and situations not present in the book However, the book is just as interesting without the romantic intrigue and other dramatic garnishes.It is the tale of spies during the Revolutionary War, a new concept used by both sides The focus is on the rebel spies from Long Island known as the Culper Ring It is a [...]

  19. Chad Geese

    I have to be honest I watched the first 3 seasons of turn on Netflix and decided to read the book because the 4the season wasn t provided yet You hear how the book is better than the movie all the time which I agree but the tv series provided a face I could take with me while reading the book which helped out a lot considering the amount of characters If you re into this time period history you will absolutely love this book An easy read with short chapters of 30 pages on average I would guess I [...]

  20. Andrew

    Read this book for the real story about the small band of rebels thank you, George Lucas who carried out numerous spy missions against the British during the War for American Independence Then, check out AMC s Turn Washington s Spies for which the author was a historical consultant even as the show takes numerous dramatic liberties, it s still a very, very good show.

  21. Elizabeth Meyette

    This was one of my main resources as I wrote my latest historical romance saga set during the American Revolution Filled with primary documents, quotes from historical figures and detailed explanation of the creation of the spy ring, I found this book to be incredibly helpful I highly recommend it for history buffs and fans of the AMC series TURN.

  22. Heather Hess

    I really enjoy history, but the writing was very dry and a little boring Great story but I struggled a bit to get through it.

  23. Terry Bain

    Great recounting of the Revolutionary War, told from the point of view of the first spy ring, based in Setauket, Long Island, Manhattan and Connecticut Highly recommend

  24. Machaia

    I would not say that this is the most enthralling of books, but I think it is well worth reading It is a bit dry, but I think that some of the blame of that can be placed on the characters and the fact that they really didn t talk about their spying Ironically, they are why you read the book selfless patriots who help the cause out of a sense of duty rather than for the hope of accolades and spoils.

  25. Rio Ippoliti

    I was, as many were, inspired to read this book because ofTurn Washington s Spies , the fantastic AMC show based off of Alexander Rose s original research The book does not let you down and makes you even wish the show stuck to the facts, rather than a dramatization of what truly happened Rose does a great job of helping you get into the minds of these early American spies through their actions and reports which establishes a sort of narrative that normally has history on the denser side of the [...]

  26. Nancy

    We have been watching the AMC series Turn about General Washington s Culper spy ring and so dear hubby bought me the book that inspired it, Washington s Spys The Story of America s First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose.As Nathaniel Philbrick notes in Valient Ambition, the Revolutionary War was also a Civil War, dividing families and communities according to allegiences as Loyalists or Patriots.Then there were those oppotunists who preyed on anyone and allied with whatever side was most profitable, th [...]

  27. Bjoern

    A well presented and researched book, that could have one a bit appeal to the casual reader by losing sligthly of the academic treatise formate and going a little bit into narrative retelling.The subject matter is a fascinating part of the revolutionary war and not yet all that well known due to many documents having lain hidden or being part of official secrets for so long and only in the last quarter of a century or so real source work towards the culper ring has been done Alexander Rose eas [...]

  28. Jeremiah Lorrig

    The details of history don t only add color, these details reveal heroes and villains, innovation and creativity, and the basic humanity of the stories that prance around the edges of great events This book, delves into a time and set of circumstances that is by it s very nature obscure and mysterious One gets the feeling that these stories some only by chance being discovered 100 years later only scratch the surface of what happened in Washington s spy service I was amazed by the selflessness o [...]

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